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01-07-2011, 10:22 AM
Good morning gals! I am finally back to normal, well as normal as this nutty ole gal gets, so am feeling much, much, better. I put a chicken into the crockpot last night so will debone it later for chicken and noodles tomorrow. I am going to get up from here and start cleaning the downstairs, which is at crisis stage! :lol:

I see I have a bunch of stuff on my side table that needs to go upstairs so it will be clutter free. I had meds for my intestines, lotion, a box of bandaids Jack brought down and fixed my heel with a few days ago and all of them can go back into the closet upstairs. My computer desk is a mess again and needs me to go through my little box with drawers I keep stuff in. I put receipts for stuff like clothes and stuff I might exchange in there but then forget to clear the stuff out when they are never taken back, exchanged or whatnot. I also have a stack of filing to do of papers. That's on top of cleaning the dowstairs! :lol:

Maggie: Fortune is a hoot even in his old age. He plays with his treats. We give him a treat when he goes outside and does his business and sometimes he has a high old time flip it into the air and going and getting it or rolling it around. It is hilarious to watch. The puppies are always so much fun to watch. What colors did you say Beanie is? Everytime I see his name it reminds me of that old cartoon when we were kids, Beanie and Cecil, do you remember it? Beanie was a boy who wore a beanie with a spinner and Cecil was a sea dragon. I loved that cartoon and there really wasn't much to it.

Jean: What irks me about the online thing is they could just as easily do checks online like other city offices do and that would be fine with me. We will just go out to Millington sometime next week and get the tags. They have reopened the one at the mall here, but we won't even venture into that mall anymore. I told Jack we don't have guns to take with us so there is no going in there!! ;) Boy, I hope the secretary's brother isn't the executor or that land is gone. I don't know why siblings can be so ornery. I feel for the poor woman. Jack has a list of stuff to talk to his doctor about so he can get all the things done that need to be done. Thank goodness he has had no more heart issues.

Susan: Well it depends on the book I guess. I finished one last night, which was free and the print was pretty small, but I am reading the latest Sue Grafton book and it is ok. Since I have contacts with bifocals, I don't have any trouble at all. I like it because I can turn the lights off and read in the dark and not disturb anyone and page turnin amounts to flicking my finger over the screen! :D I was the naysayer on getting these phones for over a year, but I have to say, I really do like them. Hope your snow forecast passed you right by.

Well gals, it is after 8 and I need to get started on all the work I want to get done today. Have a great weekend! Faye

01-07-2011, 01:41 PM

It is 46 today which is warmer then it has been. Not exactly a heat wave I might say. ;) But it sure feels better then that way down there temps. I am still OP and all is well. I need to find a recipe to use the some of that tenderloain I have or freeze it all. I have several but just need to decide. Need to buy some more fresh fruit for I only have a bit of that pineapple left now. Got cans but really rather have fresh when I can get it. Maybe when Will gets back from his run to the PO he will swing by the store.:o I got some neat sounding wok recipes and realized I no longer have a wok. So I ordered myself one of the 14" carbon steel flat bottomed ones. Why, you ask that very size and such...Well Grace Young the wok whisperer and author of Stir-Frying to the Sky;s Edg recommends it. Since I need to buy one I might as well follow her recomendation since she is the expert. That, my friends came right out of the latest WW magazine. :p Check it out check it outers. I am getting one with two loop handles instead of the ones with the one long handle. Ordered it from Williams-Sonomia which has some neat "stuff" for not out of the ball park prices. (I found some very very spendy ones elsewhere.) I like pots and pans with loop handles for some reason. Maybe it stems from living in that motorhome and space was valuable even on the cook stove. Will is home now and doing a search for the best price he can get on that book for me. One sight says $35 + shipping and another says $20 with no shipping. I like the no shipping one.:cool: Well I will be getting it soon I hope. It will probably have a black line on the bottom but it is one that is NEW, has not been used at all. I can dig it. I have other books with a black mark on the bottom and that surely doesn't interfere with the book. Its like that black line is worth $15. I can dig it.

DONNA FAYE You just can't know how happy I am that you are back to exact. :cp: Beanie is colored like a pinto bean ~ pretty light brown spots on white. He has a spot on each side of his body and his head is white with brown and black markings. Also a bit of black on his tail and edging his ears. His tail is black, brown with a white tip. Ragg Mopp has a plume for a tail and Beanie looks like he will have a tail for a tail. You gave me a chuckle about Beanies name for that is where it came from. Remember the song R-a-g-g M-o-p-p doodle-de-da-da~ anyway now we have Beanie but I doubt if we will be getting other dogs named Captian Huff & Puff or Cecil the sea sick sea serpant or Dishonest John. Maybe cats - what do ya think. Read away on your phone. I am too old for that and you are still a youngster.:o Will reads books on his when we are sitting waiting for something ~ like at the SS office. I go a big part of my day without even turning my phone on.

JEAN & SUSAN Having a good day are you? Life is good.

Type at y'all later. :wave: Off to find a good recipe for tonights meal.

Back again ~ I decided on Teriyaki Pork & Pineapple served over my rice mix. The pork is cut and placed in a marinade then grilled with purple onion and pineapple on skewers. However, I will do it inside on my grill. That plus the rice comes to 10 points which will make a lovely dinner.

01-08-2011, 08:14 AM
Good morning to you all! It is :brr: here this morning. We are expecting 2-3 inches of snow tomorrow and Monday. Ugh! The people here cannot drive on snow. We will be getting ice melt stuff to put on the deck and out to the corner so we can walk around to get into the car.

We will have to do the laundromat tomorrow as T's arrow of light is Monday night. I got the new sheets and towels and they all need to be washed besides our clothing and towels so back to the laundromat we go. It really isn't so bad. The only bad part is poor Jack carrying the wet laundry from the house into the car as they have carts at the laundromat. They have a big screen tv and cushy leather chairs and sofas so it is comfortable there. I sit and knit or play games or read from my Iphone.

Jack is still snoozing, but he went to bed early for a Friday night so I imagine he will be up soon. We are planning on going to see the Harry Potter movie again today as the cheapo theater. It is out of the main theaters now and going to the cheap ones. Movies like this you miss so much the first time around so I am anxious to see it again without it breaking the bank.

Maggie: I would go with all but Dishonest John! :lol: Poor cat shouldn't have to put up with that name! :lol: I have a wok with a handle like a skillet and I really like that. I know most woks have the two handles on each side, but I like the one handle. I have lots of stuff for Chinese cooking, hoisin sauce, 5 spice mix, soy sauce, etc. I don't have sesame oil and should get some of it. One of our favorite things at PF Changs is their garlic noodles and I would imagine they wouldn't be hard to make. I had a friend that was married to a Philipino back when Jack was in the Navy and taught me how to cook Pancit. I haven't had it in years but I love rice noodles. I don't know if Jack would like them though.

I think I will check and see if Jack is still snoozing then sit and watch Law and Order reruns for a bit. Have a wonderful Saturday. I hear creaking on the ceiling, which means hubby is up! Faye

01-08-2011, 11:41 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a cold morning but the sun is shining! :cp: I intended to get here yesterday, then got sidetracked and never made it. I helped the lady do the coffee server schedule at church, came home for a quick lunch, and we left for Sioux City. The wind was very strong and a challenge for driving. The shoe store where I have the best luck had no shoes that interested me. I needed a navy "flats" to wear with my office, gift shop, eating out navy slacks. The clerk told me they didn't carry much in navy because it wasn't popular. So we trucked to a department store in the mall and they had all kinds of navy shoes! I did find a pair as well as a black pair of casual shoes. I don't buy shoes often so need to get rid of some I no longer wear. :yes: We enjoyed the supper with the other couples and went to a couple's home afterwards to visit. The guys drove out to the farm to view the tractor collection; Bob was impressed even though most weren't the same kind as his. It was after midnight when we got home. :yawn:

"Gma" -- Thank you for starting the new thread. :) I'm so glad you are feeling good again. :yes: I need to clean off my computer desk too. I'm famous for jotting down notes to myself and never throw them away when I no longer need them. :o The secretary's brother is the executor and according to neighboring farmers (clients of Bob's) he is in a state of depression and just sits in front of the tv. He has hogs but doesn't even take care of them anymore. Sad situation. The best thing about a laundromat is getting it all done at one time.

Maggie -- You make me smile with all of your kitchen gadgets. :) I wouldn't know one wok from another let alone what to do with one. :o A cook I will never be! I do enjoy reading about everyone else's menus and food ideas though. I didn't know books came with a black line on the bottom, but then I don't order many books either. Pork and pineapple . . . :T !

Susan -- What are you doing today? I hope staying warm w/o any snowfall. :twirly:

I have got to get started on laundry and picking up the fallout around here! Have a great Saturday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-08-2011, 02:35 PM

Burrr it is a cold, cloudy windy day with a temp of 27 that feels like 15. Supposed to get snow tomorrow evening. After all it is still winter isn't it. I slept in and it sure felt good but I didn't really get more sleep than usual because I went to bed later than usual. But the animals let me sleep. Usually my alarm clock is Beanie barking at me. Little scudder sleeps in his bed under a chair next to our bed and knows our every move. Ragg Mopp is the king and sleeps on the bed at the foot. I really don't want them both on the bed. Ragg Mopp sleeps there because when he was a baby we put him on the bed. As far as I know Beanie has never been up there. I am laying out patterns deciding what to build next for my village. I have a list of what I want in the village and will make what buildings I can first by what color of glass I have on hand. I have a lot of red, orange, yellow and clear. Some pale blue and green, pink and black. I really need some shades of brown and darker blue and white. I use a lot of the browns for roofs. I guess I could start with building a barn since I have several sheets of red. But I don't want to build a barn untill I get the ranch house built. Oh well, am I boring y'all with all this glass talk. I was just looking over at my glass rack and wondering what to build.:p I need to build myself some buildings before the Christmas season comes along and I want to get some gifts made or to fill some orders.

DONNA FAYE I could name a cat Dishonest John and call him DJ. :o I loved that old program when I was a kid. Not much on TV back when I was a kid and we mostly played outside. My father built us a "play house" in the back which had electricity in it along with a table and chairs and I spent time back there with friends. He even plumbed it so we had a little sink in there. We had the "best on the block" of play houses.:cool: We even slept out there in sleeping bags sometimes during the summer. Life was easy back then. I remember when Dr. Anderson, father of one of my girlfriends, came to inspect the play house to see if it was good enough for his daughter to sleep in. He was a character. We served him tea in china cups and soda crackers with jam. He let his daughter stay overnight.:cool: They just lived two houses down the block. We had the corner lot. We have a few of the HP movies in our list at the rental place and will eventually see them all. They are certanly well made and quite intertaining. I like oriental cooking and it can be lightened so easily when using a wok. All those nice crisp veggies. Yum. I am so looking forward to getting mine. It has been shipped. I think it will live sitting on the stove. Just keep it there ready to use will be my guess. Or hang it on the wall ~ I miss my pan rack.

JEAN Navy shoes. I am glad you found a pair you liked. What style are they? To each his own is the old saying. Everyone is different and don't necessarily like the same things. Like cooking. I just happen to like it and being (what I have been called through the years) "a gourmet" is fun for me. My brother first called me that years ago. He would introduce me to his friends as "my sister the gourmet." I would certainly rather be called that then some other names.:p Lots of folks don't cook at home and eat out all the time. More and more people don't cook. There are some fabulous restaurants out there for sure.

SUSAN Staying warm are you?

Time to get going and get some necessary things done this day. :wave: Type at y'all later.

01-08-2011, 03:37 PM
Good morning gals! Well we are all set for the snow to begin later today. I am doing one last run to the laundromat this morning having done up all the laundry, we bought the ice melt stuff, we kept our snow shovel from Indiana so we can shovel a path out to the car if need be and I got some extra groceries at the store last night so we don't have to fool with the crowds that will surely make a run at the stores again today. Last night the bread aisle as Super Target was nearly empty as it was.

I peeked in on my Facebook page and Alicia had posted this picture of Jay and Jackson shoveling yesterday. They got 25 inches of snow in one day!!!

We enjoyed seeing the HP movie again. It gave us more things to remember about the movie. There were only a handful of people in the theater, in fact until it was 10 minutes before showtime we were the only people in the theater. I don't like going to this theater as it is our part of town and the showing would let us out after dark, but we wanted to see the film again and it was cheaper here.

I have lots of things to get done today. As I said, I am doing up laundry and my towels and sheets came, all but one set so I wanted to get them washed and dried and then put away. They are really nice quality and I got a set for only $40 on sale.

Well, Jack is up and so I need to get us some breakfast. Have a grand Sunday all and keep warm!!!

01-09-2011, 11:43 AM
Good morning, ladies! Only 25 degrees this morning.

We had snow flurries Friday and yesterday, but are supposed to have accumulation Tuesday and then more snow on Saturday. The Ice Age Cometh!

My class went well yesterday and everyone had fun while working on their quilt. After the class, I had dinner with 2 couples I know at Ruby Tuesday. I had the Grilled Salmon, Broccoli, and White Cheddar Mashed Potatoes - 504 calories. I counted it as 12 points. The nutritional information on the website doesn't list protein and only gives net carbs so doesn't work in the tracker. It sure was good.

I'm cleaning house today and getting my quilt cut that I will take to retreat. Then I have to get that stuff together.

I have my annual Pulmonary Function Test tomorrow at 9 and then the appointment with my pulmonary doctor at 10:00. After that, I'll go on to my applique bee and then Bible study tomorrow night.

Dryer is buzzing so I need to get going!

01-09-2011, 05:00 PM

It is SNOWING big time as I type. Don't know what amount they say we get in this storm but it really doesn't matter because what ever it is we will get what comes. We went out to eat after services this morning and I had grilled pork chops and brought one home for I only ever just eat one. It had dimond shape likns on it and looked so pretty in presentation. With it came a cut up apple and a baked potato which I asked for the "fixins" on the side. Fit well into my program, yes it did. For dinner I am having chicken noodle soup ~ home made. There is only one serving of that in the freezer so Will opted for the serving of stew that was in there. Nothing like eating out of the freezer. If it was good once it will be good as a re-run. Especially the home made dishes that we like that I purposely make enough to freeze. I have a "Western Romance" candle burning on my desk and it really smells like a real rich vanilla. OH so good and I am sipping on a sf ff latte and thinking I have good sense.:p Life is good.

DONNA FAYE I don't think we will be getting the amount of snow in that picture you shared.:D Nope, but they say it snowed like that in the olden days. But it may for we are in a 100 year weather cycle. So it may be coming back around. Such a deal you got on your new towels. I think we probably need to invest in some new ones during the "white sale."

SUSAN Glad your class went well and your dinner at Ruby's sounds yummy. Hope tomorrow you pass your tests with flying colours.

Back to watching the snow fall. :wave: Type at y'all later.

01-09-2011, 06:15 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It is snowing in my corner of the world -- started out as huge lazy flakes falling so gently but now it has gotten serious and is beginning to pile up. We are in the "watch" until noon tomorrow. As long as the wind doesn't kick in I don't care. I went to first service and then the bells played the very first thing at the second service while people were still wandering in. That service drives me :crazy: -- people come and go, kids are on the floor crawling under pews, the band junk is all over the front corner, etc., etc., etc.

Maggie -- It's nice that you have an idea for what you want to create with your glass. Starting on Christmas gifts now is smart! :) My navy shoes are Naturalizer and I would just describe them as a "flat" w/o the ugly clunky heel that so many of the shoes have now. I really need to find a brown pair because the ones I have squeak . . . and they are paid for! ;)

"Gma" -- Our grocery store was busy this morning too. People act like they're never going to eat again. :rolleyes: When Bob is with me I always end up with too many things that were not on my list! Our one store, that is closed on Sundays, often will have single slices of pie. He kept saying he was hungry for pie, but the bakery didn't have a single pie anywhere to be seen. I was glad because I don't need a piece of pie! :cp: Thanks for sharing the snow picture. Did they have a lot of snow last winter? We are behind last years to date total which is fine with me!

Susan -- I hope you don't get the snow. :no: You had a busy day yesterday. I know that 50 calories was usually 1 point on the old program. Do you think a point has a higher calorie count now? I hope your test is goes ok tomorrow :crossed: ; applique bee and Bible study will be two things to look forward to.

My kitchen counter is waiting to be cleared off and dishes put away. I have a load of laundry that should be done and put in the dryer. I'm thinking a nap is in order -- it's that kind of day here. Enjoy the rest of your day! :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-10-2011, 11:10 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It is still snowing in my corner of the world! Bob cleared off the driveways, the patio, and our deck early this morning. The squirrels and birds were patiently waiting for breakfast. He thought we probably had around 6" with another 4" coming today. The church office follows the school schedule which had a 2 hour late start. I should check and see if they cancelled yet, as everyone around us has. I have plenty to do here if I don't have to go to church this morning.

I guess I will put in another load of laundry and do some ironing. Hope you all have a nice day! :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-10-2011, 01:05 PM

It is 14 degrees as I type with a NW wind blowing at 22 MPH and SNOWING. The weather folks said it will snow all day. It is a light snow but it is snow. Will had to go out in it for his doctor appointment. He is supposed to find out exactly what they plan on doing to his knee this day. I will be very surprised if he comes home on crutches today. What ever invasive thing they plan on doing is an in office thingie. I got on my scale and it didn't budge. I had left the metal chuncks where they were showing my last weigh and they didn't need to be moved. I have one of those tall doctor scales with the bars and the weights you move. Experts say those are still one of the very best type scales. Anyway I really do like to move that chunk over and not today. I stayed OP all week and didn't go over my points at all ~ had some "extras" left over. OH well I will see what I weigh tonight at the meeting. The puppy is a chewer. He is chewing on the board that is on the floor between the wooden area of my office out to the carpet in the hall. That board has a name but for the moment it has escaped me. Ragg Mopp barked twice and I don't know what he heard now the neighborhood dogs are going at it. They have such good ears. They all stopped so what ever it was passed. I have excellent hearing but not that good. I need to make a list of ingredients to replace the chicken noodles soup and stew that we finished up from the freezer last night so it can be brought from the market. Today would be a good day to cook soup. I dreamed the strangest cartoon last night. It was a mystery acted out with cartoon characters. Intresting. The bad guy had the most beautiful blue eyes too. :p But they put him in the slam in the end. I never dreamed a cartoon mystery before that I can think of. It was fun. Some folks are out and about here for I can hear their wheels crunching on the snow as they drive slowly by on the street in front of our house.

JEAN We are getting snow but I don't think we will get nearly as much as you are getting. Everything sure looks pretty with all that snow and frost on it. I imagine you won't be going out to work this day but staying inside finding things to do around the house. It's a winter day and stay warm. I am not looking forward to getting out in it to go to WW tonight. But I must.

DONNA FAYE & SUSAN Hope you are both safe today and doing what you want and all is well with you.

:wave: Type at y'all later.

01-10-2011, 01:59 PM
Good morning gals! Well we ended up with about 4-6 inches of snow, which is a lot for us. All the schools and such are closed. Since Jack has to leave in the dark and the area the plant is in doesn't get plowed right away, he took vacation time off for today and tomorrow. They canceled T's arrow of light and will reschedule it to the end of the month so we don't have that tonight so will be staying put in the house. Jack did go out and shovel the deck and down the walk to the edge of the garage and put down the melting stuff, but that's all.

Jay and Alicia ended up getting 36 inches of snow! :fr: Jackson has been having fun with it I guess. They built and snowwoman and an igloo.

Susan: I wish all the restaurants would start putting nutritionals on their menus, it would help everyone a lot I think. Hope your medical tests and doctor appts go well! Be prepared as our snow and possible Jay's is coming our way.

Jean: Indiana did a have bad winter snow wise last year. They had a long winter and a lot of snow. Don't you hate it when parents let the kids misbehave in church like that? The church in Indiana used to drive me nuts because one family basically sent their kids into the sanctuary and it was sort of a "have at it" mentality. Poor Bob! I am a pie lover so I usually don't buy pie as I would eat it all the time even for breakfast. I love cherry pie.

Maggie: We are having chicken and noodles for dinner tonight. I buy the tiny thin little noodles, which I really love. I really like the homemade ones, but I don't have much room to put them to dry out. Fortune is a hoot about barking. He won't make a peep when people are whomping on the walls or making noise, but he will hear something none of the rest of us do and then bark. He cracked me up yesterday as the birds were sitting on the chimney singing away and the sound was coming down through the fireplace. He was laying at my feet and stood up and shifted his head back and forth not knowing what to make of it, but he never barked at them.

Well gals, I am going to go. Have a nice Monday. Faye

01-10-2011, 06:12 PM
Good evening, ladies! It's cold here - in the 20s. We're under a severe weather alert for snow, sleet and ice until late tomorrow. Maybe I won't be going to work tomorrow. Somehow, that doesn't make me sad!

I had my Pulmonary Function Tests this morning. I always forget how much they take out of me and the raging headache I have when it is over. I had a nebulizer treatment when it was all over - first time for that. Then I went to the doctor's office and she had the test results already. She is a sweet young (in her 30's) Indian lady who really knows her stuff. She came in and put her arm around me and said "Susan I am so sorry your test results are so bad. You have severe COPD you know." I said I did because its been that way for the last 2 years and asked her for the results. Actually, they hadn't changed at all from last year so I am now considered to have stable COPD - 37% lung function. Basically she told me to continue doing exactly what I have been, and mentioned she has seen me working out at the Y because she goes there, too. I see her next January 9th...unless I get sick. The sad thing was the respiratory therapist weighed and measured me and it looks like I'm only 5' 3" now. I have my appointment for osteoporosis next month so maybe their measurement will be more. Every inch I lose translates to a 5 pound lower goal for WW. At this rate, I'll never get there.

Maggie, how did Will's doctor appointment go? I'm have some chicken noodle soup out of the freezer for supper tonight. It's a good thing on a cold night.

Jean, a point is about 40 calories now. Have you ever tried the small Sara Lee frozen pies you bake? They are really good but only about 2-3 slices.

Faye, I used to make noodles all the time. Since Stan died, I just buy them. We have an Amish store in Williamsburg where I can get the next best thing to the ones I make myself. I'm glad Jack decided to stay home. With his knees, he doesn't need to fall. Can you imagine how it would be here in the South with Jay's snow! I haven't heard much about global warming lately but a lot about natural climatic change. If the Ice Age is coming, I need to move closer to the Equator!

Enjoy your evening!

01-11-2011, 12:05 AM
Maggie -- It is still snowing here. The 6:00 weatherman said that Sioux City had 13.5 inches, but nothing about us. We are pretty close to 9 - 10" I'll bet. The wind is supposed to blow it around tonight and all the schools have already called 2 hour late starts. The town is in a 'snow emergency' until Wed. morning. How did Will's doctor appt. go? I hope the WW scale was kind to you tonight. :crossed:

"Gma" -- I'm glad Jack decided to stay home today. Bob has a meeting an hour away tomorrow at 8 am; the presenters are from Des Moines and drove up early this morning so it's a go if anyone can make it. If the roads are too bad he is going to reschedule somewhere else later. Warm cherry pie with ice cream . . . hmm, hmm, good! :T

Susan -- If you just get snow that won't be as bad as having the ice. I've watched the weather channel where the cars just slide into each other slick as can be -- almost in slow motion. Your pulmonary doctor sounds nice as well as caring. I'm glad your numbers haven't changed even though they are bad. My height varies between the doctor's office and the hospital even though I don't wear shoes. I will have to look for the Sara Lee pies. We have a Sara Lee turkey processing plant here and I have a hard time thinking they make any other food items. :o

I'm heading to bed -- see you all tomorrow.

01-11-2011, 06:51 AM
Good morning to you all! It is cold here this morning, but the snow started melting yesterday and I imagine by Wednesday it will be just a memory, thank goodness! :lol:

Today is the dreaded commissary day. Jack decided to take today off too, so we are going to do the shopping during the week. We shall see what it is like as far as stocked shelves and busyness. He has to go into the shoe store and order his new works shoes too. He got his voucher from work and needs to get them before the end of the month. He has to get special ones that have steel toes and safe to be around eletrical, etc so choices are limited of course, especially since Jack hates boots or anything coming up above his ankle. He can get them, but they are hard to come by. He did find 3-4 pair, one of which are New Balance, so hoping he can get those. We try to stay under the voucher amount, which is $82, but sometimes that isn't possible and we end up having to pay out of pocket the remaining amount.

Susan: When you were at full height, how tall were you? I am sorry your COPD has not improved any and your lung function is so poor. The winter weather and cold must be just awful for you. I like the Amish noodles too, but of course, you can't get them down here. Since there is a very large Amish community in Indiana only about 30 miles from South Bend, you could get fresh noodles and such at the Farmer's Market. There is a little sandwich shop in South Bend a short walk from the law firm I worked at called "Aunt Karen's." It is run completely by Amish ladies and everything is fresh and homecooked. They have wonderful soups and sandwiches and great cookies. We also have a wonderful "complex" of shops and restaurant and bakery up there in Shipshewanna. They do a family style eating with salad with homemade dressings, then they bring out homemade noodles, real mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans or corn, fried chicken, homemade bread and you can then chose a second meat of baked steak, ham, or roast beef. You also get a choice of a slice of homemade pie for dessert. My favorite is their raspberry cream pie, which is a custard cream pie with a fresh raspberry layer. We treat ourselves to dinner or lunch there when we go up. We haven't been there in a long time though.

Jean: I guess Jackson is having a wonderful time shoveling snow with his dad and playing in it. It is really the first big snow they have had since his birth and he is old enough to enjoy it now. Dad is teaching him right getting him ready to take over the job when he is a teen! :lol: Do you know, I have never been measured at the doctor's even when I have my physical? Hope Bob's meeting went ok and he didn't get stuck anywhere.

Maggie: I too am wondering how Will's dr appt went. What do they think is wrong with his knee? Jack is almost positive his is the meniscus again but won't know until they do an MRI and such. I felt so sorry for him yesterday. He took a nap on the couch and his knee stiffened up while he slept. He awoke and moved it and cried out something awful almost brought him to tears. I will be so glad when they do something, though there is only so much they can do.

Well girls, I need to make a menu and grocery list. I hope they have some decent fruit today. I get tired of the same stuff. Have a good one all. Faye

01-11-2011, 10:10 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It is still snowing in my corner of the world. It's very light so I'm hoping it is winding down. Bob got up at 5 to blow out the driveways and then headed off to his meeting. He just called saying it is windy and blowing in the country but the plows are working the highways so he's going to keep going. The meeting lasts until 4 so I hope they cut out the breaks and shorten lunch time so he will get home before dark. So far we have a 2 hour late start so won't go to church until 10 assuming either the custodian or secretary are there to open up. They both live out in the country, off the main roads.

"Gma" -- It is -18 degrees wind chill right now . . . wanna trade temperatures? They just announced "no school" again today so maybe I won't be going into the office. I hope the commissary isn't busy and the shelves are well stocked for your visit today. I'm sending good vibes that Jack can find the kind of work shoes he needs -- $82 doesn't seem like much for "safety." Beth bought Maddy and Kolby little snow shovels at WM and they are having a ball with them. She said it's the best $3 she's ever spent! :lol: Maybe the doctors start to keep track of height 'later' in life. I don't think I've always been measured but know I have the last few years, ever since I quit HRT for sure, and started bone density testing.

I need to get dressed and get a move on. I got up at 5 because I knew Ernie would want breakfast, so I'm thinking it could be a long day. Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday! :D

Jean -- :shocksn: in Iowa!

01-11-2011, 11:42 AM
Good morning, ladies! No snow but we have ice forming. It was starting to sleet as I drove into work. It's up to 32 degrees and supposed to change to rain so I hope they know what they are talking about. More snow in the forecast for tonight.

Faye, I used to be 5'6-1/2". It would be a good idea to ask the doctor to measure you now just to have a baseline on file. Then when you get older, you'll know if you are shrinking and need medication. My pulmonary doctor told me everyone who had ever smoked, even if they quit, should also ask for the simple spirometry test at the doctor's off when they go. That way you get help sooner if you start developing lung problems. COPD never improves permanently. Since I am now considered stable, I'm hoping to not lose anymore.

Jean, I don't envy you the snow at all. I hope Bob makes it home safely. The nuts around here can't drive in snow, let alone on ice.

Hi, Maggie!

01-11-2011, 12:33 PM
Susan -- I hope you don't get 'iced' in at work. :( What is a spirometry test? I've never heard of that one. I started taking Fosomax (?) generic as soon as I quit the HRT. I've only lost about a half inch in the last 13 years. We have had several accidents around the area over the past week or so. People drive too fast and lose control sometimes flipping or rolling their vehicles. The dumb part is that many still don't wear seatbelts. :dizzy: Hope your day at work goes without any glitches.

01-11-2011, 03:02 PM

It is 11 degrees here with a wind chill that makes it -3 with a 11 mph wind coming out of the WNW. I am staying inside. Went out in it to go to WW last evening and showed a loss of 1.6 pounds :cool: which I am pleased to say. Got all the necessary ingredients to make chicken noodle soup so that is what I am going to do for dinner and put some serving sizes of it in the freezer for later meals. About Will's knee ~ he has a piece of bone that has been broken off and is now causing some pain. Probably an old rodeo injury come back to haunt him. The doc is going to go in and see if it is still attached at one point and then if he can re-attach the rest of it he will. If it is broken off completely he will remove it. That's the plan. He got pretty broken up doing rodeo and is now paying for it. I ordered some undies and the came today and wow ~ I thought I had ordered pastel colors and these came BRIGHT but I will keep them for I wear pants that don't show through anyway. Just a surprise ~ they are really nice colors. Into the washer they go.

DONNA FAYE I do hope that the shelves are packed so you can make choices at the store. Also that Jack is able to find some suitable shoes. Shoes are so important especially for those who are on their feed so much as he is to give proper support. When the feet are properly shod then the back is taken care of. I get tired of the same ole fruit also and now have a mango and some kiwi, grapes and oranges in my keeper. A fresh pineapple is on the counter ~ not quite ripe. I also have some blueberries in the fridge. Stay safe when you are out and about.

SUSAN I used to be 5'6" but after my back operation and having that disk removed I am now 5'5" and holding. Be careful driving on that ice. That is so iffy at most. Folks can do some stupid stuff on it and end up up-side down. I am so thankful that we have all wheel drive. I do hope your condition does stay stable and not worsen. I was a smoker back in the days when it was so popular but since then my tests show my longs are all pink again and like I never smoked. When I quit I quit cold turkey. Quiting smoking was certainly easier than losing weight.:p

JEAN You certainly got more snow than us. We only got about a foot and getting that much sure makes the piles high when they scrape a parking lot. Since the temp is so low it won't melt soon either. I hope you are staying inside this day and out of the weather. I imagine you are certainlly looking forward to spring. AH nice spring breezes. I can dig it.

Well Magnolia friends have a great afternoon. :wave: type at y'all later.

01-11-2011, 10:40 PM
Maggie -- :congrat: on losing 1.6# last week! :cb: :cp: :cheer: You have to scale going in the right direction! It is -20 wind chill right now hovering between 1 above and 0. I'm glad I didn't have to go out tonight! I hope that Will's knee surgery will be minor and he is back to feeling better asap. This is definitely soup kind of weather! :brr:

I'm going to read for awhile and then head off to bed. I will be going into the church office in the morning and then have my lunch bunch at noon. See you tomorrow! :D

01-12-2011, 01:25 AM

JEAN It is zero now with a wind chill of -15 but that isn't the only reason I am not going outside. :p Fixin' to go to bed I am. That chicken noodle soup was so good tonight ~ guess it tasted so good because of the weather. But I made it just like I always have.:D Got some in the freezer now and some in the fridge. I do believe we will want a re-run tomorrow. If not I can always freeze it then. Have fun at your lunch bunch tomorrow. Stay safe and watch out for those other drivers.

Good Night Magnolias. I am off to dream land now. :wave:

01-12-2011, 06:38 AM
Good morning to you gals! Well the commissary was pretty bad. There weren't people in the store, but there wasn't food in the store either! :) I guess they were expecting the truck that night around 8 (I heard a couple employees talking about it) and the shelves were pretty bare. Unlike regular grocery stores, the military has strict rules on their deliveries and such and they usually get a truck on a certain day and what is on it is it, nothing more until the next week so if you get there on the wrong day you are sunk. :lol: I have a few things left on my list, but I did get what I needed for the most part.

Maggie: Yeah for you and your loss, that is great! We are cold here, but nothing like you and Jean are experiencing. It was pretty windy here yesterday, which made it really cold feeling and I don't have winter coats because for the most part don't really need them, but yesterday was an exception. I about froze to death walking from the commissary back to the car. I had a dear sweet lady I was friends with at the law firm. She was several years older than I, but was sort of my counterpart in the patents type law part of the firm. She would wear thin knit slacks and have on these brightly patterned undies under them. :^: I would have highly embarrassed her to speak to her about it and I imagined no one paid much attention to her so I kept my mouth shut. You know when you become a senior you become like wallpaper to folks and especially uppity lawyers. Hope Will's knee is feeling a bit better, but I know my knees were killing me last night with the cold so I imagine his are too. Jack is to the point where nothing gives him relief be it cold packs or ibuprophen so he just grits his teeth and bares it poor thing.

Susan: I will have to remember to ask them to measure me when I have my physical. I have always been 5'7" so we shall see if I have shrunk any. We too have the nuts that can't drive on snow or ice, mainly because they won't slow down. We were coming home last night from dinner and this idiot gangbanger in a beat up oldsmobile came up behind Jack, zoomed around him in the left lane and cut back between he and a semi in the left lane. I don't know how he got between both of us. Scared me half to death. That and the "being in the left lane and cutting over three lanes to exit right at the last second" folks and it is no wonder my hair is turning white! :lol: I guess there was a 14 hour stand still on I-30 around Arkadelphia on Monday. It was slippery and a semi jack knifed, they started to clean that up then another one did it. Folks were stranded in their cars for 14 hours!!!!! I remember back when Jay was a newborn, we went to New Mexico for Christmas. We were living here at the time and on the way home an ice storm came through the south and we drove on icy roads for hundreds of miles. There is a steep hill on the interstate just after you get to Forest City Ar. The semis couldn't get up the hill because of the ice and it stranded traffic for miles. Back then you didn't have baby carseats and the like and Jay was sleeping in a car bed in our little Vega with the seats folded down. He slept through it all, but we were a mess. When we finally were able to exit, the hotels were all full and we had to sleep in the hotel parking lot in the car leaving it on all night to keep from freezing. It was awful. Thank God we were young!

Jean: So, what are you reading? I am reading a couple books and working on two sets of socks, my sister's pink ones and the ones Kelly ask me to make from the yarn she won at the charity auction. It has some pretty colors to it and very bright. I am reading, Fifth Avenue which is about this greedy rich family being murdered for revenge by another rich guy and Her Last Letter which is about a murdered girl whose secret letter is found by one of her sisters in which she says she is having an affair with a sister's husband, but you don't know which one. It basically makes you believe the husband murdered her, but you don't know which husband she was having an affair with and the sister who finds the letter has to find out if it was hers or her sister's husband. They are both pretty good and they both each cost me only cost 99 cents on my Iphone. Hope you have fun with your group at lunch today. I am going to clean house.

You gals have a nice Wednesday. I am going to take out the trash as it is garbage day and just a little while and sit and knit. Faye

01-12-2011, 12:01 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The wind is blowing, it's spitting a few snowflakes, cloudy, cold, and gloomy in my corner of the world. :brr: I've been to church to post what little was given on Sunday. We have had two Methodist Churches close Dec. 31st, one being in a small neighboring town. Some of their members will come to us while some will stay and attend other churches in their town. It's a beautiful little church but no young people involved. :( Bob's little hometown church is in financial trouble as is our own right here. I have lunch bunch at noon but dressed for it so guess I will do some more sorting through the receipts, etc., from 2010 and get tax papers ready for the tax lady. :cb:

Maggie -- Our wind chill right now is -15. I almost wish they wouldn't tell us for then it seems even colder. :rolleyes: I tried a new meatloaf recipe using a package of McCormick meatloaf seasoning. It tasted ok but fell apart when I tried to take it out of the pan. Bob asked me what I did to it. :lol:

"Gma" -- Our grocery stores only get deliveries on certain days also. However, the independent guys who deliver bread, chips, pop, etc., come more often I think. I just finished a book by Robyn Carr called Angel's Peak, a romance. I have Danielle Steel's new one, Legacy, but I don't know if I can get it read before it is due back at the library. They won't renew new books because there is usually others waiting for them. I would get confused if I was reading two mysteries at the same time. :dizzy: Both of yours sound good.

Susan -- Hope you are keeping warm! :yes:

I'm going to get started on the paper pile right now! Have a wonderful Wednesday! :D

Jean -- :wave: from :brr: Iowa!

01-12-2011, 01:57 PM

Burrr it is another cold one here with the sun shining and no snow in the near forecast. As I type it is 6 degrees that feels like -5 with the 6 MPH wind coming out of NNW. Burrr. Well the dogs have finally decided who is the boss. It took them 45 minutes this morning before Beanie finally layed on his back and submitted to Ragg Mopps superiority. Things should settle down now. Unusual we didn't get any mail today. Nada. So Will gets to go out and mail what we had out to go. I got all my points changed in my little smoothie booklet. Only the ones with the fruit in them went down in points. Interesting now when we cook a recipe with fruit in it we have to recalibrate it to reflect the total points without the fruit. I'll recalibrate the points in my cook books as I use a recipe that has fruit in it. A recipe builder program is sure nice to have. Mine is called Recipe Calc 4. I am sure there are other good ones "out there." I just have had this one for a long time.

JEAN Yep we are running about the same chill factor. So much of the storm business has missed us this year. But it is so cold nothing here is melting yet. Our animals sure don't stay out long in this cold. I do see bunny tracks across the snow in the back yard. Hope he is finding enough to eat but somehow they do. Survival of the fittest strenghtens the herd. Once you start feeding them you have to keep it up or they perish. It has been given to them to know how to find sustanence. Did you put eggs and cracker crumbs in your meatloaf to act as a binding agent?

DONNA FAYE And the shelves were bare. That is a scarey thing if no one is there refilling them. But like you said they have a schedule. Not like the regular markets. Out here in the heartland we don't get products like they do on the right and left coast. I can't find some of the items I used to use regularly when living on the left coast. Guess that is why catalogue shopping has become so popular. We looked all over for a folding step stool yesterday and there isn't one to be had in this area. AH ~ but I have a catalogue that has them so I will order one. We need a folding one to keep in the Jeep. And other things I can't find locally Bakers catalogue may have them. But to go to a store where the shelves are bare is a scary deal.

SUSAN Howdy, I hope you are doing well this day.

Almost noon and I think I will go and heat some chicken noodle soup. Yep that is a good thing to do. :wave: Type at y'all later.

01-12-2011, 04:19 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! It's 36 degrees right now and the sun is shining. The snow missed us but when I got up this morning everything was coated in ice. It looks so beautiful, but can be so destructive. Fortunately it melted by noon.

I don't remember if I told you or not, but I applied for a temporary part-time job with Jackson Hewitt for the tax season. When I was interviewed, she told me they would let the person selected know on Friday so when I didn't hear I thought someone else got it. She called me yesterday and said I needed to come in today at 10 am for 2 hours of training so that's what I did this morning. Just answering the phone, scheduling appointments, and a little data entry. It'll be some welcome extra money.

So, Maggie, you married a cowboy! I hope they can get the bone fixed for Will - or out of there - and get rid of his pain. You know WW says we have to count fruits and vegetables in recipes. It's in the Plan Book. Think about it, if we buy a frozen entree, the points include veggies and fruit and we never subtract them.

Jean, It's sad that churches are closing or merging. Our church was supposed to absorb another small church in our area but we have been blessed with many returning Catholics and people seeking to become Catholic and both churches will be able to remain open. We are going to put an addition on our church in the next year or two because all Masses are getting crowded. Things go in cycles and hopefully people are waking up and returning to God.

Faye, I have warmer coats for winter, but not what I'd actually call a winter coat. Like you, they aren't needed very often. Maybe with the climate changes, that will change. My knees have been a lot better since I started exercising and my hip as well. Right now I have a lot of pain in the front of my thighs from the new exercise class. LOL.

Well, I need to go and start getting my things together for my quilting retreat this week end. I'm looking forward to the fun!

01-12-2011, 08:37 PM
Maggie -- I just got home from bells and the car said -6. :brr: It had been just 1 degree this morning and again this afternoon when I drove into town. Practice lasted an hour so that was a fast drop in temperature! Chicken noodle soup does sound good tonight. :T Bob is at church for a finance meeting; I think they are going to try and put a budget together to see if we can keep both the associate pastor and the education director. :crossed: I'd hate to lose either one of them, but a lot of the snow birds split their giving between here and their winter church this year. We have deer coming to raid the bird feeders and squirrel food again. Last year they would come while we were still up, but so far they have been coming during the night so we don't get to see them. :(

Susan -- I'm glad you didn't get the snow and the ice is history. :yes: Your part-time job sounds perfect! :cp: I thought you were going to say that you would be figuring taxes, and to me that would be as big a headache as working on computer glitches. :hyper: I know you will enjoy your retreat this weekend -- something to look forward to. Have you given any thought to getting another cat? :?:

Guess I will check out the leftovers and figure out what's for supper. I have no idea when Bob will be home. :dunno:

01-13-2011, 01:37 AM

Hope all is well with everyone now that is just about bed time for me. I have been busy doing this and that to keep busy and I do see some progress this day.

SUSAN Our WW leader suggested that we subtrct the points of fruits and veggies by running our recipes though a recipe builder and leaving them out (like for my smoothies) to figure the new points+ value. The frozen entrees are already calibtated with using the Points+ system so no need to adjust the points on them. The new WW books are also already calibrated not counting the fruits as any points just the older ones are not right with the new system. They are doing the same out in CA from what I hear. But if I understood you correctly your area is doing it differently. Wonder why that is for it seems like they would all do things the same way. So if I throw a banana and some berries in the blender with some yogurt I only have to count the yogurt now. Makes sense to me so I chaned the amount of points in my booklet making them points+.:D Congratulations on your new job. Sounds like one you will like and surely find uses for the funds you will be earning working both of them. I imagine it won't be hard to juggle your hours between the two of them.

JEAN So you have squirrel thiefs. They get what they can for sure. It is minus 1 as I type and with the wind the chill makes it -15. I walked to church the long way tonight for Bible Study because the back lawn path and road looked very slick. The front sidewalk is nice and cleaned off. That nice man in the neighborhood keeps the walk nice and clean with his little tractor with a blade on it.

DONNA FAYE Nighters to you.
Type at y'all later. :wave: I am headed to brush my teeth and get myself to bed.

01-13-2011, 11:02 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's another cloudy gloomy day in my neighborhood, but it's not snowing and it has "warmed" up to 10 degrees as I'm typing. I have WW later, and the dust/fur bunnies have been multiplying when I wasn't looking. :(

Maggie -- You are a night owl! ;) It's not the squirrels as we put food out for them -- it's the deer who show up during the night to eat the leftovers and knock the bird feeders around to get the seed out. Our leader hasn't said anything about counting fruit points other than not to overeat on bananas and expect to lose. I'm sure the new points is the major part of my frustration in the new program. I still think the slider was much easier. :dunno:

I need to put a load of laundry in and get a move on. Hope you all have a terrific Thursday today! :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-13-2011, 11:19 AM
Good morning gals. It is a chilly 18 this morning here and only to get up to 30 degrees today, but by the weekend we will be back into the 40's which I look forward to. I think since Jack has a three day weekend (MLK day Monday) we will do some carpet spot cleaning. Fortune has upchucked a couple times and even using spray spot cleaner it leaves a yellow spot so they need to be steamed cleaned.

Susan: That will be a fun extra job. I thought about applying to work the polls on election day. It isn't huge money, $30 for training and $100 for working the polls, but I imagine it would be fun to do. I wasn't certain of the status of the grand marquis so I didn't but I think I definitely will next year. Since I am a people person it would be enjoyable to do I think. Wow, let's see we have a sailor, chef, cowboy/preacher and a farmer. We could have our own song! :lol:

Maggie: I just hate driving all the way out there and then not having stuff to purchase so I still have to go elsewhere. I feel for active duty and people living strictly on ss and their military pension who have to pinch pennies to do anything in the first place. I know when Jack was in the military I sure couldn't afford to shop at regular grocery stores and have to pay sales tax and such on top of higher prices. I mean, for example, I had to buy Fortune some dog food as I ran out before we went commissary shopping. I buy those little containers of Cesar and mix with dry. Well, I bought them on sale at Target for 70 cents each so plus sales tax here, it cost me 77 cents per container. The commissary has the same thing for 49 cents and the surcharge is 3% so is comes out to about 50 cents a container. You buy two weeks worth and you are saving, $3.78 so it can add up.

Jean: I am finding out the book Fifth Avenue has a lot of people being beaten up and a lot of them are marked for murder! So, that tells me I should never envy the rich! :lol: :lol: It is a pretty good read though. I can keep a bunch of books going all at the same time, but once in awhile if I have put one down and not read it for awhile, I will have to back it up a bit and give myself a running start to remember what the thing is about! :lol:

Well, I have work to do and it is after nine so I guess I better get to it. I can't believe it is Thursday already. I hope they get the trash picked up today as yesterday was trash day and they didn't get it picked up. Our 4 inches of snow on Monday stalled them I guess. Only someone who grew up in the north sees the humor in 4 inches grinding everything to a halt. They would starve to death and die down here if they got the accumulations that they do up north I think. Have a good one gals! Faye

01-13-2011, 12:18 PM
Here is the answer I got from WW on the fruit question. They do count both fruits and vegetables.

Here's the official word on this:

First, there is an adjustment made in the daily target for eating fruits and
veggies with a PP value of 0. This adjustment was based on eating the foods
in their “natural and singular” state which did not include use in recipes.

Second, the recipe builder can't tell if you've made a baked apple with
cinnamon or banana bread with heavy cream. It only knows you've made
something with fruit. At Weight Watchers, we want all of our recipes to be
consistent with each other. And we want them all to be consistent with any
recipe you might have at home with nutritional information. So we calculate
every recipe the same way—we add up all the nutritional info and calculate
the PointsPlus values from there. This gives you the MOST accurate
PointsPlus values. And for really tasty items like banana bread with heavy
cream, you probably want that information if you want to see weight-loss
results. BTW, this is always how the Recipe Builder worked, it just wasn’t
as obvious when you only saw it with vegetables.

Maggie, those frozen entrees do count points for fruits and vegetables. Any leader who says not to count them in recipes, doesn't know her stuff.

I'll post more when I get home.

01-13-2011, 02:53 PM

It is warming up today a bit and sure is nice. I have a few things I need to get done this day like folding the clothes, making a bulletin and deciding what to cook for dinner. Nothing too hard is it. I got my new hammered carbon steel wok in the mail and it sure looks like a good one. It is 14 inches across the top. They sent along a nice instruction sheet on how to season it. I may tackle doing that today also for it is a process one has to perform before using it. Life is good. I do also need to decide what I am taking to the pot luck this coming Sunday. I do know what a few of the other ladies are bringing so I can make something to "go along" and not duplicate.

DONNA FAYE Our carpet needs to be cleaned also so that will probably happen on Saturday. We have a nifty steam cleaner and it works great. I am so thankful that we finally changed the flooring here in my office/shop. This suits my purpose so much better. Sure easy to see when something gets dropped on the floor. That is quite a good savings you get for shopping at the commissary. We don't live close enough to one to shop and save money for the gas would eat the savings plus.:o

JEAN Those deer are a distructive bunch aren't they. However, they just are trying to get some food also so what can you do. I know they make some really sturdy bird feeders but don't know if they really work. We don't have deer that come so close in. I don't have a clue about squirrel feeders though.

SUSAN Well you know what I said about the leader here and things haven't changed much. I just want to know the truth. Thank you for the heads up. I trust what you say about it and won't argue with you for you know better what it is. How a person can do the program correctly if they are given bad information is beyond me. :shrug: Thanks again you are a peach.

Time to go get some lunch. Nothing much but something good for me. :o:
Everyone have a lovely afternoon and I'll type at y'all later. :wave:

01-14-2011, 12:08 AM
Just checking in before I head off to check the weather before I go to bed.

"Gma" -- I know Jack will enjoy his long weekend, but don't remind me of MLK Day. :( Our garbage was late getting picked up today. Do you have to recycle? We do that on Mondays and garbage on Thursday. When I went into town I saw several dump trucks full of snow. I'm not sure where they haul it but the bucket loaders were working on the street corners. I'm glad since little cars tend to pull out even though they can't see.

Susan -- Thanks for sharing the fruit information. I will be glad when the stores have all the PP WW food with the correct points. :)

Maggie -- I'm glad you are pleased with your new wok. :yes: We have a squirrel guard on the bird feeder pole, and they can't get around it -- it looks like an upside down funnel. It's fun to watch them slide back down the pole. The deer are tall enough they can butt the feeders with their head.

See you all tomorrow. Sleep tight! (I'd say "don't let the bed bugs bite," but that's not funny anymore -- they are in our school buildings!