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Yo! Thanks be that Valentine's be gone, if not my illness, though I be better!!!!! Nope, K, don't really feel more energized but have a huge week ahead so shall go forth and sally ... or sally forth and go ... something like that ...

Working and making healthy muffins and have posted my weight loss and challenge info on the food thread ... yowza! I'm only working for a few more hours and will do the rest tomorrow ... somehow I need to go to the grocery store, clean the house, do laundry and ... probably other things that I'm forgetting ...

Re the vernal equinox ... it is March 21. I propose that we do an exercise related challenge of some kind from February 22 (which is a Sunday, the first day of the week) to March 21 and I propose it be put onto a separate CCRRMM thread and that even though it's another click, participating s report in AT LEAST once a week ... for me, and maybe it's just me, a focused challenge game is the best way to get myself back on track ... I can't tell you how hard it was for me to do a lousy 360 minutes of exercise this week, but when I have someone to report it to, like the stalwart s on the demon food thread, it makes it easier to do. The challenges are very easy to do if I keep records in my hard drive and then just click 'em in a post and pop 'em in. I use spreadsheets and it's fun for me ... BUT I don't expect anyone else in life to enjoy the same games I do and I do know that folkettes have other lives (I actually have one, too, but I ignore it as much as possible). Sometimes I go away and take vacations from 3FC or drop out of challenges, so I've got no complaints if others do that as well ... but I'd just like to stir the troops to a high level of commitment to the vernal equinox exercise challenge so's we can all get gorgeous for the summer, so's I'd appreciate any thoughts or volunteers to start the thread so's I won't always be hogging the floor 'cause we know I'm too verbose! ~ Signed, VERNIE, THE VERNAL EQUINOX STEERING CO-CHAIRMAN, WITH THE OTHER BEING EYDIE WHO PROPOSED THIS IDEA!!! (She doesn't know she's the co-chairman yet, but I KNOW she'll be thrilled ...
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