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I usually post my daily weigh-ins in the 30-something group but that group is pretty much dead so I'm going to try posting here this month. I officially restarted my weight-loss efforts at the beginning of June. I did great starting out but stalled in the middle of the month. It lasted for about 10 days and was extremely frustrating since I was on plan the entire time. I'm not exactly sure why I stalled but I'm guessing it had to do with my cycle. I was ovulating around that time and felt bloated, cranky and ravenously hungry (but I never gave in). As of the beginning of this week, I'm back to losing and am feeling great. TOM is coming in the next 5-6 days so I'm sure I'll gain a little during that time. Goal last month was 9.8 lbs lost and I lost exactly 9.8 lbs (what are the odds?). I'm going for a smaller goal of 6 lbs for July which should put me in position to reach Onderland sometime in August.

SW: 210.0 lbs
GW: 204.0 lbs (-6 lbs)


1. 210.0 lbs (-0.2)
2. 209.4 lbs (-0.6) - This is a happy surprise. Ate at TGI Fridays for lunch yesterday. Stayed within my calorie limit but thought the sodium would cause a gain.

Total Weekly Weight Loss: -3.8 lbs
Total July Weight Loss: -0.4 lbs

3. 209.6 lbs (+0.2)
4. 210.2 lbs (+0.8) - I'm guessing this is probably water weight. I didn't eat anything salty yesterday but I feel bloated and TOM is coming soon.
5. 210.2 lbs (0)
6. 209.2 lbs (-1.0)
7. 208.2 lbs (-1.0) (TOM) - I usually gain during TOM but I'll take this loss instead. Hopefully it sticks.
8. 208.2 lbs (0) (TOM)
9. 208.0 lbs (-0.2)

Total Weekly Weight Loss: -2.2 lbs
Total July Weight Loss: -2.6 lbs

10. 207.4 lbs (-0.6)
11. 207.4 lbs (0)
12. 208.0 lbs (+0.6)
13. 206.8 lbs (-1.2)
14. 206.6 lbs (-0.2)
15. 206.6 lbs (0)
16. 206.6 lbs (0)

Total Weekly Weight Loss: -0.8 lbs
Total July Weight Loss: -3.4 lbs

17. 206.6 lbs (0) - I'm getting tired of this number. I'm ready for a big whoosh.
18. 206.6 lbs (0)
19. 206.6 lbs (0) - I think my scale might be stuck.
20. 207.8 (+1.2) - WTF! I have not cheated even once this month. I stuck to plan, exercised at least 30 min a day and drink plenty of water. I did not eat anything salty yesterday and even drank some extra water because I was extra thirsty. Maybe I should just give up. What's the point of starving all the time if I'm not losing.
21. DNW - Taking a much needed break from calorie counting, measuring & weighing. I'll get back on track tomorrow.
23 (missing a day above). 212.6 lbs (+4.8) - Something is wrong. Last night, I woke up with horrible heartburn so I took 3 Tums which helped enough that I could get back to sleep. Early this morning, well before I normally wake up, I woke up with a horrible stomach ache. It's hard to explain but feels like when you have a migraine except in my stomach - a dull ache that radiates throughout the body. I also felt really bloated. I had never felt this kind of pain before but I thought maybe it was because I was hungry so I ate breakfast. After breakfast, I felt like my stomach was going to burst it was so full and the pain was still there, however, now it is less in my stomach and more in my back. I took 2 Midols since it always helps me with bloating during my period and it contains a pain reliever. For the past hour, I've been sitting, standing, squirming, leaning, stretching, moving and doing anything I can to try to get rid of this horrible pain in my back. It is just now starting to subside enough to be tolerable but is still there and very uncomfortable - I'm squirming in my chair as I write this. I weighed-in wearing clothes and after breakfast plus I didn't count calories yesterday and went a little overboard. Tomorrow's weigh-in should be a lot better. I just wish this pain would go away. Edit: Pain was pretty much gone by noon. Weigh-in should be much better tomorrow - I'm going to the bathroom every 10 minutes to pee. I was definitely hanging on to a bunch of water weight. The only stomach pain I have now is because I'm starving. Had breakfast about 3 hours before I normally do which means lunch was earlier as well. I added an extra snack which I ate an hour ago (It is currently 2:27 PM). I only have 400 calories left which I need to save for supper. Supper is still a few hours away so I'm not sure how I'm going to survive. Maybe I'll have a can of diet pop - not healthy but will make me feel full without the extra calories.

Total Weekly Weight Loss: +2.2 lbs
Total July Weight Loss: -1.2 lbs

24. 208.8 lbs (-3.8) - I honestly thought I'd be back to 206.6 since I stuck to plan yesterday despite being in pain. I also peed a lot so I figured the bloat would be gone. I hate trying to lose weight. I can't wait to get to goal so I can just focus on maintaining instead.
25. 206.8 lbs (-2.0)
26. 206.4 lbs (-0.4)
27. 206.0 lbs (-0.4)
28. 204.4 lbs (-1.6) - Finally! A whoosh!!
29. 204.6 lbs (+0.2)
30. 204.2 lbs (-0.4)

Total Weekly Weight Loss: -4.0 lbs
Total July Weight Loss: -5.2 lbs

31. 204.8 lbs (+0.6) - Starting to get angry. WTH am I bouncing around so much? Was really hoping to be under 204 by now.

July 1: 210.0 lbs
August 1: 203.8 lbs - It's a miracle!!

Total July Weight Loss: 6.2 lbs - Woohoo!! I somehow made goal.

*Weeks are changed to reflect my official weigh in day which is Monday.

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