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Good morning gg's. Packing for the camp this morning. Yesterday I went to Walmart to get a few things for the camp and my diet. Last night we hooked up the boat and checked out all the lights. Dh is going gas it up. I will be pulling the boat and he will be pulling the trailer with the lawn mower.
I measured my 1-1-1 snacks for both days. I'm bringing that in the boat so there is no breaking my diet.

Mary I was reading you menu that you posted yesterday and I noticed that you put nuts as a protein. I saw someone asked that question to rania and she said nuts are not a protein but a fat. Wasn't sure if you were aware of that. Just a lil tip for you. I'm not quiting this 1-1-1 diet. I'm still going to give it a try. I feel like it's too much food though for me to lose. I'm going to change a few if the things I eat and see if it helps.

Lucinda I admire your will power. So inspiring.

Gayle how's little maddie feeling. I sure know how you feel. I keep losing and gaining the same weight. It goes on faster than it come off for sure.

K31 I'm glad you got to confide in someone. Don't ever feel like you're being a downer. We are here for you. We went thru the same thing your Tim has with my father in law. I know a little bit about how you're feeling. One day at a time!

Be back later goldens. Hi to all! Have a nice weekend!
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