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04-02-2002, 09:12 AM
Thru Thick & Thin is a group that was formed to give and receive support on our journey to take off the excess pounds and to keep them off. No matter who you are or where you are from, you're welcome here with us. We'll stand with you while you're losing and stand by you if you're not. We all have ups and downs and we need support in both.

04-02-2002, 06:14 PM
Hey Everyone :wave:

I hope everyone had as good a weekend as I did. :lol: I have been eating like there was no tomorrow and that is going to stop now. Tomorrow morning is the beginning of a new way of eating for me. I am tired of this belly getting in my way. I going to start counting points again and walking on the treadmill daily, if only for a few minutes at a time. Marlana has the right idea and I am joining her in that fight.

Marlana~Let's get our acts together and get healthy. We have been making excuses for months now and just eating whatever we want. I am ready to make some changes and get rid of these big clothes and go shopping in the back of my closet. :D

JoJo~Are you ready to try again too? Let's see if we can encourage each other to make better choices in food. If I don't quit now, I am going to see a whole new set of numbers on the scale that I have never seen before. I am too short for my weight to start with a 2. :moo: I have been partying :ink: with too many friends and it is showing. I have never weighed this much and need to do something before I get to the 200's.

Hope y'all have a good evening.

04-03-2002, 08:18 AM
Good Morning~~Well I must say right off the bat I got through yesterday with food left over. I ate one thing I didn't have on the plan but counted it and went on. I got on the treadmill too. That was a good day for me. I feel much better today about myself, and have every intention of getting through today with just what is on my food plan. I've got to go shopping and today I don't plan to buy any candy bars, this will be the first trip to town in a long time without buying candy. No reg. Mt. Dew either.

Skeeter~~My act is together and I'm on my way to a new me. I can't wait until it will be easy to walk on that treadmill for a half hour, or cut my toenails with ease, and it will be a pleasure to hop up on that boat instead of rolling up on it like a whale. I know it will be hard at times, but I thank it will be easier maybe if I stay focused on what I'm doing and walking on the treadmill each day. My Asthma did bother me a little after I walked, but I was over it in about 10 min. If it don't get any worse I will be OK. I'm so glad your going to get in there with me and fight this addiction. You go girl.:cool:
I can't believe it's just after 6 and I'm through writing already. I just may get in some painting before I go to town. I'm going to post my food plan one time to show how I'm keeping track of my food intake. Hope it makes since to you. And Personal selections can be protein or any of the other choices. This is an old WW diet and the one that fits me best of all.

04-03-2002, 10:25 PM
Oh my gosh. I just realized that it has been over a week since I last posted. :o Man, I missed you gals. I really don't have alot of time, so I haven't read through all of your posts, but it looks like everyone is getting back on the wagon, so to speak. Count me in. I've lost some weight, only to gain it all back in the last couple of weeks. So much for the Easter candy!

I had all of my testing last week. Turns out I have a wandering atrial pacemaker. Which just means the impulse that initates a heart beat comes from different sites instead of the same one. As long as my heart rate is ok, and my BP is ok, I'm just gonna live with it. I am trying to cut back on caffiene and sugar. That's when I notice it's worst. But the cardiologist said I was healthy enough to run a marathon if I wanted.

My grandpa was also in the hospital last week. Turns out his leukemia is advancing faster than expected and will be starting on chemo as soon as the biopsy results are back. We have to wait to find out the dosage he'll be getting.

And, my best friend whose dad was having all kinds of respiratory problems passed away this week. He was pretty young, 56, so it's kind of hard to deal with. But when isn't it?

And work has been fun. I wrote up one of the nursing supervisors this weekend for inappropriate comments. Haven't heard anything on that since, so I must still have a job!

On the upside, one of my instructors post-poned the due date for one of the papers by 2 weeks, and my mom is going to go to stay with my brother for awhile. His wife if pregnant, 4 months, and is such a whiney thing. She can't stand to do housework anymore, so my mom is going to be a maid. I warned her. Now she's on her own.

I have to get running to bed. Been up since 5:45am, and have to go to the visitation and work tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have more time to write you all later this week. And maybe lose a lb or 2 on the way! Oh I wish.


04-04-2002, 07:25 AM
Morning Ladies,
I'm still here too---like Jen, I let time get away from me again! We had a pretty hoppy Easter, but it was raining, so that cut down on the outdoor activities pretty much. The kids still enjoyed it though, and I didn't do Easter baskets for them this year (they decided they were too old) so we didn't have any candy floating around. I can't gain any weight on comforters and pillows (they decided to redo their rooms instead of having the bunny come). Anyway, that worked out good for me.
Mama, your food plan looks good--sounds like you're back on track again, and on the treadmill! I've been very lazy about my mill-of-death lately; I saw an article in one of my magazines about starting a spring walking plan, so I'm going to start that on Saturday. I also want to plant my garden in the next couple of weeks, although it's cold again here this week....maybe I can get some gardening in here pretty soon.
Skeeter, sounds like you've been a busy lady lately! How's your hubby feeling? Did he get over all his respiratory problems? I know what you mean about the "2's:. That was quite a shock to me to see that number on the scale, too! :ink: I don't care to see it again, either.
JoJo, how's it going with you? Hope you're doing well--did it get cold up there too?
Jen, hope your grandfather is feeling better; maybe with your mom away, your stress level will go down; I love my mom dearly, but I don't think I could live with her again, even if she does still spoil me !
I'd better run---hi to everyone I missed, and hope to hear from some of our missing folks soon---Marybeth, Tobey, Carol, Teresa, hope you're doing good!
Love to all,

04-04-2002, 08:26 AM

Hi Girls~~All is well with me this AM, in fact all is great...another day staying on plan. I've got a very busy day today, got to get everything done,because I'll be fishing for the next 3, maybe 4 days. I could rain this week end and that would stop it dead. Got to install some rod holders on the boat today. Lord knows I'll have to put hubby's rods up for him. It must be against his religion or something. He likes to just lay them in the boat so you can't get out or in without tippy toeing through them. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I thank he does it to get on my nerves. He's a slob in the boat.

Jen~~Hey girl I thought you was gone for sure. Just about everyone else is. Sorry to hear about your grand father. That is such a hard time watching someone with a very bad illness. I sure hope the kemo helps him. When my mom took it, it just made her so sick and weak. She only took 2 cessions and then said no more, it is only putting off the end. She got depressed and stayed that way until she passed a year later. Your mom is going to be a maid??? Try to look at it this way, she's an adult and you'll get a break. You could use one can't you?

Sally~~Sounds like your weather is as bad as ours. It gets warm for a couple of days and then back in the freezer. The trees and birds don't know what to do. One day the birds are singing and the next they are thanking of flying south. Your girls are trying to grow up on you. But first you've got the dreaded teen years to go through. I shall never forget when my daughter was a teenie bopper, like to of put me in the nut house. OH well!!! She still is a problem. Good to see you here this morning.

Better get my tail in gear, lots of ground to cover today. Hope to make it back over the 4 days. Be good.

04-04-2002, 05:13 PM
Hey Everyone :wave:

I have spent the last couple of days getting my house in order and clean. My dogs are clean and brushed too. We are going to the east coast tomorrow to visit friends and the dogs are going with us. We are going to take the boys to the beach and see how they like it. There is a small area in Flagler where dogs are allowed on the beach.

Marlana~I am on my second day of my new and improved eating plan. I was really craving some snacks yesterday but kept myself busy so that I would stay out of the bad stuff. Today I baked that dump cake using strawberries. It is unbelievably sweet for using diet 7 Up in it. I didn't realize that the strawberries had sugar in them until I got them home. I have to adjust the points because of that. I also decided to take it with us tomorrow and share it with friends. That way we won't have to eat it all and I can try another one with fruit that doesn't have added sugar in it. I hope that the weather stays good for you this weekend so that you get to fish.

Jen~It's a good thing that you are a nurse and understand that problem with your heart because it sounded scary to me. Good luck with giving up the caffeine and sugar. I did that a few months ago and had a headache for 4 days straight. Now I don't miss either one anymore. I occasionally eat sugar (as in the recipe above) but not often and not a lot. I sure hope your grandpa gets better and has good luck with the chemo. It must be rough on him at his age.

Sally~My dh is doing good with the inhaler twice a day. He sleeps better too since he started on the asthma medicine. I haven't seen that "2" yet but it sure was getting close. I need to get some of this blubber off before I go back to see my doctor. I was supposed to be working on getting my tryglicerides lower and I've gained about 7# instead. I've got about 6 weeks to turn thing
around before I see her again.

Hope y'all have a good weekend.

04-04-2002, 06:46 PM
Hi Everyone,

I got on line last night then had to get off to go somewhere and didn't get back on to post so I'm here finally. I hope your all having a good week. I'm just glad tomorrow is Friday. Its been hectic at work this week.

Well, we had our yard dug up today. Hopefully this is the end of our sewer problems. DH still has to go down in the crawl space and re-do the drain pipe for the washer but other than that, we should be set. Its costing $1100 for the work done today and we had to come up with half of it today. Between this and the stuff we've had done trying to keep the sewer line open, it will probably total $2000 by the time we pay this off. Right now we have a huge mound of dirt in our yard. They said it will eventually settle into the hole but I imagine dh will end up having to cart alot of it away. What a mess.

I got my new glasses and I can see much better. It didn't take to long to get used to them. Also got my ring and its so pretty. I told dh it can be his gift to me for our upcoming 25th anniversary. He still wasn't to thrilled with me doing that. Oh well. I lost my head. What can I say??!!!!

Skeeter, oh I'm ready to try something to get this weight off. I"m just scared to get on the scale. Will you get on the scale for me please???????? I'll take your weight instead of mine. I've was pretty much eatting whatever I want to also and its got to stop cause I'm not doing myself anygood. I've been doing salads at work most days this week so that is a start.

Marlana, I'm really proud of you for getting your act together with your food again. That helps me out to cause it makes me want to try harder. I know I felt better about most everything when I had my act together with the food. It just does something for the ego. What really gets me going really good is getting some exercise but I still feel like I will gag if I try. So I'm not completely there yet.

Jen, I'm really glad your tests came out ok and nothing major was wrong. I am sorry to hear your grandpa is not doing so well tho. I hope the chemo helps him. I will pray for him. At least you'll have your home to yourself for awhile. That should be nice. I know you don't mind having your mom there but sometimes its nice to have it all to yourself.

Sally, our weather is constantly changing. It'll be decent a day or two and then it will turn cold again. I had frost on my windshield this morning. The weather man said its supposed to start warming up again but it doesn't look like anything to get excited about.

Well, I'm going to get off here now and get busy. Take care everyone.

04-05-2002, 12:53 PM
Thought that I'd get in here and post a little before I go to my tanning appointment. I know, I know, but it feels so nice and warm. I can pretend I'm in Florida with Skeeter for a few minutes! :cool: Mom is packing to go spend some time with my brother and his whiney wife. :D If I didn't have to work tonight, I'd bring out the champagne. Anywhoo....

My dear bf is going to be bringing me his old tv this afternoon. I was going to buy a new one, mine is only a 19 inch, but then his broke and he bought a new one. It's only $85 to fix it, so I took care of that. It's 32 inches I think. I'm gonna be able to sit across the street and watch my TV!

I need to straighten my food choices out too. I'm gonna clean out the kitchen today, once mom leaves. I can get rid of all the junk. I did better yesterday, but not great. I need to get back to exercise too. I slacked off the last couple of weeks. I know I'll get plenty Saturday. I have my 3 mile HeartWalk. I need to remember that summer is just around the corner.

Jojo- Oh, you have been having a time with your sewer. Yuk. What kind of a ring did you get? I'm planning on getting myself one as a graduation present. I still wear my class ring from nursing school in '95, so I do need to replace it! I'm glad your new glasses work better for you.

Skeeter- I want to go to the beach. That's missing in my tanning booth. Congrats on your new eating plan. I'm right with you. I'm slowly cutting back on caffeine, I don't want the headache either. I make my coffee 1/2 regular and 1/2 decaf for now. I've noticed that I get more palpitations after I eat candy (uh-oh) so that may be the first to go.

Marlana- Congrats to you too for starting and staying on the plan. You guys are starting to motivate me. I'm not so sure how grandpa is doing. He's getting pretty depressed. Who wouldn't? I'm not sure if I was in his place if I would take the chemo. His doctor won't say if it'll really work, just the only thing they can do. I know, maybe we could get your boat and go to Skeeter's beach! I'm packing now!

Sally- Lucky you, no Easter candy. I may take mine to work tonight, or just throw it out. I'm looking forward to planting my garden too. I may have to wait until mid-May though, to make sure the last freeze is gone.

I guess that's about it. The dog is barking so I should let her in and get my butt in gear for today.

Jen :cool:

04-07-2002, 11:49 AM
Good Morning~~Please believe me when I tell you I'm not doing you any favors by writing on the board today. I'm in such a funk I hate myself. I just found out my hubby has decided to retire one year from now. I've been throwed for a loop. I thought it would be about 20 months from now. It will through us into a bit of a hard time. First of all I can't draw my SS until the last of Nov. the same year. 2nd we can only have the company Insurance for 18 months and we have to pay for it out of our pockets. 3rd then for another 18 months we will have to pay for Health Insurance on our own. I can tell you that it runs between 600.00 and 900.00 a month. This is going to be for people that hasn't had a payment of any kind since 1990, except for monthly bills. I've been able to go to town and buy what ever I want. Boy what a change this is going to be for me. I've been by myself for the last 20 years in the daytime. I'm glad when he goes to work on Mondays. This will be an adjustment beyond what I can imagine. I'm already went into a depression. Finance has always been a big thing for me...I needed to know when the check was coming in and how much. As you know I've been working on building and buying some things the last year or so, that was because I wanted to have what ever I wanted before he retired cause I know we wouldn't be able to afford it then. We've both got new beds, I've put new carpet in the living room and one bedroom and I'm in the process of putting new carpet in his room now. My room will not get done, dam it. I wanted a new editing program that cost 100.00 and a new computer, don't thank I will get the new puter. Lately he was taking an interest in how much bills cost and wanted me to get the cheapest medicine I could, which I didn't. He has been taking an interest in every darn thing that cost, now I know why. He didn't tell me about the new plan, he told my brother in front of me. He wasn't going to tell me until the last min. ****, I know you all don't want to read about this, I'm going back to bed and see if I can sleep some more. Sorry I needed to vent. I'll try to come back later and write some more. Right now I just want to cry.

04-07-2002, 04:06 PM
Hello out there----------

I don't know if any of you remember me, it has been months since I have been in to post. I have not forgotten any of you, just a little fuzzy.:?:
I have been very busy with school. We went to the state tournament again in boy's basketball and then I am helping with the musical, "Annie". We will have conferences this week and the musical next week. These may be poor excuses, but a part of my life.
My husband has not been working since February and doesn't seem to want to find a job. It is hard to talk to him about it and the little hints just don't seem to be falling on hearing ears. He does have his lisence back so now he could go out and look for a job. So you see, we have been having to be careful and that is why being involved with my kids is so important. Thank goodness I have money put away for our two important trips this summer.
Well, I should tell you what has been going on with my weight. I was down to within 15 pounds and then I put back on 10 pounds. I am upset with myself, but know I must get back into the swing. I have to get back into the journaling and being honest with my food. It is the same old story, I just get tired of watching it all the time. So I have challenged myelf to lose 5 pounds by May 1 and another 5 by June 1. If more comes off, wonderful?:D I will also need to get back into my walking even though I am having some foot problems. I am on a team in the Health awareness and need to get going on my points. I'll explain that later.
I better go for now and I will try to get in more often. It seems we all need to have the encouragement of each other.
Marlana: Things will work out when your hubby retires. It is a shock now, but it will be okay. Just try to stay positive about and don't eat over it. This is a good place to vent.
Until the next time,

04-08-2002, 09:05 PM
Hey Everyone :wave:

I can't believe it has been four days since I posted on here. We have been really busy at working and playing. The weather has been just perfect with a cold snap and we have been working a lot outside. Everything is so pretty right now.

Marlana~I am so sorry that you are in such a funk. Retirement is scary and very hard to get adjusted to. It takes time to learn how to survive the days of not working any longer. Your problem will be how to get used to having your husband home all the time. At least, he isn't doing it this year. You have a year to get used to the idea and maybe at least, accomplish a few of your goals.

JoJo~I'm afraid that I fell off the wagon again. Our friends on the east coast at Ormond by the Sea fixed a great lunch of jumbo boiled shrimp and salad. It was wonderful and then we played on the beach with the dogs to burn that off. They live on a very narrow strip of land between the ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway. It's only about 1/8 of a mile wide. It is absolutely beautiful there but I would be terrified during hurricane season. The eating problem started that evening as we started home and realized that we were hungry again and the only choices were fast foods. I spent all of Saturday morning and afternoon planting a very hardy type of daisies that my friend sent home with me. They are gorgeous and are supposed to spread. They have my permission to take over the whole flower bed. I still haven't weighed myself but I am trying to get back on that better eating program today. I also need new glasses but will have to wait until hubby pays for the new crown on his tooth. I sure hope that you got all your sewer problems solved.

Jen~You are going to love a big screen TV. Ours has made us wonder why we waited so long to get one. How long is your mom going to stay with your brother? I'm sure it will seem like a vacation to you. Time alone is always nice no matter how much we love the ones living with us. My husband is going off tomorrow morning and I am really looking forward to the house to myself for a change. I know that the sun will cause skin cancer but I haven't heard of any cases as a direct result of the tanning booths. I don't think that they could be as bad as this Florida sun. :shrug:

Carol~Of course we remember you and we have missed you. I'm so glad that your are enjoying your school kids. It's so good that you have them to keep you busy. Let's hope that your husband will get out there and find something that suits him. I guess most of us have been eating anything that we wanted and we are paying for it now. Maybe if we all stick together we can find our way to a healthier way of life. I think that I am bigger than I have ever been in my life. I am afraid to get on the scales right now. I want to wait until my pants feel a little less snug before I weigh. :lol:

I need to go get a shower before Baby Bob comes on. I have missed it every week so far and would like to watch it tonight. Y'all have a good evening.

04-08-2002, 10:25 PM
Hello. Hope everyone is doing ok. I thought I'd come and and post real quick so I can call dh. He is back in the hospital. He's been having alot of the same symptoms he's had before but now he is having more shortness of breath. I took him to the dr and when he did this test where he blew into this thing, he got dizzy and almost passed out. So the dr wanted to put him in for at least 23 hr observation. His oxygen level is a little low so they put him on oxygen. I don't know what to think. I'm just worried.

Skeeter, I'm doing doing as well with the eatting as I was. I've not really been real hungry but I'm not making the best of choices. Too much stress right now. I'm trying to decide if I should go to work tomorrow or not. I've got so much to do its not funny. Well, if I don't, it will still be there when I get back. What do your friends do that live on that thin stip of land when a hurricane is in the area? I'd be scared living there to. Sounds pretty to visit tho. The yard was digged up the other day, a new sewer line put in and the yard is slowly starting to settle. When I got home from work that day, it reminded me of the movie Tremors. The dirt was as high as my waist. They said it would eventually settle and dh has speeded up the process by burying the hose down under it and running water. Was able to do a load of laundry last night. I should do some tonight but I'm not in the mood.

Hi Carol, its really good to see you again. My dh got laid of from his job and got another one but the person who owns the property where he works is selling it and dh is trying to find someplace else to move to but hasn't found anything yet. Dh's boss isn't all that anxious to start working for anyone as he's had this business for 15 years. So its hard to say what will happen. I am glad to see you back again. We missed you.

Marlana, sounds like you could use a big hug (((((((((()))))))))))). I think I'd of kicked my dh in the behind if he kept something like that from me and then told someone else first. Does he have to retire or did he just decide this on his own. Maybe he doesn't really understand the affect it will have on your finances to do it a year earlier that planned. I hope it works out ok. If I were you, I think I'd try to find him some kind of hobby to keep him busy so he isn't under your feet all the time.

Jen, the ring I got is a small cluster of diamonds. It was really pretty and I sort of lost my head. Sometimes I regret getting it but yet I don't. Has your mom gone to stay with your brother yet? If she is going to end up as their housekeeper, she may not want to stay with them that long.

Well, I've got to get off here and call dh. Talk to you all soon.

04-09-2002, 11:27 AM
Good morning all!

Guess who’s back? I have missed you all terribly! I think things have calmed down enough for me and I am getting everything back on track.

Its going to take me a while to get got caught up again. I haven’t even been in to read everyone’s posts so I don’t know what is happening your lives.

I won’t post to individuals today. I’ll start fresh tomorrow and will start addressing everyone then.

So good to be back!


04-09-2002, 11:33 AM
Good Morning~~Thought I would come in a answer the post I couldn't answer the last time I was here. I can't tell that I'm feeling any better about things but I am trying to stay on a food plan and get some things done around here. My food was good yesterday, well I say good, I had something I shouldn't have eat last night but I had room on my food plan for it so I counted it and I'm moving on. Maybe I won't have to do that tonight.

Skeeter~~It seems like you are forever cleaning house, you must be very clean or very dirty.:lol: My email is down this morning and they don't know when it will be back up. I sent out a couple of things this morning early, but now I can't send out. I called them and they are working on it. I lost 2 Platy's this morning, both females, that leaves one female with 3 males. I can't seem to lose a male. I thank that the males are stressing the females. I'm going to put the divider in the tank when I clean it today and put her over there by herself. I'm not getting anymore fish until the dying stops. My Neon's are fine. There is no sign of anything on the dead fish. Sorry your new improved eating plan went by the way side. Mine did to over the week end but I'm up and going again. One of these days I will make it.

Jo Jo~~Your coming in about as often as I do. I just can't seem to make it in everyday. I have so much to do and I just don't feel like writing. Sorry you had to spend so much money on the C. tank. We just keep getting more bills everyday. This morning he wanted the doctors phone # so I know he's going to go back to the doctor. He gets carried away if he feels anything in his body and then when they tell him what is wrong he won't take their word for it. Last night after super we was setting there and all of a sudden he let out a few choice cuss words. The crown on a tooth fell off. Lord knows I bet we have to put out another 400.00 on that. And he's going to retire. CRAP!!!! We both need new glasses, and I guess we will get them. When the money runs out we'll stop spending. Girl I get my act together one day and then BAM!! something happens that gets my emotions flared up again. I guess I won't have my act together until I get my emotions under control no matter what happens.

Jen~~Girlfriend you can sure tell the difference's in our ages. Tanning is the very last thing on my mind. In fact I don't want any tan. I got too many wrinkles now. You'll like the bigger TV we have a 32 inch one. That's as big as we will ever get because I ain't going to rework that cabinet again. I thank those of us left in the group needs to get our acts together and get on a food plan and a exercise plan and get on with the job in front of us. I'm sick of me the way I am. I don't feel responsible for the ones who has left here because it's not my job to keep them on a food plan. But us face it if we was doing better more people would want to join us...thanking it would inspire them on. It really doesn't though...we all come to this site for a few min... it's the rest of our lives that keeps up from moving on...or I should say it's how we handle the rest of our lives that controls how we do with food. Food is the way I've handled the upsetting things in my life. I must be upset all the damn time.:lol:

Carol~~Of course I remember you and about a doz. others that don't come in anymore. I've also forgot about that many too. Some of us just hang in here and keep the door open. Sorry to hear your hubby doesn't want to work, I guess mine don't either. I will have to say he has worked at this same place for the last 37 years, and hasn't missed over 20 full days the whole time, so he has earned his retirement. I want him to retire too, but I wasn't quite ready for it in a year. Good luck on your challenge to yourself.

I thank I've wrote enough for today, better get busy. Have a good day, and work on the reasons why you overeat.
:wave:Hi Tobey~~I was writing in outlook express and here you have come in while I was writing. Good to see you back and glad things has let up some. Welcome back!

04-09-2002, 01:17 PM
Good morning gals. I made it in here again. Wow, must be setting a record here. Things are busy as usual, but some things never change. Life is wonderful without mom here. I suppose she'll stay at my brothers for awhile. My grandpa may find out about his last biopsy and then which type of chemo he gets, either outpatient at the doctors office or inpatient in the hospital. Either way, my mom will either stay at my brothers to go to her neurologist, or at my grandmas so she's not by herself.

I also just realized that for work, my ACLS certification (running code blues, like on ER) is up this month, so now I have less than 2 weeks to study, and there are alot of changes this year. Oh well. Just one more thing to add to my list of stressors.

I am getting back on track with my food. I've done pretty well the last few days, actually. I do a 1400 diabetic diet plan. Seems to work out fairly well. Now I just need to get back into regular exercise.

Marlana- Oh Mama, a surprise hubby at home. Just give it time to sink in and it'll work itself out. You do have a year to prepare. Have you talked to hubby since you found out? I am definately getting my act together with this diet thing. I'd like to lose 10 lbs by my graduation ceremony, which is May 18th. It's definately an attainable goal.

Tobey- Good to hear from you again. We all missed you. Welcome back.

Jojo- How is your hubby doing? I forget, what were his symptoms before? Lung problems? Another thing I always think of is his heart. Some people only get shortness of breath. We had one patient a while back who had a huge heart attack and his only symptom was ear aches. Scary. I was actually thinking about a diamond cluster ring for myself too. I've looked at a few stores, but nothing excites me. I have to wait until I'm in the mood I guess.

Skeeter- Sounds like you had fun with your friends. Actually, anywhere in Florida with hurricanes scares me. But we've got the same thing with tornados, though, I've never seen one, yet. I'd like to. But off in the distance! Your daisies sound pretty. I can't wait to plant in my yard, but I have to wait about a month yet. UGH.

Carol- Sounds like you have been very busy with the school activities. Seems like everyone is having hubby troubles. Maybe a good thing I don't have one! I get tired of watching my food all the time too, but I'm also tired of my clothes not fitting like I wish they would. Just a lesser of 2 evils I guess.

I guess that's about it for today. I have to go check out a couple of online assignments for school. I don't have to work until 7 tonight, so I'm spending the day getting ahead. The weather is supposed to be better this weekend and I won't want to be inside doing it then.

Happy and healthy.

Jen :cool:

04-09-2002, 07:47 PM
Hey Everyone :wave:

I was going to take today off and just be lazy but that didn't work out. My dh and I cleaned the front of the house and the front porch this morning. Everything gets really dirty here and turns green from all the pollen. It's a real battle to keep things looking clean. We uses soap and long-handled brushes and scrubbed from the ceiling down. We rinsed with the hoses and now it all looks new again.

Marlana~I guess that I am just a very clean person. I went with dh yesterday to the church to just be there while he worked on a fluorescent light in the ceiling. I took a book and a diet Pepsi and was going to read and play gopher for him. He had to run back to the house for a tool and I asked him to bring back my broom and vacuum. I ended up sweeping the whole church and vacuuming all the carpeted areas. I can't seem to sit still when I see something dirty. :nono: I can't believe your fish have started dying again. That is terrible, especially now with you feeling depressed. I'm so sorry. Do you want one of my fish? Our friends will be going back to New York in a week or two and I will be getting her betta until she returns next winter. Sugar is solid red and a very pretty fish. That will make 6 tanks or bowls for me to clean every week. It's beginning to sound like work. :lol:

JoJo~I'm sorry to hear that your husband is back in the hospital. I guess his problem is more than just low blood sugar after all. Maybe this time he can find out exactly what the problem is so that he can deal with it. I hope that he is okay and can go home soon. He comes before that job, and like you said, the work will be there when you go back. :shrug: I am back to eating right again and hope to do better this time. My friends house by the beach is more than 30 years old so it has withstood some storms, although no hurricanes have hit that coast in a very long time. If a very large storm heads her way, there will be a mandatory evacuation. I have invited her here if that happens. It is a good thing that your yard was dug up before spring. Now it has the chance to fill over with grass this spring and summer.

Tobey~Welcome back. It was good to see you back in here again. I hope everything is okay for you and you will continue to come in here. We missed you. :D

Jen~I sure hope everything is okay for your grandpa. It sounds like you are going to have a break from your mother for a while. I sure admire nurses like you and the ones I see on ER. That is my favorite show. I always tape it in case the phone rings or something happens to make me miss even a minute of it. It sure makes me cry a lot though. I have a sister-in-law that is a pediatric critical care nurse. I can't imagine working with very sick or very injured babies. But that is why there are people like her and you.:angel: I don't mean to brag but everything here is green and blooming. I will attach a picture that I took just now with my little digital camera of my amaryllis. Just remember though that we almost roast during the summer here. :)

Y'all have a good evening. I have to go put all my couch and chair cushions back out on the front porch now that everything has dried. I think that I will watch TV out there this evening.

04-10-2002, 08:05 AM
Good Morning~~Decided to come in early this AM. My email is still down, now I can't receive or send. I feel kind a lost without it. My food was fine yesterday, even felt a little empty this morning when I got up. Been trying to come up with something positive about hubby's retirement, I can tell you I haven't come up with much, but a couple of things is I won't make breakfast or lunch anymore...he'll be on his own. I won't have to go to bed because I have to get up early, I'll get up when I want to even if it's noon. I can't see that but it would be a my choice.

Jen~~ Life is great without my hubby here during the day time, so I've decided to make the most of it for the next year. He's coming home at noon today, he's going to the doctor AGAIN....I hope this trip don't turn into another 1000.00 going out of the bank account. Glad to hear your getting back on track with your food plan and exercise. I bet the diet your own is about like the one I'm on. I thank its pretty much the heart smart, diabetic and some more diets, but they all consists of the same portions of food. I don't count cal. It has 5 proteins, 2 dairy, 2 fruits, 3 vegs., 3 fats, 5 breads and it has 21 selections and 700 cal. to be used how ever you want to use them in one week. It's the old WW diet.

Skeeter~~You got to come and visit me, you have to much energy for just keeping one house clean and Lord knows mine is in need of about 2 weeks of cleaning. I'm going to love the bedroom when I get it finished. It is really a job trying to paint it with the furniture in it, that furniture is the stuff I made and it's made to match a very heavy water bed, remember those. It's too heavy for me to move very easy. I get a little done everyday. Girl Betta's are taking over your life. Are you running out of counter space for them. You can't clean 6 fish bowls in 30 min either. I thank those all red ones are so pretty. Is this the one you bought for her? I'm going to town and could get myself another fish or two, but I'm going to hold off to see if any more dies. I really thank it is just the stress that the males puts on the females because I have too many males. They are just like men, all they thank about is eating and sex.:lol: Your flowers are so pretty, makes me want to get some out. I'll have to wait another week or so, it could frost yet. Those little cameras take pretty good pictures outside, but not inside. Or at least thats the way mine works.

Time to leave I guess. Have a good one everyone.

04-10-2002, 01:31 PM
Good morning gals. I finally crawled out of bed. I guess the time change last weekend has finally caught up with me. I even skipped school today. Well, not really. It's a "conference day" and it counts as extra credit. I don't think the time spent for the 15 points is worth it. Plus, I don't think the 15 points will amount to a hill of beans in the end. So I'm taking a personal day. I guess this is what it will feel like when I'm done NEXT MONTH. :D But then I'm going to be so busy getting my yard caught up. I have so many great ideas in my head! I suppose I'm lucky to have something in there. I have one area in the back along my garage that is pretty shady. I want to mulch it, and plant maybe ferns or hostas, and bleeding hearts. I just love those. I've got one in the front that gets huge, like 8 feet across and 4 feet high, I'm not kidding. I also love lilacs and I'm trying to figure out where I can put another one.

Marlana- I understand how much you enjoy being alone. Is hubby having problems that he keeps going to the doctor? I think your diet is a little more restrictive than mine. Maybe I should cut back. I haven't lost an ounce this week. But then again, I think I'm starting to hold my monthly water. UGH, does it ever stop? When is menopause? :?:

Skeeter- After you're done at Marlanas house, swing by here and give me a hand! Things are strange with my grandpa. I think he needs to switch docs. First, he scolds him for just showing up at the office when he doesn't feel good. He never returns their calls to answer their questions. In fact, he says "I don't call my patients". But he does talk to grandpas niece in Wisconsin and tells her everything. Umm. breach of confidentiality. Then, he tells grandpa, I'll see you in 2 weeks and we'll do something. There are 3 things we could do. Well, why not do them now? I'm going to call around today to see if the other oncologists have priviledges at the hospital they like. Your amaryllis is beautiful. It gets pretty warm here in the summer, around 90-100 and always so humid. But I still can't wait.

I guess that is about it. I should get my butt moving. I have a few errands I want to run, and it's going to be near 70 today, so I want to enjoy it a little! :jig:

Happy and healthy,

Jen :cool:

04-10-2002, 03:01 PM
Hello all

The sun is shining and it feels like spring (finally)!! We have been paying for having such a mild winter with a real lousy spring. But it looks like things are starting to turn around. So I am planning to run home from work today and I am tempted to do it again on Friday when it is supposed to be 64F. I guess I’ll wait and judge how I feel. I was in a race on Saturday, which was funny enough called the Spring Run Off. It was really chilly and had lightly snowed the day before (not enough to accumulate though). I can’t wait for summer. I’m also hoping for warmer weather since I joined a rowing club (nope – I don’t row but couldn’t pass by the opportunity to learn). We will start practicing in about 2 weeks and it will be for an hour and a-half in the evening. So being out on the lake in the evening can get quite cool.

Skeeter: How are the boys doing? They must have loved the trip to the coast! Good news, I finally have a cheque with your name on it! It will be out in the mail by the end of this week. Thanks for being so patient with me! It will be a while longer before my mom can use her stick. She lives in north-western Ontario and they keep getting dumped on. Having snow in April is no fun! However, it sounds like you have been having fun with friends. I guess maybe too much fun. I know how you feel. I am such a social eater. For some reason when I am around other people I just lose control. I’ll eat just about anything and in LARGE quantities. Not to mention overdoing it with drinks. What a combination :nono:. Wow you should plan any more lazy days – you’ll wear yourself out! :lol:

Marlana: I went back and looked at your plan. I think it is great. It is similar to one that used to use. Having those “personal points” are very important. I used to savour those and made sure I had something really special. Normally it was some really expensive wine or some really decadent chocolate. Balance it very important. You talked about staying focused which reminded me of an article I read. I think I’ll post it here:

Creating Life Preservers to Lose Weight

Use Visualization as a motivator to get through the rough times by creating a “life preserver” that will enable you to conquer cravings and eliminate temptation.

New York, NY-- The American Dietetic Association believes that “It’s one thing to talk about changing dietary behavior, quite another to deal with it on a personal level…” Changing any type of behavior requires a willingness to transform, but there will always be cravings and temptations to deter your efforts. So, when it's fast food time and French Fries are screaming your name louder than your kids—use visualization as a motivator—create a Life Preserver.
A Life Preserver is a positive, detailed visualization of your future self—a specific moment in time after you’ve achieved your weight-loss goal. When creating a Life Preserver use as much detail as possible—you should be able to smell, see and hear this future moment. Then, during those “critical times,” when you’re losing sight of your goals and about to sabotage your weight loss program— you can use your Life Preserver —it’s a strong dose of empowerment.
How do you create a Life Preserver? Daydreaming with a purpose helps to create a Life Preserver--clearing a path to realize the future rewards of your hard work. “A Life Preserver is so essential because it infuses you with a sense of self-confidence, and makes you feel that your goals are both real and reachable. It gives you energy and desire, and helps to maintain motivation during difficult times,” says Charles S. Platkin, author of Breaking the Pattern (Red Mill Press, $24.95). In his book, Platkin explains how to create a personal Life Preserver.

1) Sit in a comfortable, quite place with your eyes close and concentrate on imagining what you would like to do, accomplish or achieve—Think of how your life will be once you’ve reached your goal—if it’s losing weight, think of a slimmer, newer you!
2) Use as many senses as possible to develop an image of your “future self”—do this until it’s almost as clear in your mind as a memory.
3) Use upcoming events or vacations as a way to set the stage for your visualization. A clear mental image of yourself, once you’ve lost weight; meeting an ex-husband at the mall after you've lost 20 pounds; or going to your doctor's office for your spring check up and finding out your blood pressure and cholesterol are lower. These are two perfect examples of Life Preservers for weight loss success. “When you can ‘see’ an appealing image of an attainable future, it informs and inspires your actions, and helps to coordinate your plan and goals,” says Platkin. Start out by thinking about the event and then start to fill in ALL the details.
4) Write down all of your strongest images—this way you can read it and revise it when necessary. Remember to write down, as many details as possible—don’t leave anything out.

Sample Life Preserver

— When it's fast food time and french fries are screaming your name louder than your kids are, a craving overwhelms you, or you just feel tempted, use visualization as a motivator. Develop a clear mental image of yourself, as a slimmer, healthier you~meeting an ex-husband at the mall after you've lost 20 pounds; or going to your doctor's office for your spring check up and finding out your blood pressure and cholesterol are perfect. Think of every detail of these future moments and reflect on these "Life Preservers" to help you get through the tough times or when you feel like you're losing sight of your goals.
Nutricise client Samantha lost 35 pounds on the Nutricise Program, and has kept it off for 6 months now. But her journey was not without its rough spots -- when she began the program she was recuperating from a messy divorce, and had to face down her emotional eating patterns to overcome the urge to turn to chocolate and cookies to help her through this stressful time. To keep herself on course, Samantha often summoned the help of one of her Life Preservers when she was tempted to fall off her plan.
Samantha’s ex-husband had ridiculed her appearance for years before the end of their marriage, and had been particularly rude to her during the divorce proceedings. She describes one of her Life Preservers to us:
I’m exhausted -- I’ve just come from an art opening. I’m wearing a turquoise sheath dress, it’s a size 6 -- and I have a matching beaded handbag. It’s a summer night, and I pull up to the restaurant, pay the driver, and step out of the cab -- that’s when he sees me. He gasps, almost in shock at how much weight I’d lost -- and how good I looked…
Samantha created three of these very detailed visualizations, and was asked to use them as motivational tools anytime she found herself in a “food crisis.” Any time she was tempted to go off of her weight-loss program she would think about one of her Life Preservers, and use it as a motivator to fend off her craving. (It worked.)

What a bombshell your hubby left off about his retirement. It is hard enough to adjust a retirement without pulling that. Do you know what triggered his decision? I can’t believe that he didn’t discuss this with you first. That is a very big decision, especially considering the circumstances. I think you have every right to be upset. Just try not to let it consume you (I know, easier said than done). You are a good –make that GREAT – person! I would feel lost without e-mail too!!

Jen: Glad to hear that as long as you manage your BP and your rate is okay, that you’ll be okay. So your fit enough to run a marathon – going to take up that challenge? Sorry to hear about your grandfather. I’m also sorry to hear about your friend’s dad. That is so sad. How has the family been? I’m sure that you have been a big comfort to her. How is your mom fairing? $85 for “new” TV is a pretty darn good deal! :) How did your 3 mile HeartWalk go? I’m in a 10K (6.2mi) fun run for MS on April 21st. This is the second year I have gone in it – it is a lot of fun! I also want to go in a race for United Way next month. It is called the Rat Race. You run in the business district of Toronto and have to carry a briefcase. You are also to encourage to wear a costume. Guys will wear something like shorts and a dress shirt and tie. I was thinking about running it a skirt, blouse, and pearls. It is on a Thursday evening with a party afterwards. Only 2 weeks to study for your certification? :eek: Good luck! You’re a smart cookie – I’m sure you’ll do fine. Do you have any info on that diabetic plan that you can share? How much longer until school’s done? ENJOY YOUR PERSONAL DAY!!

Sally: Your Easter sounded nice (despite the rain). Wow what girls you have to choose to redo their room over the bunny! Great for mom too! I was able to have a pretty lean Easter as well – I had my wisdom teeth out on the Thursday before and wasn’t eating solids by that point. So Easter dinner for me was a can of Boost and some pureed squash. Although I have to admit that I did have some ice cream and some custard for dessert. Have you started your spring walking plan?

Jojo: Is there ever a quiet period at work? It always sounds so crazy. :eek: Who knew that sewers could cost so much!! Hopefully your nightmares are close to over. Imagine doing laundry in the comfort of your own home. Your ring sounds so beautiful. Good for you! Oh my god – what a scare with your hubby!!! How is he doing?

Carol: You are such an amazing teacher – so involved with your school and students. I bet you “Annie” will be a hit. Sorry to hear that hubby is being difficult. It is so good that you have so many interests of you own that you pursue. I’m just learning about important it is to have your own niche in life. While it is too bad that you did gain back 10 of the 15, look on the bright side. That is works out to a 5# loss. I’m sure you’ll get rolling again soon and be right back on track. What’s wrong with your foot?

Okay I better end it here before I write an entire novel! I won’t even attach a picture today!


04-11-2002, 08:57 AM
Good Morning~~Boy I had a bad day yesterday. I wanted to eat all day, but hung on by my toenails. I sure hope today is a little easier. Well I have good news and bad news. The bad news first...hubby is going back to the hospital today to have test run on one of his kidneys....Good news....He's out of organs to test!!!!!!:D I know I'm bad............My email is back up. It's been up and down for two days now.

Jen~~I love it when we go on daylight savings time. I like for it to say daylight until about 9 at night, I get more done. I hear you about the yard work, it's about to hit with a vengeance. Our yard needs the weeds mowed out right now. It's time for flowers and to spray the weeds out of the fence row, I could go on but I won't. I have to admit I like yard work, it's just that I have to leave something else to get it done. I'm still working on that bedroom. It is going so slow because of the hand painting of the border. It is going to be so pretty though. I have a shade problem here too. I put out Impatience, they bloom all summer as long as you keep them watered. I have a lot of hosta too. I have problems with hosta really looking bad when it gets really hot. I love to smell lilacs. I just can't have anymore flowers, it takes a lot of time to water them in the summer. My hubby thanks he's having problems....he's a bit of a hyper-con-dre-act.{How's that for spelling, spell check couldn't help me.:shrug: I thank he's trying to get everything repaired before he retires.:lol: Oh my, menopause, it comes at different times for different people. Ask your mom when hers started, thats a good indication as to when you will start too. Wonderful time by the way, your nerves all on the outside of you skin.
Tobey~~Thanks for all the info you posted yesterday. I'm hoping spring has arrived here too. Last night it stayed 60 degrees. Plants can't really grow well until the nights start staying 60 and above at night. We are getting fresh Asparagus from the garden now. Do you like it? We have so much of it we don't know what to do with it. I can it every year. He doesn't like it out of the freezer. I know you must have a good recipe for it, I could use a different way of fixing it. PLEASE My food plan works better for me than any I've ever had. If I could just get rid of the obsession to eat. I'm addicted I'm afraid. I've got back on the diet pop finally. I have to drink it for a few days before I really like it. I don't drank much of it, but it tastes good sometimes and helps me from eating something worse.

Well it's been a pleasure writing this morning but I need to run now. I'm thanking of doing a little sewing today. I'm out of cloths. Have a good one. I was going to attach a picture of last years Hosta for Jen, but at las I couldn't find it. I thank it's time to get rid of some of those gifs, I've to 2.10 megabytes in that file. I not only have to clean house, I have to clean puter and I thank it's time.

04-11-2002, 12:52 PM
Hello ladies. I'm up and at 'em this morning. Actually, I had a tanning appt so I had to drag my butt out of bed. But boy, it's a wonderful way to wake up! :cool: I noticed on my way in the house that my rhubarb is up about 3 inches! Yummy! I make crisp and upside down cake with it. I thought of another thing that I love in the summer, sun tea. I'm gonna be in heaven this year. Especially after I have my new deck built, which may be at the end of May, after school. Speaking of school, I can tell that I'm getting "senioritis". I really don't care or want to do anything. Almost done, almost done, almost done! I went shopping yesterday and picked up a couple of sweaters that were on clearance, they are elbow length sleeves, so I can still wear them. I also got some denim capris. Couldn't help myself. I may have to pick up a 4 hr shift tomorrow to pay for it! But at least I have the ability to work whenever I want to buy something extra.

Marlana- I'll get my menopause in my mid - 40's according to my mom. But her mom was almost 60! YIKES! I'm with you on staying light until 9pm. June is my favorite time of year. My weeds are growing too. Except I don't think my mower will work. I was going to mow my leaves last fall and it wouldn't start. My neighbor is pretty handy though. I'll have him take a look at it. At least your hubby goes to the doctor. Some men just ignore their problems until its too late. I call it "Y-chromosome disease".

Tobey- Glad to see that you're back. A rowing club? Wow. You are ambitious. I saw some people on the Mississippi the other day when I went in to work. Looked like a lot of hard work. But great for your upper body. I'm gonna have to get my life preserver ready. It was this time of year 3 yrs ago that I lost alot of weight and felt really good. Now I have to do it again. Marathon? Doubtful. But there is a 7 mile Bix run in July. Maybe. The Heartwalk was great. I wasn't able to run though. Too many people, and it was led by a truck to clear the street. I'm also in a MS Walk this Sunday. It's only a 5K though. The Rat Race sounds cute.

Oh, that diabetic plan that I follow is 4 veggies, 3 fruits, 6 protein, 5 starch, 2 dairy, and 4 fat exchanges. I think it works out to about 1400 cal. But I think today and tomorrow I'm gonna do only fruits and veggies to give me a jump start.

Gotta get going and get busy. Work is at 3pm today. Would like to about finish one of my papers today as well. UGH!

Jen :cool:

04-11-2002, 05:59 PM
Hey Everyone :wave:

I can't seem to make it in here every day lately. We had to go to town yesterday for groceries and decided to go give blood first. We had just enough time to get the groceries put away and take a quick shower before going to church. I guess it is better to be busy than be bored. :lol:

Marlana~Sugar, the red betta is the one that I bought for my friend as a housewarming gift. My breakfast bar has one whole side full of tanks and bowls. When I first started with the bettas, a couple of the tanks looked good sitting on that counter. Five of them just look crowded so I guess, one more won't make a difference. There are only two tanks that are shaped the same which helps the appearance a lot. The smallest is the vase that holds 1 1/3 gallons of water and the largest holds 2 1/2 gallons. It's too bad that I can't put all 5 bettas in that 20 gallon aquarium that my daughter gave me. I still haven't gotten around to doing anything with that yet. Maybe this summer I can find the time to mess with it. Sleeping as late as one wants is definitely a very good part of retirement. Staying up as late as you want goes along with that too. :D

Jen~I agree about your grandpa changing doctors. It has seemed like a long time since his original diagnosis and he still isn't being treated for it. That seems a little scary if he wants to fight the problem. I love lilacs but can't seem to get one to grow here. I don't think that it gets cold enough for them. My husband brought me some hostas back from Maryland two years ago. I am hoping to see it sprouting out soon. He also brought me some primrose that has just gone crazy here. I have it in two different places now and it is blooming like crazy. I can't get a good picture of it with the digital camera though. It turns out to bright and the flowers are just washed out of the picture. I'll keep trying on a cloudy day. I am happy for you to be getting down to the last of your schooling. You won't know what to do with yourself when it is over. :lol:

Tobey~The boys are doing just great and they loved the beach. They were also very good at my friends house that day. They visit people very well and are well behaved. I hope that your mom gets to use the stick soon. We know what it is like to live on a limited budget. :) I guess you will sure be glad to see some spring weather soon. I just love this time of year with everything so green and blooming. Our friends are going back to New York soon and life will get back to a calmer pace around here. Maybe then I can do better on controlling my food. That was a great article that you shared with us and I am going to try it. At this point, I need all the help that I can get. :shrug:

Now it is time to get my dogs brushed before I start dinner. Tonight is TV night for me. Y'all have a good evening.

04-11-2002, 06:26 PM
Hi everyone. I was posting yesterday and then lost my connection. I was to aggrivated to try again so I didn't get back on line. But here I am.

Dh is home from the hospital. He got out yesterday. They said he has asthma and the beginnings of emphysema so he's working on quitting which means I'll be working on quitting to. It will be so much easier on both of us to do it at the same time. Plus they are planning a 75 cents a pack tax increase so we won't be able to afford it anyway. Plus we can't justify it.

I feel like I haven't gotten a whole lot done at work this week. Too many interuptions. You know how you kinda plan things out for the work week, well, my plans arent working out.

I won't be able to post to everyone cause we have plans tonight but I will come in tomorrow and post to you all. I just wanted to let you know I'm still around. Take care everyone.

04-12-2002, 11:14 AM
Howdy all

I tried to get in yesterday but the forum was closed every time I tried :(

What a BEAUTIFUL morning here!!! I’m so happy that weather has turned around. It was so nice out yesterday too that I decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood at about 7:00 (I’m also so happy that it is still light out until past 8:00!). Even dh decided to join me. We were gone for close to an hour and didn’t even realize it! I’m also trying to convince dh that he wants to get out and play tennis with me this weekend.

Marlana: How did hubby’s tests go? That’s sounds kind of scary! Fresh asparagus – YUMMY!! Have you ever tried roasting or grilling it? Double yum! I do have different recipes that use it. What are you looking for? Besides grilling it, I like to use it in salads and in pasta. Let me know what you like and I’ll fire off a recipe or two. Don’t worry – you are in good company. I am totally a food addict as well. That’s why I have learned to cook low-fat, try to eat small portions, and run my A** off!

Jen: The thought of fresh rhubarb reminds me of being a kid (not that I’m really grown up now :lol: ) We use to break off a fresh stem and dunk it in sugar and then ate it. My mom was also great at baking with it. I don’t think I’ve had any in years!! I have to ask – what is “sun tea”? I love wear capris. Being a shorty – they are great because I can buy them at almost any store (not just shorty-stores) and I don’t have to worry about hemming them – which I would never get around to doing. I would love to get a denim pair. Don’t know if I have ever seen them in denim. I am looking forward to rowing. The funny thing is that I also thought it was all upper body. However, according to them it is all leg strength. Guess I’ll find out. Have fun at the MS walk. I know the one here is a real blast. Lots people, water, and healthy food!

Skeeter: I agree – this time of year is sooo beautiful. On our walk we noticed some really pretty green lawns and some flowers that are getting ready to bloom. The birds we also out in full force singing their songs. I think I have spring fever!!

Jojo: Glad to hear that hubby is home. :) Sorry to hear that he has asthma and the beginning of emphysema. :( Glad to hear that you will both be quitting!!! :D

Well that’s all for now. Back to work – TGIF!!


04-12-2002, 12:53 PM
Good morning ladies. Yesterday I did really well with the "fruit and veggie day". I may try to pull it off again today. It's very motivating to get through the day knowing that no matter how much I ate, it was all healthy and probably under my limit. The weather is dreary this morning, April showers I guess. It's supposed to clear up and get sunny this afternoon. I did sign up for an extra 7-11 shift tonight. It's the easiest one, I think. I get the whole day to myself and it keeps me off the couch and out of the kitchen in the evening! :D Plus, I earn money for a shopping spree!

Tobey- I love asparagus too. I like to steam it and sprinkle it with the cheese butter sprinkles. YUMMY! I am going to have to try it on the grill now. Sun tea is just what it is called. Tea made by the sun. I have a gallon glass container with a lid (made specifically for sun tea), and set it out in the sun for an afternoon. For some reason, I think it's better than brewed tea. I found the denim capris at a store called Kohls. But they are all over the place here. Rowing with your legs? Should be interesting to watch!!! :o

Jojo- Sorry about your hubby's health news. But quitting is probably the best thing you guys can do, regardless of emphysema or not. I recommend trident to keep your mouth busy and a pencil to keep your hands busy. When I quit 5 yrs ago, I never left home without either! I even drove holding the pencil to fool my brain!

Skeeter- You are soooo busy, always into something. You have bettas like I have cats. I thought 7 was alot, so I got another. What's one more when you're already full? I am just itching to get out into my yard and work. I went walking though a garden center the other day. They only had about 1/3 of the stuff in, but it was still so neat.

I suppose that is about it for today. I need to go to the nursing uniform website and get some new short sleeve scrub tops for the spring.

Happy and healthy,


04-12-2002, 09:28 PM
Hey Everyone :wave:

Surprise, I made it in two days in a row. :D Today wasn't too bad as I just concentrated on grooming my dogs. My friend that taught me how to groom them, came over and helped me get them done today. I am so glad to get that job done for another month or so. The oak trees are shedding some kind of little seed pods or something. Anyhow, my dogs hair is like Velcro with those things so they got very short haircuts today.

JoJo~I am glad to hear that your husband is home from the hospital. It seems that there sure are a lot of adults being diagnosed with asthma lately. Let's hope that he will find a good medicine to help him. My husband seems to agree with the first one that was prescribed for him. He has found the perfect time in the evenings to use his inhaler that mixes well with his Ambien and is sleeping about 6 hours each night. Good luck with the quitting :smoking: If it gets too tough, you might want to try the Nicotrol Inhalers for that. That is what I used when I quit two years ago.

Tobey~I also have spring fever since we got that little cool snap over a week ago. We got some rain yesterday and again this evening. We need it really bad, especially since this is supposed to be our dry month. I had two roses bloom today on my little tea rose bush. I don't do very well with roses so this is exciting for me. I still can't seem to get any decent pictures of my flowers with that little digital camera. Everything looks too bright and the color washes out even though I tried taking some with the thick clouds this evening. It might be time to read the instruction book. :lol:

Jen~I can't let myself stroll through the garden centers this time of year. They are just crammed full of every type of blooming flower and bush that you can think of and just drives me crazy. I have to force myself not to get too crazy planting flowers because the bugs are very plentiful here in these woods. I don't like to use pesticides too often so I hold down on the flowers. We also like sun tea here. Isn't it funny that it seems to taste better than brewed tea?

Y'all have a good evening. I am starting to yawn and feel the need for a nap. It's a terrible time to take a nap but it's too early to go to bed.

04-13-2002, 11:32 AM
Good Morning

I tried to post last night, twice in fact and got knocked off line both times. The first time I had quite a bit written and after the second time I gave up. I was having a pity part for myself last night so its probably best I didn't post. I was just feeling overwhelmed and a bit depressed. I'm somewhat better this morning except for a headache that I woke up with.

Tobey, I'm really glad to see you back again. Sounds like things are going pretty good now. It has been really nice here to. yesterday it got up to 75 and this weekend is supposed to be similar except for possibility of rain. I can handle a little rain tho. It was a dry winter so I think we could use some. I'm so looking forward to the trees getting their leaves. I just love the pretty colors of brand new leaves and the flowering trees. Spring is a happy time for me. I just feel better.

Jen, dh hasn't quit yet and neither have I but we will. He does sound a lot better with the two inhalers he is using. Plus he sounds like he is sleeping a lot better. Even his snoring isn't as loud which helps me sleep better to. Dh wants to try out nicotine patches so I'm going to check out prices for them this weekend. I've got one of those nicotine inhalers that really does work (I've tried it) if you let it. I was doing pretty good with it but then went back to the real thing I'm not sure I could do fruit and veggies all day. I'm such a carb addict but I read an article in Self Magazine and it has a plan for carb addicts that I'm going to look into more.

Skeeter, dh is talking about taking the dog and getting her hair cut some for the summer. She gets so hot. But I heard that their hair also insulates them from the heat and humidity as well as the cold. We had her cut when she was still a baby and she was so cute. Thats great your dh is getting decent sleep finally. Six hours must feel like heaven to him. I've got the nicotrol inhaler but it may be outdated. I'll have to check.

Well, I'm going to get off here before I get knocked off. Last night my monitor kept popping but so far everything seems ok with it. Take care everyone.

04-13-2002, 12:07 PM
Happy Saturday Morning!

It has been a pretty relaxing morning this morning. I have been up for 3 hours and I’m still in my PJ. :) That doesn’t happen very often. I’m in no hurry today – it is pretty gloomy outside (but still warm). The sun is supposed to show its head later today but I’m not too worried. I think dh and I are going to go to a matinee this afternoon – probably go see ET.

Jen: Did you order some nice scrubs for the spring? My mom has started making her own (I don’t have that talent!). She like buying funny prints and doing up ones for every holiday. She works in a seniors home and the residents get a big kick out of it. After all of that talk yesterday of fresh asparagus made me really crave it. I grilled some up for dinner last night and used the leftovers this morning in an egg white omelette. Yummy. I love the idea of sun tea!!! I asked around and no else here had ever heard of it as well. Is it expensive for a pot? I would love to see if I can mail-order one from the US for my mom. I am sure she would get the biggest kick out of it. I’ve heard of Kohls (and seen their commercials) but we don’t have any in Canada.

Skeeter: Roses out already?! How exciting. You will have to dig out that instruction book – I would love to see some pics. The lady who live next door to us has a real green thumb and can grow any type of flower. Her yard is sooo beautiful. Last year one was on the best years for her yard that she was giving away a lot of her flowers. In fact I came home one day last summer and thought that dh had gone out and bought me a huge bouquet from the florists. Turns out that our neighbour stopped by with that bouquet from her garden for me!! I bet the boys look and feel good with their new do’s.

Jojo: I’ve thrown a lot of pity parties for myself too! By Tuesday we are supposed have weather in the 70’s – I can’t wait. I don’t mind the rain right now either. It does make every thing so green and pretty. I also love the fresh smell it leaves behind. This time of year does seem to have such a positive effect on everyone’s spirits. Glad I don’t live at home any more. They still have snow where my mom lives! I hope your monitor doesn’t die on you. We had that happen to one of ours. But the good news was that it was actually still under warrantee!!! That never happens.

Well guess that’s about all for now. Enjoy your spring weekend!!


04-14-2002, 04:15 PM
Okay everyone must be have a much busier weekend than me! Hope you’re having fun!

Yesterday ended up be a real quiet day. The sun never did come out so dh and I spent most of the day lounging around. We only went out just to pick up a few things and to say we at least stepped out of the house that day. We didn’t even answer the phone. It was kind of nice.

Today is another grey day – so much for our sunny weekend! After church this morning, dh and I went a small jaunt. I ran and he bladed. It was fun and we ended up covering just over 5 miles. It is a good thing that we didn’t go any further as it started to rain when we were about a mile from home.

Oh well April showers brings May flowers!

See ya Monday!


04-15-2002, 09:35 AM
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