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Thumbs up Doing the Green Beck Book


Just read the first chapter of the Green Beck Book: Beck Diet for Life. I find myself *so impatient* to get to - let me check-pg 32 Chapter 3 Get Ready to Lose where in the following 16 pages she lists 10 tasks to do before you begin your diet. This is a different structure from the pink book which is the one I read and followed in the pink workbook. So. Since I have yet to master or have long term success at getting weight off, I'd better just approach this as if I am a newbie and just follow the book. I read chapter 1 tonight. Chapter 2 tomorrow. It'll take as long as it takes.

Food today was planned and caloric. I successfully saw both moms in my life and was rescued by DH in the nick of time at MIL's house as we sat in the backyard while he fixed her computer in the house. I get so very enthusiastic about my life and all the things I do and I was openly sharing this with MIL and she doesn't understand people like me and said "You know, I think you have to focus. You're painting and making prints and now you're doing pottery and you're not doing the market and you're working at the guild and I think you need to focus on..." and then DH came out and then we never got back to her advice to me. I am so overly sensitive and my feelings are easily hurt and I misread stuff all the time. But I felt like, gee, I just told you with great enthusiasm all the stuff I am doing and you're telling me it's too many things and I have no direction and I think maybe I'm doing this all wrong.... I am easily swayed but I never stop because of what someone says, but I do give it weight in my heart. Anyway, what can I say? I feel focused and I feel direction that is very clear and maybe it looks chaotic to the viewer but I know I am following a plan for me. I'll keep on keepin' on with that.

Must get to sleep. My cat Caesar has already claimed my pillow. ugh. Talk to you guys tomorrow.

*credit* for making the effort with both moms today.
Going to 150 5lbs at a time

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