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Originally Posted by Sum38 View Post
atmos I love this 5:2 plan, well I actually do 4:3 plan with one Splurge day mixed in. The fasting is getting easier. What kind of dance you do?
That's great you've found something you like and that it's getting easier!

I do Irish step dance. If you haven't seen it before, think Riverdance. Lots of foot movement and straight arms. We do both solo dancing and group dances (called ceili dancing). We also perform shows around the area that my teacher choreographs (she also choreographs the solo dances, the more traditional ceili dances are known as "book dances" because one must learn them from a book as they are set down in writing).

I did it recreationally, showing up to class once a week, for about a year (starting for the first time at age 28 - yikes!), then I got roped into performing at some of the St. Patrick's Day weekend shows this past March when they needed extra adults. The bug bit me! I now attend classes 3 days a week plus at home practice and really enjoy the performances. I've mostly been dancing in soft shoe and just recently started learning the hard shoe. The studio where I attend classes is very supportive of adult dancers and it has been a great experience and really helped me with getting in a steady exercise routine.

My first feis (Irish dance competition) is less than a month away now. I've really jumped in with both feet following St. Pat's!

Ah, you got me going on about dance! I'll stop now.
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