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Hi Coaches!

Went to visit relatives this weekend and had 2 brownies and a cookie by Sunday night. Tortured throughout. I recently (6/2) was diagnosed with a dairy allergy: off the charts on the iGg and iGa blood tests. I had suspected a wheat sensitivity and had gone gluten free. Well when wheat did not trigger an inflammation response, I added it back. Slowly at first but then fully. Piece of toast with breakfast, sandwich at lunch, roll on my hamburger etc. Im now feeling the effects of adding the gluten back! aaack. blood sugar spikes, sugar cravings, and strangely, sinus headaches and post nasal drip. Those last two I had forgotten all about until they hit again and I had to dust off my sinus headache medicine. So goodbye gluten again. Not sorry to see it go really.

Im also an "all or nothing" kind of gal. If I can't do my plan perfectly, then not at all. My plan needs to be more flexible. Counting exchanges means you know exactly what and how much is in every food. Eating out and at other people's houses means you do not know. I will work towards more flexibility to make my plan fit my life.

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