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I just want to complain that Bob is a colossal grump when he's sick. He's had a bad cold, both nose & chest, for a couple of weeks now. Every time I try to interact with him about something urgent, he ends up chewing my head off. I'm sympathetic, of course, with the fact that he feels so bad, but he's really getting on my nerves. And I could use his help with moving things around for the BERP, too, but of course he can't do anything physical. =big sigh=

I should be counting my blessings, though: at least it's evident by now that I'm not going to catch it from him. I had a sore throat one night, but I gargled with salt water and that was the end of that.

Another blessing: I got an email from my breeder saying the kittens are doing really well. She didn't have time to send new photos—because she's a special ed teacher, and the upcoming end of the school year means lots of paperwork to do—but she'll be more in touch with me soon. =smile=

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