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Originally Posted by Meg
But maintenance is not just reaching your weight goal. As weight-maintenance expert Michael G. Perri, PhD, of the University of Florida, stresses: “Maintenance means much more than weight maintenance. It includes the maintenance of other healthy lifestyle behaviors, such as healthy eating patterns, exercise, reducing stress, keeping healthy relationships, and more.”
That's where it's all at for me, Meg. In particular, reducing stress.
As someone who suffers from what can sometimes be debilitating depression, I know that living a healthy, well-organized life can be so important.
This past year I've had to deal with a complete kitchen renovation and the loss of my Dad, as well as the usual, everyday "family stuff".
When my house is organized, I'm less stressed. I have space to spread out my cookbooks, balance my cheque book, and I don't have to search for my exercise equipment under mounds of laundry.
I cook healthier food, my family is happier, we communicate better, and mentally, I feel "clean".
Living with a "gutted" kitchen for the past few months has put me in a real spin. We've been eating a lot of convenience foods, and because the mess of the kitchen has taken over much of the rest of our house and caused me HUGE AMOUNTS OF STRESS, I've been using food as my "comfort". It's my worst vice (as it is for most of us here).
Over the years, food + a good book has come to mean a quick and easy "escape" from dark periods of depression. I KNOW that exercise would improve my mood, but it's too hard. When you're trying to climb out of what seems a bottomless pit, you reach for the closest rope. It's easier to open the fridge than to summon up the energy to "pull yourself together" to put on sweats and runnings shoes.
Anyhow, to sum up... ... for me, being organized = being in control = feeling good about myself = a better propensity for losing weight

Meg, thanks for all the work you're putting into this thread... it's awesome!!
I am a runner!

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