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Let's see if I can get back in the morning posting habit.

I re-read Day 8 of The Diet Fix yesterday. The topic is eating out and the messages are: do it, not too often, be selective. Only he says it in his more enthusiastic tones that make you think you can and should do it more often -- until you get to the rule of thumb that eating out more than three times in a week is likely to result in a weight gain. "Fair or not" -- which reminds me of the Beck principle of comparing one's self to other successful dieters and maintainers. I'm much happier eating from my own kitchen and giving restaurants a small, but special, part of my life because I see BillBlueEyes and others here do the same thing. It also reminds me of the thoughts by Lexxiss yesterday that what seems like normal in our society is really not. It's all been manipulated by marketers and food manufacturers and our own biology that's designed for scarcity and doesn't function well in abundance.

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BillBlueEyes: Have you read Walter Isaacson's biography of Benjamin Franklin? I read the parts where he was in London over the weekend (and wrote about it on my blog today: I think Americans are taught a very one-sided version of George III.
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