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08-02-2007, 12:29 AM
Missing me some Low Carb Weekly Chat!:( There's a couple of hours left in 8/1 . . . so let's go!

Must confess right here and right now that I :hug: each of you dearly, but just cannot keep up with lots and lots of different Threads.:o

I think azure had a question somewhere . . . or was it r&r? About low carb shakes possibly stalling w/l? I remember when I had the big time w/l after "the baby" (who is 9 going on 10:D) that I drank EAS lc protein drinks as a meal replacement - didn't stall at all. I had my most recent 10# w/l sometimes mixing lc protein powder with blue bunny lc yogurts with crushed ice for a smoothie meal replacement.

This is my 3rd nite off work sick - much better tonight but glad I stayed home to rest - still kind of woozy. No exercise to speak of and had to go to broths when I was having the worst of it - also Old Comfort Fave - tea & toast!

Somewhere on here I LMAO to lilyb's pup CLIMBING the LADDER to get out of the yard!:D The West Highland Terrier we got at Christmas is still a delight - just a riot. Her coat is like WOOL in some places - have a really hard time with it. Anyone experienced with grooming these type dogs?

Gonna make the most of what's left of 8/1 (sipping some nice hot lemon water as I type) and make the most of what's left of our "Sort of Chat Week" til Sunday!


08-02-2007, 12:55 PM
I feel depressed...and I've been carb-eating for the last few days. It wasn't until a few months ago that I realized all of my binging behaviors in the past were the result of being extremely upset, stressed out, depressed or all of the above. I didn't feel that way all the time, but when I would, ultimately, I would just gorge myself on sugary, fatty, carby foods. I don't think it's bad enough to be on medication for it, I don't feel like killing myself or anything when I'm blue. When I get down, I eat things for comfort...even though in my head I KNOW it's the wrong thing to do. I get a blue sort of "so what?" attitude about losing weight....and this is the last thing I need to do so close to goal!

I really thought I had control of this, but after a couple days ago--I mentioned falling off the wagon--I've been really struggling to get back on. Struggling unsuccessfully thus far. Breakfast today was cookies cookies! and I don't even like cookies very much... It's all well and good for people like my brother to tell me that I lack willpower (a word and concept which I hate, by the way). My boyfriend's just left on a week and a half long vacation to Pennsic--a giant Renaissance Faire thing in Pennsylvania. I think part of this has been brought on by that (I'm jealous), and part of it is brought on by a non-stop summer...I literally haven't really had time off in months. Between college and work, summer courses and work and trying to see my boyfriend in between...I'm really feeling frayed at the edges. I'm angry because I can't go do the things my friends and family are doing, because I've got to pay for school and car repairs and wouldn't have the money to have a vacation even if I had the time, and because no one really seems to care about my stress level being so high.

Wow...I didn't really mean to make this a rant, but I think I had to talk about it somewhere. Now that I have maybe I can work on getting control of myself again. :hug:

08-02-2007, 01:53 PM
Aw, Azure. :hug: I'm so sorry you're this stressed.

08-02-2007, 03:26 PM
I think just realizing and identifying what I'm feeling thru Posting here has helped me "enormously," azure. I've identified a "ton" of seething resentments roiling inside me since joining 3fc . . . Saboteur Hub being the primary downfall - but now that you've posted about no one really understanding your stress level - gosh that truly hits home for me. I've got all these demands - and those closest to me don't have a CLUE. :mad:

OK - I'm pi$$ed now!

(I have found being mad to be a great motivator BTW . . . just can't sustain 'cause I love 'em all too much!)

I think it all just boils down to loving yourself MORE. I'm not always successful - in fact, look at my ticker. But that is what FEELS like the answer - just to somehow change the HABIT of comfort eating and get into oh, I don't know? Comfort Water Drinking? Comfort Exercise? Comfort Low Carbing that makes you feel Terrific?:?:

I envy your youth - hope you can make the change Girl!:hug:

I'm Desperately Seeking Ketotsis . . . get back on track with me won't you? Became ravenous after all that broth for days - so had a nice bowl of oatmeal in The Wee Hours last nite . . . stomach feeling strong and I'm returning to work so ready to DO THIS THANG!:carrot:

Have a Great Thursday All!:)

08-02-2007, 04:05 PM
Azure, you can rant all you want, I hope it made you feel better. I have suffered from depresion and was on medication in the past. I didnt feel like it helped me and it had some unpleasant side afects, I cared even less about what I was doing to myself and gained 30lbs while on it.
The things that help me most with mood are excersise, talking about it, listening to music, reading, eating good and losing some weight helped too. at least I feel more in controle now.
I know its hard not to let the things going on in your life affect how you eat. Find another way to deal with the stress if you can.
Comming here everyday has been so helpful to me I'm sure its why I'v been able to stick with it longer than ever before.
I have Hypothyroid and celiacs and have often used them as excuses to feel sorry for myself and resentful of everyone around me. (They just dont know how hard it is to be me) I still need to work on that attitude.
I have often sliped into the "so what"? attitude about losing weight and taking care of myself. There have been days even weeks where I have slipped up and thought I may never get back on track. But I'v decided I'm not giving up this time, no matter how long it takes.

08-02-2007, 04:22 PM
I have suffered from depresion and was on medication in the past. I didnt feel like it helped me and it had some unpleasant side afects, I cared even less about what I was doing to myself and gained 30lbs while on it.

I have Hypothyroid and celiacs and have often used them as excuses to feel sorry for myself and resentful of everyone around me. (They just dont know how hard it is to be me) I still need to work on that attitude.

I feel that way about my lupus sometimes. :(

And if the medication you were on was Lexapro, you have my sympathies. I gained about 10-15 pounds while I was on that evil drug, and it took forever to lose it after I stopped.

08-02-2007, 05:21 PM
Hi everyone, I'm glad there is now a chat thread.

Azure, talking about your stress will help. I post all my life upsets here just to be able to "get it out". It does sound like you've got a lot going on and stress is unavoidable.

Hi Aud, glad you saw my post about Lucy, my little houdini. She has managed to escape the fence again. I don't know how this time. I just noticed she is asleep under our boat. She doesn't try to run off, just hangs around behind the house and begs to be let inside. We have been letting her in more now that she is a little older and not so destructive. (I got tired of replacing the computer and phone cords she kept chewing up).

We had a water leak that we couldn't find. Well, I found it now and it's fixed. Yippee.

We're going to the grand opening of a Hooters nearby tonite. Should be great fun for DH and DS. LOL.

We've now worked out an amicable custody and child support arrangement for Shelbey (my SD). At least we won't be paying DH's XW support anymore and she'll be paying DH a little bit. Plus Shelbey is safe and happy and living with us now. So, this helps lower my stress level a little.

08-03-2007, 07:16 AM
G'Morning/G'Nite - WhateverTH it is!:dizzy: Feeling great - back OP and full of so much energy - can't fall asleep!

Watching the reports on The MN Bridge - just terrifying and sad!:( I noticed I was doing about 20mph over the speed limit on the bridge I go over - which is ancient on my way home tonight . . . been stuck behind tractors many a time - will prolly hyperventilate next time that happens!:o

Our Pup, Ginger, gets too excited when she escapes - wish she'd get under the boat - but she just goes off on one sniffing adventure after another! Her most recent Chew-A-Thons have been an ink pen . . . tonight she somehow got Tess the 9 yr olds TOOTHBRUSH! Steps can cause mega-stress - been there over the years - glad you got the $$ straightened out - we never did, lilyb.:(

My sister has lupus, callystia. I hate all diseases, of course - but just reallyreally hate that dayum disease!:mad: So many things about it . . . so many different symptoms . . . just pi$$e$ me off the way it makes NO SENSE. I hope you're coping well with it (ummm, better than I obviously am NOT.)

azure - you might want to check out Chicks in Control on here - there's a new Weekly Chat there that is inspiring to my emotional overeater butt.

FINALLY getting sleepy - READY for some FRIDAY?

08-03-2007, 04:42 PM
WTH is everybody?:devil:

Haven't been Posting my menu's - there so unimaginative lately. Hope to be able to plan better for next week when I get time over the weekend.

Thinking of getting those Protein Shakes again for some meal replacements - so many times I'm just NOT hungry with these hours I'm on - then when I skip breakfast etc - I end up getting the massive hungries later - prolly blood sugar craziness - I remember liking the vanilla - I would just slam it as I tend to do with a Bud Light during football season.

Remembering too that I was in a Zone where I thought of food as a fuel . . . think I'll be meditating on that thought for the day!:D

08-03-2007, 09:05 PM
Thank you SO much everyone, for being supportive. As I said, it's so hard to get anyone in my life to understand how much pressure I'm under and the concept of EATING to quell my emotions. If someone's not an emotional eater, they usually don't understand why anyone would be. :hug:

I was really on-track today, which is nice. I'm beginning to feel in control again...I guess I just needed to TALK about it in some capacity. After I talked about it here, I talked about it with my boyfriend later that night and he was VERY encouraging and gentle, but at the same time gave me the kick in the pants I needed. :) Gotta love that boy.

I'm getting sick, though...I woke up this morning with a sore throat :( It just figures that I am, when I have so many things I've got to do!

Aud--It's SO interesting that you use the term "Zone" to describe that place where you could think of food as fuel. I use the term "in the Zone" to describe the place where I'm in control of food and I'm active--and I just DO it without any grumbling. I've been there a few times. In fact, on the back of my iPod, I had "Living in the Zone" inscribed on the back before I had it shipped to me--as a constant reminder of how good it feels to be in that Zone :D

Here's to finding our Zones, ladies! And staying there!

08-04-2007, 05:50 AM
I'm so glad your Zoning, azure!:carrot: I'm there too . . . not sure what's clicked but something has . . . I was sooo sick M/T/Wed and just came out of it in that place. Have been Zoned b4 - but its been a loooong while.

Let's stay here, shall we?:?:

Alrighty then!:hug:

08-04-2007, 01:07 PM
Hi everyone,

Me and SD and DD did all the "back to school" shopping yesterday. Whew, what a day. They came home with tons of new clothes, I came home broke. LOL ,so quite a successful day at the mall. Of course, I couldn't just watch them shop and ended up buying myself some Aeropostale jeans and 3 shirts. It felt really good to buy the same size jeans that I've worn since reaching my goal. I love this maintaining. Sure saves on clothes. DH just laughed when he saw I'd bought some stuff for myslf. He knows I can't go to the mall without buying me something too. LOL. Heck, I deserve new clothes too!

I'm again eating on plan and getting in quite a bit of exercise.

Hope everyone has a great day.

08-04-2007, 01:19 PM
Hi everyone!

Well, it's going to be a boring weekend here at our house, lol. Hubby's ex-wife just cashed her alimony payment, so we are BROKE until the paycheck clears on Monday. Gotta love those tight months.

Luckily, the gym is already paid for, so I guess that's where we'll be spending our "fun time" together. :D I'm actually getting very fond of the weight machines, and Hubby is an ex-wrestler (high school and college), so he already knows how to use them properly and is teaching me. I'm of a muscular build anyway, which is why I've always weighed more than it looks like I do. So I figured, why not go with my strengths and start lifting? (Pun intended.)

Have a great day, y'all!

08-04-2007, 01:22 PM
HI Aure - i know exactly how you feel - but lately i have begun to realize that binging on stuff makes me feel even worse then i did before so even if i am feeling super stressed or depressed i try and exercise even if i dont want to - the endorphins should help.

08-04-2007, 01:25 PM
i am going for dim sum wiht my family today - which is going to be tricky carb wise - so i ate 1/2 c fage yogurt (1 cup = 7 grams carbs)- i know its not really allowed during induction but whatever i have to make it work for me or i wont stick to the plan- and that way i wont be starving so i am more liekly to make carb consious choices.

argh my damn scale - i am so pisssed! i need to go get another one - i guess i am somewhat obsessed with weighing myself every couple days to make sure i am still on track.

08-04-2007, 03:15 PM
Ahhhhh, jeans lily b!! Can't "weight" to buy some - or fit into the 4 sizes down that I've saved in my "All Sizes of Aud" closet! The XXXXX stretchy ones are going to Goodwill this time! Enjoy your success!:hug:

We're too broke now to do much school shopping . . . my soon to be 10 yr old Tess has outgrown EVERYTHING - gonna be a tall 'un! So hard to find those "SLIM" size jeans for her.:mad: Not looking forward to it but will be fun to shopshopshop.

Hi chickadee!:) Have seen a lot of your Threads - glad you came to Chat!:hug: Good luck at whatever your going to do today - "dim sum?":?:

I lost a couple of lbs despite my disastrous start to the week/sickness - that's what I love about Low Carb/Atkins! I have kicked up the walkingwalkingwalking and waterwaterwater . . . gonnba w/i again Monday to see if I can get a handle on this weekend thang!

Have a Great Saturday All!:carrot:

08-04-2007, 10:02 PM
yeah well i have no idea what the carb count was at dim sum - most of my choices were all meat or veg -with the exception of one steamed kung pao which was 21 carbs - yikes! and i have been really sick of eggs lately so i have been eating fage and low carb yogurt - so i know i will be over my carbs today but ill be back on track tomorrow- hopefully it wont hit me to hard. back on hard core induction tomorrow plus my digital scale broke so i wont be able to tell very well on my other one....

08-05-2007, 03:19 PM
Surfed around in the Wee Hours and found some kewl sites about low carb eating - "" had some good info about eating out - (inspired by your questions about Chinese/dim sum, chickadee!):) And then found "" . . . also a site that I forgot to bookmark dangit :mad: - it had the value of virtually everything - and tips on how to navigate thru a "carb filled world" - I was most interested in How To Navigate thru The CoffeeHouse (Like Starbucks - only Mom n Pop owned) . . . that site recommended, I think, something called a "brava" - pronounced like "latte.":?: And that ANYTHING we order - request SF, of course, but also made with heavy cream and/or half n half.

Saw HP Order of the Phoenix 'cause I finished the book - really enjoyed!:carrot:

Concentrating on hydration today and digging out my Yoga tape - sooooo hot/muggy here!:^: