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12-27-2001, 05:18 AM
Hey everyone -- This time it is me who has been MIA - The holidays just get more and more busy each year it seems. I feel like I am the director of a play and only I have the family clipboard that will make it all happen. The four of us in my family also took turns a bit with being sick one at a time - nothing terrible just enough to slow down the works. I also did some handmade gifts that occupied my hands and kept me off my web sites. Very satisfying!

Traditionally the new year is the time for resolve to eat better, exercise more and make other resolutions. Does everyone have a list? I think the vow to do better is perpetual in my case - always reinventing, always striving to do better. Today and yesterday have been pretty much an indulgence with all the holiday food around, but I have to say that things are going really quite well. I would like to drop about 5 more lbs so my clothes look better and just keep up the current pace with the workouts! :lol: I love it. So I do need to stop the feast tomorrow by going back on the site and going back to my great habits I have had thus far this season.

I read the messages on the old thread but it wouldn't let me add a message - high time for a new thread anyway. Catherine it was wonderful to hear from you. Speaking of gardening I got >300 bulbs for Christmas from my brother - and you all may recall I live in Alaska, the ground is frozen! Yikes what to do! While I still use JV a bit for fill-in, the Body Pump is something I highly recommend! A great overall workout with results, and you don't find yourself eyeing the clock or battling boredom.

Steph you sound full of resolve and ready for the new year to take you to another level. I vow to join you every step of the way.

Justy congrats on the closure of an old chapter. When you are ready to move on it is best to get all the closure out of the way so you can get those wings spread freely. Keep us up to date.

Raychel my what a year 2001 was for you with your new job and all kinds of personal insights gained. I hope all is well and that you can share some of your wisdom to keep us revved for the new year.

Have a wonderful day everyone--


12-27-2001, 03:35 PM
Hi!! I only got on to say that I love Juno so thanks for telling us about it....took me a while to get there but it really helps with the food journaling. I just started food journaling which I haven't done since I took all the initial weight off 3 1/2 years ago. Since I am now starting Phase II - I need this to be diligent!!! What a time saver (and a reality check!!!!!!!!!!)



12-27-2001, 04:04 PM
Hey Steph - yes it does take a little bit to get used to Fitday but boy it really is a reality check like you said! Just what I need as I am the Master at self deception. Plus sometimes you just don't overeat because it would be a hassle to look it up and record it!


01-01-2002, 12:31 AM
Happy New Year Year Everyone!

I wanted to wish you all all a happy new year. This is the most blessed time to reflect on who we are and who want to become. I, for myself, have many lofty goals in front of myself.

To become the better person that I know I can be be. And that is ALL I wish for ALL of of you: To be the best (insert name here) you can be. For there are many of us out there. All across the world (which is totally cool!).

Peace on Earth to ALL of us whever wherever we may call home. You are all of my saving grace. Thank you for being my friends.


01-04-2002, 09:23 PM
I hope it is because of the holidays that none of you have logged on. I wish a wonderful season to all of you.

Raycel - do tell how the job is going? Is it all that you imagined? My visions of you training! I suppose that this is a busy time of the year for the club.

Juna and Steph - a time for break from the kiddies and a time for reconnecting with them. Still holding out on the faithful exercise?

JS - I think of you often and wonder how you are faring with the ending of old and begining of new.

For the first few days of the new year I have done extremely well. It never ceases to amaze me what mind over matter will do for you. Have you ever thought "I can't possibly do this" and thought about it all day long, and by bedtime, you've done it?! Amazing to me.

I have two new yoga tapes and a new yoga outfit that has been sitting there since Christmas. My goal for the weekend is to put all of them into use. What is your goal?


01-06-2002, 11:28 AM
Happy New Year many days late :) I had a great time since I only worked 3 days out of that whole time and feel nice and refreshed. Now if only I could have these nice long breaks on a monthly basis. I could since I make my own schedule but I do want two weeks off during the summer and still have a couple of long weekends before the holidays kick in.

This year started off with a family crisis but I think we are getting past it now. DH & I know it has been coming for a while that C would want to move back to her mom's because she missed her friends. We told her last year that we didn't think it would work if she tried to just start highschool up here KNOWING that she had an option back there to fall back on if she didn't fit in right away. She never even tried to make friends up here because she missed everyone down there and just got it set in her mind that was a better place for her. She is mad at herself for moving but then again she is mad because she likes living at our house better. I think she finally has said out loud that she is so mad that her parents got divorced and caused all this complication in her life even though it was before the kid was two. She is always trying to be the fair one and split her time evenly and we said that now that she is older she had to pick one place to live and no more moving back and forth. We've all been in a state of limbo waiting for her to settle in here and it just didn't happen. If we lived in IL she would live with us but because we are up here then we lose. We had two pretty nasty days of tears and stuff but I think we are done now. Now I get to split the boys up and give them their own room!!

We are going to go broke this year too since we seem to have so many ideas on how to spend our money. I found new furniture for out downstairs but of course it is more than I thought I would have to spend, want to go to Mexico over spring for one of those 4 days jaunts, my had picked out all the things to redo our downstairs bathroom (which was supposed to be our only house project this year) but then the furniture issue downstairs came up. $$$ signs are just rolling around in my head :)

For Christmast I bought myself a good yoga mat, a new yoga tape, a new exercise outfit and a new coat. I am going to buyself some new music for the treadmill too. Getting bored with what I own. My treadmill is 3 1/2 years old and I do keep wondering how long it will last. It is making funny eyes keep straying to the elliptical trainers at the stores but I've never even tried one.....I just know Juno LOVED hers at the club.

This year I have vowed to take some type of course - martial arts or maybe a yoga class outside of the home. We'll see though...I always say it but then find my house more convenient. DH is laughing at me because I told him that I am now in this phase where I no longer want to be not lumpy but I want to be a women who can kayak by herself, do some mountain biking and some more extreme hiking. I know the kids are little and I shouldn't rush them but I just feel inspired to do all these things!!!

FitDay has been an excellent place for me. Think about it before I pop it in my mouth. I've lost 2.5 pounds this week and yes I'll give Fitday the credit!

I want to write you all notes here but I have to get my butt in gear. Need to do cardio and ST but the boys have already moved down a level in the house. When they find out I am awake I will have to feed them - darn!! I had a deadline to get off the computer and my clock shows me that I've hit it!!!

Happy 2002!!!!!!!!!!!!!


01-07-2002, 03:59 AM
Happy happy happy new year.

Let's hope 2002 is not as turbulent as 2001.

Today at noon the last slumber party guest for younger D's birthday slumber party left our house, and so I finally had the last event of the holidays behind me. Having a child so soon after Christmas was not exactly a bright move on my part, in terms of stress level! So different from single life - ah, I remember: I would shop for my family members and a handful of friends, wrap gifts and give them. I would go to my mom's where she would have done tons of cooking and decorating and would revel in the holiday spirit. On New Year's Eve I would attend a wild party and dance until dawn. Starting the new year began January 1 and I would get on with whatever my life involved at that time.

Now I know how much work my mother did.

While I ADORE the holidays, I really do, I feel like one of the "stressed producer types" you see in movies from time to time, the stereotype clip-board holding, rushing-around person who is the only one who knows the full picture of what is going on. There is a reason for that: I AM the only person who knows what is going on. DH appreciates me but I feel safe in saying he has NO IDEA. And with A's birthday adding an encore to the production it is more to spend on and orchestrate. And no time off from work is possible to relieve the schedule! Although DH took the week before Christmas off and that was great. I have to get up early tomorrow for the first time in 3 weeks - now THAT has been great!

But I am here with the health and fitness report. 2 things are going on at the same time. On one hand I still feel gloriously, healthfuly clicked. I am buying produce and whole grains and legumes etc. On the other hand - well see above - I did well with exercise and Fitday but it sort of fell apart starting Dec 23. This is not to say I pigged out terribly or anything - just that the workout schedule got pared down to the bare minimum rather than my 3-6 sessions per week, and the healthy eating I do was, uh, augmented by a few more treats and cheer. I did not do Fitday as when things are frenzied, web time is the first thing to go (you may have noticed)... So I feel a little soft from my club-downtime, but nothing I won't conquer right at the gate. My favorite spinning class is Monday and that's where I will be tomorrow.

Steph - What turmoil. Divorce is so hard on kids, no matter what the age I fear. Your relief really comes through about an answer and solution being finally arrived at.

Catherine let us know how the yoga goes for you. You sound like you have a lot of resolve and that is great.

Well today I cooked enough stuff for the whole week! The watchwords are healthy and trying also to save time and money. A couple of weeks before Christmas I made 4 lasagnas in one afternoon - 3 to give away to various friends - 2 who were having tough times and 1 who had done me some favors. The fourth one was for us. I'm a little slow, but DING - 1 mess to clean up, 1 production line, 4 meals - this is a habit I can get into, as I like to cook but also have moods where I can barely think about it and we do easy stupid stuff then. So I am in the market for a freezer and I will do scratch cooking in quantity for the 'rainy day' - I believe we will save money and enhance our health this way. Do any of you have experience with this? Today I made enchiladas (chicken, mushroom and spinach) and at the same time made a chicken tomato sauce (many of the ingredients overlap - just put more in the food processor), plus a huge vat of Juno black bean soup. I am positive we are set for well over a week. Some of the tomato sauce (jam packed BTW with multiple veggies including spinach and chard) will roll into a pizza or other Italian casserole. What a great feeling. If I had more freezer space I could have made more.

So that is me. Happy new year and let's be healthy.


01-10-2002, 01:30 AM
Good evening or morning everyone.

J & S - I have no children to call my own, but with 12 nieces and nephews I know that they cause many interuptions. I am continually amazed at your resolve and dedication to make it all work. I'm trying to get myself in order, let alone others!

Raychel - I crave to hear how the "fitness world" is treating you and any lessons learned. What is new on the fitness horizon that we ought to be aware of?

I read magazine and article after the other debating the pros and cons of carbs vs. proteins and how calories and fat all fit into the picture. I consider to be quite up on all of these, and yet I too am confused. I just wish someone credible would step out and say "This is what works." But, yet, I think that we have had that happen, however, new research is publicized every day.

Are we still with the 30/40/30?

A downtime for me at work, however, I have been promoted (a good thing) and that means less day-to-day tasks, and more delegating. My day seems to rush by without knowing where it went exactly.

I have been consistent in planning meals for the week. This week was white chili (meatless - if anyone wants the recipe, easy, crockpot), cajun catfish, ham steaks, mushroon barley soup (which is a new recipe), and others. I am entering back into my veggie mode. I couldn't eat the last pork roast or pork chops that I prepared. Blech!

I haven't gotten around to my new yoga tapes. I am in the midst of MAJOR remodeling. Not paint and carpet, but rather new construction and areas. You gain much strength by doing construction.

Nevertheless, I have failed to incorporate that into my daily cardio. And after the move, the weight machine is certainly lower on the totem pole to be put back together.

NY resolutions are going extremely well. Rome wasn't built in a day (Although, If I were the general contractor.........)

I hope you are all doing well. Especially you, JS, and all our friends who check in periodically.

We welcome you to join, no strings attached. Just a general desire to be one of the 5% who commits to weightloss (and total health) and sticks with it to see results.


01-13-2002, 05:04 PM
Hello all. I just wanted to let you all know that while I may not post often, I am here frequently and consistently pull strength from you wonderful friends. Thank you!!

2002 has been quite the year so far. Well, I guess really it's been this past week that's been the nuttiest (is that really a word??). I have finally received my divorce certificate so that is finally totally over. Well, other than the remaining issues with the lawyer :) Work is insane etc., etc., but what do you do.

But this week I got a very big reminder of why we do what we do. Other than our personal mental wellbeing and desire to better ourselves, taking care of ourselves now is so important. A guy I used to work with died suddenly this week. Massive heart attack. He was only 58. Had high blood pressure that he didn't take care of, never exercised, smoked like a chimney, so on and so forth. Total shock but what a wake-up call. Knowing we're all mortal, what power we hold in our own hands to prolong our life and be able to live it fully.

And I'm once again single. The BF and I broke up Friday night. Needless to say, not having the best weekend but I suppose this too will all pass.

Catherine, congrats on the promotion! What fabulous news for you. I for one would love to get a boo at your chili recipe. I'm finding less and less meat in my diet so am on the hunt for new fun things to eat.

Steph, I'm glad to hear that things with C have been decided although I know it couldn't have been easy on any of you. How goes the new yoga tape?

Juno, what do you do with your legumes? I have some here but I keep looking at them searching for inspiration.

But I'm off to go clothes shopping. My hairdresser told me that I should get thee to a store since my comfy sweatshirts, etc are getting way too big on me. Shucks eh! Hope everyone has a fabulous week.

01-16-2002, 12:53 AM
Quick post -

JS - Recipe for white chili:
Dump all of this into a crock pot and cook for awhile. I turn it on before I leave for work in the morning on low.
1 large can/jar of great northern beans (not drained)
1 can of broth (chicken or veg - I like veg)
1 jar of salsa suited to your taste
1 cup of LF cheese if you want - mozarella probably

That's it!

Sometimes I add hot sauce or cumin for spice, extra can of chickpeas for fiber, cup of cooked chicken for meat. Taylor it as you wish. It's fab with a salad or piece of bread

Sounds like you're doing well, in spite of everything. Hang in there, I'm thinking of you!


01-21-2002, 03:35 PM
I swear I will post soon!!! I don't mean to be MIA this long. Now I am in a search for some stupid pictures for my kids "theme" birthday party which I had to switch to next weekend so I am in a rush.

I am here just no time to type!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bad Steph, Bad Steph, Bad Steph!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01-27-2002, 09:36 PM
I really don't have time to be posting but I am having a guilt attack at not posting. Our board is so quiet but I am happy it has been going strong for 3 1/2 years. I find myself much busier (in a good way) with less computer time than before.

Everything is going well here. I have plastered my fridge with notes to myself about all the good food choices I have in there and the cupboards so if I am feeling like there is nothing to eat I know I am wrong! I think every week I will be doing this...helps me focus on the wonderful foods in my house!

I have been losing a bit of weight says the scale but I don't really feel it anywhere. I think the Olympics will inspire me to push myself in the workout arena. Nothing like watching the buffest athletes excel in their sports to make you realize that your treadmill is laziness compared to their level :)

C moved on Friday back to her mom's. I wouldn't say it has been tough on us but the indecision and I think her desire to live with us to be fair was kind of annoying. I think the whole cycle of me jumping back and forth in roles mom, step-mom, then I'm mom again was annoying to me so immaturely I was taking a bit out on her. Thankfully we get along really really good so I don't see her moving back with mom as a choice against us but a choice that she made friends in jr. high that she really needs to have fun at highschool. I feel bad that her mom missed out on all her elementary years and I hope her mom enjoys the junior high and highschool times.....I won't have so many issues to deal with on my end!

My boys turn 4 & 6 this week. Help I don't have babies but actual kids! I know I still have a long road ahead of me and I look forward to enjoying every minute.

I can't type much more because I have to build a lincoln log fort, paint my toenails all before Sex and the City starts. Hope you guys are all having a great January.....and I will write a longer and more personal note soon!

JS - I hope you bought a great new outfit to show off that body! The BF must not have been the one so keep enjoying those other single fishies out there!

Juno - I can see both of us with our heads spinning trying to keep up with our lives!

Catherine - Congrats on the promo and I'm glad your delegating! I have the 3 kids and 9 nieces and nephews too. I'll have more if my younger sister ever decides to have some....I have a chart to keep track of all the birthdays & celebrations!! Keep up on those NY resolutions. I've been pretty good about my "life" resolutions!

Okay Lincoln Logs here I come!


01-28-2002, 10:49 PM
Hello all! Well, I only have a few minutes but wanted to jump on quickly.

Hard to believe it's almost the end of January already. 2002 is whipping right on by already. I'm a little surprised that next week is my week to go to Mom & Dad's already. February seemed so far away when I booked that flight. But it will be a good trip as it will be nephew #2's 1st bday!

I've done gone and gotten myself a wicked head cold/flu bug. So I'm downing the neocritran and heading off to bed right away. I still have my appointment with my trainer in the morning so we'll have to see how that goes.

But I did a body composition last week. While there are some positives there, I don't know about the results. I guess bottom line is that my goal weight is 20 lbs away. Maybe be there by fall???

Hate to post and run without any personal notes but I will write a longer note soon. Hope you all have a fabulous day!!

02-05-2002, 04:01 PM
Hellllooooo all! Happy 2002!

It was so nice to sit and read and catch up with everyone.

Steph - I'm sorry to hear about C moving back. Divorce is so hard on kids...I think it gets more difficult as they get older too. I'll have to check out FitDay. Sounds interesting. I encourage you to try a yoga class or whatnot. Change is SO important when we are leading a fit lifestyle.

JS - I'd like to know the exact results of your body comp if you don't mind sharing. Remember that tests are not an exact science so if you aren't happy with all the results, don't dwell on it. Body fat in particular is tough to measure for anyone...the error margin is 3% either way. (At least)

Juno - you sound like me, prepping tons of food to last you for the week. Seriously, that has been what has changed my eating habits for good. Then I don't have to think about what I'm doing. (Just eat it - always a good thing!)

Catherine - Diet is always the toughest part!! There is so much misinformation and opposing opinions!! Balance always is a good thing...moderate carbs protein and fat. I eat more protein than is recommended by most but it is what works for me. Moderate fat (around 35-40g), moderate carbs (200-250g) and protein (180 or so). I like it - sometimes I'll reduce carbs over the weekend just to keep my body guessing.

Shoot - my appt. is here. I still LOVE my job!! Take care ladies!

02-06-2002, 01:09 AM
I just had to log onto you guys.

In a week I will be sunning in warn Mexico. Oh, I can barely stand it! I'm not all about flying yet, but am looking forward to the week vacation. Nevermind that Februaru is not a good month for bikinis.

It's been horribly coled here in MI for the past few days, but have kept up with my cardi routine and doing free weight for ST since the weight machine isn't hooked up yet. I'm doing Denise Austin yoga tape (hubby bought for Christmas) and if you get past the point of her being a bit over the edge they're not too bad.

I've been doing better in the eating department. I think mostly because of the fact that I will be exposed in a suit soon. I have lost a few pounds I blieve.

Raychel - Ooooh, you live the life of fitness. I hope it is rewarding for you. Are you liking it?

I will check in before I leave next Wed. Sun and fun to all, even you Steph/Juno living in the cold as I.


02-11-2002, 11:48 PM
Happy Monday?! :) It's Monday night but feels like Sunday to me. I took a couple days off and headed to my parent's place. Tomorrow is back to work but I'm not ready for it yet!

Raychel, I'm not exactly sure which numbers you'd be more interested in so here's the lot of them: weight of learn body mass 147.32 lbs; percentage of lean body mass 67.8%; lean body mass to fat ratio 2.1 to 1; total body water: 43.1 litres; weight of body fat 69.98 lbs; percentage of body fat 32.2%. They also say that my desired rage of percent body fat is 18-25%. I guess the part that gets me the most is that the weight they suggest for me I was at this time last year. Sigh, oh well, I'll get there again!

Catherine, I hope you're enjoying Mexico!!!!!!

Steph, I really like your idea of posting what you have to eat in the house. I may be stealing that idea. I find that I get stuck in the mental mood of "I don't have anything to eat here!" too. How did the kids' bday party go?

Juno, I was thinking of you tonight when I was cooking up enough food for the next couple days. If I can just get it made, it makes life so easy! I was also thinking of you since I think I may be heading up your way some time this year on a cruise!

Nephew #2 turned 1 this weekend. He started walking last week so nothing appears to be off limits anymore - even all the places where nephew #1 tries to go to get some peace and quiet! :) What fun to spend some time with them again. Oh but for just a fraction of their energy!

I'm back at the gym in the morning and starting to change my program. I'm looking forward to it but a little nervous (in a good way) since my trainer has told me that she's planning on up'ing the intensity of what I'm doing. The change is a good thing and I'm looking forward to the challenge but I don't call her "Dr. Pain" for nothing :)

Hope everyone has a great day!!

02-17-2002, 12:50 PM
I started a new thread - can you believe it??? That is a first for me :D