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Good morning all. It's beginning to cloud over here in preparation for the rains returning. Hopefully I can at least get the front yard whipped into shape today before I give out.

Terra You're definitely our champion when it comes to getting outside and get moving. Time for me to stop procrastinating on that front and get walking more. Supposedly I don't because the a fib means I have shortness of breath some times and my knees hurt and my hips hurt and and and. But, knowing you walk at least 3 times a day means I can walk at least once. Thanks for the inspiration!
Ubee Today is Community Day here in our little town, and there will be a may pole with kids dancing around them. I'm not kidding -- it's a big event here, the kids get a half day off from school, and the whole town shows up. Old kings and queens are invited, but they don't have them do the may pole thing anymore because one year one of them dropped to the ground. She was ok, just cavorting around the May Pole was too much for her. Good for you on the breakthrough with the impact of when and what kind of exercise you do has on wanting to eat. I kind of feel like I had the same thing happen. With both of us lighting up bulbs from our insights, I'm surprised that the night sky wasn't lit bright enough to read by!
SilentArctic Sounds like you're doing so much to keep you on track in spite of still feeling punk. Wow. When I feel lousy, I tend to curl into the fetal position and not come out of it until I'm back to normal -- or what passes for normal for me. Keep up the good work. I totally get wanting to be down a few more pounds/kg when you go to the doctor. Doctors are our approval vehicle in so many ways -- especially since they're usually the ones who say something like "you need to lose weight" and assume that the weight loss fairy will visit that night, wave her wand, and the magic will happen. Good luck.
Restless I'm with Ubee -- taking medications to help with weight loss is not cheating. Finding what works for you is what's important. And you may find that posting on here helps not only with support, but with thinking through a lot of what got you to the point of wanting to lose a lot of weight to begin with. That's what's happened for me. Instead of jumping from one diet plan to another (my old habit), I've come to realize that 99% of my weight loss is tied in with modifying behaviors and is a mind game of sorts. So if the phen helps with getting you in the right place, then don't feel guilty about it.
Sugar2Go Welcome. Just jump in and start posting. It's a supportive group, we understand how long this journey is going to be for us and coming here helps to keep all of us on plan.
Sam So sorry that the ultrasound was painful, but glad that you have that behind you now. Can't believe that you came home and worked out. Good for you. Have a great weekend with your friend and DH.

The realization that I tend to have binge urges right after exercising and after a lot of house/yard/play time has led me to start carrying Tootsie Roll pops in my purse. They're 60 calories each, seem to stave off the mad desire for potato chips, ice cream, and chocolate (usually all 3 end up being eaten once I get started!), and for the first time in a very, very long time, I actually feel like I'm in control of my eating. Or at least getting in control. It's very empowering. Hopefully this will last, and even if I do slip up, that it will be easier to get back to than has previously happened. Most of you know that I've gained and lost the same 20 pounds 4 times now. This will be the 5th time I'm shooting to get to 333 pounds which is one of my milestones. I really think I can do it this time. A whole lot of the credit goes to this group with helping me think through what's going on and analyzing what's really going on in my head. THANKS! Off to the gym and then yard work.

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