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Originally Posted by Leenie
I just bought two books I am going to read one is (although I can't stand him lol) Dr. Phil's book and the other is The Joy Of Weight Loss, this is a book about Norris Chumley who lost 160 lbs and has kept it off. Cant hurt.

Also, I am talking to my doctor about weight loss, I have high blood pressure so my next visit which is april 4th we will discuss diet plans and what not. I hope I have lost a few pounds b/4 I go. I've been just loading up on water and with my dinners eating a huge amount of veggies. It really is filling. I also just took up some knitting, just to keep the hands busy. I work full time and when I get home I just want to eat anything in my path because I am so tired (I also have a 3 year old) so my dinners have become a real challenge.
I am a runner!

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