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Finally Friday!

To those that wonder: I'm 56 years old, female, and past menopause.

Today is a Fast, and I didn't get my workout in yesterday, so will do it tonight, hard or not. Tomorrow is Weigh-In. I really expect to bounce up a bit since last week's loss was so dramatic. Trying to prime myself not to be disappointed, even though I was unusually attentive to my Plan this week!

The Romaine leaves were fine as a flour tortilla replacement, I made sure to include some real Mayo to make up the appeal. Those tortillas really set me off on the Binge Vector, so I need to steer clear. I feel I'm trending in a Paleo direction as I go. We'll see. There's several tweaks and changes I'd like to make but am wary of too much too soon and upsetting the balance.

The Very Special Olive Oil has arrived! Want to roast some sort of vegetable and drizzle it!

maryann: Please hang in there. Get your breath, and know you are Doing Something by sitting down to re-assess and then stepping back into the Weigh Battles!

flnu: Yep, I also think the loose connections I see in the "science" in many diet books make me a little skeptical. Personally, I haven't been able to hold a solid breakfast down since I was 20. Even now, I drink a mere 8oz soy protein shake for "breakfast" and that's it. Works for me. On the other hand, "diarizing" in my food log is really helping. I think we all have to navigate our own way through all the "Wisdom" out there!

BBE: I believe shivering counts as a workout when you're that sick. Get better soon!

All the Best to you who are All the Best!

PS: Just so I'm not totally out of step with the DF readers here, I did listen to a couple Podcast interviews with Dr. Freedhoff to get the scoop. Now I feel up to speed on what everyone is discussing, but am sticking with the Beck book to keep it simple for now.

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Hi Coaches!

I have been out of sight but not out of mind. I've had some struggles since I last posted. Most of my struggle with food seems to be associated with having too many things to do and too little time. I have acknowledged some feelings of hopelessness and distress….seems like things never get better (or easier) in my life. So: I keep trying to stay on track with my food plan and find daily credits.
~never miss my breakfast smoothie
~make my best possible choices at work
~shop healthy/cook healthy
~weigh everyday
Problem areas are with unplanned snacks...not so much overeating. I've even noticed times when I specifically don't overeat as a response to stress.
I did notice my trying to eat while standing for the past few days and I am making a concerted effort to stop. Credit
Personally, my life is extremely busy and unpredictable right now. DH has an infection which needs daily care so I've taken over (again) 100% of household/yard chores. It's a lot of work with 2 homes and a rental which needs to be finished. (Credit for emailing my helper today and setting up an appt. for tomorrow AM). I am getting lots of exercise with all the yardwork (and real job) and so weight is staying in my maintenance range which I can live with for now.
I am willing-yet my biggest challenge in getting here regularly is my continued lack of reliable internet. I manage a daily hello at the SBD daily chat because it's easy from my phone. Detailed and mindful posts-not so much. I am going to try and make it a priority to get here more often. When I was in my final month of the "projects" I streaked 30 days checking in, however brief. (I am considering trying that again
I "Do" check in with you all every day. I read each and every post mindfully and I wish it were easier to "talk back". I appreciate each and every word you all write; I cheer your successes and empathize with your struggles. I can't predict what my future holds but I promise to keep trying….

BBE, sending you healthful vibes for getting over your crud! It is not fun to stay in bed. I weighed on your "dehydrated" scale today...nice number, too, lol

MaryAnn, I encourage you to keep trying...keep practicing Dr. Becks suggested steps and be gentle with yourself. I'm dealing with the blues, too, lately, and notice my eating often deteriorates when I start with the sabotaging thoughts diminishing the value of the incredible progress I have made. Despite how I may "feel" today I AM still a success.

6crowsgold, your bio is mine, too! Kudos for your success steering clear of the flour tortillas. I have a special olive oil, too, and make sure I'm always stocked. I roasted purple cabbage slices, broccoli and baby purple potatoes for lunch. Yum.

nationalparker, glad you had a nice visit with DH's DD. What a difference a year has made! Funny, I've not "noticed" before that you're a non drinker. I'm an ex-drinker. I've noticed food is certainly less complicated without alcohol. Great that you're planning ahead for your next visit at your folks at a time you won't have to experience and encounter your sis. It really is OK.

gardenerjoy, I always love when I can go enjoy a social meal at a normal place. It makes for such a pleasant experience all the way around. I enjoy your continuing insights with DF.

flnu, I am so impressed with your 5K stats...that's a new behavior to be proud of! Credit!

onebyone, sending you positive vibes to get back with what you know works. I enjoy reading about other plans but really do prefer to stick with what works right now. Automating is so much easier when busy.

Cheryl(GosfordGirl), Kudos kudos for keeping at it and seeing those results you have wanted! I smile every day for you!

Aztricia, kudos, too, for sticking with your plan even though things don't always progress as fast as you'd like. Thanks for posting the link to pleasurable activities. I agree, they may not be effective initially….we just keep trying!

PS-I will add that last night, as I was analyzing my day I recognized that the condition of my home is really bugging me. I'm not getting lots done inside as I have spent 4-6 hours a day in the yard during my days off this week. I recognized I'd be much happier if my kitchen/refrigerator got cleaned/decluttered. Well I just did it last night and everything felt lots better this morning. Credit.

Take care everyone!
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Default new

Hi people,

I hope it's okay to just post here--I just joined 3FC, b/c I'm at the point of the Beck Diet Solution where I need to find a coach. Have you guys found that online works for you? I have a friend I think I could ask, but I do feel shy and embarrassed to be struggling with eating even though I know so many do.

I am not overweight (although I would like to lose a few, who wouldn't) but I struggle with overeating including though not limited to binge eating. The binging is the worst--it makes me hate my life!

I have found the Advantages Response Card helpful.

Anyway I'm looking forward to getting to know you all! Since I'm not very familiar with the book yet I don't know how helpful my advice will be but I'll try.

At what times of day do you find it most helpful to read your Advantages Response Card?
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Healthy Lifestyle Changes
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Hello Coaches,

A bigger breakfast definitely helps me. Rushing lunch and stress does not. I'm at 2000 calories for the day and plan to stop (5:30ish here). Tomorrow is groceries, helping ds w/ tons of end of school year stuff and hopefully finally celebrating dh's b-day...but the neighbors are moving and he also agreed to help them & ride/bicycle with a who knows!

freely Welcome! Yes, it is OK to post looking forward to getting to know you.

Lexxiss good to see you again and you were able to check in. Great list of credits. I hope the stress lowers soon.

6crowsgold I like romaine instead of tortillas and taco shells. So glad it worked for you.

nationalparker Hope you have a great time at the dinner theater. Sorry you dad is still not well enough to come home.

gardenerjoy Kudos for 10%.

maryann ((HUGS)) the stress is getting to me too right now. Telling the truth to yourself is important. It is also true that your weight and struggles do not define who you are. You are awesome, and an inspiration. None of us here is perfect!! I hope you are able to figure out the mood swings soon, they make life difficult! For me, I need some daily sun and no sugar and "good bacteria" with every meal. Most of the hormones that make you sleep well and have a good mood are made in your intestines, so a healthy gut is important. Essential fatty acids help construct those hormones and they are next on my supplement plan as soon as my stress is low enough to deal with figuring out dosage.

flnu Kudos for the running improvement and your exercise.

onebyone I know those long term goals are tempting, but I personally can't even deal with Beck's 5 lb and do one at a time. I hope you won't let yourself be derailed. The process is slow and a roller coaster. Sorry you have a nasty landlord

BillBlueEyes NO fun, no fun at all. I think you should count the shivering as exercise hope you feel MUCH better soon!

GosfordGirl/Cheryl Awesome that you went to the gym. Crazy about the "plain" yogurt! Hurray for renewed confidence. I've also seen research that smaller spread out meals are less satisfying and not as "good" for you. I don't think DF has everything right and I stick with one snack a day as well.

Beck FB: Friday Weekend Warm-up: If you want to be able to lose weight (or maintain your weight), it’s critical to watch your alcohol consumption on weekends. Don’t fool yourself – alcohol has a lot of calories and can really sabotage weight loss efforts in a number of ways. Just as you would have a plan for what you would eat an event, it’s important to also have a plan for how much (if any) you’ll drink.

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Exclamation this week's credits


I felt like my post earlier was heavy on the things I didn't do with no mention of the things I did accomplish and so for my own self-esteem I am going to list what I accomplished this week which was a biggie for me and out of the ordinary:


for making a plan for tomorrow for my food and committing to it and posting here

designed printed and mailed off a set of 12 prints for a print exchange meeting a deadline I agreed to a few months ago (did not eat over this task).

gathered and re-sized, packaged and mailed off and met the deadline for a submission to Spain, my first to Europe.

found an outfit, went on local cable, did not get too down about my size and decided to just have fun and we had a great time on air even though we really messed our project up on live tv with the cable tv host. I designed a stencil for us to do onto a clay tile that we had the host make. He nearly died when he realized the stencil was of his own face (first one of this type I have ever made *extra credit*... it got a BIG LOL). Then when transferring the image everything was too wet and with the complicated spaces cut into the stencil the whole thing smooshed and the lines went blurry/blotchy but I cleaned it up and told him I managed to make him look "human". He said he wanted us back on. LOL. Big credit for getting through that even though I am at a very high weight *which had nothing to do with my performance* but I don't look forward to seeing the episode. We are getting the dvd.

did some tracking, ate homemade 70% of the time, posted here almost everyday unless I was working at my studio, did weigh in and see a 4.5lb rise over the course of the month while following the Diet Fix 10 day reset which I did complete and thoroughly consider. I will use some of the information there. Mostly I re-learned Beck and recognized my fitbit plan was the one that worked the best recently and I will stick to that.

Also recognized that if I have one major flaw it is giving up too soon and not sticking to something when I think something new=something better. My foray with the diet fix has delayed my progress as I screwed around trying to sort through it. Why I wonder now looking back... And now with the landlord coming in on Sunday I think why did I stop working on my clutter issues again? I have no idea but it's hard to know where to start again on both fronts. I think I need to remember to follow through and see it through to the end. To not stop and start. That is deadly for me. Because I don't just stop and start from where I I return back to where I started from, having to do it all over again and again and again. No wonder I feel exhausted even thinking about re-starting. Anyway, blahblahblah! It's all good to know but it means nothing if I DO nothing about any of it.

Thanks for letting me vent.

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Default Saturday evening


The first cold day of Autumn - it is snowing somewhere up the Blue Mountains or Central Tablelands to make it this cold and windy. Apparently this is unseasonally early. It was a good day to be inside working. I took the dogs for a long walk on the street after the rain passed so credit. Still under for steps today though at about 6000 and it won't go higher. Listened to my motivation app every day this week and the weight loss hypnotherapy recording as I go to sleep. Not sure what is on the hypnotherapy recording, or even how long it is, because I always fall asleep! Hope it is nothing too problematic on the recording!

Last night I ate a (planned and accounted for) gluten free pizza - I bought the base and added toppings - what a waste of calories and carbs. It was heavy and thick and not nice. Won't do that again. I am better with low carb meat and veggies

Today was a fast day - I seem to always sit around 700 calories rather than 500 because I won't eat less. But it seems to work at the moment. Tonight having a big bowl of non carb veggies. Tomorrow I have gym and dog walk. I am still in a holding pattern with DF as I can't eat out and I haven't got the time to read and focus on the next section. So I am happy incorporating strategies up to this point and will get to the rest later.

BillBE - sorry to hear you are sick - bed and miso sound like a good treatment. If miso can improve radiation sickness I am sure it can help with a cold and fever. But do hydrate regularly please!

Onebyone - ouch for a nasty and phobic landlord. Sounds like you have stopped the slump and you are now on track for a good month. Congrats on making all those deadlines and being so productive - uber credits.

Flnu - your running from nothing to 5K is an inspiration - super credit - so leave the weight to sort itself out. As long as overall and on average you are losing weight (which you are) all is well [I like the fact that Yoni Freedhoff is a food activist - he lobbies governments and agencies about the incorrect claims that certain foods (like nutella) are healthy. In particular he is active in terms of what children are fed at school and what is allowable in canteens. It is not something I would agitate about but I can see how important it is]

Maryann - I am sorry you are in a funk. I second what Tricia is saying about gut health and mental health. One of the links I posted earlier is so encouraging about the link between the gut and moods - especially for people with sensitivities. Hope your day of "getting back some peace with food" went well. Credit for a food plan and for being totally honest - you are one of our shining lights of getting to maintenance

Gardenerjoy - another shining light! Yay for 10% reset. The whole logging thing is useful isn't it. And I love MFP for that purpose especially as I have been using it long enough to have recipes in there. Glad you got to have a meal out in comfort

Nationalparker - hope your dad gets out of hospital soon and you get clarity about when you can go back

6crowsgold - It does get tougher as you get older (I am 63) and it is always a surprise when you suddenly realise that things don't happen as quickly or as easily as when one is younger. Yay for olive oil rather than candy. I use good olive oil and coconut oil and ghee and I am paleo (actually Primal because I use dairy) so can see where you are heading.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - sorry you are so busy and that life is throwing up challenges. I must admit that the reason you have two homes is lost in the mist of time. I can barely manage one home so see that it could be challenging to have 2 and a rental! Credit for coming up with a plan to keep you on track and posting for the next few weeks

Freely - WELCOME - yes - this is where you find diet coaches and buddies. Feel free to just post about you and no need to post personals until/if you feel comfortable to do it

Tricia - glad the increase in calories and breakfast is helping - Credit for problem solving. Hope you eventually get to celebrate DH's birthday

Sorry for how long this is - I was just going to do a brief post but when you reread everyone's offerings they demand a response

Have a good weekend coaches - mine is now half over
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Thumbs up Welcome freely


And on the occasion of your first post,

How did you find out about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And however did you find our Beck Forum here on 3 Fat Chicks?
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Thumbs up Saturday - World Press Freedom Day

Diet Coaches/Buddies – I got one of those dehydrated pounds back - worked on water for the day. I felt good enough to run errands, including a trip to a genuine chocolate factory to buy stuff for my kids Easter Baskets for our delayed Easter Dinner this evening. In addition to one high end chocolate bar each, each household will get a ten pound bag of cocoa mulch. I have no idea why this is a good idea, but it fits my need to put something in their Easter Basket that I haven't before. I did indulge in FREE samples; CREDIT moi that I planned to do - it was a chocolate factory.

Almost no exercise. Spent time in bed getting myself feeling better for this evening. Me and feeling poorly don't do well together.

onebyone – LOL at needing a reason for opening windows. With such a jerk, my bounds for veracity expand enough that I'd tell him that I only did it when the outside temperature was between 68 - 76 degrees F. Kudos for such a stellar week meeting deadlines. If you win the Spanish competition will you go to Spain?

Joy (gardenerjoy) – "Normal place ... normal choice" sounds good to me.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Super Kudos for marching forward and cleaning and decluttering that which bugged you.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Welcome "first cold day of Autumn" - from a guy ecstatic to experience a warm day of Spring.

maryann - Thanks for "takes time and intention."

nationalparker – Yay for dressing up to lift the spirits.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Happy Birthday to your DH - hope you get to see him, LOL. Good reminder, "Rushing lunch and stress does not."

flnu - That's impressive gain running your 5K - Kudos. [The book I read said that a mother of two kids is not allowed to get sick.]

6crowsgold - "Romaine leaves" are just the best. I was into these for a spell and have drifted.

freely - Yep, posting here is just the right way to get reliable Diet Coaches/Buddies. We serve that role for each other and welcome you into the group. You'll find it easy. My recommendation is to not post personal responses for a spell until you've come to differentiate us - at first we look like one big blur. I read my Advantages Response Card in the morning; others tend to read it on demand. Glad that you've joined us.

Readers -
day 15 Monitor Your Eating

The Benefits of writing Down What You Eat
...Checking off what you've eaten and
writing down what you hadn't planned to forces you to
become aware of
. . . . . . . .what you're dong
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 143.
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Default "don't do that thing that doesn't work" - sage advice from a Beck member.


Well I am back putting back into place the things that work for me. I re-started the declutter thread for extra focus and support. I'm wearing my fitbit and planning my meals and setting out rules for behaviour around food and I created a distractions list for when I want to go off plan and made a deal with myself that I'd work through the 5 items before I picked up food to feed non-hunger issues. My goal is to string OP days together.

BillBlueEyes Yes! The Spanish submission awards solo art shows to the best prints in the different categories of printmaking. I am not holding my breath, but at least I am in the running. AND I did take a facebook quiz that told me I should live in Barcelona, coincidentally the place my prints are traveling to RIGHT NOW. BTW cocoa mulch is said to be a very good ground cover keeping your plants hydrated. That was a good call. I'd like a 10lb bag of that too.

GosfordGirl A shiver went through me when you wrote it was cold and windy and its arrival said to be "un-seasonally early". Yikes. The winter we just had still haunts me with the driving rain this week causing me to wonder if it was snowing. And I was not the only one. I do recall you longing for the colder temps so I know you'll enjoy it more than I would were it to be happening here! I have the same weightloss app you do and I too fall asleep to it--or I did when I was using it regularly, which I will be again as I am doing the things that work again. I have listened to it all while awake and don't worry, we won't be inexplicably clucking like chickens at inopportune times.

Back to work for me.

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Good Morning, Coaches.

Thanks for all the support and good ideas.

Yesterday was a much more peaceful day. I put the time in to cook and shop. I tried a fabulous new recipe that uses sweet potatoes instead of a cheese and cream in a sauce. I poured it over rice noodles and was in heaven. Throughout the day I kept to whole foods. I took a 25 min. walk. I made a counseling appt.I practiced Beck skills of keeping to a plan and looking at the clock wondering how long a craving will last.

One day OP is not much but it sure feels better than not having one day.

DS needs the computer then we are off to a piano adjudication and to sleep over at the ranch (pictured.) Hopefully I can catch up on personals on Monday.

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Green Tomatoes
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Welcome, freely!

I shopped at the Farmers Market this morning. That always makes me feel healthy. Off to wash a bag of "spicy salad mix" for lunch.
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Enjoying la bella vita
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Height: 5-4


Gorgeous spring Saturday, windy but mostly sunny and warmer than the rest of the week has been. Not a busy one, just chores and errands and a bit of relaxing. Food was so-so, but still more than I need, and need to shave that down a bit. Seems harder surrounded by my own pantry.

Without reviewing the posts from earlier when I was reading them, I was intrigued with the basic study on three meals a day vs. the smaller meals and snacks. I swear that was what made the difference for me last month, so need to try it and see. I find myself eating because I have a snack prepared at work, or it's "time" or I think about it and it sounds good. What the heck? But with no snacking, there goes several hundred calories and I'm certainly not going to wither away. C'mon "No Choice" back into my life!

My father is still in hospital - an issue they cannot figure out yet, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they're able to solve this. I'm worried but cannot solve it, so have faith that those who are skilled and knowledgeable, can in due time. He's been asking when I'm returning, so that makes me feel both good (that it wasn't too hellish for him then) and bad (that I'm not there now)...

Welcome, freely! I look forward to hearing your challenges as well as your successes and tips! A good group of folks here - very supportive and well-led by Bill! And Bill, I hope you're feeling better today! That chocolate factory sounded intriguing. Fill us in on how the Easter baskets were received. They sound wonderfully clever.

Lexxiss - I hope with as busy as things have developed for you here lately, that you are able to get some "me" time and a bit of relaxing in ... Hope DH's infection improves and you don't get too overworked! It sounds like you're doing great staying in maintenance with all the challenges you are facing right now. Major kudos for checking in here and keeping track of what is working for you right now.

I checked out the Diet Fix from the library, but there's a part of me that just thinks this isn't the time that anything will really resonate. I liked Beck's strategies and want to get better at working those CBTs and think I need to focus there. But I must've felt like I needed to be on that train!

GosfordGirl - More power to you with enjoying the first cool day of autumn - I shudder at thinking of the colder weather returning here anytime soon.

OneByOne - You had me laughing at the image of the host realizing the stencil was of him. Clever! I'm glad you had fun with the show - major credits for sharing your art and talent.

AZTricia - Hope DH's birthday celebration was enjoyable! Enjoy the weekend - it sounds like both the weekends and weekdays are super busy for you!

Flnu - I'm so impressed with your progress on the C5K program - you're kicking it!! What's your next challenge/goal with it?

GardenerJoy - Doesn't a farmer's market on a Saturday morning just "feel" right? I wish I was able to schedule to do that much more often - and should prioritize that when the weather is nice and my schedule allows. Thanks for the reminder of that.

Maryann - It sounds like you're back on track and in the grand picture - you just had a blip. Great job to look inside to find what you need and address it.

Apologies if I missed folks - it's getting long and I'll get caught up hopefully tomorrow afternoon...

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Healthy Lifestyle Changes
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Hello Coaches, Happy Saturday

I'm tired. Dh came with me grocery shopping and we also walked around two farmers markets (bough heirloom beans at one-yum) and ran errands. We were out on this 98 degree, very sunny day, for over 4.5 hours! I'm worn out. I also picked a bad meal for lunch, but managed to recover and stay OP for the day. Need to take pup for one more walk, but I'm waiting till the sun is long down. I was suppose to help ds w/ lots of stuff today--guess that will be tomorrow.

Hope your dad is better tomorrow. Best of luck with no snacks.

gardenerjoy Spicy salad sounds yum! Hope it was great.

maryann Lots of positives and credits to your day. Awesome!

onebyone Yeah for fitbit and distraction plans! Huge credit!!

BillBlueEyes Glad you were a bit better, hope tomorrow is back to healthy. Yum for chocolate!! The monitoring reminder is great, thanks!

GosfordGirl/Cheryl Hurray for cooler temperatures! Wishing you a great workout tomorrow.
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Hello Beck friends,

After a week of eating very badly I managed to pull it together today. So happy to say I ate healthy and on plan. And no sugar.

Thanks to everyone who posts here. When I am eating badly and not posting I read your posts every day. It really helps me to not stray too far from where I need to be.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday!
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Thumbs up Sunday - Migratory Bird Day

Diet Coaches/Buddies – Recovered another dehydrated pound. Instead of mourning pounds coming back, I can choose to celebrate that my body is healing. I ate seconds of ham at dinner; I'll chalk that up as healing also, LOL. But food was on plan since I otherwise wimped through the day, CREDIT moi.

The kids loved their Easter Baskets - what's not to love about a mango, pear, orange, kiwi, Ugly Fruit, artisan chocolate bar, and controversial mulch. Much discussion about whether cocoa mulch kills dogs, cats, and small children - on the Internet there's reports of any and all of the above. Home Depot advertises with their cocoa mulch that they do not, never have, and never will sell products that kill dogs, cats, and small children - which immediately goes into the section of my brain labeled Caesar is an Honorable Man. Still no exercise. Ouch. Thanks for all the Well Wishes - since my desire is for a head cold to be psychosomatic so that positive thoughts will cure it. In time, it always has.

onebyone – Should get that tattooed on my forehead, "don't do that thing that doesn't work."

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Wondering where your farmers are getting produce so early - with a touch of envy. Our sugar snaps are four inches tall - that means they've survived the House Sparrows and will soon touch the wire fence to climb.

CeeJay - Kudos for "ate healthy and on plan" and Kudos again for "no sugar." Seems wise that you always read the posts to keep your head in the game.

maryann - Using "sweet potatoes instead of a cheese and cream" sounds like health magic. Have a nice weekend.

nationalparker – Kudos for choosing the path of equanimity. I, too, have slipped from absolutely three snacks a day to only the evening fruit with the other two in reserve for unplanned situations. Wish I could report that this has caused my last few pounds to effortlessly fall away.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Tell us more about the heirloom beans. I once saw heirloom dried beans for sale on-line of amazing variety - and amazing prices, LOL. 4.5 hours out and about in 98 degree F temps can be exhausting.

Readers -
day 15 Monitor Your Eating

The Benefits of writing Down What You Eat

Continually monitoring what you eat will provide you with the following benefits:
It helps you strengthen your motivation. If gives you an opportunity to give yourself credit, especially when you consciously tell yourself how good it is that you ate according to your plan.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 143.
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