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Apropos our recent conversation regarding cortisol, weight loss, and how to improve one's stress level, I thought you all would appreciate the photo I came across while surfing FB yesterday: a prairie dog in a posture of meditative repose (but eyes open), with the caption "Come on Inner Peace, I don't have all day." Yep, that's me to a T.

Quiet weekend here too. One DS had a sleepover (at our house), another went to a birthday party, and the oldest went to a friend's HS graduation party. It's official: my kids lead a more active social life than I do. I am now just the chauffeur.

My weekend project was to figure out how to create a mosquito-proof, covered zone on our deck since we are constantly being chased indoors by the sun and the bugs (we live a few hundred feet from a river). I think I've found a solution, but will need the help of a handyman to install it so it won't collapse next winter:
Once that is in place, I will go ahead with purchase of a new outdoor dining table and some rocker chairs to complete what I hope will be a more hospitable outdoor habitat for us. I'm sick of hiding inside all summer.

Currently maintaining a semblance of calm.

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