South Beach Diet - 2010- A Beach Oddessy - Friday Chatter

01-01-2010, 06:07 AM
Good Morning Everyone:sunny:

Happy New Year and New Decade! I can still remember when 2001 was "science fiction" and now here we are, in 2010. I am very grateful today. I have a WOL that is healthy, hope of finally getting to a comfortable weight after years of being overweight, AND BEST OF ALL-friends to share the journey with. Thanks for being here!

My water aerobics class decided to meet this morning to ring in the New Year, so it's business as usual here. I haven't peeked outside yet, since that wakes my little shadow, Bing, who seems to still be snoring under the bed. Other than the pool, it will be nice to just stay home today and putz. I'm going to sneak a quiet cup of coffee then sound the bugle call!

My only resolution is to get back into list writing. During my working days they were essential, but somehow I left that habit in Alaska. It's time to start anew!

How does your Friday look? Sit and visit for a bit :cofdate: Warm beverages await.

01-01-2010, 07:39 AM
Good morning, Debbie, and snoozing Beachers. I see we still have our earlybird habits. I wonder who will be next. The dogs and I didn't manage to see the old year out as bed was calling before 10:30.

Today will be a list making day for me too. I am slightly tempted to take down the Christmas decorations but will hold off until Sunday. The house looks so bare when it's undressed.

Happy 2010 to us all. I wonder what this decade will bring.

01-01-2010, 07:55 AM
Good morning :coffee2: We managed to stay up until 10:30! If I'd been on a boat in the middle of the ocean it would have been the new year ;)

Debbie - Enjoy your relaxing day. The pool sounds like a perfect start

Ruth - Lists for everyone :) Sounds like a relaxing day for you too.

I'm working with a 4 day list I made yesterday so that's easy. I'm definitely going to spend a little introspective time thinking about my goals for the upcoming year. The more I can flesh out the details the more likely I am to take them seriously. Goal #1 - get myself back into a healthy, whole foods eating habit. I haven't gone too far off the rails, just enough to notice the difference in energy, skin, and a little weight. Luckily I know exactly what I need to do.

We are keeping an eye on that storm coming up the coast. I think we are just going to get a little edge - somewhere between 2 - 8 inches of snow. We had a surprise burst yesterday that left a fresh coating a couple of inches deep on everything. Hope I can get out snowshoeing soon.

Time to get this day started. Here's to a bright new year and new decade. I know things are going to start looking up!

01-01-2010, 08:02 AM
Happy New Year gals! We stayed up to ring in 2010 with about $300 worth of fireworks. The good ones are legal here, so we had quite a show in town. Several of Tom's friends were over (they pooled their money to get the pyrotechnics) and we played Rock Band and Cranium and lit the sky on fire. It was a great night!

This morning (nearly afternoon :)) I woke up with a new motivation and stepped on the scale to see that my ticker was REALLY lying. So I'm resetting everything and climbing back on the wagon. I just finished my legs and back workout and am taking a break before I hit the abs. After all, they are hidden *somewhere* under the holiday pudge.

Debbie, have fun at your water aerobics class this morning!

Ruth, we're waiting until Epiphany to take our decorations down. I just can't bear to do it yet.

Cyndi, have fun snowshoeing!

I have a good attitude today and am so glad to be able to share this year with you all. *hugs*

01-01-2010, 08:08 AM
Good Morning, Ruth. I, too, wonder what this decade will bring. I know that my actions won't do much to change what's happening in the world, but I do have the capacity and responsibility to do my best for my family, my pups, my yard, my community, and myself. I'm feeling positive about that. In Alaska we always left our exterior lights up well into February. I wonder what else will find it's way onto your list today.

Good Morning, Cyndi. Fortunately, just as with SBD, I have the great influence of seasoned list makers. It will be awhile before I'm up to the 4 day list. :lol: Thanks for sharing your goals. Your dedication helps me stay focused for the long haul. It is nice when you "know exactly" what you need to do. For years, I didn't I do. I hope you get enough snow to snowshoe, but not enough to be a PITA.

Good Afternoon, Kara. I saw your fireworks on FB. Quite a collection! What a fun night. Thanks for sharing your good spreads. I look forward to being able to share this year with you, too.

When I first signed on this AM the ad was for the "Sleep Diet". I hadn't seen that one before. haha Sounded like one I should check out but I enjoy my early mornings.

01-01-2010, 08:12 AM
Debbie, didn't Tom arrange them so nicely in the picture? It's funny how he can be so particular with his fireworks but then when I ask him to clean up the piles of clothes he has all over our room, he acts like he has no idea what I'm talking about... ;) Sleep Diet, huh? That does sound like a good one! I think I've actually read that when you get enough sleep, your body can burn fat easier. Makes sense.

01-01-2010, 08:36 AM
Happy New Year Ladies! :D

I guess I only THOUGHT I posted yesterday, I know I typed it up and previewed it to check for typos. Debbie sent me a PM saying she'd missed me yesterday and when I checked the thread - sure enough I wasn't there. :?:

I don't feel so badly about heading to bed early last night now that I've read this thread. Fergie and I had a laid back evening at home and I'm feeling really good this morning. I think I left the last of that annoying cold in 2009. :D

Cyndi, I'm hoping to get out on my snowshoes today, too. I've been wanting to get out there all week but between my cold making me feel lazy and the ridiculous wind chill factors I never made it out the door.

Ruth, I usually take my tree down on New Year's Day, but it looks so nice right now with the lights on. Maybe I'll put it off til Sunday too. After all, there may as well be some benefit to having an artificial tree, right? :)

Kara, Fergie and I were talking about the New Year's fireworks in Germany last night when he was drinking his gluhwein. :) Nice memories. I'm glad you had such a good time last night.

Enjoy your swim Debbie - I think that sounds like a great way to welcome in the new year.

Have a great Friday friends! :hug:

01-01-2010, 09:01 AM
Gluhwein. Bleck! I tried so hard to like it but it wasn't to be. :) We did find some spiced orange juice at the Christmas market in Strasbourg on Monday, so then I felt like I fit in a little. Glad you're feeling top notch to start the new year, Heidi!

01-01-2010, 09:34 AM
Happy New Year Y'all!

Lexiss - wow, that's dedication...having your class today! I kinda wish the Y was open for a run, but...Wii fit it will be!

Ruth - enjoy your weekend! Christmas removal is on our list too. Maybe our house can get back to normal.

Cyndi - I hear ya...I don't feel as good when I eat the bad (which is been more than it should lately). Need to change that mindset again! I've heard good and bad about "the china study". I'm thinking of reading it just to adjust my mind set to some things I eat, even though I heard it's not a good study.

Kara - love the new ticker for new shoes!! That's a great idea!

Heidi - I almost deleted this post (freakin' ads!). Hope you feel better soon!

Me - We went to "first night" here in town, which has awesome ice sculptures (look on my FB if you know me!), then came home to play Wii together. Unfortunately, the DS then had the stomach flu hit...hopefully he didn't give it to DH and I, although it'll be a miracle! We're supposed to go to a friend's party today, I'm not sure the DS and DH will go with DD and I (got all those D's?!?!). Then, to make my own list of what needs to be done this weekend! ANd get that eating back on track!!

Have a great holiday weekend!

01-01-2010, 09:39 AM
Happy New Year!

Debbie, I have a friend who actually makes a list of lists she needs to make. If should would do something during the list making time, she'd get a lot done!

Ruth, I don't want to take my tree down either.

Cyndi, I never considered my eating habits are making my skin dry...

Kara, Did you kids like the fireworks? Auston is just liking them in the past couple years. When he was little, he hated the noise!

Heidi, Glad you feel better!

Me: I'm off work till Tuesday. Yay! My tree needs to come down, but I don't want to. I'm really not festive, just lazy. :) Today I'll make the traditional New Year's Day fair of pork roast, black-eyed peas and cabbage. Does anyone know what they actually stand for? I know that cabbage/greens have to do with money. Bring on money! :lol:

01-01-2010, 09:44 AM
Happy New Years Day, Everybody! :coffee:

I guess I burned off a lot of calories by sleeping in extra late this morning! :D The bed was so warm and comfy that I had to force myself to get out of it at 7:30. We turned in around 10:30 last night, too, and slept through any midnight celebrations that may have gone on in my neighborhood.

I'll be joining the list making and healthy eating contingents for this brand new year, too. This is going to be the year to concentrate on Me. :yes: And I know that checking in here and sharing with all of you really helps keep me in-line and motivated. :grouphug:

Today we have to run out to pick up new day-planners for each of us. They're essential for my job, and Jake likes to have one for his job, too. I can't believe we've been forgetting to get them. I got most of the Christmas stuff put away yesterday except for the tree and outside lights, and they'll come down today.

I'm making pork & sauerkraut for supper, so we'll be on our own since none of the kids can stand the smell of it, LOL. I'll eat a spoonful or two of the sauerkraut just for luck, but the rest is for Jake. I plan to make myself some Swiss chard and black-eyed peas for my NYD supper.

Kara, I couldn't force myself to like gluhwein either. Blech! I think it's an acquired taste.

01-01-2010, 10:15 AM
Twynn, were your ice sculptures made by local artists? I bet that was a fun night!

Michelle, Tom did a mini fireworks display for the kids around 6:00. They mostly liked it, although the little one came inside after a few minutes. The kids slept through the big booms.

Linda, we didn't get out of bed until 10:30! Well, the kids were out of bed much earlier, but they were playing nicely all together in their rooms, so we kept dozing off again. I think 7:30 should officially not be allowed to be called "sleeping in". ;)

01-01-2010, 10:25 AM
Happy New Year 2010,

Debbie that is great that they are still having your class this morning.

Ruth I was going to take down decorations today but I think I will wait till tomorrow.

Cyndi hope you don't get too much snow and you get everything done today.

Kara that sounds like a fun way to bring in the New Year I will check out your pictures.

Heidi- glad to hear you left the cold behind you and have a great day.

Twynn we have a First night here but couldn't drag myself out into the 20's degree weather last night, we opted to stay home.

Chebly hurray for being off work- I am off til Monday though I am oncall but should be a quiet weekend.

Cottage I just use the electronic calender on my bb as my organizer but DH always has a day planner so he can plan out his year lol.

We ended up staying home last night, the downstairs was filled with teenagers and me and DD2 watched Disney ring in the New Year Eastern time even though we live in Central lol. DH and DS came home at 11 so everyone was home to ring in the actual New Year. Today I am back on track for eating and then this afternoon I think I am taking the kids shopping to spend some of their gift cards and try and fit in a workout as well.

01-01-2010, 10:57 AM
Kara, the fireworks were very artfully thought was that my doggies definitely wouldn't want to come over :rofl:

Heidi, I'm glad you left your cold in 2009!

Twynn, have fun with your Wii fit! We're so lucky since our pool/club is such an important tourist destination it's open 365-7 days between seasons for maintenance. I enjoyed your fb pics. Hope everyone doesn't get sick.

Chelby, dinner sounds great! Bring on the money in 2010!

Cottage, glad you got to sleep in! Enjoy your day and have fun smelling up the house. I couldn't help but notice you are cooking the same as Chelby, but a variation; pork, blackeyed peas and sour-cabbage. Now I'm really interested in the significance.

Pearlrose, have fun with the kids today and working out. It's nice you provide a fun place for the teens to hangout on NYE.

Ok, better get ready to go.

01-01-2010, 10:59 AM
Good morning, everyone! The house is still quiet even though it's 8:43 am. I guess everyone else stayed up later than I did.

Debbie: I don't think I could live without my lists and DH really lays it on thick when he makes fun of them, but I don't care. They're a great tool if used right. Enjoy your day at the pool and putzing around. Sounds like a great thing to do on Jan. 1.

Ruth: We're holding off on taking the decorations down until next Saturday mainly because we'll have company through Sunday, but also because I miss all my snowmen when they're not out. I hope you and the doggage have a relaxing start to 2010!

Cyndi: I'm with you all the way on Goal #1. My energy, skin and weight have taken a hit as well and are begging me to get back on plan. I hope the snow shoes come out soon! That has always looked like a really fun workout to me. Maybe I'll be able to try it one day.

Kara: I did the same thing this morning; faced reality and stepped on the scale. Those numbers never lie and it's always a great motivator, especially if I haven't bothered to check in a while. Sounds like Germany for New Year's is a lot of fun! We have a strict ban in effect due to some recent fires, so we didn't get to enjoy any fireworks. I'll have to hunt down your fb pictures and live vicariously through them!

Heidi: I'm glad you had a wonderful, relaxing evening! Have a great day!

Twynn: Sounds like a lot of fun last night until DS got hit with the bug. I'll have to go find those pics on your sculptures are always so neat. I hope DS feels better soon and that whoever attends the party has a blast.

Chelby: Laziness sounds like a pretty good reason to keep the tree up a while longer. ;) Although you could use the "festive" cover as a good excuse! I hope you have a wonderful few days off of work! I'm only doing the black-eyed peas and only because MIL is here. She tries to force DH to eat one every year and he never does. One day she'll realize he's 30, not 5. :lol:

Cottage: I like that you're concentrating on you this year. We women tend to not do that, don't we! I'm going to do the same. Enjoy your NYD!!

Pearl: I'll be spending some time spending my gift cards today as well, but I'll have to do it all online! I hope you and the kids have a great time shopping and that you can fit your workout in!

Me: Well, I made it to midnight last night, but bowed out and got to bed very shortly after that. Jason and my MIL's boyfriend stayed out by the fire until goodness knows when. They're all still sleeping, so I'm enjoying the quiet and my hot tea.

I've got nothing on the agenda today besides working out and putting away one load of clothes. I'm not sure what we're going to do with our company, but we'll find something. They want to take a drive to their property over an hour away, but Jason and I don't share their excitement for that. We're hoping we can talk them out of it.

Well, I've been up long enough and need to get my breakfast going. I'm sure we'll see some new faces around the beach this morning, so welcome to all of you!!

01-01-2010, 11:08 AM
I'm so far behind in reading but I wanted to get a brief post in before I go finish my packing for California. About a week before Christmas I heard my uncle was sick so I had to start dealing with that while getting ready for Christmas and Winter Camp. On Christmas Eve, just before midnight, he passed away so I was frantically booking airfare from Dallas to San Diego for me and Charleston to San Diego for my sister so that we could go out there since we have to take over all his affairs and they are very complication. I got much of it done before I headed off to Winter Camp to help cook for our troop. No cell phone access and only one time that I could get on my laptop to briefly check email and reply to the lawyer, my sister, my cousin, etc.

I'm back from camp now as is my son and he's now with his Dad where he will spend the weekend and then move over to our Scoutmaster to stay during the school week. I fly out this afternoon and don't come back until Thursday evening. It's supposed to be 70 today in San Diego which will be a nice change. It's 28 here this morning. The funeral is next week but I've got to meet with the mortuary and the lawyer tomorrow so we'll be busy. I'm bringing my laptop but I don't know if I'll get a chance to check in. I don't plan to worry about staying perfectly on South Beach. There should be healthy choices and I'll do my best to eat healthy. Winter camp was warm hearty food so I'm up a few pounds. I'll worry about it when I get back.

01-01-2010, 12:03 PM
Morning all!
You've been busy this morning!!!! I'm not EVEN going to try to do personals.

Lex, speaking of science fiction, after my party last night I needed to wind down and got in bed and watched some of the Twilight Zone marathon. One episode was hilarious. It was about getting the "transformation" at age 18. You pick a body/face out of a book, and then you end up looking like that. You know how Rod Serling came out at the beginning of the show and talked? It was so funny, he said "Imagine it is way in the future and you can pick whatever way you want to look. Let's say it's the year 2000!" I busted out. I found out that in the year 2000, women wear leotards and have pointy bras on and men wear leotards with a cape over it.

The dinner party was a big success. My youngest son and some of his friends grouped here before heading out for the evening and joined us for some wine and snackies before we ate. I'm attaching a pic of food porn I took after setting my table, so beware before opening. Also trying to attach a shot of the blue moon last night. Did ya'll see it? It was cool.

No big plans for today. My husband is going to watch the LSU game and I'm going to just putter and maybe work on some school stuff. Guess it will be more leftover gumbo. I didn't think past last night food wise and have no pot of blackeyed peas and cabbage on the stove this year. Guess I'll be poor with no luck in 2010. I think I have a can of black eyed peas in the pantry and some brocolli slaw in the fridge. Since it's in the same family, I wonder if that counts???

re: the gluhwein, I was watching a program last week with a local chef, John Folse and he was talking about gluhwein. I had never heard of it and of course had to google. In colonial times a large german population moved here, but many of their names were changed to French, for instance the "Zwiegs" became the LaBranches. (the name means stick or limb if I remember correctly.) Anyway, I wanted to try gluhwein when he talked about it being traditional, but now I'm not so anxious to do so! I still want to try absinthe though. Seems it can be legally made again and one can now buy bottles of it. It cost a fortune, so just a shot would satisfy my curiousity.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2010!

01-01-2010, 12:15 PM
Great pictures Cat!
That table rivals anything Martha Stewart's done. :)

Barb, I'm sorry to read about your uncle. Have a safe trip.

Kara and Linda - I don't care for gluhwein either, but I sure love the way it makes the house smell. :lol:

01-01-2010, 12:45 PM
Happy New Year everyone

Just lost a post so will make it short.

Yesterday's revillon was fun but I was happy to come home. Our TV satellite supplier is offering TCM for free until March 1st and we stayed up for a while watching The Thin Man marathon (only 1/2 movie for us). I just love old movies so there will be lots of tv until March 1st.

Barb so sorry to hear about your lose, arranging funerals is a hard thing to do.

Cat - love your pictures.

Everyone else, may all you wishes come true for the New Year.

take care

01-01-2010, 12:56 PM
Sophie, is the Canadian Réveillon the same as the New Orleans one? Guess it's a french thing?! Traditionally, we have Réveillon here on Christmas Eve after midnight mass, but it has gotten to be kind of an "evening before" event now.

01-01-2010, 02:17 PM
Cat, we have absinthe at our house, so if you ever come visit, you may have some. We picked it up on our trip to Prague last year.

01-01-2010, 02:50 PM
Femme - traditionally the French Canadians really celebrate New Year's more than Christmas party wise. Christmas Eve is reserved for family.
I once attended New Year's party on a farm outside of Quebec City which was held in a barn with about 100 relatives and everyone brought a dish, there wasn't much alcohol involved and the uncles all took out their fiddles and everyone danced, it was so much fun.
Yesterday, there was tourtiere (I make mine only with boneless pork chops and mince my own meat), there was ham,(pork plays a big part in the meal) black eye peas, salad, mash potatoes, all kinds of buns and number of traditional desserts but I don't want to start the New Year mentioning them, right.
take care

01-01-2010, 03:55 PM
Sophie, that sounds like such a fun party!

Barb, I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle. Have a safe trip!

Tom is sitting next to me eating ice cream and I'm about to smack him. The mmmmmm-mmmm noises could really go. I have been a very good girl today and I will not be derailed by him.

01-01-2010, 09:53 PM
it sounds like everyone had a great New Years!

Kara...yes we do live near Seattle, out in the middle of nowhere west of Seattle. We are both small town and it is just too crazy over there for us.

01-02-2010, 04:51 AM
Susan, my husband's aunt and uncle live in Port Ludlow and we love it out there. I adored living in the city, but I was in college at the time, so I don't know that I'd like it as much with a family. We lived in Lacey for a little bit and then also on McChord for two years.