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themilesawaygirl-I met her randomly in my politics class! I'm so happy to have found an exercise buddy. Once may term starts I'm going to have her help me make a weight lifting workout schedule since she's super into weight lifting. I've had to completely change my wardrobe a couple times now. When I first started I was a size 14/16 and am now a 4/6…so yeah lots of sizes in between lol It felt good at first, but I was better off financially when I started and could afford buying clothes every month or two. Interestingly enough I've gotten poorer as I've gotten slimmer and get depressed having to wear baggy clothes that don't fit right and make me look bigger I've resolved this by trying to buy one new thing a month. I love fashion and used to have this awesome wardrobe when I was bigger, and I do miss it! Now I'm much less fashionable and have far fewer clothes As far as planning ahead, it gets easier the more you do it. At first it can seem daunting but once you get into a routine and have your go to recipes and meals its much easier to plan. I have a recipe collection and I usually make one or two recipes to last me the week for dinners, so buy the ingredients for that. Then I have my staples-bananas, avocados, sweet potato, berries, ect things I know I eat everyday so I always have those on hand too

Rie-Glad you had a good night! omg I LOVE cards against humanity lol Yay! Glad I have a scale break buddy How are you feeling about it? I'm kind of really enjoying it! The scale really messes with my mood, also I'm eating better too bc I don't want to gain when I finally get it back! Are you finding it easier at all? I admit I get weirdly anxious though, like I get cravings to weigh myself! haha I've only ever bought one weight loss book and was disappointed in it, I'm kind of skeptical of them, but the one you mention sounds really good! I don't have the problem with eating stuff just bc its there, I USED to though but its gone away with time and work thankfully. Instead, I get very specific very intense cravings and that's probably my biggest problem currently. Currently the only way I've found to deal with them is to give in a little, but try not to go overboard. I found if I try to ignore it, I lose total control and binge. Maybe that book could really help me understand those cravings better….Haha how was the chocolate cafe?! Was it chocolate overload? Was the chocolate pizza amazing?

kailpea-ugh that's the worst! Hope you're doing well

Hoopty-it was a lot of fun and went great! How annoying! Ugh I hate the dentist and when things don't go according to schedule/plan, I can only imagine how frustrating that was. Hopefully it goes smoothly at the next appointment! Great job hitting the gym though! Don't worry too much about the weigh in/measuring, we all have off days and either way as long as you're on plan most of the time its not going to do much damage in the long run

Ok posting some pics from the concert! I always hate stage photos bc they're always profile and shot from below Also including a pic of the beautiful chapel that all the orchestra performances take place in, can seat 2000! There were a couple hundred at the concert, it was a musical outreach concert for children and they had an actor come and take the kids of a "safari" through the music with lots of games, dancing, ect. Carnival of the Animals is basically a double piano concerto with orchestra solos in some pieces(most famous is The Swan for cello with piano accompaniment). So I'm including a shot of me and the other pianist too.

TOM is here and being awful Bumped my calories yesterday to 1600 to avoid a binge later. Otherwise my net cals since monday have been 1282, 1263, 1292, 1618, and today will probably end around 1300. If I can keep cals at or below 1600 for Sat and Sun then my average for the week will be 1400 net calories Slowly getting them down!

Went on a little hike today, 3.5 miles, 50 minutes, 3.9mph, 500ft elev, 350 calories burned. Need to get my weight training in this weekend for my exercise goal.

Feeling great about this month so far, school is almost out! Really excited and nervous for when I get my scale back at the end of the month I'm trying really hard so hoping that there will be a loss!

Have a great weekend everyone!
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