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11-21-2001, 06:48 PM
Hi All

I recently found this site and can not tell you how happy I am to be finally joining. I'm 34 and have one son. Am currently dating, however that is a long distance thing (yuck). I am 338lbs right now (highest 365) - Loss of 27lbs. Its a start. I'm hoping that I can continue with it and don't "fall off the wagon". I am finding that each day it gets harder and harder. I am not in any program and just counting my calorie intake (1500) and watching fat grams. I found a great site through reading these posts (fitday.com) and that has been the best!!! I started that on November 1st. I think that the women on this board are so supportive and a big inspiration, I've read so much that has inspired me to keep trying and trying no matter how hard it gets.

I guess the bad thing about me is that I keep denying myself snacks and just recently stopped that. I was a salad, fish and chicken daily. Nothing but that (thats how I lost the 27lbs). Anyway, I hope to meet a lot of new people who can give me some pointers on how to keep my "new way of eating" going for a lifetime, and to work in some exercise.

Talk to you soon.

11-22-2001, 05:37 AM
Hi, 2 a new me

Welcome to a great place. And congrats on the loss so far. That is great!!! Please don't get discouraged now. This will take time. I rejoined in 1/01. In that time I have gone from 272 - 236. I have lost over 35+ inches over all and just got into a size 20 thsi week. This is down from asize (tight ) 26-28. Did I cheat at times? Yes. But I found it wasn't worth it. The battle became mostly mental. If you want to snack get sugar free jello and light cool whip. It fills you up w/ lttle cals. Also water at least 8 glasses a day. It fill you up. Eat 6 small meals a day and exercise!! I started out very slow. I work out now 5-6 x a week for 1 hour. I keep it varied so I won't get bored. Set little goals I find I shoot for the next 10.

Good luck to you. It is worth it. My goal is a size 12 ultimately.

11-22-2001, 11:46 AM
Congratulations on your weight loss. I bet it feels really good. Thanks for the advice on the jello, I will pick some up at the store. I am not giving up just yet. I also am trying to get in some kind of work out routine, but haven't decided on what. Anyway, have a happy weekend and thanks for the info!

11-22-2001, 04:35 PM
Hi All,

I too am new to this forum. I am 48 years old and my goal is to lose 150 lbs. I was very excited to find a place where others know what it is like to struggle with weight, get discouraged and then come back for another try.

I am following the WW plan but find that I don't get quite enough from the weekly meetings. I think I need to read postings from others daily for a while for encouragement. I hope that I can also offer support to others through this journey.

I am so glad to be a part of this.


11-24-2001, 09:55 PM
Hi Karie and Welcome

Sorry so late posting back, I hope you had a good Holiday.

You and I could be Buddies, I have 153 to lose. I am not in the Weight Watchers program, but I was wondering if you could give me some details on how the program works. I guess I could find out the costs etc and join if it sounds good. My doctor just said, "oh don't waste money on that, just watch your calories and eat right and no sugar". Doctors!!!

Anyway, I did okay for the holiday so it wasn't too bad. I stayed at 1500 calories however, my fat grams for the past couple of days have been extremely high. Are you using www.fitday.com ? They have a great program online that allows you to enter your foods that you eat and it will give you the total calories, protein, fat grams and carbos that you've eaten. It also lets you track your activities for the day, nutrition and even has a journal. I can't say how much it has helped me and I've only been using it since November 1st. I hate to say it but I've become totally dependent on it.

I am hoping to do this the right way and thats by eating right. Thats my first task, next is the get a good scale (can't find one) and then to find a good exercise program.

Write back soon!

11-25-2001, 10:37 AM
:wave: Hi Ladies! I am fairly new to this message area of the web site. Congratulatios on your great progress so far. I started my weight loss journey on January 11 of 2001. To date I have lost 61.5 pounds. I started out at 246. I hope to meet my goal by sometime in 2002. Everyone is fdoing so well here. To totally denying yourself; I would eat just a little of what I wanted ad savour it. I used to do that and I have lost and gained back tons of weight by thinking that way. I now realize if I eat a little something I should not; I have not blown it. I used to also be a start over every Monday person. Well that got me nowhere. This is the first time I have actually gone into losing the weight with the right attitude. I also decided that I have to do this for me! It is so nice to meet all of you and thoroughly enjoy sharng and talking with others who are in the same boat as me. I look forward to more networking

11-25-2001, 01:04 PM
Hi Sadie and Congratulations on that big weight loss!

I so love to hear your story as well as others who have done it. It gives me such courage each day I read these inspirational stories. You girls give us who are just starting out the hope that we can do it to, so keep them coming.

I wish I had decided to start earlier and find a forum like this also. It really help to have people that are going through what you are going through, plus people who have done/did the same things you do. Like that "starting every Monday". That was me all the time. I'll start Monday....good grief, how many years did I say that!

You are such an inspiration, I hope I'm able to say that soon that I've lost 61.5lbs!!! Yes, I was denying myself every single "bad" thing before, hence the lost. But now I do take the time to indulge just a bit and just enough to not feel guilty or left out. Before when I did this years ago, I wasn't doing it right nor did I have the right attitude like you said, you must be in the right frame of mind!!!

Thanks again for dropping by and thanks for the encouragement, I appreciate it!

11-25-2001, 01:37 PM
You are wellcome Shana! I am glad that I was able to encourage you. And not denying yourself is one of the keys to success. Also eating just a little of everything helps curb binging. In just a short while; you will be able to join in the success. You have already lost 27lbs. Just try lifting that much weight and you will see just how heavy 27lbs. actually is.
Last year at this time I was almost 70lbs. heavier. I could not fit in my clothes and I dreaded the thought of getting dressed for work every morning. Now that task is a lot easier. Set small goals like 5 or 10 lbs. each time you reach that goal buy yourself smething nice. A reward. Not food though1 LOL

11-26-2001, 03:10 AM
Hi all,

Great to see everyone checking in. I have my first weigh in on Tuesday. I usually have a pretty good start and then begin to slow down and get discouraged. I think that having this group to touch base with will make a huge difference this time.

I would love to be buddies. I just need a consistent little nudge to stay on track. I have found that WW offers a good opportunity for me to learn how to eat properly for the long term. Having developed such bad eating habits over the years, I find that I need that guidance. Basically, they recommend that you eat 10 -12 things from the grain or cereal category, 5-7 fruits and vegetables, 3-4 meats,and 2-3 fats a day. I think if you can find a second hand WW cook book it has the whole program spelled out in it.

Let me know what else you want to know.

Have a good Monday everyone,