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289 by June, you say? It's on.

My worry about the frozen egg thing is - does it get soggy? You try it and let me know ;-) I have actually discovered that I can scrambled eggs with parm and salsa much faster than I previously thought AND a friend of mine who is sponsored by VeganSmart Naturade gave me some packets to try out. I hear they're good and they smell great. It is so hot I never want solid food again. Can we please do just smoothies and salads until October

IT IS SO HOT YOU GUYS. Our kids have been out of school for about half a day and already it is TOO HOT. Every year I ask myself why I didn't a. lose weight and b. move some place that's not AS HOT AS THE SUN.

I am going to be one of those people wearing the self-cooling stuff from SkyMall, the fans and frozen neck rolls. Don't judge me
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