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Patty if its good carbs it shouldn't matter how many there are - i.e. carbs with fibre.

So i've just got up. Its 6.25pm. I went into the city in the morning and got home about 3pm i guess. I was so exhausted.

I think the lack of sleep has made me a big hungrier and messed around with my meals and appetite a bit today too. though on the whole i've been pretty good. Though it has to be said, not much fibre. A lot more protein than usual though as while i was out i had sushi - a basic one of salmon and rice. And then later i had an asian duck noodle soup. My choices weren't bad but tonight i need to eat maybe one of my lentil salads.

I was at the library. I brought home about 8 7 books on diet and nutrition. I was curious to read a book on certain diets but they were mainly out but heres what i picked up:

the no grain diet by mercola - we have a strong advocate of this approach on 3FC. From the few pages i've read so far, for whatever truth it contains, there's a very self-serving orientation that causes me distrust.

Good calories bad calories by gary taubes - i hadn't heard of this guy before but he's well known by a few on this site so i thought he'd be worth a read.

Real Food What to Eat and Why - sounds like a whole food approach which i applaud. Its written by a doctor who lost weight and has kept it off for 9 years since the cover tells us. I figure i could learn some thing useful.

The CSIRO total wellbeing diet Book 2. - I used to own Book1 which i have a lot of respect for and am interested in book 2 because it has some vegetarian options and other useful updates.

The don't go hungry diet - that sounds like me. I think it basically is what i'm doing which is not to restrict calories severely but of course i haven't read it yet.

Nutrition for Health Wellness and Sport - A book on nutrition is usually a better more in-depth option than a diet book for information on the subject even if they do have a preference for this or that orientation.

Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism - I thought this might provide some new insights at a level i haven't gone much into yet.

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