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10-28-2001, 07:35 AM
Morning all. The clocks went back yesterday, so I supposedly got an extra hour in bed. I always feel I am cheated whether the clocks go forward of back. The horrible thing now is that when you wake up it's dark and when you come in it will be dark and you will have spend your whole day working.

I posted this under Chick Chat, not sure if you guys have seen it and sorry for duplication, but I though I would post it here - have a great week everyone

Close your eyes and go back in time....
Before the Internet or the Apple Mac.
Before semi-automatics, joyriders and crack....
Before SEGA or Super Nintendo...
Way back........
I'm talking about Hide and Seek in the park.
The corner shop.
Football with an old can.
Beano, Twinkle.
Roly Poly.
Hula Hoops, jumping the stream, building dams.
The smell of the sun and fresh cut grass.
Bazooka Joe bubble gum.
An ice cream cone on a warm summer night from the van that
plays a tune -
Chocolate or vanilla or strawberry or maybe Neapolitan.
Watching Saturday morning cartoons....short commercials, The
Double Deckers, Road Runner, He-Man, Tiswas or Swapshop?,
and Why Don't You -
or staying up for Star Trek.
When around the corner seemed far away and going into town
seemed like going somewhere.
Earwigs, wasps and bee stings.
Sticky fingers.
Cops and Robbers, Cowboys and Indians, and Zorro.
Climbing trees.
Building igloos out of snow drifts.
Walking to school, no matter what the weather.
Running till you were out of breath, laughing so hard that your
stomach hurt.
Jumping on the bed. Pillow fights.
Spinning around, getting dizzy and falling down was cause for
Being tired from playing....remember that?
The worst embarrassment was being picked last for a team.
Water balloons were the ultimate weapon
Football cards in the spokes transformed any bike into a
I'm not finished just yet.....
Eating raw jelly. Orange squash ice pops.
Remember when...
There were two types of trainers - girls and boys, and Dunlop
Green Flash -
and the only time you wore them at school was for "gym".
You knew everyone in your street - and so did your parents.
It wasn't odd to have two or three "best" friends.
You didn't sleep a wink on Christmas eve.
When nobody owned a pure-bred dog.
When 25p was a decent allowance.
When you'd reach into a muddy gutter for a penny.
When nearly everyone's mum was at home when the kids got
It was magic when dad would "remove" his thumb.
When it was considered a great privilege to be taken out to
dinner at a real restaurant with your parents.
When any parent could discipline any kid, or feed him or use
him to carry groceries and nobody, not even the kid, thought
a thing of it.
When being sent to the headmaster's office was nothing
compared to the fate that awaited a misbehaving student at
We were in fear for our lives but it wasn't because of drugs,
muggings, abduction etc.
Our parents and grandparents were a much bigger threat! -
And some of us are still afraid of them!!
Didn't that feel good?
Just to go back and say, Yeah, I remember that!
Remember when....
Decisions were made by going "Eeny- meeny- miney-mo."
"Race issue" meant arguing about who ran the fastest.
Money issues were handled by whoever was the banker in
The worst thing you could catch from the opposite sex was
And the worst thing in your day was having to sit next
to one.
It was unbelievable that British Bulldog wasn't an Olympic
Having a weapon in school, meant being caught with a
Nobody was prettier than Mum.
Scrapes and bruises were kissed and made better.
Taking drugs meant orange-flavoured chewable aspirin.
Ice cream was considered a basic food group
Getting a foot of snow was a dream come true
Older siblings were the worst tormentors, but also the
fiercest protectors
If you can remember most or all of these, then you have
Pass this on to anyone who may need a break from their
"grown up" life

10-28-2001, 08:58 AM
I needed that break. HA I am still afraid of my mom. And yes I would love to make a decision eeny miny mo again. Funny I have been thinking back a lot of little things.

sorry guys I am trying to get here more. I just don't seem to have the time or energy. Of course after all I did Friday and Sat. I know why. Here is the list.

1. worked
2. 3 loads of laundry
3. Grocery shopping
4. wiped up bathroom

1. Clean B's room
2. Cleaned my room
3. 4 more loads of laundry
4. Folded and put away
5. dusted house
6. vacumed
7. made dinner
8. did dishes
9. scrubbed kitchen floor
10. took out tons of trash
11.cleaned out table of papers

I think that sums it all up. Only need to clean off desk.

Well now I know why I was dead tired. B's room alone was 2 hours.

10-28-2001, 10:23 AM
GRR! Just lost my post - will try again.

So, I had another loss despite my "bad week". I posted my thoughts about this on the Thanksgiving goal thread, won't bore you here also.

Rabbit: Good to hear the surgery went well. Congrats on the loss although it was less than you wanted and deserved! If you keep doing well and having smaller losses than you would like, you may want to check with your leader to see if you are having less points than you need! Wouldn't that be nice!
Tech: Congrats on the loss. Good luck with the fridge problem. Yes, I actually use this program weight commander to graph my loss (it even makes adjustments for TOM. Odd thing, I should have been high due to TOM PLUS had a gain, but went down 1. HMMM.
LE: Hope things calm down for you soon!
Pyria: We missed you! Welcome back.
BFB: Good for you! Exercise induced achiness is a great feeling! How do you like it?

Sorry to those I missed, I can't remember everything and have no time to read back through now.

10-28-2001, 12:19 PM
HmGood Morning all!!!!
It got kinda cold last night soo I went out and bought my cats some fleece blankets!!They survived-of course they are inside the house with central heat and fleece blankets!!:D Hmmmmm..who is trained in this household????

BFB--Too funny!!!I love to escape and become a child!!Now with a 5 y/o it doesnt look like I am a complete fool sometimes!!!!;)

Elise-Dont U just hate it when the post disappears????Congrats on the loss!!!!

Pryia-your post made me tired just reading!!!!
Speaking of tired, I napped half the day yesterday!!!It felt good to sleep and rest the weekend away!!!!!
Ok--big question???????33 days and no Aunt Flo and 2 positive pregnancy test-----DO I RELAX AND SAY HORRAY JUST YET????????
or do I use that 3rd test?????If it is really true--I will have a new baby on July 4th!!!!!!:) :)
Have a great weekend!!!Refman and I sort of celebrated all weekend!!!!!!

10-28-2001, 12:39 PM

First of all -

RR - CONGRAT ULATIONS!! !!! I don't know for sure, but I don't think you get false positives very often on those tests!!!

BFB - loved the "remember when" - thanks for sharing!

Pryia - hope you get rested today!:)

Bailey - I have wondered some about my pt. allotment. I blew yesterday (see daily log), but may try to hit the mid range and see what that does.

have a super sunday!


10-28-2001, 12:55 PM
I see the curse of the missing post has struck for the second week in a row......... me last week, Bailey this week.........

10-28-2001, 02:09 PM
RR-BABY!!!! Save the test!!!!

Okay there is no way I can see you are late and 2 tests positive. YOU ARE PREGNANT!!!! I took my test one day late and it turned positive instantly. SO YES GIRL YOU ARE HAVING A BABY!!!! And what a great due date!!! July 4th!!!!! I am so happy for you. There are so many great baby sites out there. One you can make a calender for every month and it tells you what is going on. Let me know and I will find it for you.

Soon I may have some news to share too. No baby news but good news none the less!!!

RR CONGRATS!!!!!!!! I am so happy. Oh I will have to baby shop some more. I know so many babies coming this year!!!

10-28-2001, 10:07 PM
RR: YEAH!!!! Congrats! (Weston was due July 4 - came on the 2nd).

Just got back in town from a show. I think I've maintained this week even though I feel bloated beyond belief!

Must go tally the sales sheets and try and get the boys to bed early. - jul

10-29-2001, 06:13 AM
everyone starts talking baby and you have no idea what is going on, so you go back to the last weekly thread, in case it was there and then you realise it is actually on this weekly thread :eek:

RR - oh baby baby baby - congrats - does that mean we are all cyber aunties?????????

Legal Eagle
10-29-2001, 11:36 AM
Just wanted to say.....CONGRATULATIONS VICKI!!!! :dizzy: :cool: :eek: :spin:

Will try to post more & catch up later today.

Have a great day all!


10-29-2001, 11:53 AM
:dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: Congratulations Vicky:dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:

10-29-2001, 11:58 AM
RR - CONGRATULATIONS!! that is such great news and I'm sure that the tests are not a mistake - have you gone to the doctor yet to confirm?? I'm so happy for you, I think I know how much it means to you and I only hope that one day I'll get to share the same news. I don't think there's a doubt this time whether or not it's true - especially with your being so tired. KEEP US POSTED!

As for me, I was sick last week but I'm feeling better today, just a cold although lots of people seem sick around here. I'm getting a flu shot later in the week so hopefully that will help for the rest of the horrible winter. I was pretty good with the food and I'll check and post my weight tomorrow. I did cheat on a little bit of cake I shared with my husband yesterday but it was so yummy I think it was worth it.


10-29-2001, 05:14 PM
Not much new to report. Still can't seem to make myself journal or exercise. I've been sleeping a lot (and let's pray I'm not like Vicki :lol: ). We went to my Grandma's 84th birthday party yesterday. It was fun. Other than that not much going on around here.

RR - Congratulations!!! (now I know why there were 11 new posts by Mon PM.)

Baily - Congrats on the loss.

BFB - liked the look back, although after K and the neighbor had a conversation from kitchen to kitchen over the drive, I'm not sure our new neighborhood is too far away from the past.

Pyria - your weekend makes me tired.

Well, gotta go.

- Tech :spin:

10-29-2001, 05:52 PM
Helllo all!!!
Thanks for the CONGRATS!!!I feel wonderful except for the more tiredness!!!I went to the healthclub and did my 5 miles on the treadmill--I am gonna lay off on weights and such until I read up more on that stuff!!!:) I think I am following a stricter diet now!!!Just had my ounce of pretzels after the gym!!!;)

Tech-Hmmmmm...U must let us know!!!!!*L*

Elise-The doctor doesnt want to see U until 10 weeks!!It is too strange that U would be almost out of your first trimester????

Well, must go fix supper!!
Have a great evening all!!!!

10-29-2001, 06:04 PM

It is so nice to see all of the cheerful posts!:) That is what babies do!:D

RR - I'm just so excited for you! What a happy time. I was surprised about the doctor thing. Don't they want people to start on prenatal vitamins and all that?

Pryia - I hope you do have good news to share soon. Hmmm .

Jul - hope the show went well.

Elisa - hope you are feeling better.

I overdid on the weekend - too much running around that I wasn't prepared for. Back on track. Hope I didn't blow the week's weigh in. Progress is S-L-O-W! But I am confident that I will get there.



10-31-2001, 10:39 AM
Is everyone okay? It's been so quiet here.......


10-31-2001, 11:21 AM
I'm here, just been hanging out feeling sorry for myself. Trying to figure out what I want to do. Trying to stay on track...some track.

10-31-2001, 12:45 PM
I'm here too. Kind of stuck on a 'maintain level'. Which is better than a gain.....but not as good as a loss. I think I've reached the point where I'm actually going to have to work at it now. I've lost 40 lbs total...have 1/2 a pound to lose by my TD goal.

We've been pretty busy with the bank and figuring out what kind of loan we want to 'grow' our business. Its been " all consuming" in my thoughts.

- jul

10-31-2001, 12:52 PM
Hi all

exercise is going well, having some good days and some baaaad days. Haven't been to WW in a few weeks, just thinking I am not in the mood to pay to be told I have gained, so I am gonna get my butt in gear before I go back. Hope everyone is doing okay :D

10-31-2001, 01:18 PM
so glad a few of you came out of the woodwork, I've just never seen it quite this quiet before.

Lauren - I'm certainly guilty of "lurking" and feeling sorry for myself, been there done that! Sometimes it's just hard to be cheery and post nice stuff. But you know what if you're pissed or blue just come here and say that, maybe venting will help you feel better.

BFB - nice to hear from you, glad that at least some days are good and I'm sure it will all come together. I also stopped going to WW for a while, I'm actually not going now but I'm doing everything I would be doing there - like keeping track of everything I eat, and weighing in. There are times when I need to go to the meetings for motivation but for now I'm doing okay on my own and saving my money for the gym (where I should be right now but am not).

Jul - my husband says the same thing as you, he's been losing weight just fine without drinking any water or getting any real exercise but he knows that will change and when the weight loss stops or slows down enough he'll have to try to add something. But 40lbs is so great!!


10-31-2001, 02:19 PM

Hi all. Hope you have a fun and safe halloween and stay away from all of the candy!

Lauren - glad you checked in. I was getting worried about you.:)

Jul - only 1/2 to go is so AWESOME!!:D

Elisa - good that you can stick with it w/out going to ww!!

Gotta run - hungry!


10-31-2001, 06:27 PM
Hello all!!!
just got in from the healthclub and getting ready for the little goblins to visit for supper and snacks..I know it is too early for morning sickness but I am the most nauseated in the evenings. It has been the hardest thing to do to eat supper at night...Other than that, feeling pretty good.Starting my fifth week and not any heavier..I guess that will be later!!!:D
Happy Halloween all!!!!

Lauren-Have fun tonight at the firehouse!!!Hope things are going better!!!

Rabbit--U R too right about staying away from the candy!!!I bought no chocolate..only nasty stuff that I hate!!!!!!

Elise-I agree about venting!!!THat is what we are all here for!!!


11-01-2001, 06:36 PM

Weigh in is tonight. I don't know what to expect, a maintain, a gain - sure hope not. I'll be glad to start a new week. This has been a rough one food wise.

RR - I did get into the candy last night, too much candy and not enough trick or treaters. Today it is all packed up to be given away to my college kids.:D

have a good evening all - wish me luck.


11-01-2001, 09:31 PM
I think we hit our all time record of numbers of trick-or-treaters at our door.....5. We usually have between 0-2. I only bought one little bag of those M&M blue bag crunchy things. I don't like them but apparently I've liked everything else in the house today!! I'm afraid I'll have a gain when I step on the scale in the morning.

I vow....to take a long walk tomorow and drink 5 bottles of water. It'll be a start! At least I've got lots of lemon and lime in the freezer to add to my water.

I think this is the hardest time of year to lose weight. Its dark early and all I want is heavy comfort food. (tonights potroast was really good - I haven't had beef in ages)

- jul

11-02-2001, 01:25 AM
Hi all

I know it was oddly low for some reason (ok, I drank last night and had no starch = low morning weight), BUT...I hit the 140's! Ok, so it was 149.5, but COOL!!

Went on to blow it today (see daily food log - sister and BIL came over for dinner), but did the measurements and they were better than I thought they would be. Also, still have banked points left for the week (.5:devil: )

Juldiet: Take that walk and good luck with the H2O. I agree, this time of year is so hard. Think that's why we created so many holidays (good excuses to eat!)? Good luck with the "growth".
Rabbit: Hope it went well! You can do it. You will get there.
RR: How exciting! Hope you feel better soon. Have you talked to your dr. at all about nutrition/weight during pregnancy?
Elisa: Still here. It has been quiet. Remember, cake is not cheating as long as you have the points! (blah, blah, blah)
BFB: Exercise! I am so jealous. I just can't bring myself to do it. Keep up the good work.
LBH: Glad to hear from you. Hope all is well. My advice (not even worth the 2 cents): Find some track, whatever it is you can stick to, and stick with it. Don't expect too much of yourself, just do the best you can.
Tech: Hope you are feeling better. You have had so much going on, you deserve a rest!

11-02-2001, 02:52 AM

Yes once again I have a new job. This is the 3rd one this past year. But it is with the same company. AND I AM USING MY DEGREE!!! I am done with the Administive stuff. Not that I did not like it, but that is not why I went to school.

Hope all is well. As you can see it is very early. I have to sleep, I am having dental surgery tomorrow. LUCKY ME!!!

11-02-2001, 06:28 AM
yeah Pryia!!!!Congrats on the job!!!!!

Rabbit-We probably had 100 little trick or treaters soo the candy was limited!!!I think buying the nasty stuff really works!!!
I have a new mindset--I just say to myself, Does Andrew really want that brownie or will he prefer to have that calcium rich yogurt!!!*L*The yogurt wins!!!!(ok possible Alicia!!!)

Iskipped the club yesterday for a nauseated nap...It really hit yesterday at the 6 week mark!!!I am taking notes for the next one of this group that may need some advice!!!!I find pretzels help and eating something every 2 -3 hrs....I now eat 8-9 times a day--little meals and feel pretty good...It still only adds up to about 1500-2000 cals/day like the book says but then I lose 500 on the treadmill..I am gonna really read about diet and excercise this weekend...Can still zip but that is closing in!!!:dizzy: :dizzy:
Have a great day!!!!

11-02-2001, 09:13 AM
I need your help? Is it really possible to gain 2 lbs in one day?? Yesterday was a bad day for me. I was doing really well until someone brought in their leftover Halloween candy yesterday (smart for them bad for me). I didn't have any at home so it was easy but I was REALLY BAD and I got on the scale this morning and had gained 2 lbs in one day. Do you think if I'm really good today some of it will come right back off? 2lbs in one week would be bad but one day??

RR - hope you're feeling okay and there's lots of good sites out their for information on pregnancy and diet etc. I'm sure you'll be just fine.

Pryia - congrats on the job - it's so great when you finally get a job related to your degree - I know I've been there.

Bailey - 149.5 is soooooo great - I hope to be there soon but not with the way things went this morning. If you can manage to keep it there for a few days then I'm sure you won't go back. It's hard when you get to a new weight and then see it go back. So stick with it.

Rabbit - hope your weigh in went okay. And I have a question if you don't mind my asking - you often seem to have salad for lunch with no points for dressing - do you eat your salad plain or do you have any recommendations to keep my salad dressing points down?

Another food question is can anyone who eats yogurt tell me what brands you recommend? I've tried so many and I know it's a matter of personal preference but I'd love to hear your opinions. I don't mind the low fat or fat free but I find the ones with aspartame or some other sugar substitute taste funny.

I hope I have a better day today than yesterday - think I'll go get some water.


11-02-2001, 01:01 PM
Just a quick post..

Pyria - congrats on the new job. You did well girl

Elisa - I'm not keen on the after taste, but I don't know if you get WW Fromage Frais - over here they are 0.5 points a pot and I think they are really nice. We also have a yogurt called Muller Light which is low fat and has sugar and sweetners and comes out at only 1.5 points a pot. Hope this helps

RR - ooh I am so pleased for you - if you could see the stoopid grin on my face :D I hope to get there one day soon

Hi everyone else, hope you are all doing good

11-02-2001, 01:59 PM
Hi All,

So far so good...I'm trying to stay on track here. WI went well last night, I was down 1.2#, despite the fact that I did everything possible to NOT follow program!! :confused: Whatever...it'll probably catch up to me next week. I gained 2.2# the previous week, which is part of what sent me into a slump.

I joined a gym Wednesday night. It's a small local place, looks like "Mom & Pop Opened at Gym" kind of place! They have raquet ball, which I don't play, and exercise classes and treadmills and weights. It's nothing impressive, but it's very affordable...$49/mo. with a three month minimum. I joined for 3 months, so I'll see how it goes, if I like it I'll continue in 3 month intervals.

Our PIA neighbors had to gaul to come ringing our door bell at 10:50 last night to ask us to keep the noise down!! These are the same people that crank Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd and Stevie Ray Vaughn at all hours!! You'd think they were deaf!! I was in the bedroom making the bed, DH was on the sofa watching TV. He answered the door, thank God!! You could hear in his voice that he was totally like, "Are you Kidding Me?!" to the guy!! So DH called the rental office for the second time on them and told them what's going on. The property mgr. said that next time something happens, speak to them and write him a letter, he will take care of it. These idiots have to understand that hard wood floors squeak, you can't change that. Carpeting is not required. Walls are thin...sh*t happens!!

I checked Weichert's rentals and found a bunch of single family houses and townhouses that we can afford, so I'm having my SIL look into them for us...she's an agent. I would love to move when the lease is up in February!!

Elisa I loke Dannon lite & fit, but Axelrod is not bad either...and they're a little smaller, 1 pt. instead of 2 and cheaper...usually 2/.99 here.

Hope everyone is doing well!

11-02-2001, 02:18 PM

I had a gain last night - but with the weekend I had & the candy, I deserved it & shouldn't have expected to get away with it!

Pryia - congrats on the job!!

Jul - hope the weigh in went well.

Bailey - congrats on the 140's!! How exciting! Hope you stay there.:) After seeing the measurement board updates, I remembered to do mine again.

RR - I had 7 trick or treaters.:( Hopefully the nausea won't last long.

Elisa - remember how weight fluctuates day to day and don't let it freak you out. As for my salads, I have never liked salad dressing (I know, lucky me!), so I put salsa on mine, a really fresh kind, and I love it.

Lauren - congrats on your loss!! Good for you for joining the gym.

gotta run. have a good weekend.


11-02-2001, 05:39 PM

Elise--I like Dannon blended..It comes in a six pack and has no aspartame..It is 100 calories and just enough for a snack..I like blueberry and the strawberry/banana.It has sugar but no fat..Fluid and foods the night before can increase weight quickly..!!!!!

Lauren--Congrats on the loss..I am so glad to be out of apartments..I lived in the middle on the second floor last time and had noise from the top and bottom...

Baily-Congrats on the 140's!!!!

I am hoping to gain only 25-30lbs with this baby and then try to get it off completely by the time I get back to work in 3 months...(Hmmmm..I am talking about things I don;'t even know about yet!!!!!:D )
Have a great weekend!!!!

11-03-2001, 09:57 AM
Hi All,

Yes, I'm up early...slept like crap!! :( Apartment Update: Got a letter from the management company yesterday for our renewal...what timing, huh? We have to sign a new lease within 5 days and send it back to them. Our rent is going up almost $40.00!! We both decided it's time to move. We're not paying over 1K a month for this, with no laundry, no dishwasher, PIA neighbors, etc. So now we're looking for either a townhouse or a single family house. Going to his dad's house today to check some out. (His dad's in real estate)

Will check back later...have a great day all!!

11-03-2001, 07:58 PM

Ds & ss are both home this weekend and I have been a busy little bee. Hope you're all having a good one - weather is beautiful here.

RR - sounds like a reasonable baby gain to me.:)

LBH - good luck with your apt. hunting.

time to make dinner.



NOTE - will update mileage tomorrow. I think I'm on track to beat my last year's mileage, which makes me happy.:D

11-04-2001, 01:31 AM
Just got back from a 4.5 hour trip of driving in Fog all the way from LittleRock AR. We went down yesterday to take part in a Open House sale.

I was suprised with a maintain! Still have 1/2 lb to lose by thanksgiving. I feel like I've maintained this long enough and need it to move down!!

Lauren: bummer on the neighbors and rent situation. Hope your FIL can help you find something else. $1000 a month around here would get you a very nice condo or about a 1000 sq foot single family home. Of course salaries are not as much out here in the middle of no-where either. - jul