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Default Hi

Tomorrow is another day and we cannot fix yesterday. Just look forward to what is coming.
I am so excited. I still have 98 pounds to lose, but it was 130.
Maybe we should keep an emergency menu on hand, like (written down) McDonalds McGrill with extra lettuce and lite mayo. If I don't have but 1 starch left I toss half the bun away. And as always the garden salad with lt vinegarette.
Or the Chicken Salad is good too. Keep some of the lalight snacks on hand, even an lalight cookie is a fruit and a starch.I know that the devil: is just hanging over our heads with a smile on his face when we cheat. Draw a picture of the devil and cut out what you like from pictures from a magazine (cake, pizza,etc). I am just trying to think of some mind games to help us. We can fight this demon of food that wants to posess us.
We want to be healthy and have fun.
As far as old clothes that were small. I have a small pair of levis that are 10's or 8's.
I am going to have to take in some of my shorts.
My bras are not in the last hook anymore, it is in the first hook. At $20 a shot for a bra, I will have to look for a sale.
No complains though.
Good luck to all this weekend.
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