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Oh, Dagmar. Where's our <facepalm> smiley? Not cool. But I got bullied by a 3# rabbit this morning. She wanted OUT at 7:30am and kept thumping til I got up. She wanted the pellet delivery promptly at 9, so she looked me right in the eye and took a bite out of the chair across from me. I shooed her off, and she came right back, looked at me again, and grabbed a mouthful of carpeting. Sighhhhh. I'm so well-trained.
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DH and I did our first kayak of the season today. We went into the 30 KPH wind and then had it at our back on the way home. We were out there paddling for over an hour. I felt it most in my arms and my hip. Weight lifting for the next month will fix the arms but I think the back and hip will be something i learn to live with.

DH was so tired after all of this (plus I made him get up at 7:30 - poor baby ) that he's taking a nap with the cat now. I'm all energized and will go for a walk by myself to check out a trail close to the house which I think we can access with our bikes. I won't make him bike today but he IS going for a walk this evening.

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Wishing it were cooler here. It was supposed to be a bit cooler this weekend so we were planning on golfing, but they changed the forecast and now the cooler days are mid-week. We did buy some cooling cloths to keep in our golf bags so perhaps we'll venture out next weekend.

It's a quiet weekend here. DH did the weekly Costco run yesterday before taking care of the office cat while I did the Trader Joe's run and the regular grocery store. We went out for a nice lunch yesterday followed by my going for a much needed mani-pedi (saw and talked to Steve Garvey!). Today we were thinking of going to a movie but have decided to stay in and perhaps see something on pay per view (we watched a new release--new in theaters and released to DVD same weekend--last night called Cold in June quite good). If we can't decide on a movie, DH will watch his NASCAR and I'll read the second book in the Divergent trilogy.
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Apropos our recent conversation regarding cortisol, weight loss, and how to improve one's stress level, I thought you all would appreciate the photo I came across while surfing FB yesterday: a prairie dog in a posture of meditative repose (but eyes open), with the caption "Come on Inner Peace, I don't have all day." Yep, that's me to a T.

Quiet weekend here too. One DS had a sleepover (at our house), another went to a birthday party, and the oldest went to a friend's HS graduation party. It's official: my kids lead a more active social life than I do. I am now just the chauffeur.

My weekend project was to figure out how to create a mosquito-proof, covered zone on our deck since we are constantly being chased indoors by the sun and the bugs (we live a few hundred feet from a river). I think I've found a solution, but will need the help of a handyman to install it so it won't collapse next winter:
Once that is in place, I will go ahead with purchase of a new outdoor dining table and some rocker chairs to complete what I hope will be a more hospitable outdoor habitat for us. I'm sick of hiding inside all summer.

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