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Pattygirl, thank you for posting what you eat. Your menu sounds good and you're doing really well. That is what I had in mind to do. I won't give up bread entirely, but only eat it when I go out. My favorite breakfast is scrambled eggs, 2 slices of bacon, & slices of tomato. I find the tomato adds a little something. I too read somewhere about cancer cells feeding on sugar.

Pattience, I hope the cyclone stays away from you. When DH & I lived in FL we had a few close calls with hurricanes, but they missed us and turned out to be tropical storms.

Steelslady, it sounds like you had fun cheering on your daughter. Glad that your son was able to be there too. I think that's a great idea about changing things up so that it tricks your body. Let us know how you like Paleo.

DH & I walked in the mall yesterday, but didn't walk today. I did something to my left knee. I'm going to baby it for a couple of days and hopefully by Mon. it's better so I can walk. I miss it when we don't go. We see the same people just about everyday. Some of them can barely walk, but they're there....God love them!

Hope you're having a good Friday.

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