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Originally Posted by jansan
I will be unable to tell you all I did to find relief of this problem, but it is not an overnight solution. It is not about the weigh per se, nor the food, but what we have been taught to believe about ourselves. What I did was to begin reading the books by Geneen Roth. A good place to start, skim them chronologically as they were written. They will give you a perspective that you are not alone, and that your behavior has causes and solutions (though geneens are not most current) Another excellent book is Laurel Mellins 'The Solution'. And her other book, 'The Pathway'. See if your library has any of them. There are others, but once you start reading, you will find your own path - look in the bibliographies of books you like for suggestions. I also loved the works of John Bradshaw, tho he deals with compulsivity rather than specifically food issues. (Just plug in the word 'eating' when he says alcoholism, etc.- same causes, different substance) There are also many other good books out there that will help. Also go to your bookstore to check out what is current. look in the sections dealing with food addiction, alcoholism, compulsion, etc.
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