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S/C/G: high water mark/working on it

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This has been a beautiful weekend - like Camelot, the rain came in the middle of the night, softening my rock-hard garden bed out front, and allowing me to get a bit of a start on the weeding. That used to be the gorgeous garden on the street - now it's a mess. Will look okay when the daisy bushes and daylilies get taller, and I get my dark mulch in there around some bedding plants and all the daffodil foliage is removed. I always have the Martha Stewart image in my mind, but ... lack of time, design skill and funds create a different look.

Finished my big stressful project at work tonight ... a sense of relief but still wait for fallout - did any data not get submitted that we weren't aware of, etc. At some point, those involved need to take responsibility for their data, but I'm the type to worry.

Surprised with a gift from my oldest step daughter today and a card that read thank you for being a good stepmom and loving and taking care of her father ... and could we spend more time together. That came from left field. Our relationship started out rocky because I set boundaries for how she treated us, her behavior in our home, etc. She's turned around a great deal, and spending an evening with her a few weeks ago was enjoyable. DH said he's keeping his fingers crossed she's maturing.

What is striking me so much is the difficulty I'm having losing weight or focusing on weight loss ... while when I lost weight years ago, I just set my mind and DID it ... activity was a larger part, though, of my everyday life for health reasons rather than solely weight loss. Maintenance wasn't difficult - I staying in the same range of 4-5 pounds for 10 years. Now it seems like I'll never get there and while i'm not pre-worrying about maintenance, I wonder what the difference is - must be more than just age. I feel I'm eating healthier now than before. Rambling thoughts. Food has been okay this weekend, but not exactly nutritional.

I was able to get about 1/2 of the yard mowed - DH did 1/4 and we were stopped this evening with a thunderstorm rolling in quickly.

Good luck, Bill, with that cough. DH's lasted for nearly three weeks this winter, and I was slipping him cough drops before and at intermissions of performances - it just never quit. Thanks for linking to the birds. I know the basic 10 that kids know, ha ha.

CeeJay - MAJOR credits for stringing the week together! Whoo hoo. What was the biggest key for you to be able to do so?

Rosebud - Good to see you back and WOWSA - Great job on the 100-pound down mark!!

GardenerJoy - Like your "weird OP" What a great way to approach it. What the past few days were, is not what every day will be. Good acceptance.

Maryann - Have a wonderful time at the ranch. I would love to say that I'm leaving town for my ranch.

Hang in there, GosfordGirl, with the cold. Your soup sounds good to a non-soup eater that I am. I just have a hard time wrapping my head around your temps cooling off while mine are warming. Sounds like you had such a hot summer, that the cooler temps are welcome.

So close ... now so far!
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