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01-15-2002, 09:01 AM
Welcome to a thread full of humor,encouragement, friendship and fellowship as we share the ups and downs of raising a family and losing weight! We welcome all new friends and out returning friends too!!!

Be sure to go back to check out thread # 26 to check up on what has been going on in everyone's lives and our newcomers.

01-15-2002, 09:05 AM
Good morning!
Well, I am totally confused. Yesterday I started thread #27- and it appears to be lost. Guess that with the site going down for maintenance, they lost it. So if somehow, the thread I started yesterday shows up.......... aw well it will not be the first taiem in my life that I am confused:dizzy: !!!!:lol: I am, afterall, a mom.

Yesterday was not such a great day, staying "op". I did, however get a great walk in- 50 minutes. Got up this morning at 5:20 to get a quick walk in, ouch that loss of even only a half an hour of sleep hurts!
Gotta go- I have a busy day ahead of me.
Hope to check in again later.
Have a great day!

01-15-2002, 04:27 PM
I just saw this thread going!! I am still posting in 26! So my last post was there. Please read it. It's to long to re-post here. But I'll post here now. Ginny you usually warn us when you are about to start a new one. I guess i missed that too! :) But here I am now. But please everyone read my post in 26.

01-15-2002, 11:10 PM
Oh!, Silly Me!!

Sorry gals, by accident.....I posted in #26. I was just going to read the posts there & then "post" in #27. Thanks Spryng for noticing my BOO BOO!! I was trying to move it over here using the quote, but I guess I'm not that talented! :dizzy: I guess you'll have to read #26 again, sorry!! Spryng: FYI: I'm trying to follow the WW program on my own. I have a Slim Fast for breakfast, a WW frozen dinner for lunch/or watch my points & then have a well-balanced meal @ dinnertime, following my points range.
Also, I try & follow a disciplined exercise/aerobic program too! I sure hope that I can stick with it! Well, it's time for us all to go to bed @ my house, so Good Night! :yawn:

**Jackie** :wave:

01-16-2002, 12:39 AM
Well good evening everyone!
Gosh - something wierd is happening with my posts, I type them and they seem to appear but the next day when I go back they are not there!
Hopefully this one goes through!
Exercised today at the Y - it felt like it had been a long time (since last thurs.)
I am trying to really drink that water, Seems to be working - but right now I have a lot to drink and I wanna go to bed!!! If i drink it all, I will be up all night! haha
My good news today is that I got on the scale and I weighed 217 (started at 220) soooooooo I now feel a little more encouraged!! My sister is dieting too and she lost 7lbs. this week - the weight really does come off!! Sounds silly but when you have as much to loose as I do it seem so hopeless, I was really glad to see that it is working.
Well hope everyone is having a good day! Hope this post goes through!

01-16-2002, 11:20 AM
Good morning everyone! My scale is moving again therefore I wasn't in a stall after all. Maybe my body was just holding on for dear life!! :) But needless to say I lost another lb. I'm 136 now. I have three days to lose one more and then I hit my first mini goal. I sat down and wrote them out yesterday. here's my goal's:
1. 135 by Jan 19
2. 130 by Feb 14
3. 125 by Mar 5 (125 is my ulimate goal weight)
4. Extra goal depending on how I look at 125. To be 120 by April 10
5. Final Goal -----Maintain-----
When I put it in writing it seemed so much clearer to me. I can actually be at my goal before spring gets here!! That's a wonderful thought. But I'll take it one step at a time and adjust as I see nessasary. But I'm glad I'm not in a stall. I was worried.
CDM congrats on your three lbs loss!! That's so great! :) What diet did you say you were doing?
And I also want to congrat you girls who are exercising!! I really need to find a program or a gym I like and tone my poor body. You girls are helping me stay motivated!!!
Well the day has just started and I'm excited to get my metabolism going so I'm off to make breakfast. Talk to you girls later! :)

01-16-2002, 12:22 PM
Good morning!!!!!!
First of all- to Spryng, Cdm and Jackie- this site (Suzanne, on of the 3FC sisters, whose house contains the server for this) went down twice in as many days (she has left an announcement on the main page regarding that). Many posts were lost, as was the original SAHM's #27, that I started 2 days ago. I guess that I got lazy- because I saw that many posts were not getting thru, and toward the end did not want to leave long posts until I knew that the site was back to normal. So, somewhere in that mess, I did post that I was beginning a new thread. That was among the posts that were lost. :( Sorry. As it is, I am still not recieving email notification of a new post (wonder if that will resume). But the site is back and that is great!:) I felt naked without the ability to post.
Spryng and Cdm- congrats on losing weight!!!!!!!!!:) Spryng, I know from a lot of dieting that plateaus can be hit, where the weight just hangs on for some reason. I know too that if you really deprive yourself of calories, the body goes into a protect mode of metabolism and does not burn calories as quickly. It is some sort of defense mechanism to avoid starvation. (great news for us dieters, eh?;) ). I think the cut off for that is 1000 calories (which is one of the reasons why most diets have you at or over 1000 calories). So, I guess it is good that you are loosening up with your eating a bit. You are getting so close to your goal weight- and that is exciting!!!! I am roughly the same height as you- and well 120 is a dream- so is 125. I will have to settle for 130 as reasonable (heck, I still have almost 30 pounds to go, who am I kidding!!:lol: ) Go for it, you are doing great!!!!
Oh, as far as" plateauing"goes (is that a word???)- I know that weight watchers recommends bumping up your excercise a bit.
I forget where you live, is walking a possibility? Put the kids in a stroller- or wait until Dh is home and get those shoes on. Just a half an hour walk, 3 times a week can make a big difference! And it is free!
Cdm! Keep up the good work!!!! Look ahead to your next goal weight! Won't it be great when you break thru to under 210! (I get inspired by going down to the next "decade" of weights). You are doing fine- getting it all together. Just think of where you were a few weeks ago- no water, no diet, no excercise. The pieces are coming together. Hang in there.

Jackie- How are you!!!!!!! I was starting to worry about you, as we had not heard from you for a while. Are you back at the Y yet? You are plenty talented,kiddo- you use that bold printing which I figured out once and forgot and now am just too lazy to figure out again.
I will go back and catch up with the posts from #26 that were left there, so forgive me for not being up to date.

I got my walk in this morning and am off to a great start with my eating. Yesterday I did ok- a few slip ups but I compensated with a great dinner. Weighed in this morning..........drum roll.......
158.5# (lost 1/2 pound, woopee!:lol: ). But considering that it is PMS week and I am holding water I am happy. It feels good to be back on program again.
Gotta go..... Have a great day!

01-16-2002, 12:34 PM
Ok, so I did the bright thing and read the end of thread #26.
Glad that you are back at the Y Jackie. I know how you like to work out! Go for it- the weight will come off!:)

Spryng- how are things with your mom going? Did you have to spend a lot of money on the dress? Just think- if it really looks like a princess dress, maybe it can be used for play dress up time!
You will look great in it anyway- and your attitude is good about making the day nice for your friend.
Gotta go (for real this time). Drink that water!

01-16-2002, 04:39 PM
Good Day,All!

I didn't get a chance to go to the "Y" today. I'll try & go tomorrow, Friday or Saturday. I'll try & get 3 days worth of weight training in this week, as I think that will be enough for starts. Ginny: I'm suffering from PMS myself & that would be great if I'd lose some weight after weighing in on Monday. I can't wait 'til next week! I also goofed up my meds again, so I'm in my "blue" moods again! :eek: I'm trying to snap out of them, but it's hard. My messy house & my demanding DH doesn't help me much. I didn't sleep too well last night, so....I decided the heck with housework & went back to bed for 3 hours this a.m. It felt good! I guess an hour on the recumbent bike & a long......hot shower w/b good medicine too, wouldn't it? Spryng: The description of your dress reminds me of the one I had to wear 5 years ago when I stood up in my friends wedding. Mine did have an empire waist, but it was so, so, full on the bottom with a hoop slip that I wore underneath. I felt like One Big Ding-A-Ling! (Either that or the Liberty Bell!) To top things off, I'm 5'4" & weighed l60# at that time. Well, I ended up getting an all-in-one bodice girdle, suffered for most of the night, but guess what? I got a lot of compliments! I decided to have a salon do my hair, the bride is a Jafra make-up consultant & did my face & with the extra under garments to enhance my figure, I pulled it off! My DH stood up with me in the wedding & he kept telling everyone that I was the most beautiful bridesmaid/matron in the wedding party! He kept saying: "Look at her, isn't she beautiful!" (I sure wish that he would say that to me now!) The dress is still hanging in my closet, but not for long. I'm planning on making a princess dress for my dd & a matching one for her American Girl doll. If I have material left over, I might make another doll dress for my friend, who's wedding I stood up in. I guess you will be a knock out @ 130-135#! What do you have to worry about? You're 25-30# lighter than I was & you will probably definitely look like a princess, just have a great time & feel "special" & it will all fall into place & you'll have a great time! CDM: Your post sounded so similar to mine that I thought that I was reading my own! Congratulations on the 3# loss! Lucky you! You go girl! :spin: It looks as though you are on the right path. I know as soon as I can see a loss, it gives me so much more incentive to keep on going! Go for it!! Well gals, it's that time of day again to go pick up dd from school. Until later, take care!

:wave: **Jackie**

01-16-2002, 05:04 PM
Hi again!! I'm glad this thread is finally normal again. It's good to see everyone posting and actually having their posts appear!! I haven't had any problems with it and I still get my email notifications. But hopefully everyone else does too.
Jackie you are so right about what you said to me. I have fought hard to lose these lbs and I'm going to look good in that wedding even though the dress may look ridiculous! My happiness will shine through. I'm very happy for my friend and I'm sure I'll be crying happy tears all day for them.
Ginny Things with my mom are getting better. I don't know if I mentioned that she owes me money. but that was one of the problems. I went over there today to ask for it because things are tight around here and she started talking about filing for bancruptcy!! So I didn't feel it was appropriate to ask for it. Obviously she didn't have it. Any advice for this type of situation??? I didn't spend alot of money on the dress. I only had to buy the pattern and some material. So I got out cheap. Which is good seeing how I would never wear it again. I don't sew well so I don't think I could make it into anything else. But that's ok. Actually I may take apart the skirt and make some throw pillows. That would be really nice. I love lots of pillows.
Well anyway. Things are good here. My day is going well. I had low-fat toast for breakfast with fat free butter and some left over lasagna for lunch. So I'm good until dinner. Still drinking that water and hoping I lose one more lb before saturday. But if not that's ok. The dress fits great so as long as I don't gain it will be fine.
Hope you girls have a great night!!

Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels

01-16-2002, 09:59 PM
Caught up with you all once again. Ginny don't feel responsible for the 3FC going down.... we'll all get here sooner or later;) Some of us just later:dizzy:

Spryng; sound's like you're on the home strech, and I'm so excited for you. Can't wait to here all about the wedding.

CDM; we'll just take those little baby steps, one pound at a time, I'm 5'11" and weigh in at 225. I only weigh once a week, and Saturday is the day. I'm anxious to see how much (if any has come off). Patience is the name of the game. I have such an aray of clothing sizes in my closet, It's fun to think that they'll see the light of day one by one.

Jackie; I'm just trying to picture a ding-a-ling dress. Isn't it amazing what we'll where for friends. You think there's a sadistic thought that runs thru' their minds when they dress us up in pastel, frilly dresses that we wouldn't be caught dead in normally, that's called friendship.

Still on program, trying hard to keep the calories up, so that I won't fall into starvation mode. Seems like I'm just not hungry (wait is that me saying that?) when I eat protein. Yikes, that's a change.

I'm heading over the mountain on Friday to see my brother, it's been 6 months, and I've gained 25 pounds since seeing him last, just a bit nervous about it, hope that he'll be nice and keep all comments to himself. He's a great guy, and I know he'll be supportive (NOT:lol: )

I'll try to keep more abreast on where we are when it comes to postings.... see you girls:wave: :wave:

01-17-2002, 01:03 AM
Well another day has gone by, I did pretty well today. We had pizza for dinner and I only had two pieces - such a change for me!! There was a time when I could eat 1/2 of the pizza (hubby and I would split it) WOW no question how I got to weight 220!! Felt good to pass on the 2nd helping, when the dishes are put away and the meal is over I didnt feel any worse or any more hungery. Just got to get through the meal with one serving.
Spryng, you must feel so great to be that close to your goal weight! I have a wedding next fall (my brothers 2nd marriage) and I too will have to wear a bridesmaid dress -- UGH!! Guess its part of being a women. haha. His girlsfriend is thin, always has been and I have a feeling she is going to pick a "thin" dress - thats all I need to keep me on track with my dieting!
As far as what kind of diet I am on - I am trying to watch my portions - stay with low fat choices, drink my water and exercise twice a week. I would love to exercise more but thats all I can fit in right now. I did shovel today - it was a good work out, such heavy snow. Tomorrow would normally be my exercise day at the Y but I can not go tomorrow, Hubby and I are going to apply for our mortgage - STRESS. I will be glad when this move is behind us. Hate to give up the exercise but I just can't be so many places at once. Maybe I will go Friday night.
Thank you guys for your great support, so nice to hear other women with the same battles as I have with weight.
Have a wonderful evening!

01-17-2002, 10:57 AM
Good morning!
I am going to be lazy this morning and just say hello. I am glad that this site is back, or at least appears to be for now. Is anyone getting email notifications that someone has answered the thread? I am still not, but it is not so tough just to check in here.
The kiddies had a 2 hour delay today (light snow) which means that the little one (Dd) has no kindergarten. With me being in PMS mode and for some reason not sleeping that well, I could have used a break this morning:dizzy: ). Oh well, it was not to be.
Jackie- I too am trying to figure out a ding-a-ling dress, but you made me laugh on a day when I am too pooped to pop! I'll try to get back on later, when hopefully I have a bit more energy and will respond to each of you!

01-17-2002, 12:17 PM
hello everyone and good morning!!
Yesterday was another good diet day for me. I ended the day at 890 calories anf felt really good about it. The wedding is saturday so sunday my DH wants to reward me for all my hard work and trying to get through this stress by taking me out to eat at Red Lobster. They are doing their all you can eat shrimp right now!! Which sounds really great except I've gone an entire week without overeating which means if I overeat that night I may make myself sick. I don't want that. So I may not get the all you can eat after all. Maybe just some shrimp pasta and a diet coke. We'll see. I'm excited about going though. We haven't had a night out alone in such a long time. And it will be a great way for me to unwind after all this wedding fiasco. Then monday morning I'm right back to dieting and wroking on my last few goals. I'm so excited about it. Just thinking about being 125 by march is so ... well... exciting!! I can't think of another word. Bathing suir season is almost here and I can't wait to buy a new one this year.
ginny yes I still get email notifications but sometimes I get them after I post instead of when one of the others post. So I'm adjusting to that. I feel bad for you today. I know how pms can affect us women. During that week or so we need our space and our bed!! :) Hopefully tomorrow you can sleep in and rest up.
CDM That is so great that you passed up that pizza!! Pizza is one of the more difficult things for me to pass up too. Have you tried the healthy choice pizza?? It is delicious. I try to have a few in the freezer so when my Dh orders pizza I can have a tasty low-fat low cal version waiting for me. And I heat up only one so that when it's gone, it's gone and I won't be tempted to eat another. DH has no problem finishing a large pizza by himself!!
With that wedding comeing up for your brother next fall that should keep you motivated. that's what really got me going was knowing my BF was getting married and that I would look horrible if I stayed over weight. She's a size 2!! All the rest of the bridal party is thin. I'm still the largest one in the bunch at a size 10. But that's ok. I'm the matron of honor. They aren't (lol):p
Don't worry so much about not getting in your exercise. Packing up a house and moving is alot of exercise!! You go when you are ready to. Those treadmills aren't going anywhere! :)
skimom if you are on atkins you won't fall into a starvation mode with it. Just keep your carbs around 20-30 (depending on how well you lose at those numbers) and you don't have to worry about calories. By the way, how many carbs do you take in a day?? When I was on atkins I would consume around 20 but most days I maybe had 10-12. But I ate alot. I always had meat lying around to munch on and devilled eggs and such. Did you check that site out yet? It's very informative. You don't feel hungary because you are in ketosis. And that's a great place to be. It stifles hunger pains and burns your fat stores. Do you have the book? So if you are not hungary you are doing it the right way. :) Keep up the good work!!
Well, I need to get off here. Got a kitchen to attack this morning. I'll check in again later!! have a great day!! :)

01-17-2002, 03:51 PM
Good afternoon, everyone,

Well, I am shamefully behind on everyone and everything. Sorry. My drugs don't seem to be working as well as usual, and I've spent wayyyyy too much time going back to sleep as soon as everyone leaves. But that may have a lot to do with the dark, cold, cloudy weather. My Dr. warned me about that. Needless to say, I've also done a poor job of watching what I eat and haven't been drinking enough water. :(
I will probably have to force myself to leave the house and do something if I will have any progress. I'm really terrible about staying in, even though I can go any time I want to. I'm going to check out some gyms tonight. Its a little expensive, but one of the few perks of my hubby's job is a full reimbursement for a family membership to a health club. I just have to find one where I feel comfortable enough to go on a regular basis.
I do want to take a moment and say a big congrats to all you ladies who have worked hard to lose those pounds. WAY TO GO!!!!!! You're my inspiration to keep trying.
As much as I'd like to stay here a little longer, I gotta go make it look like I did something today besides sleep. :D
Have a great day!!!!

starting weight-210
current weight-207
first mini-goal-200
ultimate goal-150

01-17-2002, 08:30 PM
)Good evening!
Spryng- gotta love that Dh for wanting to treat you that well!
You have worked hard for this (oh, that 125 does sound good!).
Enjoy it. And we look foward to continuing with you next week too!:)
Holymoly- forgive me, what meds are you on? Sounds like you also have SAD (seasonally something disorder) and I know that is a tough one to deal with. Dh suffers from it (and despite my PMS, I was easy and cheerful at dinner~ He was the bear!!!!!!!:( )
I just recently heard that one strategy for dealing with SAD was to get out for a half hour of daylight (even if it is cloudy) in the morning, to set your biological clock. They claimed that that was a big contributor in dealing with it. My sister has SAD and claims that one of those sun lamps help a bit. You might want to ask your doctor about that.

Well, as I said, Dh is in a monster of a mood. I came online to say hello and destress a bit (and, forgive me, get away from him!). My eating fell apart a wee bit- and for today I do not care too much. I had a nice day with Dd home- we did some crafts and played games, a really easy going day. Got some housework done (the place looked good when Dh got home). I wish I had gotten a nap in, but thems the breaks!!!!!
Gotta go before the quiet ends. Have a great evening.

01-17-2002, 08:32 PM
Oh, golly...........me the big blabber mouth just pushed this thread to the second page!!!! I will fix that tomorrow morning so I do not confuse everyone totally! (being that most of us just got back after the server being down)

01-18-2002, 01:28 AM
Hi everyone!!
I think I have figured out something new - Eating out is a big no/no. Everytime my hubby is home and we eat out I do just terrible on my dieting, I do much better just preparing and eating my own meals at home. However I will prob. loose 10 lbs. just running back and forth to my babies room tonight (haha)!!
She has a really bad cold/ear infection/cough/congestion and she is only 6 months old - so scarey for me just cant sleep and everytime I hear her cough I have to go check her! Sick kids scare me, and I am home alone (hubby-3rd shift) so I have no one to help much. I will be glad when this passes. Anyway my eating was pretty bad today we had subs for lunch and I picked one off the 7 grams of fat or less menu but I am sure they have to be talking about the small and I got the medium (old habits-hard to break!) but ya know after I ate half (prob. what would be a small) I could have stopped there but oh no had to eat it all!!!!! Well - I hope to do better tomorrow!! We are going to be doing alot of eating at home in the next few weeks!!!
Spryng have a great time at the wedding and enjoy Red Lobster (one of my favorites!) sounds like you have worked so hard to get to this point now its time to enjoy the rewards!! Have Fun!
Holymoly what a great benefit from your hubbys employer - I hope you find a nice place to go and take advantage of it!! I know its hard to find a health club that you feel comfortable at. I have that search ahead of me in the next few weeks. I have just loved our local Y but with us moving I will have to go someplace new and not so "safe" so to speak! I remember when I started at the Y fealing so scared and nervous to go in - but that passes you just have to "go for it" Good Luck.
talk to you soon.

01-18-2002, 10:29 AM
Good morning everyone! I decided to get up early this morning and post because I will be busy getting ready for the rehearsal dinner all day and then I'm sure I probably won't get a chance to post tomorrow. So here I am! :) My final weigh in is.....136. One lb shy of my goal for the wedding but I'm happy with it. Monday I will start on my new goal of 130. I went out and bought some eyeliner last night and I could not beleive how much it costs!! I guess I haven't bought eyeliner in years. One little pencil costs 3 dollars!! heaven forbid you want a nice one. So I had to splurge on eyeliner and water proof mascara and press on nails. I was going to have my nails done (acrylic) but I'm getting a guitar for my anniversary this spring so I don't need nails. I figure press on nails will work for the wedding and then I can just take them off after it's over. And be normal again. I can't grow my nails for anything. But press on nails have come a long way! They have many that look natural and actually stay on!! Imagine that!! :) Well anyway. I guess I'm ready for the wedding now. I have everything I need. Now I just hope everyone else is too.
Yesterday I did good. I ended my day at 1010 calories. (I had taco bell for dinner) Today I'll probably eat light all day so I can splurge a little at the rehearsal dinner.
So sorry to hear about your baby being sick CDM. I'm glad I never went thorugh that. My kids hardly ever get sick. And they never got sick while under the age of one. I still don't know why. But I can imagine how worried you are. Is she better today? With your DH working 3rd shift you really don't get much sleep when that happens do you? You are probably wiped out this morning. Well rest up and nap when she does and you'll feel better too. I was the same way with eating out. So don't feel bad. I could never pick something off the "light" menu, no I had to have the most calorie laden dish they made!! :) But we don't eat out much anymore. And if we do it's usually fast food in which lately I have no problem turning down or eating something small. You'll eventually do the same. I think after a while you'll get tired of ruining your progress and realize their is no point when you can still have all that great food just smaller portions of it. But don't worry about. You always have today to get it right or tomorrow or whatever you are ready for. Dieting is a lifetime habit for us women so we have a lifetime to get it right. :) Just stick in there! :)
Well, I need to get off here. I guess I won't hear from you guys until monday probably. I feel like I'm leaving or something. But I'll post as soon as all this stuff is overwith and I can breathe again!! Have a great weekend all and happy eating!! :D

01-20-2002, 10:53 AM
Hello everyone!! I'm back!! :) I have some good news. The morning of the wedding (jan 19th) I weighed in at 135!!! So I hit my goal after all!! The wedding was beautiful. I was worried about it all morning but it turned out to be beautiful. My dress fit perfectly and i got alot of compliments! :) I guess it didn't look like a costume after all. I actually looked like a princess and felt like on before the night was over. The ceremony was short (about 25 minutes) and the reception was alot of fun. Even though i had allowed myself to eat as much as I wanted i still didn't go over 1000 calories for the day. I think I was still too emotional to do that. I didn't get cake. the kids were ready to go as soon as the cake was cut. but we stayed for the dancing and DH had them play our song to dance with me and then the bride and groom was going around the room telling everyone goodbye so we gave them our best wishes and left ourselves. It had been such a long day. I felt like I was working again. I did almost everyone's hair for the wedding. So my back and legs were killing me by the time the wedding actually started so needless to say when I got home last night my DH gave me a wonderful massage and some wine and then I was out cold for the night. And this morning I just feel so tired still. Maybe it was all the stress I felt before this wedding. But anyway. Everything has gone well the past few days. Even though I have allowed myself to "cheat" I still haven't. Not even at the rehearsal dinner. So that's how I hit my goal the morning of the wedding. Tonight DH is taking me out for dinner and then tomorrow I'm starting on my second goal to be 130 by Feb 14.
I just wanted to check in and see how everyone elses weekend is going and tell you all about the wedding. It was beautiful. When I get some pictures back I may try to put a couple on here so you girls can see what I wore and the brides dress. Which was magnificent. Very fairytale like but it suited her perfectly.
Is there a sahm 28 yet? Because I was the last one to post here and that was friday which makes me wonder if another thread was started and I just missed it. Let me know Ginny!! :)
Have a great day!!

01-20-2002, 05:53 PM
Hey girls! I can't believe what I had to go through to get back. It was awful, and I missed you all so much! I guess I got lost in all the mix up. Well, I'm on now. Sounds like everyone is doing great! I'm so glad to hear it. I've been doing ok. Under some stress and did alittle stress eatting but it's all over now. Things here are trying to get back to normal. I gained 4 pounds while I was gone so my current weight is 133 lbs. I really need to work hard, fit day says I need to lose a pound a week to meet my first goal which is 125 by March. It shouldn't be to difficult if I stop binging. :( Anyhow we have been snowed in since yesterday. Everyone is getting cabin fever. It's getting hard to keep these lil ones occupied! Gosh I can't believe how mch I missd ya all! Does anyone know a site that helps you find calories on things like fast food and all? well its good to be back.

01-20-2002, 07:37 PM
Hi everyone!
Spryng, Sounds like you had a great time at the wedding - glad all your hard work payed off! Sounds like you have a nice hubby - sounds very supportive too!
Welcome back MistiM! I dont know of any such web site for the calories - but the internet is so new to me (since Dec.) I would love to know of one too, I write down all the food I eat and I try to write the Cal. and Fat grams but it gets hard with food thats from Resturants. I dont think they want you to know how much your eating! ha ha
Well I will be glad to have hubby back to work - I think he must want me to weigh a 1000 lbs!! All he wants to do is eat eat eat! I think me being on a diet is hard for him - I was always his eating partner so to speak and now I am trying to not make food my "entertainment" but that ruins it for him! It will be so nice to have winter over so that we can keep busy riding bikes or taking the kids on walks. I dont know about you girls but I am about sick of winter now!
I got lots of exercise yesterday, we moved all of our stuff out of our basement and into the garage (getting ready for the move on the 31st) lots of lifting and walking stairs - prob. is I didnt do so good on my eating. I need to stop cheating just cause hubby is wanting to get carry outs etc. I guess its easy to keep blaming him - its my own fault.
Well hope everyone had a good weekend, gotta save hubby from the baby - she is still sick and so crabby & fussy!

01-20-2002, 11:16 PM
:lol: Hi girls! I've had a world of trouble tonight with this thread. I can't figure it out. Anyhow This is Misti. You'll see me as your lilbtofsunshine from here on:^: sorry about the confusion. It would take me hours to explain what happened. Well I had a very good day. My calories at the end of the day were 600. Wow, I know. But I ate really well all day. Believe it or not. For breakfast I had a bowl of oats with blueberries, lunch was egg noodles with tuna and mushrooms and some mixed vegi's, and dinner was pinto beans brown rice and cooked carrots. I snacked on some popped corn and had a cup of low fat yougart. I couldn't beieve it myself it only added up to 600. I really ate small portions though. It was really what my body needed after all the over eatting I have done. So I hope this means I am back on track if I could just stay there and not let the stress get to me so bad. I'm so excited for you Spryng, it sounds like the wedding was a great time and with you meeting your first goal I bet you really felt great! Thanks for the welcome back cmd1974! I'll keep looking for a site and if I find one I'll post it. Well I need to email my sis and tell her nighty nite . I look forward to reading your posts tomorrow.

01-21-2002, 11:12 AM
Good morning everyone! I'm so glad to see you back misti!!
Yesterday was a good day for me but a bad diet day. As you know my DH rewarded me for all my hard work and took me out to have all you can eat at Red Lobster. And I ate all I could!! :) But I'm ok with it. I didn't gain from it. Thankfully. ;) But we really needed the one on one time together. My little sister babysat the kids for about 5 hours while my DH and I had lunch then went window shopping at the mall and played some pool. It was so much fun. But today I'm back into the diet mode. I'm working on my second goal now. I think that if I work hard again like I did before the wedding then I can get this 5 lb goal off before feb 14 and then just start on my 3rd goal. I guess I'm getting excited about bathing suit season coming up. I want to be at my goal April so that I can get a cute suit for this summer. Other than that. Everything is the same here.
Misti- 600 calories always sounds low but that's a normal day for me too. And I feel full and i actually eat three meals plus a snack usually. So I understand where you are coming from. Plus if you stay at that number for any amount of time your stomach will shrink and you will feel full after 600 calories plus 8 glasses of water. This site has listed some popular fast food resturants nutritional guide. Have you checked it out?? I use it all the time. I know by heart now what I can have at taco bell and not ruin my diet. :) It's good information to know.
cdm- yes, my DH is suppoortive of me. But he hasn't always been when it came to me dieting. he hates the fact that I deprive myself of my favorite foods. When I was on atkins he sabotaged it every chance he got by bringing home take out and pizza. Some of my favorite foods. He really despised that diet. But I still managed somehow to lose 20 lbs fast. But this low cal diet he loves. He knows that we can eat anywhere and I can have anything on the menu but just cut the portion down in size. So I never complain about not getting my favorite foods anymore because I do get them. Luckily though, I don't ever eat sweet foods. So cutting out sugar all together has been a breeze to me. I buy it for the kids but never touch it. I'm glad that I don't have a sweet tooth. :)
oh misti one more thing. On fitday there is a place there to type in what you ate and it will add up the calories for you. You may want to try that too. Hope I was some help!
Well, I'm busy cleaning my house today. With the wedding and all that I have neglected it the past three days and my kitchen is crying out to me :lol: So I'm going to get off here and rescue it from the crud monster. talk to you girls later!!

01-21-2002, 02:59 PM


I'm not going to post much, due to not being able to get my
posts to show up! Spryng: Glad to hear that you had a great time @ the Wedding. See: I knew you had nothing to worry about!! :) I'll try & post later if this takes!

TTFN :wave: Jackie

01-21-2002, 04:09 PM
Hi everyone!!! Hope you all are having as good of a day as I am! My happy hubby had to run some errands today, and jokingly I suggested he take the kids with him. Guess what?! He did! He said he thought it might be fun since all his errands could be handled at the drive thru (banking) and he would take them out for lunch. I've had the whole house to myself and got all the chores done in less than a hour... which usually takes 3 or 4 hours. It's been nice. I've done pretty good with the diet today. I feel good too. I'm gonna try and work in an extra half hour of yoga today. Thanks Spryng about the fast food guide. I never noticed it before. I was using fitday but it didn't seem to have what I needed since about everything I fix is from scratch. It does work for somethings though. It's good to be back. I'm glad you spoiled yourself alittle too, you desirved it. Well I need to get dinner started. Hope you all are doing great! Misti

01-21-2002, 10:31 PM
Welcome back Misti! Congrats there Spryng (glad that the wedding went well!).
I have had a busy weekend, and then this site has been awful!
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa happened?
Well, if this goes in, I am finally going to start thread #28!
See ya'all there!!!!!!!!