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Lizzie - Maybe 5 lbs. isn't as big a success as you would have liked, but it is a success and better than no loss or a gain!! You can still aim for more, but don't get down on yourself

Lucindaarrowspark - You are so strong and fierce, and an inspiration for all of us to stick to plan. I am trying to listen to my body more for what I really need, but my pesky brain keeps butting in!!

Andi - Water retention can be so annoying, work hard and sweat it out - lemon water sometimes helps me too

Bonnie - Good for you for not giving up, just get on track and you can do this

I have stayed on plan since coming home, and I can feel he difference already. Smaller and healthier portions mean a smaller and healthier me!!

Have a good day everyone

Restart March 8/14

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