Chicks up for a Challenge - W.O.W Healthy through the Holidays~Christmas week 2

12-06-2010, 06:34 AM
I hope everyone is in the holiday spirt. I know I am. I'm keeping a close eye on my diet, and doing really well until I get home. I am taking a bit more food with me today so I don't eat the house when I get home.

My shoulder injury started to flare up on friday so I have been in excruciating pain for 3 days. Living on muscle relaxers and anti inflamatories. I may take an ice pack to work with me today. I'm going to try to go see my doctor tomorrow. It sucks I finally stop with PT and then it starts hurting again.

12-06-2010, 10:09 AM
Morning girls.

I probably should have waited and posted last nights post here. But in short, I'm glad to be back.

Jen - I think I will try fitday then, until I am in my groove! I have a plan for a habit a day over the next 30 (yes 30) weeks. Tracking my food starts in two weeks. This weeks habit is to get my vitamins daily.

Today is day 1 of no smoking. I am patched up and raring to go. 197.6 this morning is my starting point for weight. Want to see 155 by my birthday in July and so I will be here, getting there, with all of the Weedies help.

WEED this week
W: 32 oz today. I hate water in winter. Gonna set realistic goals to start.
E: Will try to hit the treadmill once this week
E: Not pressuring myself with the quiting smoking... will try to control portions of whatever I eat.
D: Do or don't do. There is no try.

Hope you all have a great day!

12-06-2010, 03:55 PM
Morning ladies -

No work today so I'm running errands, doing some christmas shopping and had lunch with DH at PF Changs. Doing well, dreading going back to work tomorrow :( Not long and I'm off work for almost two weeks so gotta stick it out until then! Didn't drink a lot of water this weekend so trying to be better about getting it in.

Jeni - hope your shoulder feels better soon

Kris - welcome back! Congrats on trying to quit, it's definitely a significant step to better health, I'm pulling for you!

Hope everyone has a great day!

12-07-2010, 12:06 AM
:wave: ladies

SO today at work I slipped on a patch of oily floor (someone didn't clean up a big spill). I started to fall back so I grabbed the wall (with my bad arm) then fell forward onto my shoulder. :( I was so MAD. So I filed an incident report (again) my stupidvisor took pics of the mess and sent them to the "team" whatever that means.

12-07-2010, 12:17 AM
Oh Jen, that sucks. I'd be pissed too.

I hope you are feeling better by morning. That stinks.

I am ready to crash. No smokes today for me. My BFF did smoke though, and hubby is still smoking. I know its gonna be a battle for me, but I am determined to win.

Hope you all had a good evening. Got my 32oz in today... barely, but I did.

2 victories, no matter how small.... they count. :carrot:

12-07-2010, 10:37 PM
Hey lovelies!

I hope everyone's week is going good so far. :)

Mine has been going great. I got a exercise buddy! :carrot:

We met (IRL) for the first time yesterday and went walking around a local lake. Tomorrow we are doing a workout video at her house. :D

So yeah, I'm happy!


12-08-2010, 01:15 AM

JLea - good girl! Its much easier to stay motivated, and accountable, when someone else is willing to share the experience!

I am deperately trying to try to finish a reorganization package for my department that is due to my boss tomorrow. I am exhausted and left all of my electronic files for it on a thumb drive at work. I have to get up at ultra dark thirty tomorrow and get in there and finish it. I'm stressing. Went almost 2 days without smoking. Just broke down and had 1/2 a one. ugh.

I'll check back in tomorrow and see how everyone is doing! have a great night.

12-09-2010, 06:58 AM
Hi Kris Hi Shari.

Slow week. I hope that means that everyone is having a great time right now.

My shoulder is actually doing okay. I'm so happy about that! Today is my last day of work for the week :) Yesterday was tough. Today will be even tougher. I want to call in sick today, but with christmas around the corner. . . .you know.

12-09-2010, 07:10 AM
Morning all. Here I sit pretending that if I think about eating right and exercising I will get it done. Execution is still WAYYYYY off.

W taking at hint from Kris, let's try 1/2 50 oz, 2 of my humongous bottle full will be 64
E Do something
E No sweets
D One choice at a time

12-09-2010, 04:43 PM
Hey ladies -

Weigh in day...
5 weeks: 164.0
6 weeks: 165.2
7 weeks: 166.0
8 weeks: 166.8
9 weeks: 166.4
10 weeks: 167.0 <--my due date got pushed back to 6/24 so future weigh-ins will be thursdays
11 weeks: 169.4 <-- thanks to holiday gluttony!
12 weeks: 168.0

Baking lot of cookies this weekend, wish me willpower! At least I can't eat the dough like I usually would, that will save me some calories :) Have a great day!

12-10-2010, 03:27 PM
Good morning. close to afternoon. I got in a great workout today. I ran 2.8 miles row machine for 10 minutes then weights. I got in a total of 60 minutes. I got so used to having 2.5 hours to workout that I almost forgot I had Tommy in the child care room. I hate leaving him in there for more than an hour. My workout seemed way to short so I think I will workout for a bit longer during swim team practice.

12-11-2010, 10:25 AM
Good morning ladies, got a little behind there for a minute. Been doing pretty great for two days now, this is day three and I am eating my oatmeal/blueberries and clementine (aren't clemmies the nicest holiday treat? So tiny and sweet, easy to peel, yummy) and dressed to go to the gym. Went to the gym Thursday and Friday, feeling SORE today. Waiting for the advil to kick in and I'll go today.

I have to learn to not quit when I feel sore. Well I know not to hurt myself, is there a good way to gauge when you should push through the pain and when to hold off? In my case, if I back off because I am sore, I get several days without exercise, then either I never go back or I just go and get sore all over again. Any words on this topic?

Jeni, I cannot believe your injury at work....then to slip in a big spill like this now. Wow. OSHA would have a field day at this place. I haven't read the last week thread yet, but I hope they aren't giving you crap about taking care of business with this. Companies can really fight ppl on this stuff. ugh.

Kris....not smoking is like quitting drinking, drugs, losing weight....its all one day at a time. One minute, one second at a time. I have learned to pray my way out of obsession a lot, ask your Higher Power (God? whatever your belief) to just remove the obsession to ...(eat, smoke, drink, use) Well just know that we love and support you trying to quit. How hard it must be with everyone around you still doing that. But we accept the things we cannot change, change the things we can and learn to know the difference.

Shari, lucky you on finding a workout partner!!! I have tried that, but never worked for me. I would always rather wear my ipod and tune everything else out. But I did ask a trainer to push me a little on thursday and I totally appreciated that. So I wonder if you have the right idea!!! I just get embarrassed that I can NOT talk while I exercise, I'm too short of breath or that I get so winded so easily. idk....sounds like excuses, excuses to me. :)

Emiloots....OMG I am doing my cookies today too, I am freaking out about it!!!! NO LICKS, BITES OR BLTs. lol We had employee appreciation week this week and Friday was a big sheet cake and luckily I did resist it... WOOT....I wanted it....esp when my coworker was like, OH this icing is SO SWEET....BUTTERCREAM....sighhhh. lol But I can talk myself out of store bought birthday cake, isn't it actually kind of nauseating? Usually spongy dry cake and sugary, sickening icing, and never satisfying? I'm not a huge fan really, but never turned it out anyways. Now today, with holiday cooking.....we'll see if I can apply the same strategy. Esp with all the sugar that goes into them. I am making no maybe I can talk myself into being tired of oatmeal since I've been eating so much oatmeal lately. UGH. Good luck to you anyways....I'm with you baby.

MM...the mind is a curious thing, isn't it?! I sit and pretend I'm doing the right things too....we can actually exhaust ourselves if we think hard enough about exercise. lol. Oooooh my abs!!!! I did my MMunches yesterday and thought of you suddenly.

W-2 liter
E- gym this morning, bowling tonight. prob some housecleaning between
E- B-oatmeal/blueberries and clementine L-soup? D-Lean Cuisine? ugh need to plan, and I do eat too much processed/frozen foods but honestly, I need them to do the portion control thing for now. Yes, high in sodium and preservatives, but really, pretty satisfying, taste reasonably good, and fills me up with a small salad.
D- One day, one step at a time. Take it easy. I only have today, right now.

Oh and does anyone know anything about Physician's Weight Loss? I have heard I "should try it" by like two seperate people this week alone. I don't like the sound of it...

12-12-2010, 11:41 AM
MIchelle, I actually had a repetitive motion injury in august. did physical therapy and cortizone pills. I was shocked that my injury was so bad. I had been doing well but on my last PT appt the therapist I saw gave me new exercises so I was extremely sore anyway. My company is ok at dealing with injuries, we don't have many at all. I hope you are doing okay with all the weather and stuff.

I shopped so much yesterday I am just about DONE. My little sister and her friend were a great help for me.

12-12-2010, 12:10 PM
Hey all, lots of stuff sucks, not going there.

Just did 30DS, starting over with that, sticking with C25K. Every day, every day. Back to Low Carb, seems to help me as long as I stick to it like glue.

W 100
E 30ds, week 2 day 4 in a few, shovelling snow too...
D Love my 3FC friends! Thanks all, be back later maybe, for now, quick hits will have to do!

Michelle, glad you are here, mmunches with ya and Muah! love ya!
Jeni, done shopping, bless you!
Kris, miss you!
Emi Enjoy the cookie time!
Shari :cheer3:

12-13-2010, 08:37 AM
W as much as I can, how bout aim for 100 again
E Just did 30 ds, hula hoop or elliptical tonight
E POP, packed it all in the bag!
D Love me.

12-13-2010, 11:09 AM