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Yes it is slowing down here! I know NewKate is on break. My spring break started today! It was so great sleeping in and getting stuff done around the house! I did have to teach at the college tonight but not getting up at 4:30 was awesome!

Maintenance is still going well. Tomorrow is eight weeks since I hit goal. Like I said earlier if you want to maintain the loss, apparently it is not that different from the losing phase. I am realizing I can eat different things, and just eat less of them. I'm still using MFP to track everything and I'm still doing my walking six days a week. I have been focusing on getting my arms in shape. I actually wore a sleeveless shirt last weekend, this is the first time in YEARS! I tried on bathing suits, that didn't go as well as I had hoped, lol. I guess one day I'll work on legs, but it's all good. But I'm feeling very blessed to be where I am and am reading everything I can about maintaining.

Keep with it everyone. Remember with calorie counting there is no "blowing your diet"! You just maybe ate too much, but you get right back on it, even on the same day and you still will have a deficit at the end of the week. You surely didn't eat enough to actually gain a pound, if the scale goes up it's just temporary! Stick with it and it will come off.

Hit goal on 2/21/2014.

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