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Hey gals,

did 45 minutes on the eliptical last night IT thinks I burned 550 calories, I'm not so sure about that I tried to push myself but just didn't have the 'mojo' my heart maxed at 135 and was MOSTLY around 130. I did 20 minutes of weights and abs after that lame I know I should have done way more of that stuff when it comes to weight loss thats more important. I don't know maybe I should go to the tough love but I don't know if I can handle it.

Scale was down a little although I'm sure it was just dehydration or the fact that the VOLUME of food I ate was a little less , not real fat loss but...292.4 hopefully its starting a downwards trend and i can ditch the 290's in may. I have a follow up bloodwork and then appointment will be made in July so I'd like to be down at least afew more KG to prove that i'm trying. It seems lame but I'm okay if I could lose at least 2.5 kg a month I'd feel like I wasn't totally being lame.

betsy sorry you have to find someone else to live vicariously through. Repeteadly my friends and I say we are dull and boring no one believes us.

Sam - Thanks TGIF eh? Hope we have good weekends all around.

Restless - Thanks I hope I feel better soon too, at this point its just annoying not getting in the way of life though.
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