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Is it Friday yet?
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Default Happy Friday!

Good morning,

Got a bit of a sore throat this morning... it'll be a quick postie then maybe a little nap on my desk.

Bought valances for my front room and dining room yesterday (same pattern since it's like a great room) and WOW, what a difference! The cheapy ones that came with the house were UUUG-LY - silver, grey, brown... blah. Mind you, my house is all earth tones/jewel tones. So the new valances really pop...

Kaylets and Eydie, ok, I really feel like I've got OCD or something... EVERY housekeeping idea you listed, I do! I don't know whether to be proud, or scared!

Cerise, very cool that actually saw the beauty of belly dancing in *yourself*! I really love that about the dance, that it celebrates women of all shapes and sizes - and it's FUN!

Anagram, don't you feel weird about your gift of constructive lying. As long as you use your powers for the good, no worries! I know DSis will love that it was so well planned!

Amarantha, yes, idle fingers are baaaaaad! I actually started crocheting again just to keep my fingers from stuffing my mouth! As soon as I get this ISP thingy settled I will participate.... until then I'm a little touch n' go internet connection-wise.

I've included below a nickname given to me yeeeeears ago by some friends after I spent weeks making homemade bath salts, powders, lotions, etc... I found it last week and thought it's funny that apparently I've been royalty for some time now!

Well all, Happy Friday to you and enjoy your weekend. I'm going to go nap under my desk now...

(aka HRH Princess Terri, The Grand Dutchess of the Imperial Duchy of Lavendar, Countess of Fizzington, Viscountess Bopp and Imperial Potions Mistress) :bubble:
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