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07-14-2008, 11:32 AM
I know that it is less that optimal to use supplements as meal replacements, but I find that I am running into trouble on certain weeks as I don't have time to plan and organize my lunch. When things get really busy at work and I am not really home (other than to sleep) my eating is affected greatly.

I think that using slim-fast as needed, but am not sure about the quality of it. I thought that you guys might have some ideas given trying to get quality protein into your diet. What would you recommend as the best replacement that isn't as full of junk?

I was also thinking of eating Lean Cuisine for lunch these weeks. What are your thoughts?


07-14-2008, 01:01 PM
My absolute favorite meal replacement is 'The Ultimate Meal'. It is a green shake and contains real foods, freeze dried and intact of their nutrients. I'm also fond of Vega, which is a meal replacement with hemp protein and comes in a couple different flavors. The chocolate is really good.

07-14-2008, 01:25 PM
Stay away from Slim Fast as a meal replacement. High carb, high sugar, low protein. Sure if you want to replace a typical junk food meal, then slim fast is a great option. Other than that, there are several better options depending on your tastes.

For example: Metabolic Drive Complete by Biotest, Lean Mass Complex by Prolab, Opticen by At Large Nutrition, and many others. Or you can go to a custom blend from places like True Protein or the Protein Factory that will let you choose the type of protein, type of carbs, and types of healthy fats to put in by your percentages and also allows you to choose the type of artificial sweetener or lack thereof.

You also don't have to choose an meal replacement product if you have easy access to a blender where you can add some fruit, oats, nuts, etc to some regular protein powder and make your own MRP. This is the route I normally take when looking for a meal replacement.

I'm not as down on Lean Cuisine as many. I don't personally eat them, but I don't condemn them and try to convince people who eat them that they have to stop. They are convenient and portion controlled and some are quite decent taste-wise. The thing is managing the sodium. But, typically, someone who is working out regularly can handle a bit more sodium. However, you have to judge this for yourself.