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Lizzy Gourmet
05-23-2007, 09:06 PM
Hi I'm Lizzy,
I had a Hysterectomy when I was 30 and weight loss since then has been a *****! I was always small but now I'm a lovely 40 pounds over weight. I was going to try the "3-hour diet" it has done a great job for my neice who just had a baby. Anyone ever tried it? or had a complete Hysterectomy like me?:carrot:

05-23-2007, 10:06 PM
I have to ask what's the 3 hour diet?


05-23-2007, 11:48 PM
Sorry, no, I just noticed the book at the store today, it's a low-carb thing where you eat every 3 hours, right?

I just wanted to let you know that I am starting the Idiot Proof Diet tomorrow, so I feel your trepidation. I have 40+ pounds to lose too. Keep us posted and best of luck!!

Lizzy Gourmet
05-24-2007, 09:00 AM
The 3 hour diet is not a low carb diet. I can't do low carb and I don't lose weight on low carb.I was just on a no carb for 3 weeks and lost 2 pounds!
Anyway , you eat a 400 cal breakfast , 3 hours later a 100 cal snack, 3 hours later a 400 cal lunch, 3 hours a 100 cal snack, 3 hour a 400 cal dinner and finally a 100 snack before bed. My neice has dropped 15 pounds in less then 2 weeks with limited exercise.

The book , you can get from the library has a cookbook too! so there are 2 books if you wish. So basically it is just counting calories also in the cookbook it has a section for "carb lovers" "meat lovers" ,"vegetarians" even fast food!

It works I'm telling you , I will be starting it on Monday!:carrot:

05-24-2007, 06:57 PM
That diet sounds great, I'll try it next if this one doesn't work for me. This one is virtually no carb on some days, and today is one of those days...i'm feeling pretty shakey, wonder if it's carb withdrawl!
I haven't tried a proper diet in a few years, the last one was the GE diet, which was too limited for my tastes.
Good luck to both of us!

Lizzy Gourmet
05-24-2007, 07:25 PM
I felt terrible on the no carb thingy, ughhhh........Not to mention grumpy!:mad: The 3 weeks I was on it I never felt worse, but alot of people have a tremendous results. Good luck to us!


05-28-2007, 10:07 PM
Hi Lizzie,
Well i lasted 5 days on the Idiot Proof Diet, which is low carb, and i feel terrible! Shakey, nauseous, exhausted and constipated...good times. So, I went and got the 3-Hour Diet from the library and will probably start tomorrow--I'm glad you told me about it! How is it going for you? Well I hope!

Lizzy Gourmet
05-28-2007, 10:24 PM
Hey Nomi!
I have done great for my first day. I'll tell you my menu today,I never realized just how much I pick later in the day before dinner....no wonder I'm fat! anyway this was my day....

7:30am /Cereal w/ lowfat milk and banana,coffee

10:30am/ snack 2 large rice cakes

1:30 pm/Lunch sub roll tuna,mayo, tomato and green pepper

4:30 pm /snack/ apple

7:30 pm/ dinner/chiken breast , broccoli, rice, tomatoe with balsamic

10:30pm/ snack/ I don't think I want it but 100 pudding from grocery

I'm not starved at all ,I just know I'm watching my intake so I have been thinking about it. My neice has lost 18 pounds , it's all about the timing totally! you have to eat regularly, no picking. I know it will work.

Please keep in contact with me and we'll help eachother out.:hug:

Hey what part of Canada are you in? I love it there.:carrot:

06-03-2007, 04:37 AM
The 3 hour diet is not a low carb diet. I can't do low carb and I don't lose weight on low carb.I was just on a no carb for 3 weeks and lost 2 pounds!
Anyway , you eat a 400 cal breakfast , 3 hours later a 100 cal snack, 3 hours later a 400 cal lunch, 3 hours a 100 cal snack, 3 hour a 400 cal dinner and finally a 100 snack before bed. My neice has dropped 15 pounds in less then 2 weeks with limited exercise.

The book , you can get from the library has a cookbook too! so there are 2 books if you wish. So basically it is just counting calories also in the cookbook it has a section for "carb lovers" "meat lovers" ,"vegetarians" even fast food!

It works I'm telling you , I will be starting it on Monday!:carrot:

Hilarious! I just started my own diet a couple of days ago, and am doing the exact same thing! Dammit, and I am not even getting credit for my discovery. :D

Good luck with it, we should compare notes and progress!

06-03-2007, 04:43 AM
Hi Lizzie,
Well i lasted 5 days on the Idiot Proof Diet, which is low carb, and i feel terrible! Shakey, nauseous, exhausted and constipated...good times. So, I went and got the 3-Hour Diet from the library and will probably start tomorrow--I'm glad you told me about it! How is it going for you? Well I hope!

I tried doing Atkins three times, with the same results as you. The first time, I thought maybe it was just bad meat or something.

I tried it again a couple of months later, as my friend lost over 100 pounds in four months on it. Same exact thing started happening, but we had the stomach flu going around work, so I thought that might be it. I might add, I gained four pounds in that week, and around the third day, was when I started to feel nautious anytime I looked at anything with protein, and like an arse, I continued doing it til the sixth day, which was when I did get stomch sick.

Third time, I tried adjusting it a bit by having salads a couple of times a day instead of one, and I lasted three days- same thing- feeling miserable, looking at anything with protein made my stomach turn, constipation and feeling just sick- so I just couldn't do low carb. Gained another pound in the three days I was on it. Never again.

Good luck with this diet- looks like the three of us are on it now. :carrot:

Lizzy Gourmet
06-03-2007, 09:25 AM
Well I agree totally with you about the feeling ill on the low carb. My Doctor kept telling me that he had never heard of anyone getting nausous on the low carb diet. Well I'm glad to hear I'm not crazy!

I have been following this new diet and just started to exercise I've only lost 2 pounds but I'm going to stick with it. I have to shed this weight some how, I hate Summer when I have to wear less clothes.

Please stay in touch so we can help eachother out.....


Beach Patrol
06-04-2007, 01:48 PM
The "3 Hour Diet" sounds a lot like the basic "eating 6 small meals per day". It totals 1500 calories per day. Done healthily, I see no reason why it wouldn't work. Except for some people, who have less weight to lose, might have to drop to 1400, 1300, or even 1200 calories per day.

And eating 6 times a day is often not doable for folks who are extremely busy.

But my motto is "TRY IT!" - you never know what will work until you try it. So keep up with posting here! Let us know how you're doing! And good luck! :hug: :D

06-04-2007, 11:22 PM
Hi Lizzie and others!
I've been too busy to check the boards, my apologies. My two little girls keep me too busy. I AM doing the diet, however, as well as i can. It involves a lot of planning, and that's where I get tripped up...again, the kids. But i'm trying. I've lost 6 lbs. in 3 weeks on the various diets i've been on, so that's sumthin.
The 3-hour system is totally do-able and most importantly I can see eating this way to maintain the buff new bod I will soon have...oh, i'm getting ahead of myself...one day at a time, right?!
How is it going for you other 3-hour-ers?
And Lizzie, you asked where I was from, I live in Toronto--in your neck of the woods!

06-05-2007, 12:19 AM
3 lbs in three days so far. :carrot:

I should also add, I am following the Wendie Plan in terms of how many calories per day I can eat. So far, it's working not just for me, but my entire family. My youngest daughter lost six pounds this week, and she was away at an overnight camp for two nights/three days with her school and ate well, I might add! She had to lose a total of 23 pounds- she lost one pound last week, six this week, and has 16 pounds to go. I am so proud of her for sticking to this and eating well.

You'll never believe what I did, though, to help both her and I, who are carb addicts. I bought a lock for my pantry area, and only my husband and I have the keys to it. The kids pick out what they wish for their meals at each meal, then I lock it all up so we don't over indulge. Hubby lost five pounds this week as well, he said he was tired of looking for his keys to get a snack and just grabbed the carrot sticks in the frig- he praised me for doing this, saying that it's made him conscious of what he's eating at night as well. :D

My older two children have said that locking up the food has been a huge help to them as well. My oldest daughter has lost 6 pounds in two weeks time, and she has to lose another 15 pounds to get to her goal weight. (she's fifteen and a half). My son, who is 13 and 1/2, has also lost 6 pounds in two weeks time. As a family, we've lost a total of 30 pounds- woohoo!

Also, I bought notebooks and pens for each of us, and we use it as a food journal. We keep track of every calorie we eat, and the kids were amazed at how much they use to eat versus now. Funny thing, they are all very active, in sports from late August until mid June- imagine how much more weight they'd have to lose, if they didn't play sports? In the summer, we do lots of swimming, hiking, biking and walking, so I expect my weight loss to pick up in a couple of weeks, from picking up more activity.

Oh, and because we eat meals like Smart Ones, Lean Cuisine, Chef Boyardee mini microwave meals and lots of veggies and salads, I find I am not cooking at all, LOL. I love to cook, but that's what got us into trouble in the first place, heh heh. So, for now, this is working for all of us, and I do plan on using the grill soon for our meats and veggies, but for now, we are using calorie controlled frozen dinners.

I do plan to cook on Sundays, which is our biggest amount of calories we can have for the week on the Wendie plan, and it will be something we all enjoy and can splurge just a little on that day. This weekend, the kids decided they wanted pizza from the sub shop the next town over. Last weekend, we were at my sisters and had a BBQ, so we had steak tips and Spinach Tortillini salad. The weekend before, my daughter had a Home Ec project she had to do- she had to cook a meal for the whole family, with an main course, appetizer, bread, and dessert. She made my Asparagus Lasagna, popovers, caesar salad, and my Mom's recipe for Apple Crisp.

Needless to say, we all enjoyed the meal she made very much, and everything was delicious. :D We all ate lettuce, celery and spinach during the day with no salad dressing. I told the kids I was going to do that, so I could enjoy the meal guilt free, and they and hubby followed suit, LMAO. I told them they didn't have to, but I just wanted to make sure I didn't over do the calories, as I really want to lose the weight. I was shocked they all did this with me, but I couldn't be more proud of the support from all of them as well as hubby, who only needs to lose maybe another 15 pounds.

As you can tell by my signature, I have a lot to lose. Although my kids are overweight as well, they could have just cut back as well as hubby, and still enjoyed the things I use to cook before. I told them I was going to cook for them, but follow my own diet and would not eat the same as them. They all decided to join me instead, and told me what dinners to pick out for them, snacks, etc.

In my pantry, I have the 8 variety packs of small boxes of cereal, mini bagels, weight loss oatmeal, 100 calorie packs of cracker, chips, cookies, Smart Food popcorn, as well as the Chef Boyardee mini microwave meals and Campbell's On The Go Soups, to which are from 80- 120 calories each, and fun sized Snickers bars, Milky Ways, and Musketeers- around 70-80 calories each.

They are allowed two 100 calorie snack packs a day or one 100 calories snack pack and a fun size candy bar, as I don't want to deprive them, but I also want them to eat half way decent on this diet. We also have frozen pizzas, bagel bites (they love pizza- I'm lucky to eat it once a week, LOL) and the frozen meals I mentioned before. We've been using Z Trim in our veggie dips, salad dressings, mayonaise, cream cheese, and margarine spreads- that helps cut down the calories and fat in half, with no difference in the taste. My kids have been eating lots of veggies and salads lately, as they enjoy the dips and dressings they can have on them. They've always been healthy eaters, thank goodness, but they love their snacks, too, LOL. Plus, we ate way too much of the healthy stuff along with the junk. Portion control sized goodies and meals have been a humongous help to us keeping within our calorie range!

Sorry, I didn't mean to write a book here, just wanted to let everyone know what's been working for us. Good luck to all, and let's keep supporting one another! I appreciate all the support I've gotten here, and I learn something new everyday just logging on to this board. :)

06-05-2007, 11:02 AM
Steelslady :bravo: to you and your family on your weight loss. It's so much harder for children to lose given all the temptation out there and the "healthy" lunch choices they have at school.

Sounds like you have it all under control with your journaling and the exercise.

Continued success.

06-05-2007, 05:31 PM
Thankyou, Clydegirl! I wish success for you, as well. :)

One of the reasons why I do allow them to have those 100 calorie packs twice a day, is because of the temptation. They are around other kids who eat this stuff, so it makes it hard for them to lose weight without wanting to cheat, if they feel deprived. I also let them have their frozen pizzas with their salads and chef boyardee mini meals, as they love those, too, and it's something they will enjoy eating. That's the key- if you don't enjoy the diet, you won't stick to it. I just make sure they get enough fruits, veggies and protein everyday, before they have their snacks. So far, so good- they don't seem to mind so long as they have their goodies at night. :) I also have them take two Teen Chocolate Calcium bites as well as a Centrum Kid's Complete vitamin everyday, just to make sure they aren't missing any key nutrients.

Sorry, I wrote another book, LOL. Thanks again, and I look forward to chatting with you more. :)

Lizzy Gourmet
06-06-2007, 08:59 AM
Amen Sister! Planning is everything. No matter what I know that I have a half hour a day to devote to my treadmill no two ways about it ! I have to exercise for my mind and body. I use weights and walk on the tredmill at a good clip.This way I get my arms and heart a better workout.

I have been so busy lately I have wavered from the program, so I have skipped meals. Today I will workout then I'm horseback riding for the afternoon..good for the soul! I believe veggies are in the forecast!....lol

Keep up all the good work all..................Lizzy:carrot:

06-06-2007, 11:34 PM
I lost another two pounds, hubby lost one more, son lost one, oldest daughter lost a wopping five pounds- she is now halfway to her goal! WOOHOO!!!!

Total loss for us all- 45 pounds. We joked this morning that we lost one of our dogs today in terms of weight. We have three big dogs, two are 45 pounds, the other one is 50 pounds, and three Yorkies, ranging from 5-14 pounds. The things we do to keep each other going, lol.

This afternoon, I decided to go for a mile walk before my youngest daughter's softball game. Unreal- all of my kids decided to go with me for this walk, so we took one of the Yorkies with us, and it went by really fast! My oldest daughter, encouraged by how much she had burned from that one mile, did an additional hour of walking while the rest of us were at the game. I can't get over how helpful and supportive we've all been to one another. Usually, when we've dieted in the past, no one made any rude comments or anything, but no one really supported each other, either. Hubby use to make a joke or two when I'd try a new diet- that's because I've done many, LOL. This time, though, it's working for everyone- I can't tell you what a relief and joy it is to see us all losing as a family, and helping one another out.

Hubby told me to wake him up after the hockey game, and we'd go for a mile walk with all of our dogs. I'd love to go, but I don't have the heart to wake him, after the long day at work he's had and him coaching my daughter's team tonight. I just might do my own walking with my headphones on. :D

I am just so dar gone excited! Before I started the tickers in my signature and the calorie diet (we started the Wendie Plan on Saturday, but did 1400 calories a day for two weeks), I was 298 pounds. I had lost 10 pounds doing the 1400 calories a day plan for two weeks, but found out I wasn't getting enough calories everyday. You might ask, why did I up them? Well, I was worried about my body going into starvation mode, so I figured I'd try the Wendie Plan on the calorie diet, and I am still losing, to my happiness. :carrot:

Thanks so much for reading and being so supportive. You folks are wonderful. :hug:

Lizzy Gourmet
06-07-2007, 09:17 AM
Good for you! I will be hitting the treadmill hard again today! I had a complete hysterectomy at 30 and weight loss is close to impossible unless I exercise like mad and diet hard! I'll break this plateau soon, did I mention I'm a chef? doesn't help. Although I eat very little, I stay the same, weird hense the starvation mode you referred to.

Onward all!


06-07-2007, 04:03 PM
We'll get there, Lizzy! :carrot: I love to cook myself, so that is the only thing I miss about dieting is not being able to prepare our old gourmet stuff. Someday, I'll eat that stuff again, but when I am maintaining and just small bites, lol.

I lost another 2 pounds, and met my first 10 pound goal today. I'm so happy, I could dance, but I have to go pick my daughter up from the high school instead. :D During her softball practice, I am going to walk the track for a mile. I'm sure my son and youngest daughter will join me.

By the way, have you heard about Z Trim? Check out the Food board as well as the Calorie Counters board. Best damn thing to happen to this family- love this stuff!

06-07-2007, 05:24 PM
Steelslady what is the Wendie plan?

You're doing so well.

Lizzy Gourmet
06-08-2007, 10:22 AM
Z trim? hummmm..I haven't heard about that, I'll check it out.


06-13-2007, 03:56 PM
I bought the 3 hour diet, but for some reason have veered off to eating every 3 hours, but not his food choices. I've been at 1300 calories, 40% protein, 40% carbs & 20% fat. At least that's what I've been doing M-F, then weekends I've blown it and gained it all back. This week I have been so hungry all the time. Can you let me know what you eat at your 6 meals? I haven't had a hysterectomy, but I am definitely in perimenopause. I know I've screwed up my metabolism with my constant up-down dieting. I need to commit! (or be committed!).

Lizzy Gourmet
06-15-2007, 09:23 AM
All are welcome here, we have no restrictions...lol. I have been on and off the diet for a while now and I'm going up and down.

I am going to focus now on weight training to increase muscle mass. With that you burn 5 times more calories day and night. Are you into trying that anyone?:carrot:

06-16-2007, 03:39 AM
I tried the 3 hour diet. Turned out it just didn't work for me since my work simply doesn't allow me to take a break--even if just for a snack--that often. I work in a sterile environment and can't decontaminate that often during my shift.

I'm 49 and have passed menopause so I'm sort of like you, Liz. I found the book Body for Life for Women by Dr. Peeke and am giving that a go since it has a section on my own age group. It's strength and cardio. I modify the snacking to suit my work day.....


Lizzy Gourmet
06-17-2007, 12:56 PM
I really feel that for me it will have to be strength training. I know that my diet is good due to the fact that I have tested it out so many differant ways.
I gave up drinking alcohol 5 years ago and I was a heavy drinker and lost 0 pounds. I gave up sugar for 6 months and lost 0 pounds. I did zero carbs and lost 1 pound in 1 month. In addition to all this I spurt train on the tredmill for 30 minutes 5 days a week and have lost 0 pounds!

You can not I magine the level of frustration , I feel hopeless. I was always thin until my Hysterectomy. I feel doomed.


06-19-2007, 02:52 PM
We have some things in common - are you a friend of Bill?

Meanwhile, here I am at 47, gained 25 in the last 8 months, know how it happened and, with menopause, having a tough time reversing it. I'm also going in August for an minor procedure that could also mean my ovaries going. I'm done with them, thank you, but am worried about how that's going to affect me.

The 3 hour diet sounds good, since three hours is about all I can give. I've been doing that naturally this week any how so I will claim I'm on it!

I am a lousy exerciser. Started giving monthly donations to Curves in March. They are happy to receive my money and not have me overcrowd the floor :o ! THAT has to change!

Anyway "Hey" and good luck!


Lizzy Gourmet
06-19-2007, 09:33 PM
Dear Hope,
I have known Bill for about 5 years now, but I really don't attend. I checked myself into out patient rehab 5 years ago, 3 days a week 6 hours a dayfor 3 months. It was the best thing I ever did for myself! I got to the root of all the self pity...and just let it goooooo........ahhhhhhhhh....what a relief.

Now, I'm happy and fat...lol. took on a bit of a sugar addiction, well lets say love for sugar. Seriously, though I keep it way under control it's the D**m Hysterectomy. I was happy to shed my ovaries too, but didn't expect the weight gain. I work out alot and now I really am watching what I eat. I would love to have all the pals I can get here so stay in touch.


06-20-2007, 10:07 AM
Well, nice to meet you Lizzie. I've been in touch with Bill for 6 years so we're in the same place. Nice not to have to worry about the calories from alcohol that I see others here struggling with. I, too, have had a carb addiction (all of my life) and definitely use food to calm myself down. Seems like a good time to look at that.

I care for my mom and that can be a rocky road for me. I tend to eat when I'm stressed and I tend to be stressed a lot lately.

But, time for change and change is good. I had a clean day yesterday and hope to continue the pattern today. Who knows, maybe I'll add Curves to the mix next week. I am trying to add or eliminate one habit each week. This week it's scaling back on lunches.

Hope you have a good day and hope everyone else does to.

Cheers! Hope

Lizzy Gourmet
06-23-2007, 10:00 AM
I took care of my Mother for a year and recently placed her in a nursing home. That was very hard but the only course of action that would keep her safe and clean. I can understand your pressure and pain. The only thing I can say is that if you do indulge to much , then that adds to the depression and guilt. Been there done that....

Lets just try to make some small real changes just for now. Nothing to eat past 8:00 pm perhaps and take a walk at least once a day and most of all stick to it. We need to stick to a new regamin in order to stay healthy. I think that should be our focus.

06-25-2007, 11:55 AM
Yeah, guilt and stress, leading to overeating, causing more guilt and stress. Pretty much the pattern. Mom went away for the weekend so I had a lot of down time and ate more than I wanted to. But, the good news is, not as much as I have in the past, and I'm back on track today. Last week, I successfully scaled back to salad and fruit for lunch. This week, I am adding exercise to the mix.

I don't generally eat after 8pm, but I will be sure not to. And I will be kinder to myself and others.

Thanks for the support! Hope

Lizzy Gourmet
06-26-2007, 09:31 AM
Did I tell you I fell in a hole the dogs made in the pasture? I sprained my knee so bad I can barely walk. It happened a about 6 days ago, right in the middle of a great exercise a diet run! bummer!

Although I am not over eating I am making some wrong food choices. You know the old F*** it thing? I will say that the injury makes me appreciate the ability to exercise all the more.

I also have some very upsetting family issues going on right now. Thank God I don't drink I would be smashed I'm so pissed. Well all in all as my dear older friend says to me....Onward!


06-26-2007, 12:56 PM
Oh Liz, sorry about your fall! That's gotta hurt.

Family stuff is always fun. I always say, "If it's not one thing, it's my mother." But somehow we get through. Now that we've traded the drink AND the carbs, do we actually have to start dealing with this stuff in a heathful manner? Yikes. Hard to be the grownups!

My 1st reaction to the stress is "Hungry!" It used to be "Wine!" Now I guess it's "Whine" and move on. So whine if you need to and hang in there! This is the easier, softer way.


06-28-2007, 05:27 AM
Hey, if I can survive 5 days from **** being surrounded by my in-laws, stuck in a hotel room for three days out of five because my husband and I had a fight about their cruelness towards my kids, and hence, I did not go to his brother's wedding, anyone can do it!

Oh, and for all my pain, humiliation, and hurt that my *bleeping* husband put me through, not talking to me or seeing if I needed anything to eat or drink or if I was alive or dead those three days, I gained back two pounds.

I didn't even eat much, I stayed under 1600 calories a day, some days less than that, but the food sucked. I had to go to the Jack in the Box one night and get 3 breakfast items to eat for that day, the next day, I had to go to the store across the street at 5:30 am when it wasn't busy, or I'd never get across that highway. That store had premade sandwiches, so I bought one tunafish, one turkey and cheese, and one ham and cheese sandwich, two packages of Rice Krispie Treats which were 310 calories each (I ate those for breakfast the last two days) and two small packages of Combos. There were no stores that had any fruit or veggies around me. :( I was stuck in a hotel where there weren't any decent food places, so I had to make due with what they had. My exercise was basically walking to the two food places, crying, and swimming when all of my family was out of the hotel. Yet, I still gained two pounds and can't seem to lose it since I got back on Monday. :(

I'm not giving up, though. I refuse to let what happened last week depress me into eating. It just proved to me that I need to care more about myself and to take good care of myself, because nobody else will do it for me!

Oh, and I can relate as far as taking care of Mom. I lost mine 14 years ago, but took care of her for most of my life, as she was chronically ill for almost all of my life. My Dad died before her, and my siblings were of no help, so it was just me and Mom for a few years, then hubby, Mom, myself and my oldest daughter until she passed away.

Lizzy Gourmet
06-28-2007, 08:31 AM
I am in a hurry today and only have time for a quick reply. I will get to you guys later we have alot to talk about!Women have sooooooo much in common.
I'm in a hurry because I'm incorperating today, whahooo, yes my Gourmet Shop and my individual life (and money) from my husband shall live! Empowerment women I think that is the key to all our weight loss.....I'll write later today....



06-28-2007, 10:52 AM
Dear Steels, I'm sorry you had such a tough time of it last week! Other people's expectations of us can drive us mad. I'm so impressed that you stood up for yourself and moved out of the way of the fire. And, I'm impressed that you didn't go into a big binge-fest. I can't say that I wouldn't have. I will take your example with me today. Meanwhile, those two pounds will drop off if you stay on track so head-high strong woman!

Lizzie - Hooray for you! Congratulations on your success! Head-high to you too! Isn't amazing to look at where we've been and where we are now? Be proud!

I'm in the process of moving my offices this week and am dealing with painters, carpeters, contractors. They are all late - behind - flippant! And one of my agents said if he doesn't go to the gym today, he will have a headache. Poor lambchop. :mad: There's 1 1/2 hours out of the day when I could use him. But maybe I should take his example of taking care of himself.

Meanwhile, I'm carrying my water and fruit back and forth between the 2 places. My computer is going down today and I won't be back in touch until Monday (hopefully). Good luck to all and stay strong!

Lizzy Gourmet
06-29-2007, 10:43 AM
My thoughts are mixed on men and my relationships with them. I have been married twice and have always been in long term relationships. I was the most needy Woman in the world .....currently men are just a side line in my life.

You want to talk about Mother-in -laws from ****! I have had two and no it's not me,I just pick Mama's boys. Steele, girl I'm proud of you staying in the hotel and standing your ground, he thought on his own turf you would cave , and you didn't! I have no Idea what your situation is with your man but I would love to help you figure it out. I have done a 360 in my life and reinvented it to a new and happy place, come along, both of you.

As far as the diet ? well the knee is killing me I haven't been exercising at all. When I'm not exercising it's F the diet. I'll be back on track by Monday....

I love our little group here lets keep it going, Women need each other for support.

Lizzy :hug:

07-01-2007, 11:27 AM
Hi ladies! I've been looking around trying to find an active 3-hr diet thread and was SO happy to find one!

I'm 33 & dh is 41. We've been doing the 3-hr diet since January this year and have EACH lost 50+ lbs. I just LOVE this plan since it's something I can definitely do for a lifetime to keep off the weight off already lost and the next 150 lbs that I WILL lose. I too follow a kind of "Wendie Plan" way of doing it. *Wendie Plan is a WW variation that allows for fluctuation of points each day to help you not get stuck in plateaus and keep your body kind of guessing how many calories must be burned each day. Google it & you'll find tons of info - if you're interested.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!

07-02-2007, 02:05 PM
Hey all! It's Monday; rise and shine!

Welcome Wings2fly! I'm so impressed by your weight loss victory so far. Sounds like you've hit a good program. Can you give me a sample menu of your diet? I'm looking forward to losing with you!

Steel - How are you doing? Things settle down yet? I've been thinking about you.

And Lizzie, our founder and incorporated business owner, how are the 'f' it's going? Are they still hanging around? I've had those many times - and acted out with food, procrastination, wine, men - you name it. I know I'm in a better space when my 'f' it's are about going to the gym or eating chips. How are you feeling today?

I'm going nuts. Everyone needs me or wants something from me. My mom's driving me crazy. She is very needy at the moment and worries about everything. Seems like I just get one thing done for her and she has already moved onto the next. She just called me at work to tell me she couldn't find something at home and was very worried about it. What can I do from here? I try and just listen and reassure her but that doesn't always work. Anyway. What can I do? I'm her caretaker.

Foods been good though and I've been walking about 3 miles a day which is good for the diet and the soul. Tomorrow, I weigh in - we'll see!

Hang in there. Hope

07-02-2007, 04:58 PM
Thanks for the welcome!

Here's an average day's menu: (1700-2000 calories)

2 Waffles Quiches (I'll share the recipe later - SOOO good!)
100 cal yogurt or a piece of fruit

AM Snack:
Carrots w/YUMMY Fat Free dip (I'll share this recipe later too!)
Sometimes I'll have a lean pocket, little sandwich, or a 100 cal pack of something.

Usually leftovers from night before's dinner or a meal size salad.
*My salads are AWESOME - Several different kinds of lettuce (iceburg, romaine, curly leaf, spinach, spring mix, etc), broccoli slaw for a nice crunch, cucumbers, tomatoes, green and/or red onions, apples or grapes (if you haven't tried apples or grapes in a salad, you're missing out!), little sprinkle of cheese, and sometimes some leftover grilled chicken.

Veggie Beef chili, fajitas, or grilled meat of some kind with some veggies.

Can't think of any others off hand. I'll be posting recipes for a bunch of these today or tomorrow. I love to cook and am having a lot of fun finding ways of making healthy food with A LOT of good flavor.

Lizzy Gourmet
07-02-2007, 05:43 PM
Sorry I haven't written I have been driving for hours all day. We are happy to have a new comer here, more support the better!

I still have not been working the plan as I should, I can barely walk. I feel as though every calorie I take in I'm gaining 20 pounds. I will be back in the saddle soon.

Remember I am chef and have many recipes to share!


Lizzy Gourmet
07-02-2007, 05:52 PM
Hope...we have to talk about our Mothers ! that is where I was all day back and forth.....I need this, I need that and then she pooped on the floor...aughhhh. My step daughter is coming for 2 weeks too, with a additude I might add...someone shoot me....


07-02-2007, 07:53 PM
Hey Lizzie, I haven't posted on this thread much (or maybe not at all), but I keep up with what you're all talking about. Eavesdropping, I guess. I don't have mother troubles, but I hope you all are doing ok with that. It has to be tough.

Just a quick question though, Lizzie. Grilled corn... love it, but I'm wondering what you would do as a butter substitute. I am not a fan of fake butter (after reading about their chemical make up, I'd rather pass...). What do you suggest?

Lizzy Gourmet
07-03-2007, 09:50 AM
For some reason I'm not getting the latest reply...hummm...I missed 2 yesterday!

Sorry guys, as far as butter substitutes I have used "Molly Mc Butter" on or off a diet on veggies. It has a high butter flavor and "O" calories. As far as I know and I have used it for at least 15 years, there are no residual effects. When cooking or buttering toast ect.I use "Olivo", most of my clients are Doctors and the reccomend both of these products.

Who is up for some weight lifting? I know that we lose muscle mass as we age and it burns 3 times as many calories as cardio 24/7. I'm going to start today as a sort of experiment. My sister is 62 and looks great using mostly weight lifting. I'll do upper today and lower tomorrow alternating days, we'll see.

The rest of life is interesting, my step daughter of 15 will be here with her additude on Thursday for 2 weeks. Pray for me!.....LOL

P.S. Slashnl, get out of the background and start chatting girl!


07-03-2007, 11:09 AM
Good morning everyone!

Wings - thanks for the menu. I'm not too far off that. I have 1 whole wheat english muffin and 2 tsps peanut butter at 7am, fresh fruit and a cheese stick at 10:30, big salad for lunch at noon, yogurt at 3 and then dinner at 6:30 with mom. Usually lean meat, lots of veggies and a small potato.

2 changes I've made since starting are smaller lunches and no eating after 7. My lunches were out of control. I think because it is the only time during the day I have to myself and food is what I use for solace. Now I'm taking a short walk instead. I still don't get as much satisfaction as I do with cookies, but somethings must change.

I saw something on the news last night about stress creating obesity and I thought, "No kidding." I mean, we know this right? But apparently when we are stressed our body holds on to the calories so for us compulsive eaters we get hit twice. :^: So, okay, reduce stress.

I guess this means, yes, Lizzie, I will add regular exercise to the mix! Ugh! And I mean more than the walk for coffee.

Lizzie - caring for our Moms is tough. My mom has Parkinsons and one of the symptoms is anxiety. Her fears wrap around bills. We are fine financially but she just worries constantly. I try to practice patience and love but sometimes it's tough. A lot of this is hormonal - premenopause - and hopefully when i get my August operation, I will feel a little better.

Finally - UGH! - I am grateful for losing 4 pounds but - come on! - back in the day I could lose 4 pounds in one week. Okay - I am over it and say "Hooray! I've lost 4 pounds!" :carrot:

Have a great day everone - Slash - good to see you here! Hope

07-03-2007, 11:52 AM
Lizzie, I've been trying to add weights to my plan for about 2 months now. Well, I can't say "trying" because I've been avoiding. I think that strength training is great for you, too. Just need to get started on it! My latest excuse is that I pulled weeds over the weekend and my legs still hurt. What a whiner!

Have a great day, all!

Lizzy Gourmet
07-04-2007, 09:44 AM
Ok, why am I not seeing the posts that have just been posted on my thread? I'm getting urrked here...Reset everything and still I'm back to posts from 2 days ago. Anyone know why?

Anyway, I haven't weighed myself in a while, scared but I will do it while you guys are here with me in spirit and script, be right back.....pray! 164! I could just cry, damn it! Since this knee injury and no exercise I'm never going to lose and going up! my God.

My stress level is mock 10 I hope that is the cause of my fat ***!


07-04-2007, 10:39 AM
Dang, Lizzie. That sux.
Hang in there, though. The way I see it, if I don't keep trying, I'll have no problem adding more and more weight. A month or so ago, I pulled a ligament in my pelvis (still not sure how you do that, but...). It took awhile to get past that. So keep going! You'll get past this, too.

07-05-2007, 10:13 AM
(Hey Slash, hope you had a good 4th!)

Liz - Okay, deep breath. Your stress level is mock 10 and you are focusing all your frustration on weight loss and lack of exercise. These are the little things that keep our minds occupied while we ignore the big stuff.

Didn't you just incorporate your business? Isn't your teenage stepdaughter staying with you? On top of that, you are in some pain. Good Lord, friend, you DO have a lot going on! One thing at a time. Cut yourself some slack. What are you doing right, right now? Give yourself credit for that. Once I can breath at a normal rate, I find these things are not as bad as I thougth and I can actually get some stuff done.

Hang in there! You are doing great! :hug:

Lizzy Gourmet
07-05-2007, 12:49 PM
Breath deep look into my inner eye and breath.............aahhhhh.... Your right Hope, I haven't even delved into the other crap going on in my life right now, I have totally neglected myself. So I'm suffering, it's my fault for letting it all get to me. When they say you have to take care of yourself, They are right , because who the **** else will?

OK, so no weight loss around here, but it's in the very near future. I see it glowing in my crystal ball! Maybe I should rename our forum to "Liz the whiner"!...Lol I'll be better just a snag,nothing I can't fix. Slash & Hope thanks for the love.

Liz xo:hug:

07-06-2007, 10:55 AM
Hey Lizzy Gourmet!

How's the breathing going?

Yesterday, my mother called me at work and asked me if I wanted her to do the laundry on my bedroom floor. No, I want her out of my bedroom! Peace!

07-09-2007, 12:19 PM
Hey survivors!

Just some thoughts from the weekend.

Eating on a regular schedule is very helpful. Goes back to the one moment at a time philosophy: I can wait 1/2 hour before I eat again.

Planning food is good too. I planned on movie popcorn and some icecream over the weekend and ate it consciously and without guilt.

(I guess the experts DO know their stuff, dammit!)

I eat at people! My mother p*sses me off? CRUNCH on a Dorito - Take that, Ha! How is this helpful? Right now I am "dieting at my mother". Every time I lose a pound and she doesn't notice is like a weird little victory. Girls, I need to do some serious introspection around eating and mom. She formed my diet conscience but I'm 47 (yikes) and it's time to get over this! Amazing what moving in with mom is teaching me about my ingrained behavior.

Anyway - we grow emotionally when we are awake to the world!

Have a lovely day! Hope

Lizzy Gourmet
07-10-2007, 09:11 AM
:hug:Sorry, soooo sorry, the kid has been here and really cramping my style! the hubby does nothing with her so that leaves me to entertain for 2 weeks ,lovely!

Anyway back to us, I want you to get a book "Life Strategies" by Dr. Phil. Don't laugh, this book changed my life Hope. I read it first and didn't do the exercises and failed, read it again (sober) and did the exercises and my whole life changed.

I went back to college that year about 5 years ago and made the deans list. I did a presentation final on this book and was told by my teacher that I should be teaching his principles globally.I kid you not!

You have talked about getting to the root of the problem....this is what I wanted to do too. This book through the exercises gave me the tools to find out what was the real problem. Remember booze, food, exercise in excess ect. are all temporary band aid s to the real problem.

Hope, are you spirtual at all? fill me in on that. Stay close and read the book I'm here to help.


Lizzy xo

07-10-2007, 10:54 AM
Hey Lizzie - I know you're out there; we all get busy. I think that's what support groups are for - to give us real, outside lives!

Okay, Dr. Phil. I won't laugh. Outloud, anyway. No, I've actually heard him on something once and thought he was pretty straight forward. That's how I've always tried to practice my recovery. I am starting a mini 4th step this week around mom (4th step, for those who don't know, is a fearless and searching moral inventory. It asks us to seek the root and remove it, rather than just trimming the hedges.) So adding a book to that process can only be good. I will check it out and let you know my thoughts.

These mom issues aren't new but with dad's death and my mom's illness and of course my becoming her caretaker, everything is more acute. I expect great growth. Unfortunately, the growth for the last year has been physical vs emotional. :^:

I've also been reading the OA website and have been identifying there.

I am very spiritual and rely constantly on a higher power. Unfortunately, we have not been communicating as much as we should. The move was very wrenching for me and I miss my friends and my home. And I've been turning to food vs higher power for solace. Oh well. Moving on. Time to reconnect with old habits.

Thanks for the love! Hope

Lizzy Gourmet
07-15-2007, 09:52 AM
Ok, she leaves on Thursday and my life can resume. Ommmmmmmm.......really all is well just a bit hairy. I have made a real dicision "THE WEIGHT MUST GO! I can not take another minute of this expanding waist line.

I have to cook Sunday breakfast for the family and I have much to tell all about my adventures. I went to look at a space to rent for my shop. Well these women that claim to be all about "Empowerment for women"must have thought I was stupid or some spoiled housewife with money to burn. She wanted to charge me 33% more for rent then any other building in town , without air! I was pisssed.

Just need some down time to regroup. I have to take my Mother to the Dentist on Tuesday for some extractions, work on Monday Wednesday the kids Birthday and Thursaday a 2 hour drive to the airport....ughhhhh.

I'm here in spirt , in body by Friday!

Hope and all check out my website I have been working on lizzygourmet.com

Liz xo

07-18-2007, 09:41 AM
Lizzy, I had a hysterectomy a few years ago and have found that I just don't seem to lose weight. I have been fat all of my life and have tried many a diet with little or no success but now it doesn't seem to make any difference what I do the weight comes off even slower than before. Someone told me that as you get older it is also a lot harder to make the weight go. I hope you are able to get rid of your excess weight with little difficulty.

As for the 3 hour diet, I know my Aunty Judy has always been thin but she has also ALWAYS eaten LOTS of small meals ALL day long ever since she was a child my mother said. She would eat at least 6 meals a day if not more, she seems to eat something almost hourly but every second hour it would be something a little more substancial eg cup of soup and a piece of fruit, cheese and crackers and glass of milk, so maybe that is why she is thin, her metabolism is kept going all day long since it is constantly being fed.

Steelslady, congratulations on your change in lifestyle and for the family all supporting you and also doing it with you. That makes life SO much easier.

Keep up the good work.


Lizzy Gourmet
07-20-2007, 08:53 AM
Dear all,
Where the **** is everyone? I'm free free from the kid! she was good I really enjoyed having her, but I'm releived she is on her way.To many things going on in my life.

Jenny Lee ,welcome ! I feel your plight on the weight sludge....I'm getting ready to go full boar into the weight loss plan again on Monday. I hope you are on board with me.

Hope? where the **** are you? all ok? some new disaster keeping you from the keyboard? fill us in, your missed.

Wings to fly? slash? where have you all gone???? come back I say!


07-20-2007, 11:43 AM
Hey Lizzy - welcome back to the real world, so to speak. I've been crazy at work and posting on this site is not easy technically speaking. Glad you made it through the visit. I'm sure you had some fun; kids that age are a wonder of contradictions and can be endlessly entertsining. YOU WERE MISSED!

Things are going well! I've pulled mom in on the diet secret and although she is not without her advice, she can't help but speak up. "When I was your age, I used to eat a grapefruit for breakfast and a banana and cottage cheese for lunch when I was seriously on a diet." Okay, that's where my crazy dieting springs from. Anyway, I am just smiling when she says things like that and giving her a little hug. This week, today, I can recognize my part.

Okay - the food plan. So far so good. Eating every three hours, walking and meditating on my December cruise to Mexico. 10 POUNDS! Woo hoo! I would change the ticker but I am at home today and my computer is like molasses.

What's your plan for next week? Remember Rome was not conquered in a day!

Lizzy Gourmet
07-20-2007, 06:27 PM
My Mother says "when I was your age, I couldn't keep weight on and I had 5 kids" Lovely ,it always makes me feel sooooooo special....lol.

What part of Mexico are you going to? I used to go all the time.I love real Mexico not the touristie stuff. I was in Acumal for a month in a small Mayan village equipt with 4 wolves and I'm not kidding. Very cool.....

Monday brings seafood ,exercise ,tan and new hair.All will be well and salad a big must. I need some change to start taking care of myself better and enjoy my life a bit. I'm in a slump from the kitchen problem last week.

Hope? where do you live? I wonder if I have been there.Don't be a stranger..

Liz xo:dizzy:

07-20-2007, 07:20 PM
Hi all, I've been around some, but not a lot. This summer has been unusually hectic. We have horses and all they've been doing is hanging out in the pasture. If we had time, we'd be riding, but with the kids getting so active in everything else and my husband being self employed and me working this ridiculously busy job, we're scrambling all the time. Getting the kids back into school will really be a blessing. One month away! At least then they can ride the bus to school and not be so dependent on me to get them places. And, yes, I know I will miss this time at some point in the future, but just a little bit of time to take a breath would be nice!

So.... I've been incredibly irritable lately. Not sure if it is just being so hectic or if the hormones are wacky. I haven't experienced any other menopausal symptoms, so I'm not sure what this is. Hopefully I can refrain from taking off a co-workers head before getting to the weekend!

Lizzy Gourmet
07-21-2007, 09:19 AM
Slash,I just rode yesterday my best friend has 2 and we ride all the time. I have 5 acres and I'm getting my barn ready to board a couple of retired horses. I don't want the traffic of riders or the home owners mark up.

We just bought this farm here in Metamora horse country last year ...very shesh ,shesh...lol! The farm down the way which is huge owned by the "talbots" heiress is having the "National antique carriage drive" competition. I don't get the whole driving thing but I hear it's alot of fun. What part of Colorado are you in? I have skied in "Beaver Creek" a few times and love the state.

Ok, hormones, kids, dieting, summer sounds like a recipe for a murder..lol.Fear not you are not alone and no you are not a bad Mother because your kids can get on your nerves.I know for a fact my Mother didn't charish every moment with all 5 of us.

What type of work do you do? do you enjoy it? you can always vent here.Peace harmony and what the **** ever else it is that gives you peace of mind ,just not to much chocolate...lol.


07-21-2007, 10:33 AM
Hey fellow horse lover! We live over on the western side of Colorado, very near the Utah border, near Grand Junction. It's in a valley, so the weather here is very mild and we're rather desert-like. (Good thing we have irrigation water, or we would be very brown.) We use our horses mainly for pleasure riding in the mountains. We can ride around here, but it is so hot right now, it would be very hard on them. We used to do a little team roping, but that was prior to kids! I don't miss that much because I wasn't very good at it. It made me nervous.

I've never done any driving with horses, but I've always thought it looked like fun. I love the big horses, Clydesdales, Percherons, etc. But we've never had them.

As for work, I am a Commercial Insurance Marketing Specialist. I work for a large agency here and I take the info brought to me for a new client and put together an insurance package for them. We have "producers" that go out to meet the clients and get the info and they bring it to me. I take it to the various companies or brokers to find quotes and coverages. I put it all together and give it back to the producers and they sell it. It's fun, but this is a busy time right now. We have a new producer right now who is using up a lot of my time. He knows just enough to be dangerous, but he's also very young and headstrong. Sometimes he forgets that he's been in the business 3 months and I've been in for almost 20 years... I think I might know a little more than he does!

Still awake??? I know insurance can bore the heck out of most people!

So, how is the business going now? I know you had a few glitches, but is it getting better?

Everyone else doing ok out there?

Lizzy Gourmet
07-22-2007, 09:19 AM
I understand the desert like conditions conditions I just moved back from a 8 year tour of duty in ****...Phoenix AZ! I hated living there so freaking hot and brown. I have lived all over the country and I have finally settled back here in Michigan after 27 years. Once you have the change of seasons in your heart you will always miss them. I'm happy back here on my beautiful little farm.

I'm heading over to the driving compition today to check it out. The antique buggies and horses have been arriving for days. It really looks like quite a event. I also picked up 2 bags of carrots for the horses I need to drop off.

By the way, I need some health insurance my husbands insurance ran out for me a bit ago and I need a new provider. Do you have any Ideas on what health care providers are out there for a white 45 year old healthy woman on 2 meds a month?

By the way ? is anyone out there on a diet?...lol Mine starts tomorrow.

Hope? you alive girl? chime in any time.........Liz xo;)

Lizzy Gourmet
07-24-2007, 09:23 AM
Hope you still alive girl? Mom ok? saw mine yesterday for my weekly guilt trip.

Lizzy xo:D

07-24-2007, 09:37 AM
Lizzie, quick answer to your health insurance question... I have no idea. :) The laws vary from state to state, so I don't know what would be best for you there. I would find an agent you trust and have them find some options for you. (Actually, I don't know if I could help you in Colorado either. I don't sell health insurance and it is a confusing product!!!)

As for the diet, I think I'm maintaining for now. Once the kids are back in school, I think I'll be able to get back to it. So, here's looking forward to August 20th!

07-24-2007, 10:36 AM
Hey girls!

I'm still pushing along. Mom is away 'til Saturday, when I go to NY and pick her up. A little time to myself has been great. Unfortunately, I am in the midst of a migraine cycle and have been laying low. It's all about the hormones and next week I am having my ovaries removed so I'm hoping that, combined with some hormone therapy, will get me to the other side. I'm dragging my butt!

Lizzy - How's the plan working? I know for me, I have to really get to "that place" where I'm ready to go. I hope you are there - sprinkling a little motivation dust your way!

Should we spend a moment on "triggers" as a topic of discussion. What triggers my binges? Guilt, Stress, Anger, Fear. That's pretty general so I have to look deeper. I've been asking myself, when I feel like going off plan, "What's going on?" Sometimes it's just stuff I'm procrastinating on, like paying a bill or working on a project. Sometimes, I'm lonely. Many times, I'm bored.

Now - on to fun - Lizzy, I have spent a lot of time in Mexico (where I'm going in December.) I was a corporate event planner in my previous life and planned many meetings in Cancun, Cozumel and Playa Del Carmen. This is not the real Mexico, but I gotta confess, I love it! Talk about pampering! They know how to do it. I have wandered off the all-inclusives for trips to Mayan villages, zip-lining through the canopy and senote (cave) snorkling. So I've seen some of the more adventurous stuff. I also traveled for a day with a "tour guide" I was interviewing, who stopped on a side street and picked up some drugs he was going to sell later. I didn't hire him! I felt fortunate to get back to the hotel without being arrested!

And is it SLASH that is the Insurance Marketing Manager? That's what I do now. Advertising and direct mail campaigns. Some trade shows. Small world!

Anyway - have a great, ON PLAN day and I'll check in tomorrow!

07-24-2007, 01:58 PM
Hoping: Cool! We are in the same type of work!

I have to admit that I kind of like the nickname "Slash". It makes me sound way more exciting than I really am! ha!

Lizzy Gourmet
07-25-2007, 10:07 AM
As per usual I have not received notice of your replies until today, please forgive the delay.

You shall be dumbed "Slash" from this day forward Diana, OK Hope?

.....I ended up not going to the driving event...13.00$ to get in? plus it looked real boring.I went riding yesterday before dinner great time to ride.We are having a problem with the horse I ride "Dakota" it is my friends horse she has 2 really she bought him for me to ride when I moved out here. He is a registered Arab mix brilliant horse great on trails and a love. The problem is he shakes his when his is in his bridle,when I dismounted we found out he still has his "wolf "teeth. What do you know about wolf teeth? hes 12 years old should we have them removed? It is very hard to get his bit out it gets caught in between the molars.

Ok Hope, been to every place you mentioned in Mexico including the "Senote". Also Talum and Akumal, Puerto Verta and much more. I love the off the beaten path stuff did it all through the Virgin Islands as well.

My brother is playing a gig Downtown this afternoon so hitting the museum and Polish village for dinner. I will be good! I have cut back the calories as of yesterday drastically! I set up a appointment with a personal trainer to start lifting again, but the knees are a real problem.

Hope! you better get on HRT! I have been for 15 years and my Mom since she was 40 ( 81 now) she looks 60! It will stablize your emotions as well as your spine. Don't be afraid of them , I'll be on you about taking them. Personally I rather be dead then go without! I'm a mess without them, my anxiety is through the roof.

Love you all,
Liz xo:carrot:

07-25-2007, 01:07 PM
No freakin way!!!! My horse's name is Dakota! She's a sweetheart and she's about 12 years old.
BTW, I have no idea about wolf teeth. I just ride. DH handles all other issues.
Not much time today...

Lizzy Gourmet
07-25-2007, 04:45 PM
Well we found out today they aren't wolf teeth from the Vet. They are regular teeth with a gap. We need to tighten up his bit up a bit, better then a extraction..

Lizzy Gourmet
08-02-2007, 08:50 PM
Whats up where are you all?:^:

08-03-2007, 09:41 AM
I'm here. Thought I replied on this already and was waiting for a new post. I have been kind of hit and miss lately with posting. It's been a busy, crazy summer. The kids are getting ready to go back to school in a couple of weeks, so that should help some. My MIL has had some health issues that are causing us to make some decisions and look for paperwork, etc. She's had a series of small strokes, so here we are looking through her stuff to see what bills need to be paid, where her health insurance is, etc.

What's new with everyone else?

Lizzy Gourmet
08-05-2007, 03:49 PM
Where the **** is Hope? is she still with us?

Slash what's new on the diet front anything good?

Hey is your horse "Dakota" half arab too?


08-06-2007, 10:19 AM
Hey Lizzy! Long time no see. I'm still here and staying on track. I had surgery Thursday and so I've been out of touch. Everything went well, I think. I have no memory of it! Meanwhile, this eating right thing is clearly settling deep in my brain because even though I had icecream every day since the surgery, I've managed not to gain anything! How is your life treating you?

(Good morning Slash, you wild thing!)

08-06-2007, 02:10 PM
Nope, my Dakota is a quarterhorse.

Say, I've been posting in the "47" thread, too, and there is some interest in starting a 40 something chat thread to combine all of us into one chat. (They're a good group of women, too!!) That way, there might be more activity in both threads and we can all be one big happy group. I think new people to the 40 something thread have trouble with joinging in the chat because it isn't clear that it is a chat thread. What do you think of that?

Lizzy Gourmet
08-06-2007, 06:53 PM
Hope , slash lets move over there...Lizzy:carrot:

08-06-2007, 06:57 PM
Awesome! The more the merrier, I say.
I'll start a 40-something chat thread. Not right this minute (since I'm at work... bad Slash!), but I thought I'd send out a PM to some others that haven't been around for awhile. Maybe we can get things stirred up a bit!!! So, watch for it... it will be something original like 40-something chat. :D

Lizzy Gourmet
08-06-2007, 06:58 PM
Slash where is the 47 link? I can't find it:^:

08-06-2007, 07:06 PM
Darn. I can't figure out how to post a link. If you go to 40-somethings, I just started a "40-something chat thread".
Let me know if you can't find that one. The "47" thread ladies are heading over to the new chat thread, too.

08-06-2007, 10:42 PM

I tried to PM you, but you have it blocked. (I understand that!)
Anyway, if you go to the 40-something forum, you should see a "40-Something Chat Thread" now.

CU there!

09-10-2007, 05:27 PM
Hi everyone..just joined a few minutes ago......
Reading about the 3 hour diet.. will read more when I get home later ;)
Just wanted to say hi...

You know when its time to take charge of your body and make it all balance...it arrived for me. Wish me luck as I do back at you.

Hugz (dont forget its national HUG ME day)
sending a big ole one from western Canada

10-01-2007, 02:51 AM
Yes I have had a full Hysterectomy. 2 years ago. I have put on weight. I don't eat much . It has been hard to try and lose weight.