South Beach Diet - phase 1 portions??

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03-15-2008, 05:12 PM
Ok I saw the list of food we can and cant have in phase 1, but how much of the foods can we eat?? for example if I want a ceasar salad with chicken for lunch, how much of it can I eat, and tonight for dinner Im having top sirloin, so how much of it can I eat??

Is there a limit, or if I want to eat 3 steaks (not like I could) can I???


03-15-2008, 05:23 PM
have you read the book? the book is really helpful in understanding all this.

technically ONLY veggies and water are unlimited. you should start with 3 oz of protein and if you are still hungry after protein and veggies and more veggies then have more.

for me in phase 1 when i was hungry i ate cheese sticks and hard boiled eggs... so i went over... but i was worried about busting the cravings...