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07-15-2008, 01:34 PM
I've only been doing my exercise thing since the 1st and i'm already bored. I go to the gym almost everyday but im so tired of it already. And it doesnt help that i am exhausted when i get home and pass out and i've sleeping through my alarm every morning. but when i go to the gym i hate that the trainers in there are looking at you and as loud as they can be talk about how fat you are. I'm not paying 30 bucks a month to be insulted by someone who is being paid to be supportive to people who make their jobs possible.i'm obviously there to do something about my weight and don't need someone else critizing me. But on a brighter note, theres a whole food opening in my area which is 15 min away instead of the 30 min away from the other one. =)
Thanks for reading my ranting.

07-15-2008, 01:47 PM
Does your gym offer any classes, like spinning or weight training? It might be fun to take a class now and then to break the monotany. As for the trainers... the ones at my old gym used to be pretty aggressive too, but thankful those at my new gym leave you alone. I *HATE* aggressive/insulting trainers... I've literally had to tell them to leave me alone in the past. Ugh. If someone says something truly offensive to you, I would just tell them to leave you alone. If they won't, complain to the management.

07-15-2008, 01:54 PM
Meli - that's unfortunate that the trainers are behaving this way.
Sometimes I don't think personal trainers are trained in the area of social aptitude.
Remember it is your 30 dollars though.
I'm not a terribly confrontational person myself so I wouldn't be the one to say directly to the trainer that this is inappropriate, but I am a bit of a spineless tattletale and I would be inclined to speak to a manager and have that problem rectified.
There are also several other things you can do with your time to create an active lifestyle which is what will bring on the weight loss. The challenge can be finding out which activities you will enjoy and fit your budget.
Does your area have a leisure guide? You could check into that.
Ideas include: Swimming lessons, or just swimming laps, aquasize is supposed to be wonderful and they have all sorts of classes for that!
Rowing or kayaking? Hiking, Cycling, Badminton? - for cardiovascular
Tai chi, or some kind of yoga? - for more of a relaxing workout
I hope this is a bit of a help.

07-15-2008, 01:57 PM
Wait - that sounds as though I am calling people spineless tattletales and that's not how I mean it! Sorry KLK. I was trying to be funny and not insulting. Geez you'd think I was some kind of personal trainer. Lol

07-15-2008, 02:24 PM
Wait - that sounds as though I am calling people spineless tattletales and that's not how I mean it! Sorry KLK. I was trying to be funny and not insulting. Geez you'd think I was some kind of personal trainer. Lol

I laughed at it the first time :lol:

Meli, its so important to find activities that you can enjoy or you won't be able to stick with it - just like your eating plan.

I tried a PT but I got one who barely acknowledged me - her more *fit* clients were more important and she kept running over to correct someone else's position on a piece of equipment during what was supposed to be MY appointment (when I signed up, the gym assured me that they didn't double book PTs). That, and I was always so self conscious I spent more time *peeking* to see if I was really the most out of shape one there than I did focusing on my exercises so I ended up dropping my membership. I also get just bored to tears on a treadmill or eliptical - even tried reading but just couldn't keep from checking the timer. Made it really easy to come up with excuses not to do it.

Working out at home to DVDs turned out to be the answer for me. There are practically endless programs for everything from strength training to cardio (I even think I heard that Richard Simmons is re-releasing Sweatin' to the Oldies :D ) so I can change the routine any time I feel like I'm getting into a rut. I can pause it to make sure I'm getting into the correct position without disrupting a whole class of people who are more fit than I am, and best of all, I can throw my totally klutzy, ungraceful self around the room to dance DVD's without it being a big deal if I miss a step here and there. :)

A lot of libraries have exercise DVDs so you could try a few out for a few days each to see if there is one that really makes you feel good before you invest in your own copy.

07-15-2008, 02:29 PM
LOL! no offense taken at all. I'm usually not a very confrontational person either but in some cases, when you've just had enough, it needs to be done.

I was all "Look, I don't have money for this and I'm not interested. Thank you, but no." Nicely, but firmly. They backed off after that. No one ever was really INSULTING to me, but they would badger you and badger you ab signing up with them.

I saw this one trainer totally harass this poor girl one time though -- she was pretty overweight and she WAS using the weight machine incorrectly, but instead of being nice and helping her just so that she doesn't hurt herself, he was being SUCH an @sshole -- telling her she will never lose weight and get in shape bc she has no idea what she's doing, which is why she NEEDS him to help her. Surprisingly, she basically told him to kiss her @ss though, which was really great to see (a heavyset girl being confronted ab a weight issue who won't just 'eat' the abuse silently).

Wait - that sounds as though I am calling people spineless tattletales and that's not how I mean it! Sorry KLK. I was trying to be funny and not insulting. Geez you'd think I was some kind of personal trainer. Lol

07-15-2008, 05:36 PM
Exercise does ultimately give you MORE energy etc (it does honest I promise!). You say you go everyday; I realise a lot of people do this (I workout 5-6 times a week) but perhaps you could 'ease' yourself into it and work out every other day? Or go to the gym every other day but take a walk around your neighbourhood on the alternate days?

I'm not overly keen on the gym in the sense that I'm a clockwatcher so time goes slowwwwwwww. Have you thought of alternatives? Swimming, taking a class, running/jogging/walking/hiking, dvds at home, dancing around your lounge to music you enjoy, trampolining? Even going out for dancing with friends (altho obv alcohol/food would need to be considered/watched lol)

You say you're sleeping through your alarm - are you getting up earlier to workout in the morning? or in the evening? Perhaps mixing it up and switching the time that you workout may suit you more - some people do well in the AM, others can't stand it and do well in the PM.

As for the trainers - well stuff them! Seriously if they're going to act that way then that is THEIR problem. There are ways of saying things - the right way and the wrong way. I know there's that feeling of 'everyone is looking at me' in the gym (in general there seems to be but apologies if this doesn't apply to you) but seriously everyone is so busy doing their own thing they won't really notice you. If they do hear what the trainers are saying I'd bet more often than not they're thinking what arses they are! Politely/firmly make your point to them but if not comfortable then I'd definitely go the management. After all your monthly membership fee is paying their wage :)

Cuter w Curves
07-28-2008, 02:16 AM

Tell them to stuff it.

I let myself get intimidated and insulted by one of the trainers and the manager of the gym I use to go to. It is something I regret to this day because I paid for the next 5 months membership because of my contract and didn't make use of the gym. :(

Honestly though... Try switching it up as others suggested. It might work better for you.

07-28-2008, 03:39 AM
I'm with Cuter w Curves- tell them to stuff it. Your time is just as important as others... I had a problem with my one and ONLY p/t-- he was more into how strong I was than he was about my health. So, he challenged me to do heavier lifting, and then challenged me to keep up with his bulking workout- Yes I realize I am freakishly strong, but let's focus on my health- He would totally avoid me on the cardio and had me doing forty minutes on a treadmill........ of which I always died on LOL

You are paying WAY too much money to deal with people who are suppose to support you. Often trainers think tougher is better and to some it just simply isn't true. I personally have always liked being yelled at because when it burns, it makes me angry lol and I need something to focus my anger on.

I started boxing and love it- hehe I know I look silly hitting the bag but I found the guys at the boxing gym were MUCH more supportive. They weren't dealing with pretty lil things that needed to help shape their buns or drop ten pounds.... they're VERY serious about being in shape. I now do the workouts at home and enjoy it sooo very much.

Find something that works for you- ask a friend to go with, or if you think you'll be as motivated to work out at home..use the thirty bucks a month to buy some home stuff :)

But NEVER put up with rude people in the fitness industry- they have complexes.... no wonder the majority of rapists in the world are testosterone driven personal trainers and athletes... *wow that tastes strongly of bitterness LOL*

Why did they put you with a female personal trainer? Did you ask for one? Usually it's an opposite sex thing.

07-28-2008, 09:03 AM
I have limited experience with personal trainers, but I've never heard that about a trainer having to be the opposite sex. That's sure not the way it works at my gym.

I had one trainer who was very good--listened to my goals, gave me a basic routine to follow, made sure I knew what I was doing. And, I had one trainer who was terrible--pushed me too hard, had her own agenda, and then when I was out of breath told me I had to "listen to my body" more. I dumped that one.

Suggestions for the OP:
- Don't go every day. Give it a rest after 2 or 3 days.
- Don't overdo your workouts. People get the idea that they have to go from zero exercise to over-the-top immediately. Don't go for the high-level cardio, just keep your pulse in the "fat burning" zone. Don't go for an hour--30 or 40 minutes often does just as much.
- Vary the machines you use. If you use the elliptical one day, use the exercise bike the next. Of course it's boring if you're always doing the same thing.
- Be sure to drink water and have a protein snack half an hour before you exercise.


07-28-2008, 10:42 AM
Jay- nah, the opposite sex trainer isn't a requirement, every gym I've been to has been this way in my area- so it's more normal for me to see I guess., lol... it just tends to be easier on the client- women *at least this is DEFINITELY true in MY case* tend to compare themselves to the woman next to them- and having an uber fit perky woman telling me to do one more rep makes me want to shove a dough nut her mouth LOL :D

However, having a trainer of the opposite gender cuts down on the mental games we play, and most often you tend to pay more attention to what they're saying...and in turn... you pay more attention to what you're doing. I know thats a horrible stereotype- generalization but in most cases it seems to be true lol

In a way it's kind of like- do you feel comfortable having a female gynecologist? Or a male? Women tend to be harder on women, some women- *yeesh i fall into this category as well* tend to not have as much sympathy for another womans pain.... goes with the ignorant- if I can do it- i KNOW you can do it... isn't always right- but tends to be an issue.

07-28-2008, 12:02 PM
Well, that hasn't been my experience, bettyred. I prefer a female gynecologist, and I don't think I'm in competition with my trainer... But that's just me! :lol:

Reminds me of that joke: Going to a male gynecologist is like going to an auto mechanic who has never owned a car...

But we digress from the topic...


07-28-2008, 12:09 PM
Jay- That's so funny! had never heard the auto mechanic that never owned a car joke. LOL