Weight Loss Support - All invited- NO GUILT Labor Day Checkin

08-30-2002, 07:04 AM
This thread is for those of us who might find the holiday weekend a challenge. This is just a checkin to share how the weekend is going. All are invited to share or vent on weightloss journey or whatever might be on your mind.

If you are traveling, share how that challenge is going- if you are entertaining- please let us know how you are doing - if you are working, how is that going? -- if you have no plans ( which for me can be the hardest because that means, no shedule), how is that going?

PS-- this is also a GUILT FREE THREAD- no matter what happens, all you are allowed to do is learn from the experience--

That's the only rule-- NO GUILT ALLOWED.


Many of us have to work today, just as many don't - The thread is open!!!!!!!!!

Can we do this???? YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!

08-30-2002, 11:03 AM
No guilt!!? Hooray!! That's for me. Okay. I'm so here!!! Actually, I'm there ... have to TRAVEL, CALL WASHINGTON FOR THE 70TH TIME AND GET NO ANSWER SO I CAN'T FINISH STORY, BUT WILL FINISH STORY ANYWAY!!! This weekend is very stressful for me and it won't end until Monday! I HAVE ALREADY HAD A SLIMFAST AND CINNAMON ROLL WITH ICING ... how crazy is that? As I told you, Kaylets, my nutrition is terrible but DO I FEEL GUILTY ABOUT THAT? NO!!! NOT A CHANCE!!! :cb:

Ok, that's the vent! Here's my plan for today!! I am on FOODWATCH and will post everything I eat or drink here and stick to under 1799 calories and exercise at least 60 minutes each of the three days!! I'll also continue to post on the 5-pound challenge as I'M MORE DETERMINED THAN EVER, even if I have to change my date!!! THIS CAN WORK!!!

Food so far: Cinnamon Bun (240)
Slimfast (220)

Exercise so far: Leslie Sansone (25 minutes)


Thanks for posting this Kaylets!

08-30-2002, 11:25 AM
I'm in!

Tomarrow will be a challenge... so far I know a good portion of the menu:
BBQ ribs, greek salad (feta on the side), hummus w/ pita, garlic dip (made with cottage cheese), and peach blueberry gallete (I'm making, from a lite recipe). I plan on eating a bit sparingly for breakfast and lunch, then enjoying dinner - not with wild abandon, but focusing on spending time with my friends!

Sunday's Rim Rock Festival - usually have kettle korn, but it's not a trigger food and very well may go stale before I eat it all. My Mom's horse riding club are the only food vendors so far and all they're having is ice cream and sodas. Easy for me to avoid.

Monday - my weigh in day. I have no idea, but it's typically a chip n' dip kinda day for our family, probably grill something. I'm going to get some safe alternatives today at the store (hummus, lite crackers, ect...) and make sure we grill some veggies too!

Enjoy the holiday everyone!


08-30-2002, 03:46 PM
I wasn't going to post here until the weekend, but I'm inspired by Terri's post to take an overview of the weekend right now and see where the potential trouble spots will be. (Great idea, Terry!)

Here goes.... I'm working today so it's just a typical day with no real obstacles (other than the 24/7 ones). We'll have a simple "weekday type" dinner.

Saturday: the toughest part of this day will be dinner. My husband is an excellent cook (good news/bad news ;) ) and loves to cook on the weekends. He usually starts out with appetizers.

Sunday: this day is the real challenge. We're having a BBQ with a group of friends. There will be LOTS of food and wine :nono: .

Monday: weigh-in day :fr: . Holiday. This will be back-on-track day.

Okay, this is a good starting point - AWARENESS

See ya'll this weekend :grouphug:

08-30-2002, 10:53 PM
... and counting!!! :eek: I knew this day would be a pain and it was BUT I kept this challenge and the Power o' Five Team :grouphug: in mind and am happy :cloud9: to say my calories are ok and I feel I can stop eating at 1600 calories. My menu was not healthy, as I said it wouldn't be ... don't try this at home, kiddies, so here's the afternoon and evening menus:

Single serving LF cottage cheese (140)
Two large cherry tomatoes (20)

LF Frappacino (sp? ... 200)

Sport Shake (340)
White Choc. Kit Kat (220)

3 Crystal Light bottles for evening (30)

Exercise after returning from trip was 15 minutes of aerobics, later a 20 minute pole walk ... it's very hot ... was also extremely active on trip, walking a lot but I don't know how much so didn't write it down!

Tomorrow's challenge is going to be actually writing this story from *** that I still don't know anything about and that is going to stress me out, but I will be home all day working. I have some Good Friends Cinnamon Crunch from Kashi to try out. It has raisins ... I used to put the raisins in Good Friends and loved eating it dry ... so this is a new thing I will try. I also have frozen fruit and plan on making fruit only smoothies.


08-31-2002, 09:15 AM
Well, I don't think I'll have guilt no matter what. I wasn't particularly good yesterday but not outrageously binging. Had some bad news so ate more for lunch than normal but don't feel I went off the deep end.

I started out this morning with a muffin (it was delicious but obviously not the most OP way to go). Later today I will probably go to Mom's (it's her bd). I won't go for lunch with everyone else - my family are EATERS. I will have a SMALL piece of cake. So to offset some of this abundance of calories, I will just have a Slimfast Meal Bar at lunch. Maybe apple slices for a snack upon return. Dinner not planned yet but it too will be moderate. I'll be up on carbs, low on veggies for the day. Will drink water, water, water.

Sunday we'll be picnicing with friends. But the menu will be one with which I can manage moderation. I usually take a few liberties on weekends anyway so won't be far out of line with normal (I hope).

I plan for Monday to be sort of a regular Monday, which is often started off with liquid Slimfast (cappucino flavor is the only one I drink - I miss coffee). We will probably go to local festival but I'm not too tempted by the goodies there.

I hadn't planned to post here, just read. But I do think it has helped me to get an overall handle on the temptations I might run into. I know I'm not going to lose any weight this weekend (or maybe even for the week) but my loose "plan" allows for some succumbing to temptation to keep me willing to keep at it. I know from past experiences that if I strive to be perfect on any one plan, I'll do well at first but then totally blow and quit. The muffin this am was a long planned for extravagance. And with desserts, I still eat them but tiny proportions compared with what I considered "small" or "normal' before.

08-31-2002, 09:23 AM
Amarantha's Foodwatch for Saturday a.m. (no guilt, no guilt, no guilt). Fiber is my focus today to calm my stress and regulateth blood sugar:

Three slimfasts ... at different times (660/fiber=15 grams)
One cup Kashi Good Friends Crunch ... snack for all a.m. (150/fiber=10 grams)

Exercise plan for a.m. is to get outside w/poles before the sun comes up, which will be extremely soon!

Happy Long Weekend, Challengers!!! :jig:

08-31-2002, 09:55 AM
I'd like to join this challenge. I don't have any special Labor Day plans, per se, but I am hosting a birthday party for my 9 year old daughter tonight. I have to make a big chocolate cake with homemade buttercream icing. Now normally cakes are not a huge temptation to me, but it's my TOM, so who knows! The goal I want to set for myself here is to not eat any cake (not even batter!) and no ice cream. I want to keep my journal all weekend and get in 2-3 days of walking. Good luck to everyone!

08-31-2002, 10:27 AM
Wowser, chocolate - you have set yourself one heck of a challenge. But I guess you have not lost 73.75 lbs by being a slacker. Encouraging vibes to you.

Encouraging vibes also to our Empress as she battles the story from **** and wrests victory from her day!

08-31-2002, 10:50 AM
No guilt, no guilt, no guilt -

Sounds good to me. Actually when you are retired, as my DH and I are, every day is a holiday which presents its own challenges. There is absolutely no way to totally escape from food, we need it to survive. I had less trouble quitting smoking (which I did in 1969) than I have "maintaining." It continues to be difficult, but I am continuing to "maintain."

Friday morning my DH and I did our weekly volunteer work at the old pioneer fort that sits on the Oregon Trail. We met tourists from England, plus many from various parts of the United States. It is fun to chat with the tourists. The terrorist attacks has certainly affected the tourist industry, it is way down this summer.

Today a group of individuals are coming to visit DH's model railroad which sits in our basement. We always enjoy that.

No picnics, no parties, no reunions, nothing is planned for the rest of the weekend, so I will probably be able to stick on my program. Church on Sunday presents no problem, ever, regarding eating. And our son is on call all weekend, so I know we won't see him or his family.

Summer is winding down, school is starting, the weather is cooler, there is a touch of fall in the air, the world is beautiful, and let's all keep smiling. And, Kaylets, thanks for starting this thread.

08-31-2002, 07:49 PM
Yowza, yowza, yowza!!! Amarantha is making it through this weekend in fine fettle with no guilt, no guilt, no guilt! Kaylets, thanks again for the thread! How are you doing? Inquiring minds ...

Hi, JoJoJo2, you are consistently an inspiration and I hear what you are saying about the difficulty of maintenance. But you always come through! Enjoy your weekend!

Anagram: Thanks for the vibes! :hat: The story from **** is still not done. How does Monday sound!? :)

Chocolate: Oh my! Homemade buttercream frosting on birthday cake? :fr: :hb: Thou art stalwart to brave this danger! But I feel in my bones you'll be a success and if a tiny SLIVER of :hb: should float your way, remember Kaylets' rule: NO GUILT!!!

Amarantha's Afternoon Food & Fiber Watch:

2 slimfast cans (440, 10 grams fiber)

2-egg omelet with teaspoon parmesan (150, 0 grams fiber)
1/2 bottle Crystal Lite (5, 0 grams fiber)

1/2 cup Good Friends Crunch (75, 5 grams fiber)

Imperial Spa Mixed Fruit Frappe* (60, 1 gram fiber)
*3/4 cup frozen mixed fruit, ice water, SF DaVinci vanilla syrup, frapped in blender

Dinner is likely to be more eggs; I rarely eat them but feel a craving and they are low calorie and I have good cholesterol, so NO GUILT, NO GUILT, NO GUILT!

Bye, weekenders! :cb:

08-31-2002, 08:21 PM
Hello all!!

I am excited that we are doing this weekend together.!!

Last night at the candle party I knew I was in trouble when some of the candles I smelled actually started making my mouth water!!
I was SOOOOOO glad I had a full dinner before hand (DH made swordfish w/lemonpepper and snappeas w/portabellas and a swt potato) and chugged a bottle of water down on the way there. I wasnt hungry but was reminded again of how quickly a trigger can take over.

This am we went out for Eggbeaters veg omelots w/swiss cheese and shared the toast order. While we were eating we were reading the paper and found an auction that looked interesting so we took a ride. We killed the morning in Maryland and it was lunchtime by time we started heading back. Luckily, DH remembered a Chinese Buffet we were near and I filled a big plate w/ cocktail shrimp and lemon. This one actually offered tofu but it was in a very spicy garlic sauce- Tried sushi too but the ones I tried didnt do much for me. Seems like there's more rice than fish anyway. The canteloupe there must have been just cut because it was so nice and fresh.

Came home and took a nap. Been trying to do laundry and vacuuming in between commercials while dinner was cooking-
Spaghetti-- Morningside crumbles in Tom sauce w/ lots of mush and onions with a whole wheat spaghetti. DH says we each had 2oz dry b/4 it was cooked-- I don't know what that it is after its cooked. Had a couple SF popsicles inbtwn too.

I admit, the Chinese place had some tempting macaroons and creme puffs but I thought of our challenge and kept walking.
I am one of those people who cannot stop at one. And then crave sugar tomorrow, the next day- I do better the less I have and suffer cravings less too.

Didnt get much activity in- but like we said NO GUILT- and doesnt housework on the holiday count for something???

I'll be around- after all, I don't enjoy housework that much!!~

08-31-2002, 11:10 PM
Kaylets: Housework DOES count as exercise! I swing mops around, march in place while dusting, dance around, etc., and try to get my heartrate up! It counts! :jig:

Amended menu: Instead of eggs had two EAS Advantage Carb Control drinks, 110 calories each, no fiber!

Bad internet connection ... have to go! :wave:

09-01-2002, 10:12 AM
Yo! My NO GUILT decision for today is in honor of weigh-in, which is in a few hours, I will NOT post my menu here. It'll be more of the same and it just gets too lengthy. I'm still in the NO GUILT WEEKEND thing, though, and will focus, focus, focus on my commitments. One of my challenges is to work some on the story from **** ... which is just not a happening thing for some reason ... plus kind of enjoy Sunday and also go shopping for healthy food.

P.S. Kaylets, candles make me hungry, too! :hat:

09-01-2002, 10:15 AM
Good morning all!! this is just a quick good morning post before I leave the house. So far, I have really enjoyed Laughing Cow cheese on Toast. Lots of flavor! Would make a perfect 3 pt snack also. DH was afraid I would get hungry so I had 2 veggie burgers on the side just to make sure I don't get too hungry.

Its 60 degrees and raining- SWEATSHIRT WEATHER!! We are happy for the rain- still in drought conditions but this weekend of slow rain is helping.

How's everyone doing? Anyone facing a challenge today??

09-01-2002, 10:31 AM
Whew! Made it through the party. I chewed peppermint gum while making/icing the cake, so was never tempted to taste any. After the party was over, I sent 8 big pieces of cake to the neighbors, just to get rid of a lot of it. I ate one small bite while cleaning up, which I am totally okay with, because it was the ONLY bite, plus I walked 2.5 miles yesterday. I had a .75 lb. loss this morning, so I'm almost back down to before the PMS struck.

09-01-2002, 10:34 AM
I guess my biggest challenge today will be at the picnic we're going to. The food isn't outstanding but still it's food. Plus we're having the rainy weekend too (wouldn't you know - it's only the third picnic we've gone to all year and we left the first one early because of rain). Social eating and drinking have always been so much FUN for me. Really should be able to manage it though.

But then I thought that about yesterday too. I went above my intentions of course but not really near what I did last year at same bd get together. So some damage but not as much as my natural inclination. I guess that's at least progress.

Other than that, a leisurely enough day. Lots of paper work that should (but probably won't) get done. I'm sweating out that story from **** with Empress A. Not that that's probably a lot of help to her but I too will breathe a sigh of relief when it's done.

09-01-2002, 02:24 PM
Just a quick stop b/4 my rainy weather nap-

I don't know if gum in my mouth would have stopped me from fitting in some frosting so I have to hand it to you. and yes, let the neighbors eat cake!! Perfect!! I love a multitask solution! That was 3 stars too!! Cake for DD, impressed the neighbors, and its not in your house tempting you. :flow1:

Anagram - Better than last year is still BETTER!!! wish we had a drum or horn smilies. Its a gradual journey to a place where food is a choice not just a reflex.

These marketing people think they have us so figured out-- hmmmmmm- little do they know......

I'll be back later, have fun..........

09-02-2002, 09:07 AM
Okay, we're almost through the holiday weekend! How's everyone doing? I was down another .5 this morning, so that means I'm only .5 above what I was before TOM-related gain started. BTW, TOM hasn't actually come yet, which is driving me nuts!! Last night I wanted to eat everything in the frig. I settled on Diet Coke and chewing gum. When I STILL had the munchies I just went to bed. I had used 20 points and didn't want to go any higher.

Today there's a picnic at our church, which we are skipping. The food is always super high fat -- burgers, hot dogs, tons of chips, brownies, kool-aid, etc. I am going to stay home and work on some projects around here instead. DH and I walked last night and we're planning on another 2.5 miles again today. He says he is really feeling better about himself and he's lost about 5 lbs. in the past few weeks.

P.S. Remainder of cake is still on the counter; I covered it with a non-see thru cover, but I hope it's gone soon. Everytime I pass it and want to cut a sliver I say "Uh uh, I am NOT blowing it now!"

09-02-2002, 09:22 AM
I wish I had said that Sat and Sunday. But this is a no guilt weekend and I did a Slimfast for breakfast. Also plan to be better today. I have to be or it will be a big UP on Wednesday.

09-02-2002, 09:54 AM
Hello all!!

Chocolate, you are amazing to keep that cake right there on the counter!! I'm glad you don't live in my neighborhood because I'd be knocking on your door!!

Anagram, you are doing great too!! You made a good choice for breakfast- how many times would I be tempted to "skip" this meal to make up for yesteray's bad choice? and then by midmorning I'd be hammering on the vending machine .........

A thought has been brewing ( please, don't be frightened!!
:lol: ) - thie weekend -

Don't you find it interesting when we compare how we take care of others in our lives versus ourselves. For example, if I was making dinner for my parents, I would not think twice (assuming I had the money) about buying the best to serve them. But if its for me, well, I can get by without because..... that is my thought--

Certainly, I would want the best for my folks, but why not me too? I wouldn't drive my car very far if the brakes started to go and for sure, I would make sure to pay attention to the oil light.

Why do I not treat myself as well? Why give myself fuel that will make my "engine" ping and cough and struggle ?? :?: :?:

Hmmmm- much more to ponder--

My weighin this am was exciting. I made a goal a week early!! That goes to the prove my "slow loser " rule- This 5lbs will be remembered as the exception !!

Here's to a great day -- Sun is shining first time in 3 days, looks like I can get out to the gardens and do some cleanup. I'll be "lurking " in between chores and Jerry Lewis--

Just like Bob the Builder says" Can we do this?? "


09-02-2002, 12:44 PM
Ended up with 2165 calories last night as a few unplanned snacks turned up! :lol: Still that is better than my high day last week and I definetely KNOW NO GUILT!!!

Everyone is doing so beautifully on this holiday weekend challenge. I know it has helped me and I thank my lucky stars there is no chocolate cake on my counter. Chocolate, you are a hero! :cp:

Anagram: Breathing sigh of relief as sent story from **** yesterday! How's by you and your paperwork? Wow, it's amazing how stressing over these things makes for a desire to overeat, at least for me! Like you, I'm back on track today and drinking slimfast ... but then I always do because I love the stuff! :rolleyes:

Kaylets: You are the next 5-pound challenge winner???? :cp: :db: I will look for more details on the 5-pound thread!!!! :dance: Congratulations! What a neat weekend to meet your goal ... when we have spent four days refocusing our minds on the journey!!! (Amarantha is calling Elbertine Pep right away to tell her the news!)

My challenge for the day is to STAY AWAY FROM WORK!!! I could go and get my check and talk to publisher, but then I'd stop and buy snackies on the way home. I need to go to the real store and buy real food and then come home and tat! And exercise, since I don't feel like it right now!!

Later ...

09-02-2002, 04:20 PM
I like the challenge of staying away from work, Empress A. Certainly feel you deserve that break after your dedication to finishing the story from ****. I have made some progress on varying parts of paperwork pile. But more has crept in. The gremlins seem to deposit it on my kitchen table/office overnight. (Make that kitchen and dining room tables at the moment.)

When I have hay fever head, I seem to find comprehension of bureaucratic gobbledy-gook impossible and do things only in a "need-to-absoutely-do" order. Would rather be frolicing in the flowers but unfortunately allergic to them right now.

Did take long (for me) walk to and around festival today. Have also promised me a go at some of the good Labor Day Sales. Have sales coupon, about to travel. It will just be one dept. store but have been feeling deprived, reading all these good sales and not going to any. Don't expect to buy anything much (isn't that a dangerous feeling?). (I think there's a rule about that much punctuation but don't feel like digging out the rules book.) Just want to be sure I'm not missing the bargain of the season.

09-02-2002, 04:37 PM
Bravo on the long walk, Anagram!!! Wish we had a festival here ... too hot, everyone heads for mountains, but since I work there ...

I took a mini-hike in desert but was really hot, so grocery shopped and now will go take nap! Leslie Sansone later. I ordered nine of her new tapes and they will get here tomorrow for sure.

Have fun at the department store, Anagram! My advice is leave the paperwork for Tuesday! It'll keep!

Bye, all! :wave:

09-02-2002, 08:26 PM
We are almost at the end of our Labor day challenge.

It was so helpful to know that I wasnt the only one trying to avoid the "party foods". I am thinking perhaps we could do a similiar thread for other holidays.

It was great to forbid guilt for a few days. I wonder how much longer I can keep guilt "off limits". After all, what's to feel guilty about if you are trying the best you know how?

Let me extend an invite to all to come and take a look at the 21 day challenge or the 5lb challenge- Many of us are on the same threads and always enjoy a fresh point of view. You make the rules, we only cheer you on wherever you journey takes you.

I'll look for you all on the other thread!

PS Empress A-- Did you ever tell us what the story from **** was about??

09-02-2002, 09:23 PM
I stayed on program today, even though I am at the top of my range. I walked right by the kids selling kettle corn out in front of Walmart too! And TOM finally came, so maybe now I'll have the drop I've been waiting for. DH and I walked 2.5 miles again tonight!! I am really feeling energized after our walks and I am not even sore anymore. The chocolate cake is dwindling slowly....wish I had the guts to just throw it out, but the kids would probably cry. I used to just feed most of it to DH, but he just found out he's borderline diabetic, so he can't have it anymore. Thanks for the holiday challenge --I really think it helped keep me accountable. I vote we do it again on Thanksgiving!!

09-03-2002, 02:05 PM
This REALLY stinks -- I got on the scale this morning expecting to be down at least .5 -- guess what? I was UP 1.75 instead! :mad: NotfairnotfairnotfairNOTFAIR!!!! Must be that stupid TOM messing everything up. DH said "just be patient, it'll come back off" and I know he's right, but jeez!! All that cake-avoiding and lap walking and going to bed just to avoid eating, and I get a GAIN?? :cry:

09-03-2002, 02:57 PM
What a rotten thing to have to deal with. I do think, too, that it will come off but you worked so hard and should have had your reward.

I too am up - in fact 2 pounds and it was 3 pounds yesterday. Tomorrow is my weigh in so I'm hoping it will be somewhat better. I did eat over the weekend but I did not overeat by 7,000 or 10,000 calories so I know it must be water retention. So I know sooner or later it will go again. It's just I could use the good feeling even a tiny loss brings. Here's to tomorrow!

09-03-2002, 09:20 PM
Thanks again for the thread, Kaylets!! :cp: I have posted up a storm this weekend and it is really helping. You don't want to know what the story from **** was about! (Well, it was about water rights, no small thing in Arizona!)

Chocolate and Anagram: It is only your metabolism kicking in and preparing your body for a weight drop! Now is the best and most critical part of staying OP!!! Keep going, though I agree it IS NOT FAIR!!


09-04-2002, 01:54 PM
Originally posted by Amarantha

Chocolate and Anagram: It is only your metabolism kicking in and preparing your body for a weight drop! Now is the best and most critical part of staying OP!!! Keep going, though I agree it IS NOT FAIR!!


Thanks for the encouraging words! I was UP another .25 this morning. I was OP yesterday (within my points range) and I drank lots of water and walked another 2.5 miles last night. I did however, have popcorn before bed and maybe the salt is playing tricks on me. I am determined to hang on until I see a BIG loss!! :) Goodness knows I deserve it. I'll be sure to post when and how much.....

09-09-2002, 10:26 AM
I said I'd post here again when I saw the scale drop, so here I am! I was FINALLY down yesterday (-.5) and today (-1.75). I am still .75 higher than I was on Aug. 28, but oh well. I feel like all that walking and points counting is finally paying off. I am SOOOOO glad I that stuck it out!

09-09-2002, 11:31 AM
Hooray for Chocolate!!!! :cp: It was great to see this today, Chocolate! Time for a virtual party! :hat: :hb: :cb:

09-09-2002, 12:04 PM
OK, party time it is! But I'll just take the banana and leave the cake, thank you! BTW, my husband is down 8 pounds too!

09-10-2002, 09:16 PM
I thought my eyes were fooling me when I saw the thread get higher in the list !!

Congrats for sticking it out!! Come and see us on the 21 day or 5lb thread-- lots of folks you met here are also there--

and we for the most part, we are harmless..

Heehee-- can't believe Empress A would tease you w/ another cake after you birthday cake experience over Labor Day.

I'll be looking for you on the other threads - some have asked for a similiar holiday thread for Halloween and the upcoming holidays-I'll need your help