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05-09-2007, 08:26 AM
Since I would have been #18 thought I would just start the new thread. Good morning to you all. Hope your day has started off well.

Boy, I can sure tell I have been out of the walking practice. My butt cheeks and ankles are sore. I need to get them back in shape again.

My dd says she got enough volunteers and doesn't need my help with the luncheon. I hope she wasn't miffed by what I posted. I know she peeks in here sometimes. I wasn't criticizing her, I was just saying she takes on too much sometimes with her work, her home, cub scouts, pta stuff and all. I am actually happy to help her out when she needs it. After all, what do I do all day, but clean house and knit??? :D

Jean: I do knit as much in the summer now. With the ac going it doesn't bother me. I am almost done with my top. I do have to measure the circumference of my arm to make sure I make it long enough for the arm hole since I knit most of it on circs. I really want to get going again on the blanket. It is a bore to knit. We have Thomas's piano recital on Saturday so I plan on going then and take back the wrong yarn and get the right stuff if I find the time. Before then, I will finish both my sweaters and be done with them. From what Jack says, the city lost a suit over handicap accessible walks and has to make every corner handicap assessible. Only problem is, the idiots have torn up blocks of sidewalk corners, roped them off, but have yet to start pouring the cement and that was 3 weeks ago. I don't see why they have to do it that way then leave them. It makes it tough on those of us who walk, especially near busy streets where we have to walk in the street to get around the mess.

I am listening to a books on tape that I got yesterday while I knit, called "The Picasso Flop." It is a Vegas murder mystery written by Vince Van Patten (his dad, Dick, was the father on "8 is Enough") Vince is the media guy that does the "play by play" for the World Poker Tour on tv. The title of the book is a reference to Texas Hold 'Em poker when the first three cards dealt on the table, the "flop" are king, queen and Jack. That is called a picasso flop. I guess because the face cards resemble picasso paintings somewhat. I guess that poker players have all kinds of names for combinations like 2 eights are "snowmen," 2 fives are called a "speed limit," stuff like that. In the book, someone starts killing off poker players at a World Poker Tour tournament at the Bellagio. It is an interesting, entertaining book and I can say, "Hey, I know right where you are talking about" if they talk about some hotel, casino, restaurant or whatever!

Well, I need to gear up to go walking and get the housecleaning I want to do today. It is time to start back upstairs again.

Have a good Wednesday!


05-09-2007, 11:50 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! Another day and two more to go before the weekend. It was a nice day again and NO rain. The basement room, minus all the "stuff", is drying slowly, but surely. Water is still coming in the sump pump holes. :( Rain is predicted for the weekend, but that could change.

"Gma" -- I am tired tonight! I think my late night last night is catching up with me. :yawn: We've had handicapped curbs for several years now. We used to have a downtown public restroom, but it wasn't handicapped accessible so they had to close it. There was no space to work with so they closed it. When the kids were little we used to stop there quite often. :lol: Your book sounds like our visit to "Old Tucson" where they make a lot of the cowboy/western movies. We recognize quite a few of the buildings, etc.

I need to get off the computer so Bob can make a phone call. Have a terrific Thursday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

05-10-2007, 06:05 AM
Good morning ladies! Hope you have been having a good start to your day. I am finally working out the kinks walking, but it was really hard yesterday because it is so hot and very very humid. I still would rather walk outside than have to get on the treadmill. It seems to make my hips hurt a lot more for some reason.

I talked to my dil last night and as usual, the men in the family get it all wrong. She said ever since the shower she has had some trouble swelling and with being on her feet all day and such, her blood pressure went up to about 150/90 so they went to the hospital. They got it back down pretty quickly and she is fine. She said she is planning on working probably another week or maybe week and a half. She has cut her schedule back and next week is doing cholesterol screenings most of the week so will be sitting. She said the doctor seems to think the baby is farther along by at least a week so they think maybe around Memorial Day sometime. She said other than the swelling she is feeling fine. Upping her fiber a lot has helped with the gall bladder business and she hasn't had any trouble with that. I told her we were going to pack in about a week and be ready when the call came. She just laughed and said as she had dr appts she would call and keep us updated how they said she was coming along. She is to the point where they are checking her cervix for dialation and such and she said she is not too thrilled with that. Wait until she has to deliver her little package! lol

I guess her dad has been really bad since his heart valve replacement three months ago. He has a genetic valve problem and I think has had to have it replaced like 4 times now because his heart keeps growing and ruins the valve. They had him in a coma for three weeks on dialysis, a ventilator, the whole works and never called them to let them know he was gravely ill after it. She is pretty upset about it as she was the main contact, but she says except to complain, there isn't much they can do of course. She said he is coming along better now and is really excited about the baby. (he is in prison if this didn't make any sense.)

Susan: Hope you are starting to feel better with your ears and such and that Stan is coming along with his dialysis and all his other stuff well.

Jean: I can't believe the rain you guys have had. I bet Bob has been busy with claims and such. There is a little town in Illinois that we get off the interstate and go to when we travel to Indiana. They have a community restroom right in town too. We go there to have lunch at this little Amish restaurant if the time comes out right when we are traveling. It is a nice little town, but dang if I can remember the name. I could probably more than likely tell you the mile marker instead! lol

Everyone have a good Thursday. Has anyone watched the reality show "Sheer Genius?" It is all about hair stylists and is pretty interesting if you like to see different haircut and stuff. Each week they have to do something special, someone gets cut from the group, etc, just like the other reality type shows. I like to see what they do with hairstyles so I watch sometimes.

Take care,


05-10-2007, 11:45 AM
Faye, Carol Nelson Douglas has a series of mystery books (in alphabetical order) about Midnight Louie (a cat) and a his mistress and they are all located in Las Vegas. If you haven't read them, I think you'd enjoy them. I'm always eagerly anticipating a new one. I'm reading "Died in the Wool" by Rett MacPherson now. Pretty good and it has some quilting references in it.

My darn ears are worse instead of better. I'm going to the doc again tomorrow.

Stan is doing well. He has his graft surgery next Thursday, not looking forward to that! They said the new dialysis center is supposed to open next month - but they have just cleared the ground so I don't see how that could be...unless they set up in tents. Of course, they do throw up buildings rather quickly these days.

Jean, I hope the rain is over for you so you can get dried out. I keep telling people here I want the rain to be gone and it to get hot so I can complain about the heat and the humidity and long for winter and cold weather...i.e., I'm never satisfied with the weather.

I'm taking tomorrow off - beginning of the official Jamestowne Anniversary celebration and also the second Friday...which I'm supposed to have off anyway.

05-10-2007, 11:54 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! I am on my way to doll stroller shop again. It took 4 days for the department store I've never heard of (Boscov's) to let me know that what I ordered is no longer available. GRRRR! :mad: I thought online was supposed to be so fast and efficient.

"Gma" -- I can just imagine how excited you are to get the "baby is here" phone call! Do you think Alicia will have to have her gall bladder out after the baby comes? I know that is not that unusual. Sometimes little towns have the best restaurants -- everything is home cooked and delicious! :T I haven't seen the TV show you mentioned. If Bob is home he surfs and I either read or come to the computer.

Susan -- I hope your doctor can give you something to help your ears. :yes: Glad to hear that Stan is doing so well. I hope that continues! Thanks for the mystery book heads up -- I always like a cat book. ;)

I am off to catch the weather for tomorrow. Last night they said it would be 90 over the weekend. I don't want it that warm just yet. :no: Have a fantastic Friday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

05-11-2007, 07:00 AM
Good morning gals! I must have slept wrong because I have one heck of a backache this morning. I know that Fortune can squish me up sometimes and to accomodate him I end up all twisted so I imagine that is what it is from. Getting up and around will make it ease off.

I have started a new knitting project until I can get out and get more blanket yarn. If you remember I was part of a yarn swap a couple months back and the woman sent me two beautiful varigated skeins of baby yarn in this blue, green, white, lavender. She said it was to make something for the new baby so I started a seed stitch sweater that has a hoody, but I don't know whether or not I will do that or make him a stocking cap. I read the whole pattern and the hood is knitted separately then attached by sewing and I am not sure I like it like that. I used the pattern on the yarn sleeve and didn't notice until I had already started that the hood had to be sewn on. Most hoodies you pick up the yarn from the neck and knit it directly on to the sweater. I may just make him a stocking cap and then some mittens. The yarn is a common brand, Bernat, and I could easily get more at Michael's or Hobby Lobby to finish the project. I am making a 12 month size for part of his Christmas. It sure knits up beautiful and I have never knitted with yarn this fine before. Is is so soft.

Susan: Oh, I sure hope they can get your ears right. I once had a problem they couldn't get cleared up until they went in and irrigated the ear. Our came a huge piece of something about the size of a nickel. I guess it was some wax, but it looked almost like skin. Once they got that out, my infection cleared right up. Here's hoping they get you right as rain. Thanks for the heads up on the books. I will check my book club and my audio book club to see if either of them have it.

Jean: Have you read "The Cat Who..." books? She is like 90 now and I heard has a ghost writer for the books. Also, ever read Rita Mae Brown's Sneaky Pie books? They are pretty good as well and I think, Susan, they are located in Virgina somewhere.

Well, I need to get up and move around, do morning chores before Jack gets up.

Oh my last weigh in, I was down 5 lbs so have to put that on my ticker.


05-11-2007, 06:56 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's another beautiful day in my corner of the world. We got out of school early because we are hosting the district track meet and the visiting buses park in the faculty parking lot. I am ready for the weekend although I don't know how relaxing it will be.

"Gma" -- When Jason was born he received a sweater with a hood and the zipper went down the back. That was back in the days when babies slept on their stomachs. I wonder when that idea will come full circle again? Did you see the boy, on TV, who had two spiders in his ear? He heard "snap, crackle, and pop" so his mom took him to the doctor. One spider was still alive and the doctor put them in formaldehyde so the boy could take them to school for show and tell. Yuck! We are getting a huge crop of mosquitoes and somehow they are getting in the house. They're all dead by the time I've found them, but I still don't want to share my house with them. Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day!

Have a relaxing weekend!

Jean -- :dancer: in Iowa!

05-12-2007, 07:14 AM
Good morning all! I hope today is nice and sunny. Thomas's recital is at 10 am. I wonder if he will get nervous. He is quite a little ham though in some ways very shy so we shall see. I doubt it. Piano playing is quite comfortable to him and making mistakes doesn't seem to bother him much, which is good.

Jean: I read the spider story on AOL. I can't imagine the kid getting not one, but two spiders in his ear and not having a huge infection. Jack was listening to WGN radio from Chicago yesterday before work and they are having their yearly cicada infestation. We usually get them, but I haven't heard them. They are surely huge ugly bugs when you find them dead on the deck. One of the people on the radio said he had eaten them and they tasted crunchy and smokey :barf: Like I told Jack, John the Baptist lived on locusts in the dessert with honey so I suppose people can eat cicadas.

I finished my cardigan!!!! :carrot: Unbelievable as it is, some of it is actually too big like the sleeves, but as I said, I had to take a pattern that didn't have my size and try and convert it the best I could. It turned out rather well too. I put it on with the shell and it looks nice.

I have got to get to Michael's and get that other yarn so I can get his blanket done. I want to start on Christmas presents.

I hope everyone has a great day and a great Mother's Day.


05-13-2007, 01:37 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! I am on my way to bed but wanted to check in here first. We left earlier than we had planned, this morning, in order to check at Target and KMart for a doll stroller. No luck. We got into town a bit early so were able to find Bob's grandmother's house as well as his aunt's house. The birthday party was a huge success judging from the number of people there. This 90 year old aunt is pretty darned spry . . . spryer than I am by a long shot. She lives in a condo in a retirement community with different levels of care. She delivers the mail there and is the one woman greeting committee for new residents moving in as well as playing bridge and golf. She has taken up what she calls "paper cutting" and I know there is a proper name for it; the pictures look like black silhouettes on white paper. She retired and sold off 7 Hallmark Stores 5 years ago, so maybe that is why she seems so young! :jig: On our way home we stopped and had supper with my sister, bil, niece, and mom. It's been a long day!

"Gma" -- Congrats on getting your sweater finished! I'm sure that is a good feeling. :cheer: I hope the recital went well. I do remember those days --Jason always could pull it off, but Beth usually missed a note or two along the way. :lol: Piano lessons were NOT her idea of a good time! Jason took lessons long enough to get into the band and play drums. He can play by ear, but doesn't remember how to read music. It's too early to think about Christmas! WAH!

Hope you all have a nice day and a Happy Mother's Day tomorrow! I'm going to bed. :yawn:

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

05-14-2007, 06:43 AM
Good morning ladies! Hope you had a wonderful mother's day.

I went to breakfast with my dd and Thomas yesterday morning. Boy, Cracker Barrel has the best turkey sausage! We had a nice visit, Thomas gave me this cute little for lack of better words, sand painting in a jar thing that is very pretty and they both gave me this cool handmade straw handbag that is shaped sort of like an African jug. She said she didn't know if I would like it as a handbag because of the sort of irritating way you have to undo the latch. A long woven piece snakes through the front like belt loops and goes over the top of these protrusions and fastens down on them so it is kind of irksome. She bought it to carry my knitting in, which is great. I can carry one set of whatever when I go somewhere and not have to carry everything I am doing. It was really a very thoughtful gift. Since T didn't have anything to give to his mom, I made up a gift for him of a "chick lit" book that I bought for her for her birthday, a handbag I bought in a sale for her and votive candles that I always keep on hand. I went to the store yesterday morning and got him a card to sign so he had something to give her. His dad is in Toronto and didn't do anything with him ahead of time.

My son called around noon then my older sister called and it kind of got ugly from there. Jack lost his temper with my sister because he answered the phone and this is what she said to him, "I called you all day yesterday trying to hunt you down. Your cell phone doesn't work and no one answered at home. Did you change your cell phone number and don't you ever stay home?" He told her no that we had better things to do than stay home on Saturday and wait for her call we had a life or something like that. Anyway, I got mad at him for being so rude to her, though looking back he had a perfect right and it kind of soured the day. The fact is, we did change his cell phone number simply because she does track us down and it was getting ridiculous. Last year we took T to Nashville and she called us while we were gone and did the same routine about why we weren't home, where were we, etc. She does it to everyone, not just to us and it needs to stop. Unfortunately, everyone has gotten mad at her about it and she just does not clue in that people don't have to answer to her about their lives. When her dd and sil went on a trip recently and their eighteenyear old dd stayed home because she had to work and had school, she called the girls cell phone at least 7 times a day to check up on her, my niece said, leaving messages, which for the cell phone plan they have, costs money. My niece was livid and told her off about it, but it still didn't make any difference. She just doesn't get it! So, Jack and I were miffed at each other all afternoon and I guess he was more miffed that woman could cause us to argue, again! She now is third degreeing me about when we are coming to Indiana for the baby and I keep telling her we won't know until Jay calls and says she is in labor. She expects us to set a date we are coming so that she can set up a day to take off work. I told her we just don't know and want to try and make the birth if we can so I can't give her a date. She was put out by that. Gals, I just don't know anymore what to do about her. We, I am talking about pretty much anyone that has to deal with her, have done everything from being patient to being rude and nothing has worked. It is totally frustrating. I know one thing, I am not letting that woman work Jack and I up into being angry with each other over it ever again.

Jean: Sorry you haven't found what you want with regards to the doll stroller. I think I found all of the stuff I bought for Kelly that was "real" looking at ToysRUS.

Have a great start to the week.


05-14-2007, 11:29 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! The thunderstorm just rolled through; the temperature has dropped considerably, and it poured rain along with the thunder and lightning. More rain, we don't need! I hope it is finished and has moved on since the rain has stopped.

"Gma" -- I'm glad you enjoyed your time with Thomas and Kelly. I've never eaten at a Cracker Barrel although I think there is one in Des Moines. It's too bad your sister acts the way she does. I'm sure her behavior is a big turn off for everyone concerned. I don't blame you for not giving her your new cell phone #. I haven't gotten a cancellation on the doll stroller yet so maybe it is a "go" this time.

I'm off to figure out what I'm wearing tomorrow and then head to bed. For some reason I am tired tonight. Have a terrific Tuesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

05-15-2007, 01:23 PM
Good almost afternoon gals! I had a rough night and Jack is sick so I finally gave up and brought Fortune downstairs about 2 AM. I read until 5 AM when Jack got up for work then I crashed until 9 this morning. Jack feels he can't take time off so he went to work feeling sort of crappy. He has a sore throat and is pretty hoarse, but otherwise is ok. You know when you have a sore throat you always feel a bit off.

My sister (the younger one) called here last night to complain about her dd and the nephew they have taken in. They are 16 and 15 and are giving her a hard time. Problem is, she takes all their sass and such instead of lowering the boom. I wouldn't put up with the stuff they do from that kid. She is spoiled beyond belief and acts like her parents owe her something. The other kid just has never had a good home but he is a know it all and is pushing the envelope. She is still in very bad shape with the blood clots in her leg and because of the blood thinner her menstrual stuff is made 10 fold worse. She is also constantly worried about the grown son with the prescription drug addiction because he keeps going back to his alcoholic girlfriend. So, I am the sounding board for all of it. I really don't mind, but when you have problems, you have to be proactive with them not just sit and complain. I can't understand why she is not screaming bloody murder at the doctor about her leg not getting better.

I have to get upstairs in a minute and clean the bathrooms. I haven't made the bed yet because Butterscotch is refusing to stay off the bed long enough for me to make it. I have put him out of the bedroom and closed the door, but our door doesn't latch really tight and the little bugger shoves his body up against it to open it and back on the bed he jumps! :lol: I have to trick him and wait until he goes downstairs.

I got my knitpicks catalogue yesterday and they have a knitting book I want to get. It is called "Charmed Knits." It is projects for fans of Harry Potter. There are 30 different patterns including sweaters, invisibility cloaks, Christmas ornaments, all kinds of things. I also saw a knitting software program I want for Christmas. It allows me to take any pattern and adapt it to any size. It allows you to take a straight needle knitting pattern and convert it to circular needles too, which would be a god send. I could have a whole list of stuff for Christmas for myself just from this one catalogue. One of the things I have wanted for a long long time from this site is an "options interchangeable needle set." It has needle tips and cables that are interchangeable so you don't have to buy separate needles for each project. They also have sets you can buy to add to this and it all comes in a carrying case with end caps for the needles to protect them and even cable keys, which I think are to tighten the needles into the cables for circular knitting.

Well, I guess I should get myself up and get to cleaning. I really need to do a lot of knitting on the blanket today as I got a new book from my book club and sat and read it instead of knitting yesterday and this morning.

Have a great Tuesday!


05-15-2007, 06:51 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! Our principal called for a quick staff meeting before school this morning. The last time that happened, there was an accidental death in a student's family so we were expecting "bad" news. Come to find out he is leaving for another position with the DOE. I can't say that I am sorry to see him go although he has been good to me. We've been together for 17 years and that's a long time! He is a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality so you never know which one he will be when you walk into his office. The bad thing is that whomever is hired will probably come after school is out for the summer and won't see the place in action until fall; they could be in for a BIG surprise. :eek: Like Bob has always said, we could get someone much worse.

"Gma" -- I hope that whatever Jack has will disappear quickly! Did he drink some of your magic potion? ;) It does get old when everyone wants to share their bad news with you . . . you must be a good listener! :yes: I am so thankful that my kids were "good" kids and our biggest problem was sometimes being out later than we (I) would have liked. The knitting book sounds like a winner and could keep you busy for quite a while! I need to check out our public library for summer reading since I've usually gotten books from the school library. I have so many magazines that I hit and miss reading too.

I'm off to call my "mom" and then head off to WW. It's not going to be pretty, but I'm going! Have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

05-16-2007, 06:17 AM
Good morning ladies! I had a very early night last night and when I got up to go to the bathroom at 3 just didn't feel like going back to bed. Jack thought he had disturbed me, which he hadn't. He sounds awful, but says it is just his throat.

Fortune is standing at the door wanting to go out, but it is raining hard and when I let him out, he went about 4 steps out and right back in so there isn't any reason to try it again. I think he went in and used the puppy pads, at least I hope he did that and not the carpeting.

Do you know that my sil has never even answered my email about what to do with her birthday package? I mean, how rude is that? I am just going to mail her gift card in an envelope then send her handbag out once more separately in a box, if it comes back than I am keeping it. It is ridiculous I can't even get a response to what she wants me to do with it. It has been sitting here for over a week now as I have been waiting to hear from her.

Jean: I guess I am a good listener. I know I only give my opinion when it is asked or at the very least tippy toe around it if I feel something needs to be said. I think it is more that neither one of them have anyone else that is willing to listen nor to keep a confidence. I always tell Jack what is going on, but I have always told them not to tell me something you don't want Jack to know. He is like a tomb. Actually, he forgets what I even tell him most of the time because he doesn't care! :lol: I think it is a man thing. Hope WW wasn't too unkind to you. I peeked at the scales and it looks like I am down another lb though my "weigh in" isn't until Friday's. I think I told you I quit WW and am just doing it myself. I liked the place I changed to, but I don't get a lot out of the meetings and I don't seem to need the others in the group to spur me on. I have Jack to do that, plus trying to lose weight for vacation or whatever I make as a goal. I can't see spending all that money on it. Maybe you will be lucky and get a really great principal that knows their stuff.

I sure wish I could hurry up and get the blanket done. It is the most boring knitting and I sure get tired of it pretty quickly. I have to finish the fourth strip and start on the fifth today. I can't keep avoiding it. I only have about 15 rows to finish the 4th strip and I am only making two more so I am making progress.

Susan: Hope you are feeling better by now and Stan is still doing a-ok.

I saw yesterday that Jerry Falwell died. Kelly went to college there. Not for long, just one semester because of problems she encountered with a dishonest debate coach, but it is a beautiful campus up in the hills of Lynchburg. It is always a shock to family when a person goes off to work, even has breakfast with staff and then is found a little while later with no pulse. I can't say I agree with everything he said or did, but I applaud him for having the courage of his convictions.

Well, I guess I will do some morning chores and then sit and knit until Jack gets up for work. More cleaning to do today upstairs and I would like to get it done early.


05-16-2007, 06:53 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's windy again today and "cold"! It was only 46 degrees this morning and is supposed to get down to 35 tonight. What did we do to make the weather god mad?! The seniors were done at noon, had a catered lunch at the KC hall, and then back to the gym to practice for commencement. They were pretty quiet leaving compared to other years. The halls have some space to move in again.

I may be the proud owner of two doll strollers. :( The first one that was not available is now waiting to be shipped and I have a confirmation that I ordered the second one. I'm betting neither one gets here in time for Zowie's birthday on Sunday.

"Gma" -- Did the birthday package come back to you after you mailed it? I guess I either missed reading your post about it or have totally forgotten. I feel like I'm on the merry-go-round these days. Everyone seems to want something done yesterday when I am at one end of the building and they are at the other! One teacher in particular seems to think I am her private secretary and I am getting just a bit crotchety about it. :mad:

Susan -- We have missed you! I hope all is ok with you and Stan.

Have a relaxing evening! I need to wash another load of clothes and sweep some more water towards the drain. The basement is beginning to dry up and more rain is on the way this weekend. :(

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

05-17-2007, 06:20 AM
Good morning all! It is supposed to be a beautiful sunny day in our neighborhood and in the 80's today. The pool opens a week from Monday and I am looking forward to that.

I got a call from our dil last night and she said she is officially on maternity leave. When I spoke to her on Monday, she said she was going to work through the weekend so that her partner doesn't have to do it since he is going to be covering for her while she is on maternity leave, but she had a dr appt and she may have told her no go. I know she measured at 38 instead of 37 weeks so they think around Memorial Day would be the day. That would be good for us as Jack wouldn't have to burn a vacation day that day. Bad part would be the kennel isn't open on a holiday so we wouldn't be able to get Fortune over there and would have to take him with. He isn't a problem except their dogs are so rambunctious and Fortune isn't. Our friend's have a huge brown lab, but he is an angel and wouldn't bother Fortune at all except Fortune is afraid of him. So, we shall see what happens when the time comes.

We were going to go see Pirates of the Caribbean this weekend, but it doesn't come out until next weekend. Bummer! Johnny Depp does a great job and they are pretty funny movies.

Jean: Yes, I sent my sil her birthday present priority on March 19th or something like that so she would get it by her birthday on March 28. They required someone to be home to take the package and no one was so they left a slip. She says she never got one, but that family is so disorganized it doesn't surprise me. After two weeks and no one picking it up, Jack called her and asked if she wanted them to redeliver and she said she would go pick it up. Well, by April 22nd he called again and she still hadn't picked it up saying it was because she didn't have the slip so I emailed her all the information to her office while he was talking to her on the phone so I wouldn't forget. Well, the 11th of May the box showed up here unclaimed so I spent $9 on a package that went to TX, sat in their post office for 6 weeks and came back here. Now I am sending it snail postage with the gift card in a regular envelope sent separately and like I said, if the box comes back, I am keeping the handbag. You know me, I love handbags and this is a beautiful soft leather in a very light butter color. It is a gorgeous bag and I would love to have it if she doesn't want it. Believe me, I have learned my lesson and from now on it is gift cards to her or nothing.
It won't be long and you will be done for the year and a lady of leisure for a few months. What will you do with yourself??? When do you guys plan on going up to the cabin this year? Are you going to take a trip somewhere else while you are out of school?

I have 4 strips all sewn together now on the blanket and am finishing the last one. I don't need a 6th one. It will make the blanket too big I think and Jack concurred so maybe I can get it done this weekend or at least by the first of the week and get the border crocheted on it. Then, I have to try and get him an earflap hat done, but I have to buy circ needles for that one as I don't have the right size. I also have to get the right yarn. I do see where I could easily make it on straights and then sew a seam so I may do that instead.

Well, I want to do my morning chores before Jack gets up. It is dusting and vacuuming for me upstairs today. Have a great Thursday everyone!


05-17-2007, 07:01 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining and no wind again today! The school day was long and so boring. Some of the kids are opting for summer school and have shut down completely while others plan to retake the classes next year. We've tried to talk and reason with them, but they seem to think they know more that we do. We'll see. I figure if they don't do the work when extra help is available, they certainly won't do it in summer school when it is basically "do it yourself." One kid tried to convince me that he was going to take speech and I just laughed at him because I know there is no speech in summer school and the speech teacher isn't about to make an exception for him. He's rather cocky and I can hardly wait to check with him next fall.

"Gma" -- OK, did you tell us the birthday gift story once before? I'm sure I would have remembered it or at least I think I would have. :o What a pain in the you-know-where! I think I would keep the purse and go with the gift card. :yes: We used to exchange with Bob's brothers and sister after everyone moved away and it just got to be too much. I even send money for wedding gifts thinking they can buy whatever they choose and something they either need or want. Postage has gotten so expensive! I just checked on the doll stroller status . . . the one that was not available plus the one I reordered for a kick are both showing as being processed. I still have the email saying it was not available and had been cancelled so they had better not charge me for two of the same thing! :(

I guess we are having company over the long weekend so I need to do some quick cleaning in the extra bedroom upstairs. I was looking forward to a quiet weekend.

Have a nice evening and a fantastic Friday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

05-18-2007, 05:30 AM
Good morning gals! I hope to have nice sunny weather to run errands today. I am going to get that blasted gift mailed back to my sil. I still have not heard from her and it is closing in on 2 weeks now. She told Jack she is sending my son and dil a gift card for the baby, but I will believe it when I see it. If they don't have the money, then just send a card. Jay certainly won't care as they just keep getting more and more gifts and she pretty much has everything they need and more. She never sent Kelly even a card for Thomas nor did she send even cards for either of the girl's wedding or baby showers or their weddings for that matter. I have begged her several times to send me her son's address, who is in Afghanistan in the Army so that I can send him a nice fat care package, but I haven't gotten that either. Her olded dd is getting married in August and I don't know if we will get an invite or even information so I can send them a gift. I don't even know Michelle's fiancee's name. I do know she has major problems in her home, but still how much time does it take to email someone.

I started and finished the earflap hat yesterday and it turned out just adorable. I sure do miss my digital camera at this time. I have a knitting online friend who told me how to make a pompom and for the first time, mine actually turned out. They usually come out like tassels instead, but she doesn't use the cardboard technique and the way she does it worked. the hat is the Cub Scout blue with a 2 inch gold stripe in the middle. I did a double crochet all the way around the hat in the gold, the pompom is half gold, half blue and the ties are gold and blue braided with short tassels on the ends. It was super easy to do and I even ripped 3/4 of the hat completely out and started over when I saw it was going to be too big with the needles I was using. It was a pattern my dd sent me from the diy show on tv called Knitty Gritty. The hat was knit in one piece, well actually two pieces, as I knit the first earflap and put it on holders, knit the second one, then left it on the needle, cast on stitches, knit the second earflap onto the needle then cast on stitches for the front of the hat. It was knit in the round on circs, but I have found that I have much better time if I start the project on straight then transfer to the circs and my stitches never get twisted this way.

We are going to pack this weekend to go to Indiana and be as ready as possible when Jay calls us. We sure would like to beat the stork if we can so I am going to email him with instructions on when to call, if her water breaks, call, if she is steady and having contractions 10 minutes apart, call, etc. I can see him calling us when she is already at the hospital pushing and I at least want a fighting chance to get up there.

Well, I am going to do morning chores and knit until Jack gets up. He has blood work that has to be done this morning so he is going into work late.

Have a good Friday and a great weekend!


05-18-2007, 06:24 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I am doing the "happy it is Friday" dance! :dancer: The weather is nice, but today was another long and boring day at school. Everyone is more than ready for it to be over with. Still no doll stroller in sight, so guess I will have to make a WM run and do a Plan B; that makes me growly beyond words. :mad:

"Gma" -- I've decided that some family members simply have no clue! The one nephew that Jason was close to, never invited us to his wedding and his was the one we would have made an attempt to go to. :( MIL blamed it on the bride saying that she figured we wouldn't come from so far away and the reception place was small and could only hold so many people. I hope you get the gift situation settled with your sister. Knitting the hat sounds confusing to me! :dizzy: I bet it will be cute when you are finished with it. You are going great guns with all of your knitting projects. It will be interesting to see who wins the race . . . you or the stork! :lol3:

Bob is home and we are going to look for some more flowers to plant for his mom when she gets back here. Have a nice evening and an enjoyable weekend.

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!