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this is agreat thread!!! ok low fat recipe tips from me

If you want a hearty low fat meal always use a tomato base ie: sautee onions and garlic in vege stock, add oregano, basil, salt pepper a little sugar, tinned tomatoes, tomato paste a little water all your fav eges and serve 1/2 cup of this on 1 cup pasta and sprinkle with a little parmesan delicious!!!

Replace butter with apple sauce in brownie and pudding recipes works well!!

use skim milk and stock in bechamel (white) sauce instead of butter and whole milk

mashed potatoes are nice with skim milk no butter and if you add some cooked pumpkin it's gorgeous (golden mash)

for creamy pasta sauces use light evaporated milk tastes creamy, but next to no fat and low cals

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