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08-26-2010, 01:16 PM
Here is where you get to know your team mates! Just a reminder, chatting is not required to be part of the challenge, although it is strongly suggested!

Here is your Team:

KimL1214 (Team Leader)

08-26-2010, 02:00 PM
TEAM ATHENA FTW (for the win)

08-26-2010, 02:07 PM
**** yea!.. come on team we can do it! :D cant wait!.. good timing to as this starts a day after my 6th yr anniversary with my partner:carrot:

08-26-2010, 02:31 PM
Hey LADIES!!! (Any gents???)

So EXCITED for this challenge!

To get things started off I thought we could all do some introductions about our lovely journeys so far as well as what we are all using to help us lose weight (I.E. Weight Watchers, Calorie Counting, own made up system, etc...)!

My name is Kim, I'm 26, and I will be your team leader, as well as challenge leader for this challenge!!!

This would be probably my 5th or 6th attempt to tackle my weight since joining 3FC... I am a 3Peater... :o

I could go on and on about my struggles with weight, but here are the biggest things, so I don't write a book...

I struggled with anorexia while in high school, but once I discovered the wonders of soda and fried food... I no longer had any problems with being underweight! Due to a year of not eating, my metabolism is almost non-existent, so it is a real struggle to lose weight.

I was active in College, participating on both the indoor and outdoor track teams, and while I would say I was in great shape, I still carried extra weight around. Since College ended, I have packed on almost 90 lbs., some of which I have managed to lose...

I use Weight Watchers and the any exercise plan. Any exercise I can squeeze in during time off (I currently have 3 jobs)... I squeeze in!


08-26-2010, 03:13 PM
Ooo, how exciting!

I'm 23, never done a 20-something BL Challenge before, so really looking forward to it. Kim, can you explain the weigh in thread for me?

(Start) 8/29: (+/- lbs.)
9/5: (+/- lbs.) (+/- %)
9/12: (+/- lbs.) (+/- %)
9/19: (+/- lbs.) (+/- %)
9/26: (+/- lbs.) (+/- %)
10/3: (+/- lbs.) (+/- %)
(Final) 10/10: (+/- lbs.) (+/- %)

In the first week we won't have a loss, will we? So what's the (+/- lbs.) bit for? I'm probably missing something very obvious...

I do very slack calorie counting. I've been dieting on and off since the age of 14 so I know calories of most of the foods I eat off-by-heart, and rely on my trusty kitchen scales to make sure I don't over do it on the portions!

As far as exercise goes, it varies hugely. Last week I did 5 hours of cardio and some weight training - but so far this week I've only done 15 minutes of cardio... I want to get regular exercise into my routine by the end of the year. I'm starting a new job mid-September (a real motivator for losing some serious numbers in the next few weeks!) that has free gym membership as one of the perks, so hoping that'll help.

I joined 3fc in December, and spent the 7 months after Christmas losing and gaining the same 5-6 pounds. Recently I've stepped it up a notch and am hoping to be far more consistent in future months to come.

Sorry for the essay! Looking forward to getting started on this challenge with all of you!

08-26-2010, 03:36 PM
dayoneagain~Good question! Sorry about that! I remembered to delete the % piece but forget to take off the lbs. piece. Thank you for pointing that out! I'll take care of it right now!

08-26-2010, 05:12 PM
righty peeps heres aittle about me :)
im 24 yrs old and im a caloire counter... started this life time change 2yrs ago, at my biggest i was 205lb to my smallest 142lb.. last yr i had lost a loved one very close to me and found a friend in food which made me put on almost all the weight back on.. i am now hitting around 182/186 (havent been brave enough to weigh in for a while) and lost another loved one just over a month ago but promised her and myself that i wouldnt fall again. so here i am keeping my hopes up and fighting back the food... well trying!.. but on a good note its mine and my partners 6th anniversary on the 28th and im looking forward to that :) after im gonna kick some bottom!...

08-26-2010, 10:36 PM
Hey Ladies!!!

This is my 1st challenge and I am totally pumped!

I am calorie counting (on the Lose it app on my iPhone) and I've been working out 5-6 times a week- I'm doing Couch to 5k and Jillian's 30 days shred. I'm currently on Week 3 of c25k and 1/2 way through 30ds.

I'm 22, I have 2 little boys 5 & 2. I'm in nursing school, my classes will be starting back in a couple weeks, so I'd like to have my exercise routine in place when I go back to school so I'm less likely to quit. My eating will probably be easier once school goes back... less free time for snacking. i'd really like to lose about 15lbs during this challenge but I'd be happy with 10.


08-26-2010, 10:53 PM
ellie6388~ WELCOME! I have also done C25K and 30DS and LOVE both! 15lbs. is totally do-able!!! I just started in-service for school today and I am feeling better about my eating habits already as I'm on a much better schedule during the school year.

bbg200~ Losing loved ones is definitely hard on everything, including your waist line, I'm sorry to hear about your losses and glad to see you here :hug: Early Congratulations on your 6 yr. anniversary!!!

dayoneagain~ Congrats on your new job! Having a gym membership free with your job is AMAZING!!! Do you have a weight goal for this challenge? Maybe that will help you really get past those 5-6lbs.

I managed to lose almost 10lbs. in the last challenge, but unfortunately have seen about 2lbs. of it come back. I'm still ahead of where I was 6 weeks ago though! I'm aiming for at least 15lbs. this challenge, preferably 20, but going to aim small first, shoot for large! Unfortunately my biggest downfall is my emotional eating. I am manic depressive and go through days where my meds don't work, so controlling what goes into my mouth is tough. One thing I did last time I lost 40lbs. was either bounce on my mini trampoline or get up and walk during all commercial breaks, instead of letting myself just sit on the couch and eat.
I am a big chatter, but sometimes miss a day here and there as I work A LOT. I'm really looking forward to getting to know everyone!

08-26-2010, 11:14 PM
Hey! Side note!

One thing I lack with the challenges is the ability to create banners... Anyone interested in creating a team banner for us?

08-27-2010, 12:02 AM
Hi all!

My name is Valeri. I am 26. I started this journey mid March 2010. I am pleased with my loss so far but still have a ways to go ... and it seems things have slowed down in that department in the last month or so.
As of now my goal weight is 165 but I will see what I look like than and if I'm happy ... I can't remember ever being below 180 so it's hard to say what 165 will look like.

I have cut back on a lot of 'snacking' rarely eat chips/cookies things like that anymore. I do occasionally have a small piece (or pieces) of candy but I try to keep everything within my calorie limits. So far it's working pretty well!

Looking forward to this challenge!

08-27-2010, 12:13 AM
Hi Everyone!!

I知 so excited. This is my first BL Challenge & I知 ready to go. I知 24 from Melbourne, Australia & this is my second attempt to lose weight (I知 just starting my 4th week now). I知 a calorie counter as well & just keep track with a pen & paper. At the moment I知 concentrating on getting my diet right as I have Chronic Fatigue. I知 hoping that small changes over time will get me to goal but for this challenge, I壇 love to lose between 4-5kg (roughly 10lbs).

08-27-2010, 05:23 AM
Oh yes, my goal for this challenge! I'd love to lose 2 pounds a week, totalling 12 pounds by the end of the challenge - but I'd be happy with...well, anything really so long as I'm losing something each week. I think one of my problems is I aim too high and when I don't reach the 2 pound per week mark I find it discouraging - so I'm gonna try something a bit different.

08-27-2010, 05:29 AM
Hi guys!

I'm Sam and I'm originally from Canada but right now I'm living in England. I've been super stressed out lately as I've just finished my project for my Masters degree, have been having quite a fight with the uni who delivered a sub-par degree for far too much money, and am struggling to find a job. I've also just moved in with my boyfriend. All this stress put me at 148 about two weeks ago, the lowest I believe I have ever been since I was a kid, and I hope to be able to continue with that trend and finally reach my goal. I do believe the stress had something to do with it as I have been eating more than usual but a lot more vegetables and healthy stuff and actual meals instead of 'diet' ones (but with low-fat ingredients wherever possible, and less oil!), though still much smaller portions than I probably would have eaten a few years ago.

I used to do WW and now I calorie count because it is free! I want to be more active and always start with good intentions but regularly give up before I finish something or grow tired/bored of a routine. I started C25k in July and would love to start that again, though I fear now I will be back at week 1 since it's been nearly two months since I've gone running!!

My goal for this challenge will be just staying on plan. In the last challenges I have only lost a pound, maybe two if I was lucky, so I won't set a number for myself.

Nice to meet you all and good luck with the challenge!

08-27-2010, 05:32 AM
thank you KimL1214, x

08-27-2010, 12:55 PM
freedomreins~ WoW, crazy stress :hug: I'm glad to see you here, this is an amazing place to vent! I would try D1W1 of C25K and see how you feel, you might surprise yourself and be able to jump a few weeks ahead!

dayoneagain~ 2lbs./week is totally do-able! Making small goals is an awesome thing to do as it helps you feel more successful along the way. I have over 30 goals from my starting weight to my ultimate goal and I love giving myself a little reward/mini celebration every time I reach one of the goals.

oOPeanutOo~ WELCOME! I love your username! Pen & Paper are great tools when it comes to losing weigh as tracking is very key, there is a food journal thread in the challenge as well if you are interested...

BassAckwards~ From checking out your ticker I would say you have done AMAZING so far. I bet you already look incredible and will really love what you see when you hit 165! Snacking can be dangerous, but it is necessary, sounds like you have wonderful restraint!

So this is my second time posting this as the school computer crashed on me earlier... oops... I have tons of work I should be doing right now, but I've been sitting in meetings all morning and am soooo bored, that I'm taking a little break. I brought the same thing for lunch today, which is good on one hand because it tasted good and is healthy, but bad on the other, because I really don't want to end up getting bored with my lunches. Weather is super nice today, so I am looking forward to a nice LONG walk after school.

TOM is killing me right now. I thought it was getting close to being over, but the cramps are hitting again and TOM is back FULL FORCE! Ugh.

Anyone interested in creating a banner for us???

08-27-2010, 03:45 PM
Just an option...

https://docs.google.com/a/anwsu.org/drawings/pub?id=1pyS94C3Uc1zQB1d0XX4VUMNWsJf5hin4pfqXw_3uwF w&w=209&h=238

Image link is https://docs.google.com/a/anwsu.org/drawings/pub?id=1pyS94C3Uc1zQB1d0XX4VUMNWsJf5hin4pfqXw_3uwF w&w=209&h=238

08-27-2010, 06:04 PM
Hey kim can't see the picture? it takes me to a log in page.. I'm pretty good with banners ill mess around a bit and let you know if I come up with anything cool

08-27-2010, 06:21 PM
My Introdcution

I'm 22 years old. I go to college and work. I've been a 3FC member for a while, but recently got back into the losing weight thing.

I don't really follow a program, I just try to eat healthy (whole wheat, veggies etc.) I try to go to the gym everyday! Sometimes it doesn't happen :( I just started weight training. I keep an excel spread sheet of my weight/ calories burned, and my waist inches....

I just got below 200lbs yesterday!! and today I weighed in at 199.8. Im supper happy about that..

Since we have 7 weeks I'm hoping to lose 15lbs but I'd be happy with 10. My birthday is 10/9 and If I could be in the 180s I would be so excited! My original goal was to be in the 170s for Halloween, so we'll see :D

ellie I'm using the Lose It app on my iPhone and I love it!! I count calories when I can just for reference, but I love putting in my goal weight and letting the app do the math and tell me when I can achieve my goal..

08-27-2010, 08:31 PM
the original is a bit big, but i see the other teams have big banners too. I just wasn't sure if this was to big since i know there is a limit for signatures..
big one (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v321/Jessyvamp/athena.jpg)

wow didn't realize how big it was until i saw it in the forum..I made this one smaller than the original. here's the link and the pic. Let me know what you think.

smaller one (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v321/Jessyvamp/athena3.jpg)

08-27-2010, 10:37 PM
JessicaRT~ Weird that you can't see it... it shows up on both the computers at school and my mom's computer at home. No biggie, we'll use yours, I didn't really like the skinny b*tch :angel: on mine anyways. ONEDERLAND!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Nothing super exciting here... went for an hour walk tonight and feeling pretty tired so I'm thinking about crashing early. Everyone have a great weekend and let us know how you're doing!!!

08-27-2010, 11:22 PM
Hi everyone! I am so excited about this challenge!! It is fun to have other people excited about your weight loss ad other people o be excited for as well!!

About me: Well, I am 27 years old and have been wrestling with weight and bad eating habits/ eating disorders for as long as I can remember. I dealt with severe anorexia in high school which then turned into bulimia in college and then just binge eating (when I finally stopped the purging). I am done with all of that now!

I have been on this current weight loss journey since June 30th, 2010 and am down 44 lbs today. I am really dedicated right now and can't wait to reach my goal! For this challenge, I want to stick to my goal of at least 3 lbs a week (hopefully more though). I am also taking part in the jingle away the jiggle challenge and have a goal of 100lbs by christmas (56 more to go to get there :) ). I am hoping this BL challenge will give added motivation to kick my exercising into gear!

As far as my diet plan goes, I am just counting calories. I am staying between 1200 and 1600 cals a day most days and wont go under 1000 cals or over 2000 cals. It is working for me so far :)

I can't wait to see how much weight we are all able to lose with this!! Go Team Athena!:carrot:

08-28-2010, 09:42 AM
Hi all!

I'm a 31 year old mom of two (11 and 6) going to graduate school full time, working two jobs, and taking care of home. I've been struggling with weight since puberty. 3 months ago, I was in California on an internship and something finally clicked. I began eating healthy, exercising, and losing weight. Now that I am home, I am learning to navigate the pit falls, and am trying to keep the momentum going!

I am on the south beach plan, along with Jillian Michaels for exercise. My goal for this challenge is keep losing at a steady pace until I reach goal!

08-28-2010, 04:50 PM
really looking farward to this challenge!.. had a wonderful day today (anniversary!) partner took me out and is now planning to put a film on and cuddle up :).. all the best to everyone taking part. this is gonna be fun x p.s if anyone wants to buddy up with me let me know :)

08-28-2010, 10:23 PM
bbg200~ How was cuddle time? Glad to hear your anniversary has been pretty good!

dcapulet~ WOW! You are super busy! I love Jillian Michaels, I wish I could box her up and bring her home to yell at me!

southernbelle102~ 44lbs. in 2 months is AMAZING! This challenge is always great and I'm sure it will help you along!

I decided to try a new walking route tonight and definitely miss-calculated. I was aiming for one hour, but ended up with one hour 23 minutes. Wouldn't have been a big deal if it wasn't for the fact that it was pitch black for the last 15 minutes...

I have to work a double at the restaurant tomorrow, so I'm planning on getting up a lil early tomorrow so I can make a lunch to bring with me. I won't get a chance to eat it until around 3, so I was going to make it a lil bigger then a normal lunch so that it is fulfilling enough to at least get me home where I can have some fruit for "dessert."

Don't forget to weigh in!!!

08-29-2010, 04:37 PM
Happy Sunday!

I just got back into town, and I was feeling lazy but I went ahead and did my 30day shred for today! I let myself have a free meal yesterday since I was out of town, and I stayed below my calories all week and didn't dip into my "exercise calories" I did pretty good, besides the alcohol!

I need to go post my weight.

BBG- happy anniversary!

Jessica- I love Lose it, I like to look things up before I even eat them now.

Kim- WTG on the long walk!! but scary on it being dark!

08-29-2010, 08:17 PM
kim it was lovely!.. my partner has gone out to night so tonight is cuddles with my daughter with lots of disney films! and well done with your walking!

thank you ellie :)

jessica and ellie, i love looking things up that i eat now sometimes i get so shocked with what calories and fats somethings have in them! when before i wouldnt of looked twice at the contents

08-29-2010, 11:58 PM
bbg200~ I love Disney!!! What movies did you end up watching?

ellie6388~ Awesome job getting your 30DS in! Good to hear you had a good weekend!

I worked just under 10 hours at the restaurant tonight and I am TIRED! So this is just a fly by! My feet are killing me, but I took some Aleve to help, although I haven't started feeling any relief yet.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Time's running out to get your initial weights in, so please do so ASAP if you haven't already!

08-30-2010, 12:59 AM
uh im "cheating" tonight.. I need NEED a glass of wine.. the new girl I work with doesn't know how to divide by 2.. SERIOUSLY! no joke.. I work in a deli and we slice meat and cheese... this lady wanted 1 pound of ham... the new girls sliced some and put it on the scale.. it read .33 so she told the customer "its not quite a pound is that alright" not quite! it was hardly a quarter.. needless to say the customer got upset and I had to take over... this new girl is killing me.. I mean "what's half of $1.50" she seriously answered "NEGATIVE!".... um no.. try again.. 1.20.. nooo... she's dumb.. I told her .75 remember that.. one day later she still couldn't remember and had to use a calculator.. i need my wine!

08-30-2010, 12:59 AM
BAH!!! I did not see my name on the list here, but got a private message stating I was part of it.

08-30-2010, 09:26 AM
SarahD140~ That was my boo-boo, I must have grabbed an older sign-up list when I posted on this thread :( Sorry :(

JessicaRT~ WOW! I would need a glass of wine too! Did this girl make it through school? Are you the manager or have you talked to the manager about her because it sounds like she could do some serious damage! I worked in a deli for 3 years and the dizzy girls usually got hurt or just pissed off customers.

I'm still TIRED!!! My snooze never went off this morning, so I rolled over at 7... I'm supposed to be up no later then 6:30! So I was 10 minutes late and to top it off, pulled into the parking lot just as the principal was walking out to his car, so there was no sneaking in. Kind of pointless anyways since we don't have anything until 10 this morning.

I'm getting a lil frustrated with my weigh-ins as I had TOM this last week and have not yet seen any drop since it ended... although it just ended yesterday, so I guess I could be a lil more patient...

08-30-2010, 02:01 PM
Yeah they know she's dumb.. but we are short handed and now another girl is leaving so I don't know if they will get rid of her.. I sure hope they do.. I'm going in to work early to talk to my Food Manager and let her know she can't do math.. and yes apparently she did graduate high school...

08-30-2010, 02:03 PM
JessicaRT~ HAHAHAHA! Ummm... is it a good high school? :dizzy: I'm a teacher, and I would feel like I didn't do my job if I let someone leave the school without knowing math basics!

08-30-2010, 03:44 PM
Kim- atleast it was the first weigh in, that way you'll show a big loss next week!

Jess- she reminds me of a "friend of a friend" that I went to play bingo with one night (lame small town) and she didn't know what odd numbers were, she's 22.

I had an interview for school today, I'm starting a nursing program in October and man the interview was intense and the director had ZERO personality. My next door neighbor/ uncle is the director of the school so I'm pretty much promised a spot but I still had to go through the motions to get in.

Had panera bread for lunch, FYI they post their calorie counts on their menu for every item!! Half a turkey sandwich on sourdough (no mayo or cheese) and chicken tortilla soup, for 350 calories total! and I got an apple instead of bread for 80 cals.

08-30-2010, 11:28 PM
ellie6388~ I wish there was a Panera around here, but we're still a lil too country bumpkin to have one of those around... Good luck with your new program!

Nothing exciting here. I made dinner for my parents and unfortunately they wanted a rotisserie chicken from the store. I haven't quite got myself put together enough to have an option ready for myself when this happens, so I ended up having some chicken and unfortunately some of the skin as well. Overall I didn't do as bad as I would have in the past, but I'm still a lil annoyed with myself for not keeping it together a lil better. No walk tonight, which is probably good due to the amount of walking I have done in the last 3 days. We were lectured today about dressing more professional, so my mom and I went shopping for some nicer clothes. I was outside a lot last year, so my attire was mainly jeans and t-shirts as there was a lot of hiking and spending time in the woods. I'll be spending most of my time in the school this year.
Time for bed! Have a good night everyone!

08-31-2010, 01:17 AM
JessicaRT – Whoa.. If I had to deal with someone like that I’d definitely need more than one glass of wine. Sometimes I think it’s easier to work shorthanded than have your workload doubled by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Ellie6388 – It’s rough when the person interviewing you has zero personality. Makes it hard to judge how the interview is going. When do you find out for sure that you have a place?

KimL1214 – I get stuck whenever there is a rotisserie chicken too. I always seem to cave and eat the skin. Did you end up finding anything on your shopping trip?

As for me, I’ve stuck to around 1500 Calories a day for the past week so I’m happy with that. I went to the doctors this morning to get a Glucose Tolerance Test. I was more worried about the number of calories in the sickly sweet drink you have to have than the needles. Hopefully they’re not too high but I’m not sure if I should factor in a couple of hundred calories for the drink into my totals for the day or just eat up to my regular calorie limit?

08-31-2010, 04:37 AM
Hi everyone! I had a good start to my week today! I stepped on the scale and was down 3 lbs from Sunday :D :carrot: I think it was due to the fact that I just finished my TOM. My Scale had stalled out a little on me last week and I love seeing it woosh past the #s!! I am hoping to continue losing at a good rate the rest of the week! I had a goal of reaching a 50 lb loss by the end of august and that puts me only 1 lb away from that mini goal. I am okay if I step on the scale tomorrow and haven't met that goal though. I am very close but tomorrow is the last day of the month. Normally when I lose multiple lbs in a day, my weight can yo yo back up a little then settle down. I guess that is because a lot of the initial loss is water weight. I am sticking strictly on plan and love seeing it pay off! I have so much more to lose so I need the constant motivation and support that is given here! Thanks for that!! I hope you are all having a great week and are losing, losing, losing!!

08-31-2010, 09:13 AM
I keep bouncing back between 187 to 189 sooo annoying. I've seen 187.? on the scale 3 times in the last 2 weeks but I keep going back to 189. UGH.
I need to stop weighing everyday. Maybe that will help (at least I wont be so annoyed) but I keep waiting for 187 to stay for more than a day!

08-31-2010, 09:47 AM
Kim- the chicken probably wasn't too bad, it could have been fried chicken! Hope you had fun shopping, but professional clothes sound... yuck! I love jeans and tees, and scrubs.

Southern- WTG I bet you'll show a big loss this week.

Peanut- I think those drinks are about 120-150 calories, from what I can recall. I should know for sure by the middle of sept.

Bass- I do the same thing, I am trying to weigh about twice a week.

Getting ready to take my oldest to the bus stop and then youngest to preschool. At the church he goes to school at they have a free gym so I go run on the treadmill. Today is w3d3 of c25k. I don't think I've ever made it this far. I'm on day 18 of the 30 day shred, I have really gained a lot of endurance, I can really tell it's helping with my running to. I highly recommend it, it's only 20 minutes long, but it's tough and you work up a sweat. I'm not sure what I'll move on to at the end of the 30 days, I'd love to do p90x or insanity but I'm not quite ready and they're a little too long for me to commit to right now. I'll still be running 3 days a week, so I think I'd like something more strength type for made 2 days a week, I guess it could be longer if it's only 2 days, or maybe I'll just lift weights at the gym or take a strength class. I'm rambling but I just want a plan.

08-31-2010, 10:23 AM
Hey everyone! My name is Allison and I'm 27. I have tried to lose weight probably a hundred times. But at the same time thats one of the things I like best about it... you can always start again. I am a weight watchers/calorie counter. I use the daily plate and then keep track of my points. I find that weight watchers requires me to eat less than the number of calories I would normally be allowed but then because of the flex points eat a bit more on some days. I like that... it works for me. I weigh right around 160 now... at one time I was up to 189. I have been heavy my whole life. Last fall for my birthday in October I was to my goal/lowest weight of 145. Since then I have gotten engaged and gained 15 lbs. I will be getting married in July of next year and really want to lose a LEAST 15 lbs by then and hopefully more.

So I'm just starting back up again now. I am looking forward to this challenge but have to admit I'm really scared. In the past couple months I have re-started a bunch of times and promptly fell off the wagon. My drive and motivation just isn't there like it used to be. I'm angry that I have to watch what I eat and I'm sick of doing it. I feel I've been doing it my whole life. But my wedding is coming up and I feel I have to do this... I don't know why the wedding doesn't seem to be big enough motivation. I'm looking for support and tips and tricks of how to fit the exercise in. I work full time... 8-5 most days... just bought a house back in Feb and have a 7 month old puppy that I feel super guilty leaving home alone all day while I'm at work and then at night too if I want to go to the gym. I don't want to make excuses but what do I do?!? Its nice to meet all of you... I'm happy to get started and support you all too.

08-31-2010, 10:35 AM
AllyBride2011~ I also have a 8 month old puppy, who whines and cries whenever I leave, but I have to tell myself that I will love him up extra when I get home, but I need to go do stuff for myself as well. Also, what about going for long walks instead of to the gym? Is he a lil dog or headed towards being a big dog? I can't take my pup cuz he's a miniature poodle and would tire after about a mile, but if you have a larger puppy, he may LOVE burning off the extra energy! Check in often and let us know how you are doing and if you need any help with anything!

ellie6388~ Not a fan of professional clothes, but I did find some corduroys that are super comfy and some really wild, light blouses. I love C25K, but I really have to work on getting my weight down at least 20 more lbs. before I try it as I have some serious problems with my feet and I know running is not a good idea at the moment.

BassAckwards~ Sounds annoying! I'm sure you'll bust through it soon!

southernbelle102~ CONGRATS!!! That's exciting that you're so close to your mini goal!!!

oOPeanutOo~ I actually found a lot of shirts that are really, really bright and loud, but I'm excited! They're definitely professional, so they can't complain! Maybe they have the calorie count of those drinks online?

I have a lot of planning to do today for the rest of the week as I have to work at both school and the restaurant tomorrow and Thursday. Meaning I will be working from 8AM-10PM tomorrow and 8AM-9PM Thursday, so I really have no room to throw last minute meals together. I'm planning on hitting the grocery store tonight, make a BIG dinner, so that I have enough left overs for at least 2 lunches and 1 dinner, plus make a pasta dish with homemade sauce to take care of then other lunch and dinner I will need. I love using Hunts canned sauce (only 45 cals per serv.) and LOADING it with mushrooms, onions, peppers and garlic. When I say LOADING, I mean LOADING! I usually put in at least 2 cups of fresh mushrooms, a whole green pepper, and a whole yellow onion. I let it all simmer in the sauce for an hour or two and the sauce always turns out SUPER YUMMY! Okay... I'm kinda rambling... Happy Tuesday everyone!

08-31-2010, 01:59 PM
*wave* everyone!

So, so sorry I'm late with the introduction! I'm taking college courses on an actual campus for the first time and everything is crazy right now! :dizzy:

My name is Shari and I'm 24. I've been on 3FC for about 5 years, since the first time I decided to try to lose weight in a healthy way with Weight Watchers. I have been overweight since I was in elementary school. I've also battled depression since I was young, which is the main culprit in my weight gain since I am an emotional eater. I've had alot of ups and downs (mostly downs) but now I'm on medication and ready to slay my physical dragons along with my mental ones. Right now, I'm the heaviest I've ever been, at 277 lbs. I NEED to get this weight off! I have little to no self esteem and my joints ache. :(

Very happy to be apart of this challenge! Good luck to everyone! :grouphug:

08-31-2010, 02:38 PM
JasonsLea~ I know I've seen you around at other challenges! No worries about the late intro! Good to see you!

So the new food service at school is kind of interesting. They actually made homemade potato salad for our lunch today instead of buying the stuff that comein pre-made in tubs. It was really good, and I was able to restrain myself to only getting one spoon full (about 1/2 cup). I brought a lunch today as well, so I just stashed it in our mini fridge for lunch tomorrow which is cool, because it requires one less lunch to plan for the week!

08-31-2010, 05:50 PM
Allison My birthday is in October too! I'm starting at 199 and I hope to be in the 180s by the end of this challenge. Good luck! what kind of puppy do you have?

Shari Welcome to the challenge. So are you doing weight watchers now?

Kim bring lunches to work is the only way I can stay on plan.. Remember "if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail"

Well I had a good workout today! Yay. I did some assisted pull ups, seated back rows and some free weights arm work outs and abs! I tried to do 3 sets then I did 30 min of cardio!

Uhg I found out later the new girl was giving out 8 piece chicken meals (the ones that come with sides and a drink) for the same price as regular 8 piece.. 5.99.. I was like "Think about it!! Why would we give some people sides and a drink for the same price as an 8 piece alone??!" all she says is "sorry.. im sorry" gah so now its like a running joke around work "ask for half a dozen corn dogs and you'll probably get them for free!"

08-31-2010, 05:53 PM
Hi everyone!! I am new to the whole bl thing, and I am really excited about it. I've never dieted or worked out like I do now, joined a gym in march and these past few months have really kicked it up with working out. And this past month I started a new "nutritional" lifestyle change. It's so hard to eat healthy and keep track of everything. No more fried foods, no more sugar. I love my fruits and vegetables but I also loved my pepsi and sweet tea! I've been doing really good with everything, my husband is very supportive and tries new recipes and it helps out that he's trying too. This past weekend I was tired of eating and calorie counting and didn't eat really anything until dinner sunday night. So I am trying to get back on track this week. I'm hoping that being a part of this group will keep my motivation up and I'll reach my goal faster!

08-31-2010, 10:55 PM
Nessa411~ WELCOME!!! We have a lot of fun with these challenges while losing weight. That's awesome that your husband is so supportive and willing to try new foods and recipes with you! What's your favorite "healthy" recipe so far?

JessicaRT~ Ugh! Takes a lot of patience to deal with people as dense as your co-worker, all I can say is "Good Luck!" Awesome job with your workout! I was a power lifter in college if you need any ideas or suggestions about how to get up to 3 sets. Are you doing strength or endurance lifting?

I got a 65 minute walk (3.6 miles) in tonight, which felt amazing! I've been pushing myself a lot with the walks lately and my feet are kinda getting better. They still hurt like crazy, but better then they were before.

I made a yummy beef stir fry tonight that I had planned on packing and taking for lunch and dinner all week... Then my parents decided they liked how it looked, so they each had some. Soooo... I made homemade spaghetti sauce as my back up and will be using it this week. I do still have some stir fry left for lunch over the next couple days (as long as my parents don't steal it). I put it on top of cous cous, stirred, and LOVED it.

Since the majority of us have now done our introductions, I thought it would be about time for a new question to spark some discussion. I'm stealing this from another thread, but What is your "EVIL" motivation to lose weight? We all have our health reasons, but what is another motivator for you that does not have to do with your health at all?

For example~ I saw a picture the other night on facebook of a girl I competed against all the way through high school and college in a bikini. She looked amazing, and it p*ssed me off. Yeah, I should be happy for her, but you have to understand out relationship. When she beat me (we threw against each other in high school and for the same team in college), she rubbed it in my face, while I quietly celebrated when I beat her. I was a good sport, she SUCKED at sportsmanship. SOOOO... I want to have an absolutely amazing pic up someday (within the next year!) that will make her smack herself in the face. Evil, yes. Motivating, absolutely.

Gotta crash! Have a good night everyone!

09-01-2010, 12:38 AM
AllyBride2011 Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

JasonsLea What type of college courses are you taking?

Nessa411 It痴 great that you have that support at hand. It makes things a lot easier when you have people like that around you.

KimL1214 I can understand why your parents ate your stirfry. I think homemade stirfry痴 are absolutely delicious. Congrats on the 3.6 miles as well. I hate people who have zero sportsmanship - It痴 an incredibly ugly trait to have. Hopefully she痴 seething with jealousy when you get that pic up.

Well my evil motivation comes from my Ex-Boyfriend. He was 66 and about 215lbs when we dated (he壇 lost over 100lbs before I壇 even met him). Every time we壇 walk into a supermarket he壇 make a point of pointing out the confectionary isle and saying 土ou don稚 need to go down there, when I wouldn稚 even have the intention to. If we went out at night and I said I was cold, he壇 poke me and say, 土ou can稚 be cold, you have all that extra padding. At the time I壇 just chuckle uncomfortably but didn稚 realise just how controlling and hurtful his behaviour was. So not only am I doing this for myself but to show him that I can be fit and healthy by making my own decisions & that he痴 just a jerk.

09-01-2010, 10:46 AM
So sorry for being late everyone -.- I went on vacation for my B-day and I got back last week but have yet to fall back into my normal time spent on here.
I did gain over the camping trip. almost 9 pounds.. but TOM is around the corner so I'm crossing my fingers that some of that is just water weight.

09-01-2010, 11:22 AM
Peanut, that's awful :( I'm glad you realised what a jerk he was!

My evil motivator is that I'd love to get down to 150 pounds and then bump into the FAT mean people from my past, who did such horrible things to me. It'd just rub in their faces what losers they are and how successful I am. I feel bad for posting that... but it's true. Basically, I'd HATE to bump into them now while I still feel like I need to lose weight to be at my best.

This week is going pretty well. Very stressful time in my life but managing to keep to a strict plan every day.

09-01-2010, 03:08 PM
Ugh Warning Vent Ahead :

I weigh myself on Wednesdays, so today I weighed and the first time it showed 0 lost, the 2nd time it showed .5 lost. I know I should be greatful to lose 1/2 lb but I'm not. Seriously I have stuck to my calories (except 1 cheat meal that wasn't even that bad), I've been doing 30ds 5-6 days a week, c25k 3 times a week and walking 30-60 min the other days. I should be losing 2lbs a week. Blah Blahh!!

I can't think of any evil motivation right now... which suprises me... I'm pretty evil ;)

09-01-2010, 04:03 PM
ellie6388~ :hug: I know how frustrating that can be, but it will PASS! Stick with it and I'm sure you'll see a decent loss down the road. Maybe not this week or next week, but it will happen if you stick with it. You may be just retaining extra water due to your high amount of activity, or it could be some other silly thing, but it WILL pass!

dayoneagain~ I'm sorry things are stressful right now :hug: I love your "Evil" motivation as I definitely know exactly what kind of people you are talking about, and I as well can't wait to run into them once I reach my goal.

Sakai~ Did you have fun on your vacation?

oOPeanutOo~ Your ex definitely sounds like a d*ck. I'm glad you got rid of him!!! I had a nasty ex who took every opportunity to comment about my weight he could, and I felt SO relieved to get rid of him!

So I amazed myself this morning and got up extra early so I could squeeze in a walk as I have to work tonight! I haven't quite been hit with the exhaustion yet that is bound to come within the next hour or so...
SO... I'm going home to see if I can grab a quick nap before work!
I'll try to get on later tonight, but if not, everyone have a great evening and be sure to share your "EVIL" motivation with us if you have not already. I love reading them!

09-01-2010, 08:08 PM
hi all -

just a quick run by to say hi as we continue moving into our new place. School started today for me, and it was 97 and HUMID today!!! However, it's September 1st, I am re-committed to working out and getting my life in order. so onward!!

09-01-2010, 09:01 PM
urgh what a crazy 2 days!... sorry i havent been around or replyed.. but im back :D been keeping up with my calories (normaly givin after the 3rd day) and kept up with the little exercise i do lol.. but dam my arms are sore! had to carry my puppy to the vets and she weighs 7.7kg (16pounds) for over 35mines and then had to keep her seated on my lap untill we was seen (because she haden had her vacenations). ouchies!..then went home and ran for 40mins with leg weights on and 30mins on my bike but dam that felt good but paying for it now.. my daughter goes back to school on monday so i will have a good 7hrs to myself :) so thinking about getting myself to the gym and run the dogs over the park. really looking forward to it!.. how are you all hope everything is going well for you guyss! x

09-01-2010, 10:48 PM
bbg200~ Sounds like you have a lot of free time coming up, EXCITING!!! How is your puppy feeling?

dcapulet~ :wave: Good to see you! I hope everything is going well!

My legs are pretty sore tonight, but I'm hoping a good nights rest will leave them ready to roll tomorrow for another LONG day!
Getting ready to crash!
Reminder of our new discussion question...

What is your "EVIL" motivation to lose weight?
*Refer to my post Tuesday night if you're confused

Have a great night everyone!

09-02-2010, 06:00 AM
Peanut - Your ex sounds like a total loser. Glad he's your ex now!

Ellie - I think I saw a page back or so that you were looking at weight lifting in the near future? I am just starting the New Rules of Lifting for Women for the second time (only got 2 weeks into it the first time) which sets out full workouts for you to do three days a week. Doesn't take too long, about 30 minutes or so, and you can do them at home. I don't have some of the equipment so I switch out certain exercise for other similar ones (hip flexion exercises on the ball for hip flexion exercises on the floor, etc). The book is quite an interesting read too, I'd recommend picking it up if you're new to lifting as I am!

I haven't been counting this week. I know, I know, I really should, but I have been trying to limit my treats and focus on exercise instead. I lost the last two lbs and broke my plateau without counting and by eating more than usual so I am hoping that I can try without counting for a while and focus on other things. I have been doing this for nearly three years on and off and I'm getting really tired of it!

As far as evil motivation goes, I'd love to just run into some people from elementary school all the way to high school that called me chunky or made fun of me for being overweight. Especially if they weren't tiny themselves like a lot of the guys (why does it seem to be more acceptable for them to have a few extra pounds but we get made fun of as females?? That was always the case in high school!). I was bullied but there was never one person who really led it, so there's not one person I'd really like to show up.

I do want to be the 'hot girlfriend' at my boyfriend's Christmas party this year though! He has just started working for a new company and I am looking forward to attending some corporate events as I never have before!

Weekends are always the WORST for me staying on track. What are you guys doing this weekend to stick to your goals? BF and I are going to go play tennis on Saturday (we have the court for 2 hours) and we have already planned our meals as we plan for the week before we go shopping so no surprises there! I'd also like to do a NROL4W workout this weekend.

09-02-2010, 10:16 AM
Kim- WTG on the early walking!! I am sooooo not an early riser but I'm working on it, this I'll have clinicals at 6:30am, and it will take me 30 minutes to get there. Atleast I'm pretty low matainance, and I have to wear scrubs and hair up. I'll probably do like I did on my early hs day, make up in the car.

Peanut- your ex sound like a tool, but less useful ;)

Sakai- glad you had fun camping, I'm dying to go but it's gotta cool off here in nw florida.

dayone- whatever motivates you,right? :)

dcap- I hear you on the heat, it's hot here in FL

BBG- glad you got a workout with the pup! How old is your daughter?

free- I keep hearing good things about that book, I'm not quite ready to start. I think I'm just going to continue strength training, I need to look and see what JM has or something short 20-30min so I'll actually do it.

What are you guys doing this weekend to stick to your goals?
No specific plans, 5year old DS is going with his Dad to the first florida state game of the year, so it will be me, mom, and 2 y.o. I plan to run Saturday, not sure what else we'll do but mom is healthy so it won't be too hard to stay on track. I need to remember that I already used my free day so I can't go willy nilly.

Speaking of free day... we went out for mexican last night, I had 735 cals. left for the day and I really pushed hard on 30ds and walked 40min. so I probably had an extra 200. I did eat chips and salsa and queso, we split fajitas, and I took a couple bites of chicken tenders. How far over do ya'll think I went? I was at 166.5!!! Geez, I know it's got to be all the salt so I'm trying to flush out today. We have chic fila night for DS's school tonite, and I'm on the commitee, but I know I can fit in the calories. 400 for a sandwich. Luckily I don't really care about their waffle fries.

I'm running the frist day of week 4 on C25k, it has 5 min. runs, I was worried, but I tried a 5 min run for the last run on tuesday, I figure if I can run it when I'm exhausted at the end I can def. do it. I will be running slower today, 4.0-4.5 instead of 5.0-5.5, it has shorter recovery time so I do need to pace myself. I need to DL some more music to run to.

09-02-2010, 12:04 PM
What are you guys doing this weekend to stick to your goals? BF and I are going to go play tennis on Saturday (we have the court for 2 hours) and we have already planned our meals as we plan for the week before we go shopping so no surprises there! I'd also like to do a NROL4W workout this weekend.

I'm glad you asked this question because my plan was to not plan anything and treat myself all weekend lol. Things are just so stressful at the moment as I come to the end of writing my thesis that all I want to do is drink and eat and I always feel like the weekend is a great excuse!

Now that you've asked the question, I'll have a think about it, make some rules for myself and get back to you!x

09-02-2010, 12:47 PM
dayoneagain~ Haha, I know how you feel when the weekend rolls around, but it is definitely enough time to sabotage all the progress you have made during the week. Be careful, but HAVE FUN!

ellie6388~ Are you one of those women who put on your make-up while you're driving? How did C25K work out for you today?

freedomreins~ What does NROL4W stand for? Sweet on getting the tennis court for 2 hours! I LOVE Mexican food! I'd say, even though you were over, you still did pretty well. Was it a planned dinner or something you had to plan on the fly when you got there as far as food goes?

For weekend plans... I'm working all weekend, so I really don't have any free time to destroy myself too much. I already have my meals planned for when I'm working at the restaurant, I just need to worry about breakfast and getting a salad for Sunday as I will be at the restaurant for 10 hours, both lunch and dinner. Saturday I plan on sleeping in and then heading for a walk, before having to work at 3. No other free time really.

I did not get a walk in this morning as I was SO tired from working 13 hours yesterday. I am planning on rolling out of bed in the AM tomorrow to get a walk in as I do have time in the afternoon to crash for a nap if I need one. Goal is to also get a walk in tomorrow night as well...
Hope your Thursday's are going well! Almost Friday!!!

09-02-2010, 02:24 PM
C25K went well today,can't wait to run it again on Saturday! I am really proud of myself for making it this far, I've started it a couple times but never made it this far, I'm almost 1/2 way done. I'm thinking some of the later weeks may take me longer to complete though.

The past 2 days I have been so depressed and anxious, both of which I struggle with but I been doing good, I've had A LOT of personal crap go on this year (which I'm sure I will elaborate on during this challenge) and I was really doing good through it all. Luckily I have my 1st appt. with a counselor on Monday, hopefully she will be able to give me some guidence. That's kind of what is making me feel this way... just not knowing what I want.

ODS had a 1/2 day at school so I must fetch him from the bus stop! and then make some lunch!

09-02-2010, 06:24 PM
kim mia (pup) is doing really well, only another set of vacenations left then we can take her out to the park with our other dog lady.
ellie, thanks :) still paying for it now!.. beth is 4yrs old but im sure she is 4 going on to 14!

sorry i cant keep up with eveyones posts i find it hard to read (dyslexic) and remember what everyone has said on there posts for me to comment. really dont want you guys to think im ignoring you or been rude by only replying to those who have replyed to me. i end up having to keep scrolling up and down the page just to re-read what you guys have put for me to comment, sorry x

What is your "EVIL" motivation to lose weight?
ohh gosh i have so many!.. main ones is to prove to all of those who called me all those horried names back when i was yonger that im not that same person. (the joys of facebook!) and rub it in one girls face so hard.. mwahahaha
also prove to those who said i would fail that there wrong,

09-02-2010, 10:41 PM
bbg200~ Glad to hear Mia is doing well!!! Don't worry about trying to keep up with everyone, letting us know how you are doing is what is important!

ellie6388~ Everything okay? Glad to hear you love C25K so much!

Long night tonight. There's a new hostess at the restaurant who still doesn't have everyone's sections down, so instead of letting me off when she should have, she seated me 3 times in a row. She thought she was seating the girl who was closing. I was just a lil annoyed. Plus all three tables tipped like crap, so it wasn't even worth it.

Plan is to watch some TV, then crash. Almost to Friday!!!

09-03-2010, 10:25 PM
WOW! Quiet day!!! How is everyone holding up? Holiday weekend for those of us in the states, how does everyone plan on staying OP over the weekend?

I'm working most of the weekend, so it won't be too hard to stick with it. I'm not sure if I have to work Monday or not, if not, then it's a BBQ at my sisters, which I plan on bringing as much of my own food to as I can... and saving some bonus points for the occasional bite or two I may take of the evil food.

TGIF everyone! Enjoy your weekend!

09-04-2010, 01:19 AM
Hi Guys.. Just thought I'd quickly pop in as I've missed a few days. How is everyone going with the lead up to weigh in? I'm a little bit jealous of the long weekend in the US. I think I could really use an extra day off myself. The weather is horrible here at the moment. We're due for rain all weekend so it looks like I'll be having a relaxing few days indoors. I had hoped to get out and walk along the beach but unless things drastically change, I don't think that's going to happen.

Just curious, what kinds of foods do you all normally take as the healthy options for BBQ's? Do you make a big salad or do you have a go-to dish of some sort?

KimL1214 - Have you had to work with the new hostess since she stuffed up the seating? How's that going?

09-04-2010, 09:12 AM
ok thank you :)..
i have abit of a dilema!.. my mom gave me some bathroom scales yesterday as she didnt want them anymore, they are digital so i thought id check them out this morning an it said i am 184lb im like wow! ive lost 4pounds... with disbelief i check "my" bathroom scales (there mechanical) and they say im 186/185lb .. then... i think hmm ok ill have a check on the wii scales... an they also say im 186lb .. i really want to believe the ones that gave me a smaller reading but my head says be realistic an believe the ones i got the same-ish reading from.. what would u do?? x

09-04-2010, 09:57 AM
bbg200 - I think it's best if you stick with using just the one set of scales otherwise it will do your head in trying to figure out which number is 'right'. If you plan on using the digital scales as your everyday scales then just take the smaller figure it gave you and work from that from here on out. The older scales are probably the better representation of what you lost for this week though.

09-04-2010, 11:11 AM
Morning Ladies!

I kinda fell off the wagon yesterday, went to a japanese restaurant, eat a big portion of calories, but was planning on a smallish dinner- subway was the original plan but then that ended up getting nixed so I had a lean cuisine pizza, and made some SF jello.

Binge Warning!

BUT then my mom came home and we went over to the neighbors... started off with a homemade fresh mango daquiri, then I made my 2 y.o a plate hotdog, bun, tiny bits of potato salad, broccoli slaw, pasta salad, maybe 2 tb of each, and he wouldn't eat so guess who did... ME. finished off with another mango daquiri, came home and ate the 2 homemade cupcakes that I really wanted but if I had been good was going to avoid... topped off with some gummy bears...

I am very sorry I my #'s in the wi suck. I'm trying not to be too hard on myself, it's one day... move on. I'm back on track today, planning on running at some point but not feeling very motivated.

09-04-2010, 01:08 PM
Hey Ellie I did kinda the same thing.. We went to P.F Changs for my Dads birthday.. luckily I had a long bike ride before we went so I didn't gain! YAY but I'm 198.6 today and my start was 199.0... So I'm hoping a good workout at the gym today will be good.. LAST CHANCE WORKOUT!

09-04-2010, 03:04 PM
Okay I am back from the gym! Week 4 Day 2 on c25k, 32 minutes, 16 of which are runs!! I really can't believe I am doing this well! I lifted too for the first time at this gym, I did some upper body.

Yesterday before my binge I did walk for 45min. in the morning and finished level 2 on 30 day shred.

In the past 27 days I have worked out 25 of them, I think it's making me hold some water so hopefully I will have a big weight drop soon.

09-04-2010, 03:20 PM
peanut thanks for replying, ive been thinking about it i might just stick with the higher readings as ive had 2 of the same on different things (dont really like weighin on the wii but i wanted to find out wich one was right) or the reading in between?.. as 185?

p.s just found out that the wii will read it to the nearest 10.. so say if it read 185.4 on the digi scales it would read 186 on the wii as a rounded off number..
think ill stick with my new digi ones :) as the macan ones keep moving up and down a notch..

09-04-2010, 03:37 PM
Hi folks! Just checking in. It's not officially weigh day yet but I saw a 185 on the scale today! WHHAAAT. We'll see what it says tomorrow.

Going to see Adam Lambert tonight! With my Grandma (She loves him, she bought the tickets lol) my aunt and a friend. Should be a good time.

Tomorrow is our annual family fish fry. So I am planning to not be on plan ... eek. One day though ... then no family gatherings until Thanksgiving lol.

09-04-2010, 09:07 PM
wow 185!! Thats awesome!! WTG

09-04-2010, 10:46 PM
JessicaRT~ Did you end up getting your workout in?

BassAckwards~ 185 CONGRATS!!!

ellie6388~ Great job keeping up with working out!!! You're doing AMAZING! Great job getting back on track! Everyone slips, the most important thing is to not let it become a downward spiral, and getting back on track today was the best thing you could do!

bbg200~ I prefer digital scales, so I would go with the new one, but it's up to you.

oOPeanutOo~ Haha, if it makes you feel any better, I have to work the whole weekend. How was the weather today? Did you get some relaxation in? Funny twist, the new hostess had to waitress tonight and ended up getting screwed by one of the older hostesses a few times... kinda funny...

My original plan had been to get in another good walk before I head to work tomorrow, but I'm thinking with how my feet feel right now, it's probably not a good idea. Especially since I will be working between 9-10 hours at the restaurant... my feet will probably feel like they're going to fall off.

I was really annoyed with my parents last night. I spent an hour cutting up veggies and prepping pizza dough to make homemade pizzas... and they didn't like it. They didn't like the pizza because it was made with a whole wheat crust, which I might add, I thought was delicious. They keep pushing all this healthier stuff and watch my constantly to see if I slip up, but they aren't willing to make the healthy switches themselves. UGH.

Seen some good numbers the last couple days, so I'm hoping to see another one tomorrow morning for our official weigh in.

Don't forget to weigh in before midnight tomorrow!!!

09-05-2010, 12:48 AM
I kinda got my workout in.. I ended up going to the Duck game!! Oregon vs. New Mexico.. 72-0!!! WOOOOO anyways I had to walk back to where ever my boyfriend picked us up away from all the crowds.. about a mile probably..
Since I didn't go to the gym I did a mini bike ride before it got to dark.. Since its already late I was a little munchie so i had a small low cal snack and it was yummy!!

green beans, cream of mushroom soup and the onion crispy things... the fried onions.. I had a small bowl so im guessing it was about 200 cals.. dinner I had a lean cuisine mushroom pizza and lunch was Subway.. and breakfast was an omelet! I think I did good... I'm betting Ill be down to 197 making a 2lb loss... I cant wait to weigh in tomorrow morning!!

09-05-2010, 08:48 AM
according to my new scales i have lost 3.6lb YAY!.. 1st big loss in ages! i really wanna get out of the 180s, been stuck between 182 an 188 for 4months!!... good luck everyone with you weigh in! :D

09-05-2010, 12:34 PM
Well it stuck! 185.2 today! Yay!

09-05-2010, 01:06 PM
WTG on everyone that lost this week! I was up .5lbs, something is stalling my weight loss, and I really don't think it's my occasional slip ups. I'm kind of thinking I might be pushing it with working out 6-7 days a week. I really don't want to stop though b/c I am making so much progress fitness wise.
I'm drinking tons of water.

Kim- we had veggie pizza last night, it was delish, in fact I may have it for lunch today.

Jess- glad you had fun at the game, those stadium walks are a workout!

BBG- congrats on the loss!

Bass- 4lbs! you go girl!

09-05-2010, 02:25 PM
So even with the move, I lost a pound! Hey, I'll take it!

Congrats to all those who have had losses, maintained, or just hung in there!

09-05-2010, 04:02 PM
No loss this week. Have got a lot to deal with at the moment, so not too mad about it - hoping for a big loss next week! Congrats to everyone that's met their goals for this week!!x

09-05-2010, 11:45 PM
dcapulet~ Congrats on your loss!!!

ellie6388~ Have you tried switching up your exercises or the number of calories you eating? Sometimes a switch can help push through a plateau.


bbg200~ Congratulations!!!

JessicaRT~ Sounds like you did pretty good food wise! Did you see what you were hoping for on the scale?

LOOOOOONG day at work tonight, so this is just a fly by. I was super psyched when I saw this scale this morning as I am down 4.2, and saw a number I haven't seen in quite a while. I also ate way less today, and was totally satisfied, so maybe things are starting to stick!

If you have not posted your weight yet, please do so ASAP as time is running out!!!

Have a great night everyone, and for those in the states, enjoy your holiday!!!

09-06-2010, 12:31 AM
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