LA Weight Loss - Slim Fast June 2008 - Back on Track!

06-07-2008, 09:21 AM
Well...if you are a little's what happened....the forums were down all day yesterday due to a server issue and all June posts were lost....but 10 years worth of posts were saved...soooo good news and bad news. Yet...we are back up and

What are everyone's goals for the month of June? Mine are to lose 5lbs (get down to 168lbs) continue with my workout plan (including the addition of yoga and pilates) and to have a fun summer! :)

I've been doing well so far. Keeping on track with food and exercise - and having some fun (my forehead is sunburned right now as I type!).

The economy keeps getting worse and worse huh? the heck are you able to drive your rv around??? :) Gas prices are shooting up again, groceries prices are up....hours at my gym were cut back for summer (funny...they didn't cut back last summer!) they even reduced the number of classes being given this summer...the sucky part is that it's a small hometown type gym anyways (the only one in my town!) so it's not like anyone has an option....I actually know that someone started a fight over the reduced hours with one of the trainers this almost a fist fight! Crazy people in this world!

Well, I've got a busy day ahead of me - make it a good one ladies!
~Amanda :)

06-07-2008, 10:51 PM
WOW!! I didn't know anything about the crash until tonight! I would have been lost except for the fact that we were traveling for the last 3 days and staying in state parks that don't have internet!! Anyway, we are in PA. now and just got in last night about 6:00. They were showing all kinds of flooding in Indiana where we just traveled through the day before! So we timed that right! I got on the scales this morning and I'm down another pound this morning but won't make the change until my weigh in day on Friday. I did get out my walk away your waistline DVD this morning and I did the 3 miles! YAY!!!

The gas prices are really scary! And our truck is diesel which for some reason is about $1.00 a gallon more than gas right now!! But we figured we really needed to get back and see both our Dads.

Well, everyone have a great evening and I will try to check in tomorrow!

06-12-2008, 12:53 PM
I am so tired from a hectic week that just isn't over yet - still working hard at keeping on plan and working out - scale moved down a pound to 162 and we are hoping to be in the 150's before the end of the month - if that happens, I'll be ecstatic! Hope all is well with everyone - we are about to have a heallacious I'm outta here!

06-24-2008, 10:40 AM
Karen - hope you are having fun visiting with family and driving around our fair country!

I have exciting news - I purchased size 8 slacks yesterday from The Gap. I had no intention of doing so when I went to the mall. I actually went to the mall with the sole purpose of purchasing a couple of new bras and panties at Victorias Secret (I've found a fabulous bra that I love there, and it was on sale - 25% off for the first time they are still having Semi-Annual Sale, so I picked up some other cute items). Well, on my way out of the mall, I figured, hey - I need some new work clothes, I should pop into The Gap and see if they have anything good on sale. They didn't. But they did have a nice pair of black slacks and I figured I'd try on a size 10 - since I had purchased my first size 10 skirt a few weeks ago - but that was a skirt....and I find skirts will fit at a smaller size than pants.....well, the size 10 fit so well that I was curious enough to walk out, pick up a size 8 and try them on....well, lo and behold - they fit! Now...I still need to get about 5lbs off for them to be a perfect fit - cause they are a little bit too tight as of today - but I'm sure in a week or two I can be halfway to that. I was so excited that I didn't care that they weren't on sale and bought them anyways.

So...that's as exciting as my news gets - but size 8 is my goal size. I'm only 7lbs away from goal, so it's nice to see that I am squeezing in to that size already. Can't wait to post final goal photos once I get there - I'm so eager and want to do it now - but am waiting until I see 155lbs...that will be one exciting day!

Hope everyone else is doing well - would love to hear from you all more often!
~Amanda ;)

06-24-2008, 11:23 AM
Hello There! I thought that I would share a few pictures this morning. The first one is my Dad and I, then it is Sissy and me and then Ginger and me in my brothers pool in MO. We're still in MO. and will be leaving probably Friday to go to Enid, Oklahoma for a family reunion then be back home in Colorado on Monday.

WOW!! CONGRATS Amanda :carrot: a size 8!! That has to be exciting! I was excited to get into a size 14 before coming on vacation. So far I've been doing pretty good.. still bouncing between 153 and 156. I've just pretty much decided to not worry so much about for the rest of the trip (but not go overboard either) my Dad likes to go out for lunch everyday and then we have the reunion so just decided to enjoy the rest of the trip without worrying so much about it. Gosh, there is only 7 days left to this trip anyway!

Well, guess I'd better get ready to attack this day. Hope everyone comes back that was here before---- may have to go and recruit some more!! ;)

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

06-25-2008, 12:29 PM
Hey Karen - sounds and looks like you are truly enjoying your Summer Vacation! Your pups are gorgeous! :) I'm with you on enjoying your vacation and not worrying too much about how you are doing on your diet - it's easy enough to fix - especially since we have now learned better habits and behaviors - we just don't go overboard like we used to!

I just went shopping on - they have such great deals there - I found a king size down comforter that got 4.6 out of 5 stars for reviews for only $39.99 - yes, I know - why do I need a down comforter in FL? Well I just plain love them! They are just so comfy - I've had them in the past but my b/f basically got rid of them because he didn't like them - well I told him that after 3-4 years of living without them, that he better get them back to me in order for me to be in a better mood! Haha! He caved really quickly and told me I could feather up our bed again!

Well, I've got to get back to work! Have a good one!