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12-09-2009, 08:35 AM
Good morning gals! We are barreling through December with Maggie and Jean getting their first big snow and Susan and I are getting rain and probably Gail too. Gloria is a toss up as it depends on her temps as to whether she will get our rain or the snow.

It has stopped raining here and I imagine Susan is getting the brunt of it this morning. Jack came in last night soaked to the gills. He has a cold so you know that made him feel worse. Poor guy.

I am almost at the toe decreases for T's first sock so I imagine I will get it done today and start the other one. Slowly but surely we are getting the stuff for Christmas so I am going to have to start wrapping this weekend and put them under the tree. I still have a couple things to get for T and will get them ordered an shipped this weekend then I am done. I ordered a couple Christmas cakes to take to my aunt's for the holiday since I didn't want to go emptyhanded. I imagine there will be food galore as they have a huge family.

Susan: Hope you are starting to feel better. Enjoy guild and have fun eating out with your friends. I too get a bit nervous when food has been sitting out. For one thing, it doesn't taste so great but the other is the bacteria. UGH!

Jean: I hope the plows have come through and you can get out and about. I read that they are demanding people in Arizona drive with chains on their tires or stay off the roads. We are just slopping up water at this point, (not us personally, I meant the city.)

Maggie: Hope your get togethers don't get cancelled. I know you look forward to them. You probably just need to satisfy your wanderlust with a little trip. I know we sometimes are driven mad by being home so much as we like to travel.

Everyone have a great hump day. I am going to go and chill my eggs so I can have breakfast. TTFN Faye :hohoho:

12-09-2009, 11:36 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It is still blowin' 'n snowin' here. My deck has a huge drift and the driveway likewise. Bob did go out and clear it thinking he would have a head start for whenever the wind goes down. Just about everything in town is closed and/or cancelled. There was a 2 hour late start notice for school last night . . . you'd think with everyone around us closed "he" would get a clue. This morning "he" finally did cancel for today. You can tell the administrators don't have to clear out the parking lots! We have so many teachers that don't live in town -- another stupid move imo.

Maddy's program has been rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Bob is heading to the office to change his appts. so that we can go. He's not good at staying home and doing "nothing."

Maggie -- I'd say we've had a good old fashioned Iowa blizzard going on. Bob doesn't agree because we can still see the house across the street. :rolleyes: I don't plan to go anywhere again today unless we have bell practice which I doubt. Bob's Christmas dinner will be Monday night instead of tonight.

Susan -- I'm sure you enjoyed your quilt guild and eating out. I agree about food sitting out for very long. I've never had a bad experience but don't want to start now. Good luck at WW! :crossed:

"Gma" -- I could get out and go if I wanted to, but I hate the wind and the car we have now is not that great in snow. Bob says it is the type of tire it has; the dealer owner drove the same kind last winter and said it was the worst car he'd ever driven in the snow. At first Bob thought it was just me until he happened to visit the dealership one day. :lol:

I've got "stuff" cleaned out of a livingroom cupboard so need to sort through and put back what I want to save. Hope you all have a good day and stay warm!

Jean -- :snow4: in Iowa!

12-09-2009, 11:53 AM
Good morning, ladies! It's a wet one, but we are supposed to be near 70 today - and 48 tomorrow. More flooding.

Here we are with the huge snow storm and the idiots are over there preaching gloom and doom from global warming. Of course, they all arrived in their private jets but they want to criticize us for eating a steak because cows emit gases. Another waste of the tax payers money.

I had a great time last night and was given even more gifts. I'm going to make everyone something for Valentine's Day since I didn't expect all this largess.

Faye, I feel fine and my voice is almost back to normal. I hope Jack's cold is improving. Did you ever hear back from your niece?

Maggie and Jean, are your digging out? I hope your electricity didn't go out or anything like that. I remember the snow from Ohio and have no desire to go back to that!

Time for work!

12-09-2009, 05:36 PM

Not much going on in the Heartland at the moment. We have about 10 inches or so and the wind has stopped and it isn’t currently snowing but the sun is out. The temp is now 21° but it was 7° when I got up. The bottom of the Jeep dragged the snow in the alley when Will went out this morning. The Jeep does not sit low either. There are drifts for sure since the wind howled last night. I made a pot of chicken noodle soup and it sure tasted good. I use the Schwans® cubed chicken and some hand made wide noodles that we get at Wal*Mart. Chop up some onion, carrots and celery and use a few cans of chicken broth and voila it turns out to be wonderful soup and easy to do. It is about the only soup Will likes for he isn’t a soup guy. I love lots of kinds of soup myself though, so if I make it I freeze some of it for later. :candy:

DONNA FAYE :elf: You are really getting to be a sock whiz. I am sure the ones that receive your makings are thrilled. We don’t plan on doing full time traveling but want to be kinda free to go when we want. Since we have a place to park in Texas it will make it good to get to Montana when we have a trailer to say in there. When we leave here Will says he is “really” going to retire this time. Our friend that is a fireman in Texas will probably retire by the time Will does and that will be fun to do stuff with him. His wife the is the head nurse at the hospital says she never wants to retire. They have two of their children graduated from college now and another one that is a senior.

JEAN :santa: Looks like we have about the same kind of weather you have in Iowa. I am so thankful we have this Jeep for the tires do well in snow or mud or rough terrain. They are ten ply suckers and very spendy but last a long time because the tread is thick. The kind that don’t need to wear snow chains but are all terrain. Will likes to get people un-stuck around here. He told one of the checkers at the store last night that when she got off and picked up her baby from the sitter and had a long way to drive if she got stuck to call him. Save her some big bucks if she didn’t have to call the wrecker to pull her out.

SUSAN:mrsclaus: Yep this is global warming and I can tell because my heater just kicked in. Those guys are nut cases. Things go in cycles, don’t they get it? Did you take any pictures of those quilts at your last show? I sure hope it doesn’t flood around your place. The snow here is very pretty and Ragg Mopp sure doesn’t want to stay out long. He goes just beyond the patio and no further. He would have to plow snow “out there” in his yard.

Going now to work on some glass. :ginger: Type at y'all later

12-09-2009, 11:16 PM
I'm just peeking in this eveing. It's -4 degrees outside with a promise of getting down to -10 tonight. :brr: The strong wind has subsided to a stiff breeze so the snow isn't blowing around like it was. This afternoon Bob spent hours clearing off the deck, patio, and the neighbor's front steps and porch. Some snow had blown back in from when he did the driveways this morning so redid that too. The birds and squirrels have been busy at the feeders; they are great entertainment for Ernie. :lol: Bob also pulled the snow off the garage roof so Ernie could see out his favorite window once again.

Susan -- It would be nice if the whole nation could have some "normal" weather; no storms, no flooding, even temperatures, etc., would be welcome. I'm glad you are feeling better. :D What kind of gifts did you get last night? I'd love to see whatever you decide to make in return.

Maggie -- We got 10" of the white stuff too. Because of the wind there are high drifts in some places while others are almost bare. I made chili today; your soup sounds delicious too. :T The people across the street just got a new puppy; it's a little white ball of fur and so cute. It was outside when they were shoveling and instead of running through the snow it looked like a jack-in-the-box bouncing up and down. I stood here watching and laughed out loud.

I came upstairs to figure out something warm to wear to Maddy's program tomorrow afternoon as it is to stay very cold tomorrow. I'm hoping to finish my shopping either before or after and be on our way back home before dark.

Hope you all have a good nights sleep! :yawn:

12-10-2009, 07:14 AM
Good morning to you all! It is cold here too. Well, not like Maggie's and Jean's cold but dang cold for me! :D

I have clinic today and I hope to get a lot done on another sock. I finished the first sock of T's so need to get the other one done so I can wrap it. So many socks, so little time! ;)

Susan: I hate to info those bozos, but everything living "emits gasses." I would think a dead cow we are eating only emits gasses from the humans who eat it! :rofl: Hope they never find out about me, or I am liable to become the next great source of global warming since flatulence nowadays seems to be my middle name! :o You wonder if these people actually went to school to dream up this junk, don't you?

Jean: Try and keep warm and cozy. I wouldn't want to be you and Bob, ick! At least you don't have to worry about the school situation anymore. Chili sounds yummy. I may just have to run to the store and get some ingredients and make it tonight. Fortune weighed a lb and a half when he we got him 10 years ago. It was the dead of winter, February I think as he was born in Dec. We would carry him in our coat pocket out to the fence line, (we lived in an apartment complex that was fenced,) where we had cleared off snow so he could go to the bathroom. To this day he will go to a wall or a fence or something solid to go to the bathroom.

Maggie: Hope your newest glass project is coming along and you are warm and cozy in your home too. When I go to Indiana I always bring back Amish noodles. There is a large Amish community only about 20 miles or so from South Bend and so you can buy their stuff in the grocery stores. Best noodles besides my own.

Well, I hear Jack is up and about so I need to go. I hope you all have a wonderful day. Faye

12-10-2009, 11:41 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining brightly and the temperature is slowly inching up to the 0 mark. :brr: We will be leaving for Sioux City later this morning. Maddy's program is at 1 and I imagine will last an hour. I've made a list of gifts I have left to get and where I would like to shop -- can see why people resort to gift cards and it's still "early" to shop.

"Gma" -- I hope the clinic is slow today so you can work on your socks. I've been watching the puppy across the street for a few minutes. The snow is so deep he just bounces from spot to spot. They did clear off a spot for him, but then (like a little kid) takes off for the deep stuff. :lol:

I need to find my Christmas card list; I decided doing my cards would be a good project tomorrow while I babysit the church office.

Have a great day. If the blizzard aftermath is heading your way, get ready! It is a doozie! :fr:

Jean -- :brr: in Iowa!

12-10-2009, 05:06 PM

Oh the weather outside is sunny and bright. I have gotten steaks out of the freezer thawing, clover leaf rolls rising and decided what veggies to serve for dinner. Life is good. I sure do love our new dish washer ~ does a wonderful job and nothing so far has gone amiss with it. And the new garbage disposal works like a charm. Next is to replace that kitchen flooring. Maybe come spring would be a good time. I am anxious to get started on the chili that I am making for Saturday. I have all the ingredients just waiting. Reminds me ~ when I get off here I need to make those little elephants with numbers on them for the drawing for the white elephant gift exchange game. I have sent my want list to Santa and sure hope he will fill it for me for I have truly been a good girl. Not much going on here ~ seems like a lazy day. Don’t get me wrong for there is plenty for me to do but I just don’t have the gumption to do much of anything this day. :ginger:

DONNA FAYE :santa: I do believe these wide noodles we get are made by the Amish. They are really good and I do know what you mean about home made being better. After the first of the year I am going to get a pasta machine. I used to have one and do miss it. Gave it away when we downsized. Since we will have that room in Texas I won’t have to get rid of all my treasures.

JEAN :elf: You were at -4° when we were +2°. Don’t know what we did get down to during the night though. It has warmed up considerably today for it is +37° and warming. That new puppy sounds absolutely adorable. Did you ever find out what kind it is? Be sure and let us know how Maddys program went.

SUSAN :rudolph: Hope all is well with you this day.

Time for me to end this and do something constructive. :tree: Type at y’all later. :wave:

12-11-2009, 08:31 AM
Good morning to you all! It is a chilly 36 here this morning. I haven't looked at the wind chill, but the wind isn't blowing so I imagine it is exact temp. Too cold for me no matter how you look at it.

Errands to do today and lunch with Jack though I may skive off that if I am not feeling better. Having a bout of diverticulitis for some reason so am not up to snuff. I have them rarely but when they come they last a couple days at least.

Jean: Thomas's program is Tuesday night at 6 pm. I don't know why they schedule it so early as a lot of working parents can't get around that early without leaving work early. The fourth grade is doing the nutcracker so it will be interesting to say the least. I don't think they are doing the dancing thing, but who knows? Hope Maddie's program went well.

Maggie: I would love to get a pasta attachment to my kitchenaid, but never have. I think I would like to try egg white noodles and see how they would come out. I am not too sure, but who knows? They make they dried to buy and they don't really taste different.

Clinic was medium busy. Had a little girl come in who was dizzy and I took her temp and it was 102 so home she went though the office called me and asked me about her as she had sat in the office for half an hour. Her mom doesn't work so why the heck she couldn't be prompt in picking the poor thing up, I will never know.

Have the last of my Christmas shopping done now so when it all gets in I can finish up wrapping. The stuff came in for Ruth, but was a no go except the little string handbag and the jeans. If the jeans don't fit they will go back too. She told me she wouldn't wear the sweater except to bed and that ain't gonna happen with my sweater!!!! So, I told her I would just finish it and give it to my best friend for her birthday. Teenagers can be mucho picky about stuff and she wears weird stuff anyway now that I know what EMO is.

I guess I better go and get a shower as I have to take Fortune to the groomers after 7 this morning. I figure I can drop him off around 7:30 run to Walmart and get the stuff I need there, come back, color my hair, go to the salon and get it cut and then go to lunch with Jack at 11. Leave there and then go back to Walmart's and get my nails done or just come home and get them done next week.

My dd begged me to make her some kieflies so I guess we will be doing that next weekend before we pick up Ruth. Her bus doesn't get in until 9:40 at night and it is in a bad part of town so don't look forward to that. Jack is concerned about parking so I may just have him let me off and he drive around until I get her then I call his cell phone and tell him to pick us up. Why are bus stations always put in the ugly part of town. Ours is downtown, but still not the best part of town for sure and with it being winter there aren't folks coming to the ballpark or down to Beale street.

You gals have a great weekend and keep warm! I will talk to you all later. Faye

12-11-2009, 04:14 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! The sun is out but its only 37 degrees and on the way down already.

I went to my quilt meeting this morning, then had lunch with the girls. That's all the excitment for today.

Faye, our bus station is in the worst part of town. I wouldn't go there in the daylight, let alone the dark. Good luck. Don't take your purse with you!
I hope your niece gets into the holiday spirit. Just watch NCIS and get her anything you see Abby wearing and she'll be happy.

Maggie, you have made me hungry for chili. Guess I'll get some out of the freezer for supper.

Jean, how was the program. The kids are always so cute.

I think I'm going to have a nap.

12-11-2009, 06:45 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun has been shining all day and it is "warmer" again today. I spent most of the day in the church office. The secretary said Fridays are usually quiet, but it was more busy today than the other times I was there. I started my Christmas cards so the time went by quickly.

Maggie -- There is another dog, a black lab (?) named Brian who lives up the street. He is a sweetheart and I met him this summer walking. Well, I hadn't seen him for quite awhile and I happened to see his mom getting her mail on my way home this afternoon. I stopped and asked if she didn't have him any more and she said, "oh yes, but he doesnt' get the walks in the winter like he does in the summer." It seems he doesn't like the frozen snow between his toes. :lol: I haven't met the little fuzz ball across the street yet. It hasn't been exactly the "visit out in the yard" kind of weather around here lately. ;) Maddy's program was so cute. There is 1 T-K class (transitional kdg.), 6 Kdg. classes, 5 - 1st grades, and 4 - 2nd grades in her building. She was in the first row and looked so grown up in her fancy dress. She knew all the words, actions, and rang her bells when she was supposed to. Her teacher has told Beth she is the most grown up and reliable student in her classroom. Beth attributes that to Maddy being in the T - K class last year, and turning 6 just before school started this year. The kids were told they could wave to their parents at the beginning of the program but only once. Maddy spotted us and waved. Beth waved off and on, but Maddy would just shake her head "no" a little and smile.

"Gma" -- What is EMO? :?: I had to :lol: at Ruth saying she would wear the sweater to bed. I sometimes do wear my sweater backwards when I go to bed and read. Does Thomas have a special part in his program? I'm sure he will know the whole thing by heart. I hope your stomach has settled down again. The Sioux City bus station is in the crappy part of town too. In fact, I'm not so sure they even run busses through there any more. I know we used to have one stop here and it hasn't for years. It stopped at a motel to pick up or drop off people and packages.

Susan -- Where did you have lunch today? The "entertainment" at Maddy's program was a little boy who stood in the front row on the end. He just couldn't stand still and was "jigging" around to the rhythm of the music. He knew the words but added extra actions -- what a ham he was! :D A nap :yawn: sounds good about now; I got up earlier than usual so I had extra time to get ready for "work."

I am serving leftover chili for supper. Bob brought Subway sandwiches and we lunched in the board room at church. I could have left but didn't know that until I got there this morning.

Hope you all have a nice evening and weekend. This was a fast week!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

12-12-2009, 05:32 AM
Good morning to you all! It is again cold this morning and the two Wilkinson's are sick. Well, Jack is sick and I am probably coming down with it as I have just a hint of a scratchy throat and am coughing from it. I ran out of vinegar when I used the last of it to set the color on Jackson's little zip up sweater so will get some today and start dosing myself with my miracle sore throat stuff. We sure don't feel like doing all the stuff that has to be done, but we will just push on forward. If Jack is still under the weather this morning, I will go shopping without him, but we have to have groceries today. We also want to go and get the tree because we didn't last night.

This is the first sock I finished for T. Susan, this is the color of the yarn you said you had.

We were sitting watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, which I bought yesterday, and Jack though having had a scratchy throat and just a hint of a cough had been ok pretty much said he felt chilled all of a sudden. He was sitting in pj bottoms, a tshirt with a sweatshirt over it and had socks on, but I wrapped him in a blanket and took his temp. It was still going at 100 degrees, so I had him take ibuphrophen and his nyquil and got him upstairs to bed. He went to bed at 7:30 last night. He did go off to sleep though he said all his joints were hurting, a sure sign for him of the flu. He is scared to death of getting h1n1 but I told him not to panic about it that if he felt worse we could always go to the hospital. I quizzed him about anyone being out of work and he said no one had been home sick. We haven't been around anyone that has been sick, so I am sure it is just a 24 hour thing at best. He has been sound asleep and I haven't heard coughing so he may be fine in the morning. Not a great time to get sick, that's for sure. I am buried in stuff to do since they wouldn't groom Fortune yesterday.

I took him for his appt and they said he had to have a canine influenza shot before he could be groomed. I asked why I had never been told this when I made the appt or better yet why they hadn't sent us a card saying that pets being boarded or groomed had to have this shot. It is a 2 part shot, each part being around $30 and his grooming is $40. I just couldn't afford all that so I said, no and left after telling them I just couldn't afford that right now with Christmas and all. I don't object to protecting Fortune and other animals for that matter, but I should have been forewarned about it. Anyway, we are going to do him ourselves for the time being until after the first of the year, then it is his yearly stuff so he can get the darn shots then. They haven't even had a case of this flu here in Tennessee yet, but my vet wants his animals to have the shots. I have the shampoo, conditioner, clippers, scissors, brush and one of those nail sander things, but haven't ever used the stuff. Well, guess I will now.

Jean: I am sure Maddy was beautiful in her new fancy dress. Boy, they have a heck of a big school. I think the office lady told me T's school has 700 students and it is k-5. They go to jr high in 6th grade here, which is ridiculous I think. Kelly and Tom will almost assuredly put T in private school from jr high on here as the upper grades just aren't safe. We have a spectacular catholic high school here, Christian Brothers, which is more than likely where he will go, but they haven't decided about jr high yet. He has one more year at elementary for them to decide. Don't feel bad, I didn't know what EMO was either until Ruthie told me to Google it and then I found the stuff. It is all these kids who dye their hair black and streak it blond, or pink or whatever, lots of tatts and piercings, wear black, tight clothing mixed with oddball stuff like striped socks, van sneakers, etc, etc. Sort of Goth combined with other stuff. She said she wants to be EMO but can't afford to dress like it, which I found hilarious because the kids I saw looked like rejects of Good Will and I am insulting Good Will!

Susan: I had to :lol: when you said what you did about Abby as we were watching an NCIS rerun night before last and I kept thinking, watch Abby and check out her clothes. Hope you had fun with your friends. Nothing better than having chick night. I miss my friends terribly, but you do what you have to do.

I got the watch battery and got it in yesterday and T's John Lennon watch works perfectly. He is just going to love it. It will go with the stack of other stuff I have to wrap. I bought their stocking goodies, but am just going to put them in little red paper gift bags this year. I bought Ruthie that reindeer gift card holder and put an Itunes gift card in it so she can download music to her Ipod, but forgot to get T one so I am just going to print off a Kindle gift certificate so he can purchase more books for his Kindle.

My bil called last night and we had a nice visit. He is my younger sister's husband, the one that lives in Phoenix, and he said he was driving to California for the weekend, (my sister is living with her dd for the time being until they see if she is going to get her yearly bonus check next week before she gives notice and moves to Phoenix with him.) Anyway, he and Jack went to electronics school together when they were first in the military and they are good buddies. His family is the one we are going to go to at Christmas to visit.

Well, I have blabbed enough so am going to sit and knit on the sock. I need to get it done this weekend if I can so I can work on the other gifts. Have a grand Saturday and do something fun. Faye

12-12-2009, 12:29 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is trying to come out from behind the clouds and it is a "warm" 30 degrees right now. I've got the dw going and am heading down to start on laundry. My plan of doing laundry during the week hasn't worked too well. Old habits die hard!

I need to do some serious decluttering and vacuum. I can write my name in the dust on the mantle :o so will dust before I vacuum.

"Gma" -- I had never heard of dog flu shots before this winter. I wonder if they give them to cats. :shrug: I think Maddy's next school bldg. is 3rd - 6th, and then middle school for 7th and 8th. The school is close to her babysitter and in a better neighborhood than the one she should attend. Kolby will go to the same school because Beth has him enrolled in the T-K class next year. I think the sock turned out neat! I'm sure T will love it. I wonder if the EMO kids will look back some day and see how silly they looked. :fr:

Bob sings at church tomorrow and we have Kolby's Christmas program at one, so will be on the go again. I need to get busy!

Hope you all have a nice weekend.

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

12-13-2009, 12:22 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's getting colder as the morning goes on! We've been to early church and Bob will skip singing the second service so we can leave for Sioux City. Bob jokingly said we'll put 500 miles on the car just going to grandkids' Christmas programs. That's ok! It's cloudy and dreary today with a chance of freezing mix tonight. I'm ready for some sunny and warmer weather!

I got called to sub in another card club tomorrow night at 7. I said yes before remembering that Bob has his Christmas dinner for the manor at 6; if they run late I guess I won't be eating. The funny thing is I'm sure I am subbing for the manor secretary who is "in charge" of arranging the dinner.

Hope you all have a nice day and stay warm wherever you are!

Jean -- :wave: from :brr: Iowa!

12-13-2009, 06:48 PM
Good evening, ladies! Its been in the 50s today but pouring rain all day. The ground is so saturated the water just stands on top.

I went to church this morning, then stopped at Walmart and went to see what the new Walgreens is all about. Same as all the rest. They are high compared to CVS and Rite-Aid. Of course, Walmart beats them all. Came home and finished my laundry and after lunch I watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Stan would have loved it.

Jean, I hope you can have dinner and get to the card party as well.

Faye, I hope you and Jack have speedy recoveries. Did you get your H1N1 shot? I never heard of flu shots for dogs. My cat doesn't go outside so I don't think he has much chance of getting the flu.

Maggie, how was the chili? Good I'll bet.

I made some WW Potato soup for lunch. It's so fast and easy. I used 2 pounds of Hash Browns, about 1/2 cup celery and 1/2 cup of onion, 3 cans of fat-free chicken broth. Bring it to a boil and then turn it down to simmer for about 20 minutes or until the potatoes are done. Stir in I package of white gravy mix (the one that makes 2 cups). I mashed up the potatoes a little with my immersion blender, not to smooth. It makes 8 cups and is 1 point per cup.

The buzzer is drying so I need to go. Have a good evening!

12-14-2009, 08:41 AM
Hello gals. I am down with a cold, well actually, am to the point where I am coughing and what little cold I have is breaking up. Trouble is, I have so much to do this week and when I you feel under the weather you don't care if it gets done or not. I can only do what I feel like doing.

Hope all is well with everyone here. I am going to sit and knit a bit then go out to the garage and see about the Christmas decorations so I can start getting them up. We have Santa tonight for the Cub Scouts, but I imagine I will just sit in the car since I don't want to infect anyone. He can do his Santa bit then we can go home. Tomorrow night is T's Christmas program and I have missed the last two because I was either in the hospital or sick so by golly I am going to this one if I have to wear a bubble on my head.

You all have a great start to your week! Faye

12-14-2009, 10:58 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a cold, gray, and gloomy day in my neighborhood today. The wind is strong so I'm sure it will be a good day to stay inside. Last night we got enough snow to cover the deck and driveway; Bob said there is ice underneath. I hate that! :hyper: I have many things to do today so will need to get started; I certainly didn't get much done over the weekend. Guess I'll make a list, get dressed, and get started! :dancer:

Susan -- Our Walgreens is higher priced than WM on some things, but I will go there if I only need an item or two just so I don't have to go to WM. :o Thank you for sharing the potato soup recipe. I have not tried that one; in fact, I don't ever remember seeing it. :T Today will be a good soup day!

"Gma" -- I hope you are feeling better today so that you can enjoy T's program tonight! :crossed: Knock on wood I haven't had a real 'cold' in several years. Once in awhile my throat is scratchy but I think that is from the air being so dry. I see where the H1N1 shots is now available to anyone who wants one. I'd laugh if they have way too many doses and people aren't lined up to get them. I don't plan to get one.

Kolby's program was a hoot. We could certainly tell the 4 year olds from the 5 year olds. Most of the 4 year olds had no clue what the words were and were an action or two behind the teachers. :lol: Kolby spotted us and yelled loudly, "Grandma and Grandpa Bennett!" They were cute and that was the main thing. It lasted less than a half hour and then they served cookies and juice. Beth carried in a boughten package of frosted sugar cookies. I was kidding her and said it was nice of her to "bake." She said they were told not to bake -- all cookies had to come in sealed packages. That is sad!

I hope the rest of you will have time to check in today. Have a nice day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

12-14-2009, 12:57 PM
Good morning, ladies. Its in the 40s and overcast today but we had pea soup fog this morning that is just burning off now.

I have another Christmas covered dish tonight and a Chinese gift exchange. Fun!

Faye, I hope you get over you cough and cold quickly. No fun so close to Christmas.

Jean, I love to see the little ones perform. They are so cute. I got my H1N1. I can't take any chances.

Hi, Maggie!

I need to get to work!

12-15-2009, 08:19 AM
Good morning ladies! I guess you could say I am recuperating as the stuff is coming up, but durn it gives you a headache to cough all the time and my ribcage and such are sore so it is as bad as having the cold in the first place.

Jack was a hit last night at the Cub Scout party. Jack didn't have any black shoes for the "boot covers" to go over so wore his New Balance. Kelly teased him about it and he said he was going to tell the kids he needed running shoes because he had so much to do! :lol:

Jean: I always loved it when the kids would shout out to their parents or ham it up. It made the show just that much more cute and you weren't bored to tears if the show they presented was boring. Thomas is playing his violin in the show tonight so I am anxious to hear him play. The are doing the nutcracker in some variety I guess. Gets my goat as they are lazy and don't set up chairs, they make the parents sit on the lunch table benches, which kills my back besides being difficult for me to get in and out of. I usually just sit sideways on the bench. Hope your weather has improved and you are able to get around. Nothing worse than slippery surfaces. It is sad that they don't feel they can trust people to bring in homemade baked goods. I know T's school is pretty picky about that kind of stuff too.

Susan: I didn't get the H1N1 because for one thing availability was being limited here. I did get the regular flu shot and this cold is definitely not bad enough to be
H1N1. I probably got it from a kid at school that was sick. You clean things the best you can, but when they cough into the air, you can't do much about that. I am going to start carrying lysol spray with me since they don't provide it and spray the room I think.

I have all the decorations up except for the tree and we will go and get it tomorrow after Jack's dr appt. I can then get it decorated and we are done. I still have cookies to bake Friday and Saturday that I promised Kelly, gifts to wrap and bring downstairs and cleaning to do, so I am by no means going to be able to laze around.

You gals have a nice day today. It was in the 60's here yesterday and quite balmy.