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Originally Posted by schenectady View Post
Oh, SarahBell - I can only say I have just been where you are now...a move and falling off IP from the stress. It is so very hard and I can sense that this is shaking your world up pretty badly.

A few suggestions that helped me - we are entering our second month after the move and settling in a bit.

First - when we moved, we took NO FOOD that was not IP. Give it away to a food bank, friends, whatever, but get rid of triggers wherever possible. This is a chance to set up your house, kitchen, pantry with only good things. I know you have kids, yes?, so that is not completely possible for them but try for yourself.

Second, be determined to take it one meal, one day. PLAN what your next meal will be and use all your willpower to make that one meal perfect. Repeat over and over, each day, one step.

Third, if you can, find time for yourself in whatever way you can...a long soak in the tub, a walk outside, a good book, a great movie, a long cry. Do not let food be that release for you because it is only temporary for the time it takes for the food to get in your mouth. It feels MUCH WORSE later. Not worth it.

I found when I went off IP, I got headaches and felt horrible. After eating clean and healthy for so long, the additives and carbs and fat from bad food made me feel bad. I work up with a nasty mouth, nasty mood and nasty attitude.

Try to get one day under your belt being very strict and caring for yourself. See if you feel a bit better the next morning. Check back with the people on here - they are very supportive of you and your journey.
You post made me cry

I am trying to avoid all the non ip stuff. BUT with 3 kids and hubby who like their things it's hard. I am doing better today. I do great until after 4pm then it is hard until bed. I cannot go to bed early not an option, stay out of the kitchen not an option- chewing cinnamon gum YES! That has been my life line this week- I bought 6 pkgs of dentine fire so that has helped plus oolong tea.

Today for lunch I am going to have 4 oz of grilled chicken with a nice salad- lettuce, spinach, grilled zuchinni onions and bit of onion and home made dressing. And dinner chicken salad (left over grilled chicken with WF mayo) stuffed into mini peppers and boiled or grilled for abt 10-15 mins. and a salad (good old lettuce with EVOO and seasoning and salt with lemon)

I feel like I have let myself down I just need a hig

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