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Default To beach girl

bulking up vs lean muscle... here is the truth:

1. it is VERY difficult for women to gain muscle mass because of our estrogen levels. Estrogen inhibits fat metabolism and muscle growth. It is very rare that women have hormonal imbalances with testosterone levels through the roof - if you have this issue I promise you you would know it. There would be many other signs - like excess facial hair for example. It is a very rare condition and... genetic.

2. It is virtually impossible to gain muscle mass when you are on a calorie restricted diet. This is not to say you can't get lean muscle. There is such a thing as marbelized muscle (just like a piece of steak that is fatty) you muscles can be the same.

Therefore - here is your answer: Lifting heavy weights targets your fast twitch muscle fibers, lifting lighter weights targets your slow twitch muscle fibers. In my opinion it is most advantages to mix up your routine regularly and practive both methods. This way you keep you body from adapting and get the phsyiological benefits of both types of workouts. Both will ultimately help you get lean muscle and shed fat. I REPEAT THE ONLY WAY TO BULK UP IS TO HAVE A CALORIE SURPLUS - as long as you don't have that you won't bulk up :-)
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