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Originally Posted by jo4applerose View Post
Yep that is what my coach said too all veggies measured raw. I measured the kale that way but then didnt know how to put in MFP ...the answer would be...just enter it as raw kale in MFP not as chips for more accuracy. Thanks for helping me figure this out in digging deeper. I have been flustered wondering how this diet could be so high in carbs....(NOT!) you know us newly carb deprived friends need some help. Hahahaha thank you sweetie.
Glad you got everything settled. The people on this forum are such an awesome resource. I love knowing that I can benefit from their experience.

If I am remembering correctly, 1 C raw organic kale has 6 or 7 g carbs, with about 2 grams of fiber, for 4 or 5 net carbs per cup. Higher than some veggies, but not insanely high. I'm not sure about mfp, but spark people has a setting for "calculate net carbs for low carb diet." This causes it to calculate carbs-fiber=net carbs for the day.

As for keto sticks... Don't worry too much. I only ever test "trace" or "small" unless I am super dehydrated. My doctor said that it isn't something to worry about, because it means that my body is effectively burning the ketones for fuel. There just aren't many left to "see" on the test strip. If you are getting enough water, and using the ketones effectively, you may get negative or nearly negative tests.

Keep up the hard work!

Originally Posted by muahahaha View Post
Hello all! I appreciate all of your comments so much. I am a newbie finishing my second week. So far lost 11 pounds!!! I am super excited and love reading this thread.
Great losses so far!

Lost 1lb after an entire month on WW. Started Ideal Protein 4/19/14.

Weight Loss by Week: #1: -10.1, #2: -4.9, #3: -2.8, #4: -3.4, #5 & #6: -2.6, #7: -4.4, #8 -1.6, #9 -4.0, #10 +3.0, #11 -5.6, #12 -0.2, #13: -1.6, #14: -0, #15: -0, #16: -0, #18: +0.8
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