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Red and Yellow and Abs on U5

Originally Posted by CalCounter1003 View Post
Maui, haha I love the blue mile! It's my favorite because of the music. As far as the jumping I do not jump. When she jumps I jog but jog where I kick legs behind me. Then when she does jumping jacks I jog lightly the normal way. I do this on all DVDs. I can't jump due to bladder issues so I have come up with these jogging options instead. Why I can jog and not jump is beyond me! I have noticed that during the jumping jack part her mouth doesn't move with the sound properly, it's like they cut it and spliced it back wrong, which is obviously not how they make movies anymore, lol.
I don't care about the music much. I'm just gritting my way through the moves Haha. I really hate the blue mile and unless I get desperate I'll probably just be ignoring that one from now on. My favorites are by far the red and yellow miles, just because I like the moves and there is NO jumping of any sort.

Originally Posted by carolr3639 View Post
3 mi party songs. So tired today.
Me too! I was so tired I didn't even have breakfast until it was like 11. Didn't do my workout until almost 2pm.
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