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Thumbs up Saturday - Full Moon

Diet Coaches/Buddies Did gym, CREDIT moi, where I watched a guy talk on his cell-phone headset for his entire workout. No place is sacred. He wasn't particularly loud, but was persistent. Walk, CREDIT moi, included the community garden to water it and harvest lettuce. DW teased me for bringing home no cukes. I hadn't seen any. She walked back after dinner and picked three six inch ones that I'd missed. Those guys disguise themselves well. Additional exercise was four trips from the third floor to the basement putting away all the tools and stuff that had slowly emigrated to the fan installation task that had encountered so many obstacles. Putting away tools isn't my favorite task.

Eating was OKish. CREDIT moi-ish. I walked to Trader Joe's to replenish the nuts I've been nibbling since I have none left for my peanut butter sandwich. It's dangerous to have nuts on hand when I'm in a nibbling mood, but more dangerous to not have the nuts I need for my favorite lunch.

Joy (gardenerjoy) Love the phrase "ate them Bugs Bunny style" - the honorable way to consume a carrot.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) Kudos for changing up your environment to help focus on your eating. [We weren't ready for a front loader because we're too close to a friend's story of waiting three days for a repairman to show up to open a stuck machine that contained some clothes they wanted. DW also wanted to be able to open the top and toss in a forgotten item after the cycle had started; we didn't really get this one because the top locks down after the machine thinks about the load and plans its wash pattern. We'd prefer the old fashioned cycle know where the user is responsible for choices made - good or bad. I'm hard core libertarian when it comes to appliances.]

maryann - Congrats for taking one more step toward letting your DS go by encouraging him to fly alone. Love this, "Reaffirmed belief Beck works if I work it."

Woodland - Yay for a back that stands up to extra work.

nationalparker A midnight trail walk sounds so much fun.

Readers -
day 19 Stop Fooling Yourself

How to Stop Fooling Yourself

The next time you have an urge to eat something that's not on your plan, notice what's going through your mind. Only on rare occasions do people put food in their mouths without thinking about it. There's usually a thought that precedes eating. Pay particular attention to thoughts that start with the phrase, It's okay to eat this because . . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 162.
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