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Originally Posted by KatMarie View Post
IE...intuitive eating. I think it's basically, eat when you're hungry and what you want but stop when you're full and don't eat if you aren't hungry. At least from my understanding.
A very useful idea, but so many people confuse thirst, emotional need, etc for actual hunger. Best way is to ask your self if you are hungry enough to eat (insert a non-favorite but healthy food here). If you are, then go for that food. If not, then you aren't really hungry; what you REALLY want is something else, emotional soothing, a big glass of water, etc. Then realize it and fulfill that need in a non-food way; call a friend, take a walk, drink the water in a fancy crystal wineglass.

I know, easier said than done. But real health means being in tune with what our bodies (and minds - emotional health) require and not just defaulting to 'food.' North Americans are some of the most overfed people on the planet - we need to get a grip.


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